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The Insurgency S2 E2 - Rank-Up - Task Completed
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Season 2, Episode 2 for The Insurgency, and my Rank-Up challenge build for the rank of Criminal for the Marauders.
About this creation
Hello every-Lego-body! Well, it's been a little while since I posted my re-intro, and I decided it was time to fully start up again, so here's my Rank Challenge build for the rank of Criminal in the Marauders faction. Thanks to R.K. for letting me do my re-intro first, just to get back on my feet, as it were.

But anyway, here's my rank challenge build. We'll meet some new characters here, as this is your introduction to the world that will be inhabited for much of my story from here on out.

Also, I want to apologize in advance for something that happened while I was taking pics. The second half of pictures did not turn out very well at all. They were kinda blurry already, so I did some experimenting with different kinds of lighting, trying to see if I could get a kinda red, emergency-lights type glow over everything in aftereffects, and it didn't go that well, so like I said, apologies for that. Hopefully, the story is good enough that you can forgive the crappy pictures.

But I'm distracting you from what's important, aren't I? Shame on me. ;) So, without further adieu, let us enter into the story. I hope you like it!

FEBRUARY 2, 2098

Etrion, upper slums


It was a slow night, the old thug thought to himself. He hadn't heard any moans, screams of pain, or gurgling thumps anywhere near him in the past 4 hours. He didn't care what they were, he just had gotten used to them in the past 8 years of living in this corner, and when they weren't there, he couldn't help but notice their absence.

He leaned back against the wall, sitting next to his old mattress, clutching his long loaf of bread. It was at least 3 weeks old, getting hard and rather stale, but if he handled it right, he could make it last for a week yet. A whole week in which he wouldn't need to venture out to find food. That was his equivalent of a vacation, he thought to himself. And the gods knew he deserved one by now.

Then his ears heard an unfamiliar sound, coming from above him. It sounded like... like an dying engine, sputtering, a metallic choking of sorts. And it was getting closer.

DSC_0017 (2.1)

The next minute, a man came crashing down out of the grey sky, a punctured jetpack strapped to his back. He slammed into the street face-down, his pack coughing in protest, as fuel leaked and sparks flew from the back of. Parts of it were even starting to catch on fire, and they were parts that weren't supposed to be burning.

The man was covered in combat armor, however, shielding him from most of the damage that he would have taken otherwise. In his hand, he still gripped a long- barreled shotgun, which somehow hadn't been jared from his hands when he hit the ground.

DSC_0018 (3.1)

Slowly, with a groan, the man pushed himself to his feet, and now it was evident that he was not in the best shape. His armor was cracked in several places, his labored breathing let on that he had at least one or two cracked ribs, and his left arm was held at an awkward angle, as if it had been broken recently and then set straight without a splint or cast.

At the moment, he was occupied in trying to get his now-useless jetpack off his back, and since he didn't seem secure enough to put down the shot gun even for a moment, he was trying to use his left arm for everything involving the pack. Several times, he grunted or groaned in pain with the effort, twisting his arm into already unnatural positions to get at the straps holding it down.

Finally, he was able to get it off, holding it away from his body, and shaking his head once or twice, speaking to himself in a soft voice. "Damn it. I liked this one."

DSC_0019 (3.1)

Then his attention was drawn by footsteps, coming towards him, running steps, hard and fast. Throwing the jetpack away, he swung up the shotgun, his whole body showing his near panic. Still, he took a split second to aim at whatever was chasing him, waiting til it showed itself.

A shadow moved behind a corner, and his nerves cracked. Slamming his finger down on the trigger, he opened up, emptying half his clip into the darkness, and hitting nothing besides stone, concrete and metal.

A second later, bullets started whizzing around him, smacking into the wall behind him and the street around him. The man backed up several steps, still returning fire, even though he still couldn't see what he was firing at.

