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- Halo Weapon Armory -
Welcome to the armory, where the aim here is to make as accurate replicas of Halo's 1-3 weapons as possible! Enjoy!
About this creation
Hello! It's definitley been awhile since I've posted a moc. But now I'm back! And I got a 360 Halo 3 Edition!!! Finally! So, I give to you! My first REAL Halo 3 moc!!! 3 weeks of painstaking research led to this! All these weapons are as real as I can possilby make them. Oh and sorry if some things are misspelled.
But, here it is!

The Armory

Review! Review!! Review!!! How can I make better weapons if nobody tells me what I'm doing wrong?
If you look, PLEASE leave one! All WILL be taken into account and used when I builds more weapons or especially to update existing ones!!
And if you can't, then at least a vote? Thanks everyone!


*Note-To further add to the realism, I will be using official terminology and spec, curtousey of www.HalopediaŽ.com most of my info is taken from there, mixed in with my experience and personal opinion.

**Post-Note:Before you go screaming you're head off asking questions, I have to say, not all of the weapons listed here are minifig scale. Including the Sniper rifle and the Detatchable turret. For these, I was looking for realism and accuracy rather than size. Otherwise, comment at will, and stay cool.

***Post-Post-Note: Please note that these may not be minifig scale. This obviously displeases many people. I would just like you to know that when I build one of these, I always try to build them as small as possible, without taking away from it's original realism. So I ask that you not be too unsatisfied with my attempts, and enjoy the Armory. Thank you

To start things off, the Pistol catagory:

The M6C Magnum Sidearm (Pistol)

The less ideal weapon of choice, the M6C had only one good function. It's amazing stopping power. For that it had earned the infamous name "Hunter Killer". It's ability to take down a hunter in a few shots made it invaluable.
(Halo 1, Non-Dual-wieldable)

Next is:

The M6D Magnum Sidearm (Magnum)

This puppy sure packed an impressive punch as it could kill an Elite in a single headshot. The more famous
"Magnum" is seen commonly in Halo 2 and Halo 3. The fact that it is oversized is a little odd. But as you can tell, it works. This model is basically a super M6C. Modified to have a larger round capacity and increased range, this is my favorite Dual wielder. (Halo 2-3, Dual wieldable)

Steppin' up the power is:

The M247 General Purpose Machine Gun (Gun Turret)

Seen on almost ALL bases in Halo 2, the M247 is like a mini browning. Firing .30 rounds at a lethal rate, this weapon was very similar to the LAAV's turret. Able to put any attack to a screeching halt, at least 2 of these were enough to do the job. A very cheap weapon to use, it made CTF a nightmare.
(Halo 2 only, Non-Detatchable)

Pounding the competition is:

The Type-2 Energy Weapon (Gravity Hammer)

My armory doesn't just have human weapons!! The Type-2 was designed for, and used by, Brute Chieftans.
Harnessing the power of gravity (no, duh) in an unknown manner, it has the ability to propel objects, vehicles and even people great distances using only "brute" strength. Though unlike the "Fist of Rukt" it cannot manipulate gravity to snare objects. You now have the power to wield unimaginable strength!!! (Halo 3 only [excluding the "Fist OF Rukt", Tartarus's weapon of choice])

Next is the deadly:

Weapon/Anti-Vehicle Model 6 Galileian Nonlinear Rifle, W/AV M6 GNR (Spartan Laser)

The pinnacle of pure power! The M6 Spartan Laser is a shoulder-mounted direct energy weapon found in Halo 3. It fires an extremely powerful red laser capable of destroying vehicles and infantry with one accurate strike. When the trigger is pulled, a harmless red sighting laser is projected on-target. The Spartan Laser will then charge for three seconds before firing its powerful and destructive burst. It is also capable of firing through several players or vehicles. You don't want to be staring down the barrel of this bad boy!
By means of the Lego, not my best, I must say, but it's there, and don't say it looks small, cause according to the specs, it's only 39.8 inches long!!! By the way, the small grey "c" shaped piece above the grip holds your typical red lightsaber piece that serves a the beam. I promise, it looks cooler that way. (Halo 3 only, though seen in books with dates before Halo 3)

Kicking off my favorites catagory is:

