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The Insurgency S2 E5 - GC - Who Am I? And What The Hell Happened?
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Season 2, Episode 5, my entry to the GC for the month of June. And (finally) a return to Dart's story
About this creation
Hello every-Lego-buddy! Yes, I know t's just under the wire, and yes, it may have been a while, but I hope that this is a good one. It took me a bit to figure out exactly how I wanted to do this, but I like how it ended up. So, without any further adieu, here is my entry to this month's GC. Hope you like it!

FEBRUARY 9, 2098



Dart walked down the cold corrider, his jacket zipped up and his hood drawn up over his face. His head was still spinning, although he still wasn't sure what exactly it was from. Maybe it was the drugs from the Spire, or whatever they'd done to him. They'd done... something, he didn't know what. It hadn't felt normal. But, to be fair, he hadn't been really awake for most of it. It had taken a couple days for someone to come pick him up from... wherever he'd been, the place with the robots. He'd been pretty weak by then, too weak to resist or notice much of anything, besides the fact that he'd ended up on some kind of space station.

They'd treated him fairly well there, although he didn't know exactly how long he'd been there. A couple weeks at least, he thought. They'd fed him, medicated him, and scanned him, including his metal arm. But they hadn't had any answers for him, not the ones that he wanted, anyway. Apparently they hadn't recognized the metal that his arm was composed of, which had surprised them, from what he'd caught. They'd said that it was counteracting something in his body, some type of serum that was now fused to his blood. That had kinda freaked him out for a bit, but they'd assured him that he was fine now, and that whatever it was, it wasn't hurting him at all. In fact, they'd told him that his strength, speed and endurance were above the standard levels for even a very fit human being. Almost superhuman levels, in fact.


He turned the corner, his mind still churning. Whoever they were, they'd helped him get his coordination back, so that he had figured out a few things about himself, mainly things like that he was an excellent shot with most weapons, and rather knowledgeable in hand-to-hand combat. basic things like that.

What he'd found out the day before he left, though, had really surprised him. Apparently, he had been found by the Collective. And he hadn't even realized it. He only found out by accident, but as soon as he'd known, he'd demanded answers, and while they'd been a little reluctant, eventually they'd told him a little bit about what had happened since he last remembered anything. Apparently, the war had ended with a truce, and another war with a ancient robot had happened, but when it had finished, the peace had been busted up by some kind of protest started by someone complaining about the Collective powers, and now the G.I. and Auralia were at each other's throats again, as they had been before. Basically, everything was still just as much of a mess as it had been before. Just a few new things thrown in.

But where he was now, that was an old hideout that he remembered. He didn't know why or how he remembered it, but he did. And the day after the Collective had explained all that to him. he'd asked if they would take him here, and they'd said yes. That had been yesterday. He'd finally got in this afternoon. It had taken him several hours to hack in, and he'd figured out that he definitely wasn't a hacker. Now, hopefully he'd find some better answers for the missing years from his memory.


Walking into the room, Dart immediately saw that something wasn't right. There was equipment strewn about, as if there'd been some kind of a fight. Bullet holes in the wall, dust on the floor. No one had been in here for a while.


Then he saw the body, lying face-down on the floor. It was a male, humanoid, and not breathing.

Dart didn't even know how he knew him, but he did. He lunged towards him, his hood slipping back off his face, his hands reaching for him And a name, buried deep in his mind, was ripped out through his mouth, a cry of despair, as if for a friend.



Reaching the body, Dart rolled him over onto his back, seeing his face for the first time. It was rough, beaten, and a tiny line of blood slithered out of his mouth over his chin and neck. It was dried on his tough, kinda of scaly skin. He wasn't breathing.

Slowly, Dart reached down and checked his pulse. Nothing. He was gone. Dead. And had been for a while. Days at least, probably longer.


Standing up, Dart looked around the room, trying to see if he could spot anything helpful. Nothing caught his eye. The screen were all destroyed, the servers fried, nothing was left that could be of any help to anyone. He sighed slightly, annoyed.

Then he froze. He heard footsteps, outside. Heavy, booted ones. With a sinking feeling, Dart realized that he hadn't reset the door behind him when he broke in. That had probably atracted someone to take a look, and this being Qoter, it was probably the G.I.