DSC_0020 (2.1)

Then one of the relentless bullets found a crack in his leg armor, lodging in his left thigh. The man groaned loudly in pain, stumbling backwards and falling heavily against the wall, blood spurting from the hole in his leg and leaking through his armor.
He wasn't going down without a fight, though, swinging his shotgun back up and unloading his whole clip at his as-yet-unseen assailant. After just a few seconds, however, his gun clicked on an empty chamber, his ammo gone, his shells expended.

Stepping out of the shadows, his attacker, a woman aiming a long-barreled pistol at him, slowly walked towards him, her steps purposeful, her manner determined. The man let out a labored breath. "Is where the chase is to end, Gold? In the slums of the criminal planet?"

DSC_0021 (2)

The woman, Gold, shrugged. "Apparently so, Erik. You could have picked a better place to die." As she spoke, she continued to walk towards Eric, who in an attempt to get away, hauled himself down an alleyway next to him, a trail of blood flowing from his leg. "You should honestly be impressed. You've evaded me for over 3 months. No one else has survived more then one, max."

Erik grunted in pain, tossing his empty, useless shotgun away. "Small comfort, huntress. I'm still gonna die here, aren't I."

Gold nodded. "Yes."

Erik let out a sigh. "Well, I knew it'd happen eventually, I guess. But maybe, just maybe..." his voice trailed off as he seemed to be mulling something over in his mind.

Gold cocked her head slightly. "Maybe what, Erik Corsal?"

Corsal looked up, meeting her eyes. "Maybe, I'll get lucky."

DSC_0022 (3.1)

A split second later, his right hand shot behind his back, emerging with a heavy pistol, swinging it towards Gold. But the woman was prepared, her pistol coming up as well. A single, silenced shot popped in the still night air.

DSC_0023 (2.1)

Corsal grunted in pain, dropping the pistol to the ground, where it kicked up a small cloud of old drywall, painting the air white for a few seconds. Gold smiled slightly, as if she were pleased with him. "Nice trick, Corsal. I was hoping you wouldn't go down so easily."

Corsal bit back a curse of pain, his hand and wrist now bleeding as well. "Well, you got your wish, assassin. Tell me this, if you would. Is anyone else on my team left?"

Gold paused for a few seconds, contemplating. "Well, Borland was the first one taken care of. Then Dart went missing close after that from Rerador. After that, I took out Steel on Iapra, and I was able to track down Mact on Qoter. So no, there's no one else left. You're the last one, Erik."

Corsal let out a slow sigh, as if admitting defeat. Then he let his head sink backwards, closing his eyes. Gold nodded slightly, bringing her pistol up, and aiming it in the space between his helmet and body. "Goodbye, Erik."

The pistol popped one more time, and Erik jerked slightly, then slumped down, his body going limp.

DSC_0024 (2)

Gold let her arm drop down, gazing at the corpse she had just made. She didn't feel any remorse over killing him. That had been trained out of her years ago. She just felt satisfied, for completing a job well done. And also, begrudgingly, she did feel a degree of respect for the fallen man in front of her. He had been the hardest one of them all to find and track, and had given her a good fight. But it was over now.

DSC_0027 (2)

Turning around, Gold started to walk out of the alleyway, not looking back. Her job was done. Now all that was left was to receive her payment.

As if on cue, the COM in her pocket started buzzing. Reaching in and grabbing it with her left hand, Gold stepped completely out of the alley, holstering her gun before pressing the 'receive' pad. "This is Gold."


A blue image flickered to life. It was a distorted figure of a man, purposefully tampered with to make sure his identity could not be given away. He had explained that to her on their first ever conversation, just trying to be honest and forthright, he had said. She didn't mind. He payed well, and that was what she cared about.

"Beryl." His voice was disguised as well, for the same reason.

Beryl nodded slightly. "Mr. M."

"I trust the job is completed." Due to the altered sound, it was practically impossible to determine his tone, but Beryl could sense a touch of impatience. It had taken longer then either of them wanted to track down Corsal, and the annoyance had been plain the last time he called. He always called her, never the other way around.