The Sniper Rifle System 99D-S2 Antimatériel or SRS99DS2-AM (Sniper Rifle)

The new king of headshots, the SRS99DS2-AM made it's debut in Halo 2. This weapon replaces the old SRS99C from Halo 1. Basically the same, SRS99DS2-AM has a few differences. It now as a compound scope that filters the image data into the cool display at the back of the scope. The scope itself doesn't have night vision capabilities, but the scope's green color implies that it may be automatic. Also, this rifle uses a new 14.5mm x 114mm APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilzed Discarding Sabot) round like a railgun. Now you can hit targets at greater distances with better persicion. (Halo 2-3, does not have night vision capabilities)

Next we have portable nightmare:

The AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun (Detatchable Machine Gun)

The AIE-486H was more of an afterthought for me. I was just using spare parts, but it still looks like it. I like my custom flame graphics (throw realism out the window on that one!). The AIE-486H is now the new standard Gatling-style heavy weapon in use by the UNSC for offensive and defensive purposes. It replaced the UNSC's M247 GP Machine Gun as the standard UNSC machine gun turret in Halo 3. For defensive purposes it can be mounted on a tripod but when used for assault it can be detached from its tripod by a SPARTAN-III's or Elite's brute force. The mounted turret is capable of fully automatic fire and has extreme defensive value as a mass generator of suppressive fire. However, the user's rate of elevation is low, there is a maximum angle of fire, and the user is stationary, exposed, and unable to react quickly to close-range scenarios. A good Grunt killer. DO NOT USE AGAINST BRUTES AT CLOSE RANGE!!!! (Halo 3 only, Detatchable)

Turning enemies into firewood is:

The M7057/Defoliant Projector (Flamethrower)

Credit goes to Justin Stebbins, thanks man!!!

First seen in the PC version of Halo 1, it now makes it's surprising grand comeback in Halo 3! The Flamethrower is a standard chemical flamethrower, which projects and ignites a stream of a volatile, semi-liquid fuel. Flamethrowers are cumbersome and relatively difficult to use (psychologically as well as mechanically, especially when the fuel is located on the weapon itself). It's now equipped with a nozzel to widen the spray and increase the range. This newer version looks a little different, but works about the same.
Unfortunatley the flamethrower's power comes at a cost: it can only sustain fire for about three seconds before it overheats. A good flood destroyer and support weapon (just be first in front). (Halo 1[PC] & 3)

WOW! How'd that get in there?!?

Making a new appearance is:

The LAU-65D/SGM-151 (Missile Pod)

This is a good solid surface-to-air missle launcher. A surprise to everyone, the LAU-65D/SGM-151 it is a support weapon that seems to work best against aircraft. Once the missile is fired, it will travel about 5 meters before becoming self-propelled and begin pursuing the target. This, along with the pod's ability to maintain a lock even when there's an obstacle between the pod and the target, means the wielder can fire at an upward angle, giving the missile enough vertical clearance to fly over the hill and into the target, which is why the weapon is best used as an SAM. Also, though rare as it is, this is a turret mounted weapon. (Halo 3 only, Detatchable)

Next is the explosive powerhouse:

The M19 SSM (Rocket Launcher)

Affectionatly coined the "SPNKr" and "Jackhammer" the M19 is a force to be reckoned with. My only weapon that isn't Halo 3 current, you may be mistaken with the recent M41 SSR MAV/AW. Why did I choose the M19 instead of the M41? Let's face it, the new M41 sucks. It can't lock on, it doesn't have a good firing rate, it just isn't what it used to be. Though according to www.HalopediaŽ.com, the features on the new M41 speculate that the two are actually the same weapon...with different names...? Who knows? Anyways, the rocket launcher DOES have a 2x optical sight for long distance firing. The M19 can also fire HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) rockets, whereas the M41 fires Anaconda Surface to Air Missiles.
I needed 2 pics or else it wouldn't look right. Did you know the M41 SSR MAV/AW was inspired by the SPNKR rocket launcher from the Marathon series?
(Halo 2-3, M41 cannot lock on, though missiles seem to head for the target in very specific scenarios)

The main character of "MARATHON" holding a "Spanker" rocket launcher. You can see, the similarities are very close to that of the M19.