A few seconds later, a Wasp walked into the room, it's rifle up, searching for enemies. Seeing Drat there, standing over a dead body, the Wasp yelled at him "Get your hands up! Put 'em up now!"

Dart wasn't going to argue with a rifle at that distance. He quickly put his hands up, but he was trying to explain himself as he did so. "Look, officer, I just came in here to see if I could find anything useful. I mean, I thought the place was abandoned. I didn't -"


"Shut up, dumbass! You're going down for this. And even if this doesn't stick right away, at least I can take you in for breaking and entering planet property. That'll hold til we can figure out how you killed this poor alien."

Dart rolled his eyes a little, keeping his hands in the air. The Wasp stepped closer, talking into his helmet mic. Dart couldn't quite make out what he was saying there. Apparently they could muffle their voice now if they wanted to. But he knew where this would go. He'd get arrested for this, he'd cool his heels in jail for a while, then they'd pin the murder on him just to have "solved" it, and he'd spend the next 10-30 years in jail.

That was not what he wanted. And he wasn't going to let that happen now.


Lunging forward, Dart's arm shot up, faster then he'd ever thought possible. It slipped under the helmet's chin guard, finding the Wasp's throat and grabbing hard. His grip was like steel, threatening to crush the soldier's windpipe with the one hand alone. The Wasp gasped in surprise and pain, flailing helplessly as his air was cut off.


Grabbing his throat with the other hand as well, Dart pulled the Wasp in towards himself, then with a heave, flung him across the room. The effort ripped out his jacket sleeve completely, literally ripping it to shreds, leaving just the glove he was wearing.

But he wasn't too worried about that, as the guard flew across the room, smacking into the metal table with a loud SNAP! as the back of his helmet hit the edge of the metal, the rifle jarred from his hands. Dart heard his forehead slam into the inside of his helmet, heard a spurt of blood, watched the body slide limply to the ground.


Dart drew in a deep breath, looking down at his arm, now uncovered, and used against someone else, for the first time. His strength was... almost frightening. The speed at which he'd thrown that man, and how fast he'd grabbed his throat. He... he was more then human now. He... he didn't know what he was.

He looked back at Mact. The still figure, on the floor. There were two of them now. Just like when he was 17. And just like when he was 17, he thought to himself "The G.I. will pin this on me. Easy. I'll go down for this. I gotta get off this planet." He looked around the room once more, speaking out loud to himself. "There's nothing left for me here."


And just like when he was 17, Dart ran, pulling up his hood, he ran for the hallway, not even sure where he was going, but he knew he had to get away from Qoter. Once again, as usual, he wasn't welcome here anymore.




"People of this great city, thank you for coming today. I appreciate your presence here today, and your support for our cause by coming."

The woman in front of the crowd was fairly well dressed, a member of a higher class family, it seemed. A G.I. guard stood behind her, which apparently didn't make most of the crowd nervous. Although, to be fair, most of them probably weren't criminals in disguise.


"We are here today to discuss a great tragedy that had recently occurred." The lady was talking now, starting to get into her presentation. "I am talking, of course, about the war that has re-erupted between the Galactic Imperium and Auralia." A slight murmur from the crowd greeted this statement, apparently encouraging her. For several minutes, she just talked about the previous war, and what it had done to hurt the Imperium, and the crowd was fairly polite, listening and letting her talk.


But after a bit, she started to veer off track a bit, getting lost in the history of Toliv since the Shift, a lot of with didn't have much to do with any wars at all. when that happened, a man in the back turned and started slowly walking away, unseen by her, or most anyone else.


Then the woman made a mistake. "And because of this rich history, that is why we must strive to cease hostilities with Auralia. We must try for peace. For without peace, there can be no - "

"Wait a minute." A red skinned alien in the front of the crowd spoke up now. "Are you saying we should just drop dead and let those rebel bastards win? Let them go, scot-free?"

The woman shook her head, not realizing her mistake yet. "No, I do not mean that. I am simply saying that more bloodshed is pointless. It will achieve nothing apart from pain and suffering. And that is why we must end this war. End the violence. Before more people get hurt. Is not peace better then war, by any means?"

A gray-haired man in the front spoke up now. "No, not if the threat of war remains. And it always will be here, as long as Auralia remiains free! We have to stamp them out now!" A chorus of "ayes" and "Yeah!" and "Damn right!" echoed across the plaza.