"Yes. Corsal is dead." Her voice, flat, businesslike, showed practically no emotion whatsoever. But the man chuckled on the other end. "Good. I'm glad that he's gone. I'm glad they all are. You deserve a raise for that."


The corners of Beryl's mouth twitched slightly. "I wouldn't say no to that, Mr. M."

The figure smiled, or at least, she thought he did. "I know you wouldn't. I'm sending you coordinates now. A building on Iapra. Get there ASAP. Your next job will be waiting. Any questions?"

Beryl shook her head. "No."

The figure nodded. "Good. I was not looking forward to answering them. Goodbye, Ms. Gold." With that, the COM shut down, the call ended.

Beryl looked at her COM for a few seconds, then slid it back into her pocket. It never once entered her mind to not go. This man, this Mr. M, whoever he was, she didn't care. He paid her, well. That was the main point about him, the one fact she knew for sure, and she liked it. She didn't care about the rest of it. She didn't need to. That wasn't her job.

DSC_0032 (2)

Turning to her right, Beryl started to walk back the way she'd come. Then her attention was caught by the old thug, still sitting in the corner. A second later, the pistol reappeared in her hand, her eyes meeting his. The question hung in the air, unsaid, but clear as day. For a few seconds, there was silence.

Then the old thug slowly shook his head. "No point to it, girl." His voice was tired and worn, but still had a backbone to it. "Nothing in it for me."

Beryl held his gaze a minute longer, then slowly nodded. The gun went back down, her finger easing off the trigger as she walked away.

DSC_0034 (2)

Beryl slid the gun back int its holster, walking down the still-deserted street. The dust under her feet slowly rose up as she passed, stirred by the air around her, then settled back down as if she'd never been there. As she walked along, her footprints, slight and thin in the dust, faded away behind her, til they couldn't be seen anymore.

Just like her.



DSC_0037 (2.1)

Beryl walked down the hallway, the light above her glowing a dim red. It made things really hard to see. She didn't much care for it. But she wasn't here to care. She was here to kill. That was what she was good at. And that was what she was paid to do.

DSC_0038 (1.1)

Stepping out of the hallway, she found herself in a large, rather plain room. She looked first to her left, then her right. On her left was nothing. Just a blank wall. On her right, well, that was slightly more interesting.

She couldn't see any of it clearly, because of the bad light in the room, but at the end of the room, there was an open window, looking down over the street that she'd just come from. Standing with his back to her was a man, of decent height, long black hair, curled slightly, reaching gracefully down to his shoulders and stopping here. A long, worn black trench coat hung around his body, hiding any particulars about him. She could see no more of him.

To the man's right, standing still, as if guarding him, was a type of alien she had never seen before. His face seemed to be jagged and gaunt, but strength seemed to be dripping off him, strength and loyalty. Loyalty to the man at the window. On his head rested a large cowboy hat and he wore a long black cape, serrated at the end of it. In his hand was a metal pole, with some kind of strange grip around the middle of it. But Beryl didn't look at that for very long. The man was speaking.

"Come over here, Beryl."

His voice. That stance. The meeting. At once, it clicked in Beryl's mind.

This was her employer.

Mr. M.

DSC_0041 (1.1)

The man seemed to be smiling. At least, from his tone, that's what she thought. "Well, come over here, Ms. Gold."

Beryl had to remind herself to obey, she was that surprised. Slowly, she started walking towards him. As she did so, he started talking. His voice was... different. Soothing but menacing, seemingly able to hand you the world on a silver platter one moment, then cut out your heart without blinking the next.

"You've done good the past few years, Beryl. I am glad I decided to hire you after all. Do you know, you've become my best non-in agent I've had in like, well, ever. The point is, you're good. You're really good."

Beryl nodded slightly, wanting to say something, but the words seemed to catch in her throat. All she managed in the end was "Thank you." The man nodded in reply. "You're welcome."