Putting holes into humans is:

The Type-25 Directed Energy Weapon (Plasma Rifle)

It is a common light weapon in the Covenant army, primarily wielded by Elites. The Plasma Rifle uses induced plasma instead of projectile ammunition, firing directed energy bolts. This means that the weapon draws from a power source to generate its energy bolts rather than firing individual cased projectiles like a conventional gun. According to www.HalopediaŽ.com, the Plasma Rifle uses magnetism to fire the superheated plasma at a high rate of fire. A veteran of the trilogy, the Plasma Rifle has earned it's spot as one of our favorites. In Halo 3, Plasma Rifles are much more powerful. The bolts seem to travel faster than those of previous versions, reducing the need to lead the shots at midrange. After a few shots the weapon becomes very inacurate, so fire in short controlled bursts. Also, it used to be good against flood, but now, not as much. (Halos 1-3!!! Dual wieldable)

Like a ballistic vaccine on steroids:

The Type-33 Guided Munitions Launcher (Needler)

The Type-33 is a really cool looking gun (sorry it's maroon) that fires small pink crystals at a crazy rate of fire. Though, especially in multiplayer, the needler was a cheap weapon. And don't get me started with dual wielding! I'm actually glad that they took it out! Did you know, that while the Needler first appeared in the original Halo 1 the individual crystalline needles used as a hand to hand weapon appear in the Halo novel: Contact Harvest.
Anyways, when these individual crystals are stabbed or fired into an object or being, they would explode into shards after a short period causing major trauma to the victim or object. Luckily, the weapon has been significantly rebalanced to allow it to stand on its own; it is one of the most effective medium-ranged weapons in the game, especially when used against Brutes or Flood. My favorite Vet of the trilogy.
(Halos 1-3!!!, Non Dual-wieldable as of Halo 3)

Next is the short ranged showstopper:

The M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)

By Halopedias' notes, the SMG fires from a 60-round magazine which is placed horizontally on the left side of the weapon. Due to the odd horizontal placement of the magazine on the weapon, it can be assumed that the magazine utilizes a circular ramp where the magazine meets the breech. This rotates the vertically stacked rounds in the magazine 90 degrees until they align with the horizontal breech. An example of this can be seen in the present day Fabrique Nationale P90 SMG (My faveorite modern-day weapon), as well as the HK G11 experimental assault rifle, which utilized a vertical loading system. Of all the things I've read on www.HalopediaŽ.com that describes a good use of the SMG is the fact that it
is an excellent suppressive weapon. When firing upon a Battle Rifle user or a Sniper Rifle user, the scope will be turned off once the target is hit, reducing their accuracy and giving you the advantage. Also, since it has more ammo than the Assault Rifle (in Halo 3), you will have to reload less often than if you were to use the MA5C. Like other human firearms, the SMG performs well against unshielded targets, and can kill them rather quickly. The SMG can also form part of the most effective dual-wield combos in the game. In particular, the SMG/Plasma Rifle combo is very effective due to the Plasma Rifle's ability to quickly break shields and the SMG's relatively high damage against unshielded targets. The only letdown is it's horrible accuracy. Other than that, It's an amazing dual wielder. (Halos 2-3, dual wieldable)

You just got Sarged!

The M90CAWS MK I & II - M90A Close Assault Weapon System MKIII (Pictured) (Shotgun)

Ahh yes, the famous Shotgun. My, my... a true Veteran of the series and our favorite "Flood Chunkifier".
Firing the Lengendary Soellkraft 8 Gauge Shell or (Hippo Slugs) this weapon sure is a sting in the rear.
My favorite use is for killing Brutes, get the armor off and just one shot, just outta melee range. That's all it takes. The newest model, the M90A, is used in Halo 3. It has greatly changed from all of the models, especially in appearance, with the blue ironsights reintroduced, a longer barrel and the flashlight is mounted on the side. Unlike the older models which had a 12 shell magazine, it only has a 6 shell magazine. And it's effective range is far greater than the M90 Mk II, being able to kill targets twice or even three times the range!!!!! There is also a M90A LE (Law Enforcement) variant for the future SWAT.
(Halos 1-3!!! Has increased range, but decreased round capacity)


The MA5K Carbine (???)