The man kept walking, not paying much attention to what they were saying anymore. But then, one of the few women in the audience turned her head, and the man saw her face. For a second, it pulled him up short. He... he knew that face. He knew her. Where did he know her from?

Then he shook his head quickly, turning back to his path. He wasn't here to meet old friends. If that's what she was.


As he turned away from the plaza, which was starting to escalate into a full-fledged argument, with danger of becoming more, his face was caught by the lights from the street. It was Dart.

But this wasn't the same Dart that had left Qoter several months before. He had been able to smuggle himself to Toliv, where most people didn't ask questions. Here, he'd just been laying low, trying to keep a decently low profile. Most people here just referred to him as the drifter, since he'd drifted in and he'd drift out eventually, they thought. He'd let his hair grown out as a disguise, and although he wore a glove to covered his robotic hand, aside from that, he looked like just another bum. And he was fine with that. Right now, he just wanted to be left alone.

And as for passing the time, he'd spent some time reading and watching different things, movies and a lot of news casts, getting caught back up on everything he'd missed the last few years. Apparently the guy Jay he'd worked with back on Entrion years ago was an Arch-mage now, or whatever, so that was cool.

But mainly, he'd been getting himself back into shape mostly. Daily workouts, running, practicing his fighting with a group of martial artists that he had run across and helped out, going to a shooting gallery that he had joined, and swiping little bits of bank transfers from online flows whenever he needed more money. The banks were a lot more open here. Not to the point where he could take whatever he wanted whenever he felt like it, but as long as he was careful, he could take more then enough to be comfortable.


As he kept walking away, he heard footsteps behind him, and the shuffling of feet. He smiled slightly to himself. The meeting was breaking up. The arguments were starting to take precedence. He'd been seeing this for a while. Someone would have some kind of event, would give some kind of speech about the war that had started up again, and everyone would start getting into arguments about it. It'd been happening for a few weeks now, and it probably wouldn't end anytime soon.


Reaching the street, Dart started making his way up towards where a green motorcycle was parked. It was a little retro, given the hover-bikes that most of the galaxy used, but he liked it. It was a nice change of pace, and the noise was fun to surprise people with. He'd stolen it from a smuggler who'd tried to rip him off a few months ago, and he hadn't regretted it at all. Well, aside from having to clean up the smuggler's body afterwards.


Hoping onto the bike, Dart revved it to life, getting ready to pull out. But ebfore he could do so, his eyes were caught once again by that same woman. And this time, she was looking at him as well. For a brief second, their eyes met.

And held.

For a flash, surprise flickered behind her pupils, as though she recognized him, and she hadn't expected to see him at all, but it passed quickly. Gone, or buried, either way. Dart caught it, though. His sense were keener now, too. Sharper. More honed. He was sharper in general. Ready for whatever might happen. And yet, this woman... she made him uneasy. Why? How did he know her? Who was she? And more importantly, who did she work for?


Snapping his gaze back around, Dart began pulling the bike out into the street, endeavoring not to hit anyone. Which wasn't too hard most of the time. Mo/st people got out of the way pretty quick when they heard him coming.

But his mind was busy now, and it was not happy. Whoever that woman was, Dart had the feeling that he knew her. And more worrisome, that she knew him. He didn't like that. And he didn't like where this could be going, either. Time to get ready to go. After all, he was ready. Ready to...

... to what?

He pondered that for a second, then shook his head. First, get off the planet. Then take it from there. he had the uneasy feeling, though, that leaving Toliv this time wasn't going to be as easy as arriving.


So... what do you think?

I know, it may be a tad late, cause it's a little after 1 in the morning here when I'm posting this, but I hope it can still count. But besides that, I kinda like how this went. Next time, I'll start setting up the paths that will bring Dart and Virgil together. Hopefully you'll like those too.

Anyway, the builds weren't the most complicated, but I think they were okay. And did anyone catch the cameo in the crowd? Hint; it's someone I used to use a lot. We'll see if anyone spots him. ;D

And, because I wanted to do this again, here, for your entertainment, back from... somewhere, here is...

da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na Batman!!!

With special guest star ______________! (You'll see. ;) Enjoy)


Batman (from hallway): "So... this is dark. Even for me. I mean, my old catchphrase was "I am vengeance, I am the night, I am Batman," and all that jazz. But they really should pay the electric bill here. It'd helped the look of the place, at least."