He cleared his throat once, then continued talking. "But that was in the past. Now I think it's time we move forward, you and I. There is a lot more that you could do for me, if you were interested. But in your current position, I'm afraid it wouldn't work."

DSC_0042 (2.1)

By now, she had reached the desk. "What do you mean?"

Mr. M paused a second, as if determining what exactly to say next. "I want to bring you in."

Beryl blinked. "I'm sorry, what?"

Mr. M nodded slightly. "I hope you heard me, Beryl. I was under the impression you were good at that. I want to bring you in, into my... organization."

Beryl stood there, confused. "I'm already working for you."

Mr. M nodded again. "Only partly correct, Beryl. You are employed by me currently, yes. But you are not fully working for me. That's what I want now. Become a full agent of mine, Ms. Gold. Join me. That's why I brought you here."

DSC_0044 (1.1)

As he said that, the alien started to walk towards her, drawing a strange object out of it's pocket, like a small circular tube, made of some kind of metal, Beryl couldn't determine what. Mr. M was still talking, though. "If you agree to join me, take off your left glove, please. If not, then you can walk away, leave this building, this planet, and find another person who will pay you to kill people. With your skill, that shouldn't be too difficult, if you want it that way."

Beryl hesitated for a second, unsure what to do here. As she stood there, the man spoke once more. "Beryl, if you join me, it won't be what you've done before. No more random killings. Each person I send you after will be important, in one way or another. They will be difficult, they will be dangerous, and if you slip up, on any of them, you will die. But if you survive, if you complete all your tasks, then you will become the most feared assassin in the system. Both systems."

His voice became softer, as if explaining something to a wayward daughter. "What I'm offering, Beryl, is an opportunity. A chance for you to make yourself better. To make a difference. To get justice, if that is your wish. Revenge, if that's what you want. Anything. But you will do it for me." He paused for a second, then spoke once more. "What do you say?"

Beryl hesitated one second longer, then with a sudden movement, she whipped off her left glove, exposing her bare hand to the alien.

DSC_0047 (1.1)

One minute, and it was done. The metal was clamped around her left ring finger, and for a few seconds, she felt something like lasers marking her skin. She gritted her teeth against the pain, then it was gone, as suddenly as it came. The alien stepped back, slipping the tube back into his pocket.

Beryl looked at her hand, which was still in some pain. Around her left ring finger, where a ring would normally go, there was now a thin tattoo, a band, some kind of writing, a language she didn't know. It went all around her finger, like an actual ring.

"What did you just do to me?" she breathed out, not really upset by it, just kinda surprised.

DSC_0049 (2.1)

Mr. M responded a second later. "It's a tattoo, Beryl. More specifically, it's mine. It'll let my other agents know that you work for me, and that they can trust you. If anyone shows you their own, you will assist them if needed, or heed them if they have a message." He paused for another second, then spoke again. "Most of the people who work for me don't have one, to be clear. Those that do, they're part of my upper circle, if you will. You're privileged to be allowed to join them. Don't ever forget that."

Beryl nodded slightly, then realized she wanted to ask something. "This tattoo, it's a word of some sort, isn't it?"

The man nodded in reply. "Yes it is. It's Latin, actually. My name, in Latin. I can count on one hand the people left in the system that still know that language, and I'm one of them." He waved his hand slightly. "You can go now, Beryl. You will be contacted with your next mission shortly."

Beryl started to turn away, then stopped, one more question on her mind. "If I may, sir, should I keep calling you Mr. M? Or something else?"

The man chuckled slightly. "Fair point. No, I suppose "Mr. M" wouldn't really work anymore, would it. No, it really wouldn't. You can call me..."

DSC_0052 (1.1)

"... Virgil."


So there you go! My rank-up challenge! I hope you enjoyed it. I know I liked being able to introduce Virgil to you all, even though it was with rather horrible pictures. Sorry again about those. But anyway, here's some behind the scenes stuff now.