The MA5K is a cut-down variant of the standard MA5B Assault Rifle. The weapon is most likely lighter and easier to carry than larger assault weapons that it is possibly appropriate enough to call it a carbine. It features a stripped-down design that appears almost skeletal. Based on current-era tactical philosophy, it is believed that the MA5K variant was produced specifically for Special Operations forces because of its lighter frame, which allowed for more quick maneuvering and less visible profile, and probably for its lighter aural signature, which suits the requirements of commando missions. If you don't know what it looks like, here is a pic from www.HalopediaŽ.com Pretty cool eh? According to www.HalopediaŽ.com MA5Ks were not as often used for front line duty because of their reduced stopping power, but they came into use by the Spartan-IIIs from 2531 to 2552, especially during the Battle of Onyx. It's is unkown what it's firing rate is or what It's functions are, aside from killing aliens.
(Halo: Ghosts Of Onyx, is compact enough for commando missions)

PWN nOOb!!:

The BR55HB SR (Battle Rifle)

The more up-to-date weapon, the BR55HB SR Battle Rifle is a variant of the Halo 2-era BR55 Battle Rifle introduced in Halo 3. It is a good all-around weapon and is virtually identical to its predecessor in terms of performance, even though it is much more difficult to aim, and doesn't possess Halo 2's "Automatic Headlock" feature. This weapon is available in Halo 3. Basically, all it has is a longer barrell with longer range. Used as "The New Assault Rifle" the BR55HB SR packs a lethal punch for anyone who dares to go against one using it. Though, unfortunatley, once you are hit using the scope, you revert to the 1st-person view (same thing with the Sniper Rifle). But it's my #1 choice when the Grunt Birthday Party skull is in use.
(When a grunt is hit in the head with a Battle rifle or a Magnum, it explodes with confetti and children are heard cheering in the backround). A good all-around weapon. (Halo 2-3, now has increased range).

Compact owie...

Type-52 Pistol (Mauler)

The Mauler is a cross between a shotgun and a revolver pistol. It is not as powerful as the UNSC shotgun, but its compact design allows two to be held simultaneously to double its firepower. Like most Brute weapons, the Mauler has a blade mounted on the underside, allowing for more brutal melee attacks. Mine, of course, is a pathetic atempt to make one, and I honestly must apologize for the many errors in it's design. I will have a new model shortly. According to www.HalopediaŽ.com, while the Mauler is weaker than the human shotgun because it cannot perform instant kills, there is a way to achieve an almost instant kill. To this you must be in melee distance of the target. When your Mauler's target goes red fire one shot. Follow this up with an immediate melee. This kills the opponent instantly and if you master the skill you will be able to do this before the target has time to shoot you. You must be careful though if they have a human shotgun because that will kill you before you can use your Mauler tactic. This tactic does not work when the opponent has an overshield. My favorite Dual wield is Dual Maulers! Did you know, the Mauler was originally the name of a vehicle in the early stages of Halo 3's development? (Halo 3 only)

Making it's final comeback is:

The MA5C Individual Combat Weapon System (ICWS) (Assault Rifle)

The MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle, often known simply as the MA5C Assault Rifle or even just AR, is the fourth rifle in the MA5 series of firearms manufactured by Misriah Armories. It is a much more balanced weapon compared to its predecessor, the MA5B ICWS and has recieved slightly technical as well as physical changes from the MA5B. This weapon is seen only in Halo 3. The weapon is a solid and reliable weapon in close to medum range,and can also be effective at ranges further than Medium. It is a good all around weapon, it's extremely well balanced in all stats, and can be effective in almost all situations if used correctly. Ammo is not a concern, because the weapon is very common. The MA5C Assault Rifle is effective against Brutes, taking only about a magazine to take one down (even less for lower ranking brute minors), and may be the best weapon for fighting the Flood. The Assault Rifle can easily wipe out an entire squad of Grunts in less than a magazine of ammo. At Medium ranges, the MA5C is equally effective as the BR55HB SR Battle Rifle, or Covenant Carbine, and actually has an advantage over them due to the fact that the player does not need to pull the triggers as rapidly. However, the Assault Rifle does not pack as much punch per bullet than the Battle Rifle.
The new MA5C is also grey instead of dark grey. People say mine's too bulky, but what they don't realize the compactness of it. At 6 studs long, It's works fine! Besides, it's a big weapon when you take a good look at it, and if you look at Mondaynoodles Master Cheif, this gun would match perfectly since the minifig is much taller than a normal one. (Halo 3 only, has better range, sounds different).