(walks into the room and sees the two bodies): "Of course, more murders. Why do I always get the murders?" (imitates high, squeaky voice) "Oh look, it's Batman! Let's give him all the happy-time murders, eh? That way we don't need any more fat people on the job!" (In normal voice) "People have no respect for personal time these days."


(With a metallic whir and dramatic clank, Iron Man hits the ground in his heroic pose)

Iron Man: "Don't fear, lesser billionaire! The Armored Avenger is here to save the day!"

Batman: "Oh, you gotta be kidding me."


(Iron Man stands up to face Batman)

Iron Man: "What? I thought you'd be glad to see me. After all, I am Iron Man."

Batman: "Well, I'm Batman. And I don't want you here. One genius here is enough for me, thank you."

(Iron Man considers this, then nods):"Alright then, get going."

Batman: "What?!? No! This is my show! You go!"


Iron Man: "Look here, Batty, do you mind if I call you Batty?"

Batman: "Yes I-"

Iron Man: "Great, Thanks. Now, look here, Batty, you're a smart man, I'll give you that. But I made Ultron. I made the greatest suit ever, I made Jarvis, I made an arc reactor that saved my life and that powers the greatest suit ever made, like I already said, and I saved the earth more times then you can count. And that's just in the new movies. You should read the comics. I'm pretty much God in those." (winks knowingly)


Batman: "Well, sorry to interrupt, but shouldn't you be dead or something? Some huge purple dude?"

Iron Man: "Well, shouldn't you have left by now? Not that it matters, I'm sure they'll get you a new you pretty quickly. After all, you're the only decent character DC has."

Batman: "Careful there, Iron Junk. You're an alcoholic in the comics, an egotistical playboy who got everybody killed this year, and next year you'll be a depressed old man who doesn't know what to do with himself until you finally die and put us out of our misery."

Iron Man: "Oh, that's how you want to play it? How about when you had nipples on your suit, and the worst sidekick ever seen in movies?!?"

Batman: "How dare you insult my suit! Yours just makes you metal on the outside, but I'm the smartest human being on the planet, and my suit inspires fear from criminals and respect from the world. Yours just makes you look like a rich jerk who has too many toys."


Iron Man: "Oh, you blame me for having too many toys? You're nothing without your pretty little belt there! All your fancy little gadgets, and whangdoodles and whatnots. Take those away, and you got nothing."

Batman: "And what are you without your suit?"

Iron Man: "Genius billionaire playboy philanthropist."

Batman: "Exactly. You're nothing. No help to anyone."

Iron Man: "Except Kevin Feige, apparently. I helped him launch a whole universe. What have you done? Just your own movies, that's all. Not a team player, which means no teams, except a dumb one where Superman needs a fake face!"

Batman: "Well you're a fake superhero! Your only powers are when you're in a tin can, while I am the best human being to ever walk this earth!"

Iron Man: "Oh, really? Well, let me tell you a little something I learned about Catwoman..." (Voices trails off)

Well... that could go forever, so I'll have to let you guys go here. I hope you liked this episode! I know I did. Hopefully my next one will be out before too long. Well, until then... Allonsy!


 I like it 
  August 13, 2018
An excellent episode mate! Well done! I've finally gotten around to catching up where I left off, and it's great to see what Dart's been up to! Also, the Batman vs Iron man argument at the end was a nice little touch. Keep up the good work Ben!
 I made it 
  July 10, 2018
Quoting --R.K. Blast-- Here we go! Said I'd get around to it today! Good stuff. Nice to see Dart searching for some answers. I look forward to the next! Your points have been added. --Blast--
Thank you very much! Hopefully it won't be long before I can get the next part out. I'm looking forward to it.
 I like it 
  July 10, 2018
Here we go! Said I'd get around to it today! Good stuff. Nice to see Dart searching for some answers. I look forward to the next! Your points have been added. --Blast--
 I made it 
  July 6, 2018
Quoting Captain Kenbo Cool stuff, wonder what will become of that woman. And it was good reading a post from someone else, it's been a while lol
Thank you. And you'll see soon enough. ;) and yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it. :P
 I like it 
  July 6, 2018
Cool stuff, wonder what will become of that woman. And it was good reading a post from someone else, it's been a while lol
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