An overall shot of the first build, complete with old, unnamed thug. I wonder what his name was. Oh well. What do you think? ;)

DSC_0036 (2)

A shot of the alleyway. I tried to throw some extra stuff in there to make it more interesting. Peeled drywall that's fallen off the walls, among other things. Idk what exactly everything back there is, but it looked good, I thought. ;)


An overall of the second build. And guess what. No arched doorways! Boom! ;D


An above shot of the hallway. Yeah, sorry that it's blurry. I hope you get the idea, though.


The window area. I only realized afterwards that I could have maybe covered all of the sides of those posts that the statues are on, but oh well.


A little closer look at the table. I kinda liked it. Maybe that was just me, though.

DSC_0014 (2)

An alternate opening picture, a closer one.

So, there you go! I hope you enjoyed that! I know I liked what I was able to show you guys story-wise here. Hopefully you liked it too. Until next time... Allonsy!


 I made it 
  February 8, 2018
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Sorry for the delay in getting around to this! Good stuff though! You're back with a bang! Virgil seems like an interesting one, and I have a feeling that not all is as it seems with that homeless guy... I look forward to your next! Your points have been added! --Blast--
Thanks, man! And it's fine on the delay. I know that life can get in the way sometimes. Ig you'll have to wait and see with both Virgil and the other guy. ;) And I'm looking forward to it, too!
 I like it 
  February 8, 2018
Sorry for the delay in getting around to this! Good stuff though! You're back with a bang! Virgil seems like an interesting one, and I have a feeling that not all is as it seems with that homeless guy... I look forward to your next! Your points have been added! --Blast--
 I made it 
  February 5, 2018
Quoting The Supreme Soggy Overlord of Moles and Moist Melons Great job! I loved the opening!
Thank you!
 I like it 
  February 5, 2018
Great job! I loved the opening!
 I made it 
  February 4, 2018
Quoting Werewolff . Awh yeah, Virgil is looking good! Really excited to see where his character leads! Perhaps butting heads with a certain storm in the future? A great episode indeed, well built and written as always.
From the guy that came up with Uek Farris, one of the best villains in The Insurgency, that is high praise. Thank you, man. And maybe so. I'd certainly like to see where that might go.
 I made it 
  February 4, 2018
Quoting Stop Fox Entertainment Great writing Ben! one small thing tho. Your builds are very nice, but if you are taking the time to make them, you should probably take the pictures inside the limits of the building. Other than that, awesome writing, great story, and i will be looking forward to more!
Yeah, maybe so. I'll see if I can try and get that later on. And thank you as well.
 I made it 
  February 4, 2018
Quoting Winslow "Whit" Wadsworth Whittier The Wise™ Nicely done, sir.;)
Thank you!
 I like it 
  February 4, 2018
Awh yeah, Virgil is looking good! Really excited to see where his character leads! Perhaps butting heads with a certain storm in the future? A great episode indeed, well built and written as always.
  February 4, 2018
Great writing Ben! one small thing tho. Your builds are very nice, but if you are taking the time to make them, you should probably take the pictures inside the limits of the building. Other than that, awesome writing, great story, and i will be looking forward to more!
 I like it 
  February 4, 2018
Nicely done, sir.;)
Benjamin O
 I like it 
Grandson Fifticinco
  February 3, 2018
Awesome part! So are most of your characters gone now or What? ~G~
 I made it 
  February 3, 2018
Quoting Grandson Fifticinco Awesome part! So are most of your characters gone now or What? ~G~
From my first go-around, yeah. Beryl killed them, as she said. But Dart's not dead yet, as you've seen. ;)
 I made it 
  February 3, 2018
Quoting Captain Kenbo Nice! Looking forward to where these characters go
Thanks, man. So am I. ;)
 I like it 
  February 3, 2018
Nice! Looking forward to where these characters go
By Benjamin O
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