Blasting away in our hearts is:

The: MA5B Indvidual Combat Weapon System (ICWS) (The original Assault Rifle)

LIke I said, THE original Assault Rifle, The MA5B is by far, the MOST ICONIC weapon in the Halo universe. The MA5B Assault Rifle is a bullpup (magazine behind trigger) fully-automatic rifle. Its magazine can completely fit inside the weapon; it therefore must be double, triple, or even quadruple-stacked to carry 60 rounds of 7.62mm. That, and it's rate of fire, give it's distinct "Drumming Noise" when fired. The weapon houses a compass-like ring and a display that shows the number of rounds in the magazine. It is the standard weapon used by the UNSC Marine Corps in Halo?. Even though its use didn't continue into the sequel Halo 2, the weapon remained in solid infantry use in the background of the Halo universe until the introduction of the MA5C. Sadly though, the most pressing negative aspect of the MA5B is it's inconsistent accuracy. In general, firing the weapon in short bursts will create tighter shot groupings than full-automatic fire. However, the rifle is prone to producing wildly inaccurate shots even when single shots or brief pulses of the trigger are used. The next round fired after this may produce a perfect bullseye, but the very next may fly out of the targeting reticule's circle and slam into the dirt a dozen meters from the same target. Yet despite these problems, it pulls through as our favorite weapon. Did you know that Bungie was not happy on how the M6D Pistol and the MA5B behaved in Halo 1? They complained that the M6D behaved more like a rifle and the MA5B behaved like an SMG. Thus, in Halo 2, the M6D and the MA5B were cut in the game and replaced by the M6C, BR55, and the SMG. Robert McLees, a weapons designer in Bungie, commented, "Now we have a rifle that behaves like a rifle, an SMG that acts like an SMG, and a pistol that acts like a pistol." Did you also know that the AR looks like the FN 2000? Here's a pic.

Compared to
(Note how the MA5B is a darker grey than the MA5C)

(Halo 1 only, has bad accuracy but is the staple weapon of the Halo Series. Is also a darker grey)

That's it for pictures! Thanks for taking the time to read the articles and check out the pictures!


In response to:
(This is to respond to all the jerks and critics that I KNOW I'll get flak from. I really didn't want to have something like this, but as we ALL know, there are just those people out there who have nothing better to do than making you look bad or rating you low so they can take you're place...)

James: Have you even seen the number of votes I have? You don't NEED reviews to move up the ladder! As long as someone enjoys it and votes, it works just the same! And as you can see by the votes, it's really popular! Think you're just JEALOUS that I have suddenly moved up to the top due to the sudden increase in popularity. I think YOU'RE cheating by trying to rate it low out of spite. I think THAT is truly wrong!! (And for the record, I saw that I was second since yesterday!!)

Calvin: Now tell me, what's bad about it? Without a valid reason for rating it low, you're just bieng another @$$ trying to rate me down! What happened to enjoying MOCs? Wasn't that the whole point of creating this website? Not to rate them low for you're own benefit??'re just another waste of my time...

Don't??: Dear Lord! FOR THE LAST TIME!! Why do you think my creation is on top? I don't rate myself! I don't even know if that's possible!! It's because my creation is obviously extremely popular! Once again, for some reason you want to rate me low just so you can take my place!


Moving on, I just wanted to say again, thanks for looking!! Really!
Special thanks to www.HalopediaŽ.com!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
Any weapons (including Covenant) that were not featured will be posted as soon as possible, so keep checking back!!!!
I have begun to build a few more, so give me some time! Hope the explanations weren't TOO long! Hahaha!
And Thanks Again!


Sorry if I kept you guys waiting on new weapons, I've been super busy, but to the supporters...and haters...below: Thanks For All The Ratings!

(And so does Bill, apparantly...)


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i think it's pretty nice except for some parts (kinda inaccurate and some cant be held by lego minifigs, or too big).
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The MA5B does looke like an FN200, But the FN200 speaks volumes of its relaton to the P-90. personaly, when i first saw a picture of an FN200 i thought "WOW, that thing sure lookes like a HALO asualt rifle!" (i dont even play HALO)
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Excellent work, I particularly like the shot gun. (The only gun I did not think looked quite like it should was the mauler, shape maybe?) keep up the good work.
Nodoudt (The guy formerly known as Carlo)
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  April 27, 2009
This is one of the best tries to make halo guns without overcutting and glueing. Very good researching on the gun history. You didn't use any custom asscessories like brickarms or anything. These are purely brick build, fairly original ideas. This is a good start, carry on!
  April 27, 2009
This is one of the best tries to make halo guns without overcutting and glueing. Very good researching on the gun history. You didn't use any custom asscessories like brickarms or anything. These are purely brick build, fairly original ideas. This is a good start, carry on!
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Nice work on the other pages but the one thats not lego it looks like a cartoon is thear riely a halo cartoon?
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Nice work on the other pages but the one thats not lego it looks like a cartoon is thear riely a halo cartoon?
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Nice work on the other pages but the one thats not lego it looks like a cartoon is thear riely a halo cartoon?
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I think you did very well, considering. The points you made about minifig scaleability were good too. Good job.
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 I like it 
  April 24, 2008
cool, there alll extremely accurate,sorry about all the noobs rating you low,once again that was awesome,but te flametrower looks a bit tangled and big, and the assault rifles are unholdable, but the moc altogether is great 5/5 smilies and weell earned too! cool mario kart, im pretty sure it was you who made that mario kart, great!
 I like it 
  April 21, 2008
Very good weapons. I just cant believe how many reviews you have left on my pages. ONce again (were going to be spamming each other pages with apologies) i'm terribly sorry about the "fiasco" and i am trying to make amends
  March 28, 2008
I like the sniper rifle,rocket launcher,and totally the machine gun,doode
  March 26, 2008
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what? huh? umm it seems a bit zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what? huh? oh yeah,it seems umm whats the word again, bad!!!! boooooo!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Nodoudt (The guy formerly known as Carlo)
 I like it 
Bradley DeBildt
  March 23, 2008
Some need to be scaled down like the halo 2 gun turret and the plasma rifle. But the gravity hammers blade needs to be worked on and the handle needs to be longer. Everything else is pretty good.
 I like it 
  February 29, 2008
a few of the guns are too big, but they're still ok. I really like some of the pun/phrase/quotes you put for each gun, especially "You just got Sarged"
  February 21, 2008
I'd give you a thumbs up for SMG
  February 1, 2008
your weapons are big too. so dont you think its hypocritical to rate me down for big weapons?
 I like it 
  January 29, 2008
They are ok. but they are too big.
 I like it 
  January 27, 2008
some of them seem way to big for a minifig like the MA5C AND MA5B the look like the fig haste to hold it over there sholder but you really really got it when it comes to realism ^_^
 I like it 
  January 26, 2008
wow!looks nice!overall a great armory!please review my creations.
 I like it 
  January 22, 2008
can you email me how to make the ma5k please
 I like it 
  January 22, 2008
Great weapons! But take pictures with more light next time.
 I like it 
  January 12, 2008
I don't play Halo a lot, but still these weapons are freakin' awesome!!! Great moc and keep up the good work!
 I like it 
  January 6, 2008
the place were i got those weapons is there even comming out with some halo ones btw these gunns are sweet i love how u did the one for ghosts of onyx
 I like it 
  January 2, 2008
This is a great collection of weapons, although some of your facts were off. As for your assault rifle design, you said it was revolutionary...I have to disagree. your designs on both the MA5B and MA5C were basically the same and way to bulky. I have to say that I still find my own designs for the weapons to be superior. I was however impressed with the spartan III assault rifle (MA5K?). Ive never seen one in lego before, and I have to say the design looks good, I cant even figure out what part you used on the top of the barrel. Anyway, nice work overall, 5 smilies.
 I like it 
  January 1, 2008
360!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooooo!!!
By Nodoudt (The guy formerly known as Carlo)
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