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Imperial AT-ACT
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Four Legged Cargo Death Walker
About this creation

@t @t, A.T. A.T. or just Walker? How do you pronounce it?

Rogue One is a great movie, but I've surprisingly not watched it a whole lot... I think I've only seen it twice... which is nothing compared to how much I've watched the others :P

I'm looking forward to watching Rebels Season 4 now that it'll be out on DVD soon. Random/unlikely thought, do you recon we'd ever get a 5th season of Rebels? We don't need it, but what if?

I would love a new series in the vein of Clone Wars where you follow Han, Luke and Leia in Battles against the Empire, and maybe we see other characters get their own episodes too... basically the format of Clone Wars but post ep 4 and 5 you know?

Still hyped about Clone Wars Season 7 btw

So Episode 9 is filming now. I'm started to get more and more excited about that actually. That said nothing will beat The Clone Wars hype :P

I wonder if we'll get an Ep 9 trailer before 2019? I guess it depends on how long the Filming will be

So I just bought the new Anakin's Jedi Starfighter set. I'll be opening it soon but man this set has be SO hyped for some reason. I can't wait to start it!

Now I believe the Palm Tree Design I used belongs to Mark of Falworth.

Ohhh I need to build some X-wings and TIE Fighters soon actually

Used up a lot of my trans blue tiles in this MOC, I use so many of those in lots of the things I make actually

Oh I don't think I've mentioned this yet but The Lego Movie 2 looks so so good! Very excited

So currently I have 6 new MOC's ready to post. Some I still need to photograph, but I got lots in the Bank :3

You know what... I miss the make your own Burgers you used to be able to do at McDonalds... Random unrelated thought, but I do :P

Man Star Wars Resistance is soon too hey... YAY!

That's all folks!

Fourth Wall Commentary:
I started this MOC wanting to build a small Scarif MOC, just a small vig with some Stormtroopers on it, nothing fancy. But I don't know, I just couldn't seem to get the look I was after, and as the MOC evolved it just kept getting larger. Then I changed the whole concept and decided to make an Imperial Walker on Scarif instead. It was so much fun making an AT-ACT, the Empire has some awesome walkers and ships, and man are they fun to make in Lego! Would love to try a Star Destroyer next!


Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  August 23, 2018
Loves It! This just AWESOME!! The detail is amazing and the sheer size of it is hugely impressive.
 I like it 
  August 7, 2018
Well done! I like the shaping on the head. Also, nice use of the Cargo crates in the orange. Now, I wanna see you do one of the First Order's heavy walkers. That thing is a beast
 I like it 
  August 6, 2018
looks good... a lot of the models I've seen are just an At-At with orange sides... many don't realize it's actually a different model. So good job! nailed it!
 I like it 
  August 6, 2018
Can I buy this from you? Ever since I saw this in the cinemas I have wanted the atact walker as a set so badly! :D
 I like it 
  August 4, 2018
Very well done! The shaping is spot on. -Noah
 I made it 
  August 4, 2018
As a kid I always wanted to see a Jedi Leia and Grand Master Luke. We more or less got that with The Last Jedi, so now I just need my Jedi Leia... Idk how easy that will be to do in Ep 9 though sadly D:
 I made it 
  August 4, 2018
Quoting MCLegoboy !
Yeah I agree with you on the proportions and things with the MOC, I still love it though ;) But I always appreciate the honest feedback. Man maybe they should just call all Star Wars Walkers actual names... Oh no Luke, Dave is firing at us! Good call about the Trailer. See I thought Rose was a great character, I look forward to more of her, and yes like you said, I hope she evolves into something everyone can enjoy... Man I hope she's in Resistance, that be a great place to expand her. True, I know the comics detail most if not all of that... but I can still want a cool Imperial Era CW style show :P I love Forces of Destiny, it's just fun. I agree the Ahsoka knowing thing is epic! That and the big monster on Endor that Leia and Luke beat... LEIA HOLDS LUKE'S SABER! I don't know man, I thought that was so so cool.
  August 3, 2018
I think I made too large of a comment again. D'oh! Part 1
Quoting The MOC
I'm giving this a 3/5, sorry man, not digging it as much. The legs are a bit chunky. I do have to say that going custom is pretty impressive, but some of the proportions still seem off. I think the body might be too tall.
Quoting Imperial Walker Name Debate
I hate that they have made it all canon. It's an A. T. - A. T. That brings a continuity between all the walkers. AT-TE is not @-tay. AT-ST is not @-sit. AT-ACT is not @-act. You say all the letters individually. Plus, most of the time, you only ever hear these things referred to as walkers, so you might as well just be nondescript with them and just say [adjective] [faction] walker. Big Republic Walker, Small Imperial Walker, Three-Legged Clone Walker, First Order Walker, but that's pretty bad.
Quoting Rogue One and Rebels Love
Rogue one is awesome and while I don't need another full Season of Rebels, it would be better to have the stuff with Ezra, Thrawn, Ahsoka, and Sabine resolved in that show than to carry over into Resitance because that's nearly 30 years after the epilogue and I'd rather it be just a few years. Despite how big the galaxy is, it's pretty small when you consider who knows whom. Also part of my disappointment with the finale was that although it was better to close with Lothal as it was a big focal point of the show and Ezra's story, because Ezra's story is not over, and because we knew the Ghost was at the battle of Scarif, I wanted to know what it was doing and getting to see Scarif from a new perspective. I was hoping to see Cassian and K-2SO make a cameo in the show. They had X-Wings randomly show up and not be around this whole time until this final Season, and they all get blown up (they're battle was cool though), so why not reuse the model since you have them, repaint and use in another awesome battle? We were kind of told to care about Lothal, and the most we really got to care about it were maybe three characters and not the whole place be a character. Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming and New York is a character, not a backdrop. I'll admit that Scarif would be a backdrop and it becomes one of those things that you needed to have seen this one thing to really get the proper enjoyment out of this other thing. Do the Clone Wars centric characters and episodes resonate for the kids that didn't grow up with it? Would the battle of Scarif matter as an ending when all the important details are in Rogue One and not Rebels? The Siege of Mandalore in Clone Wars though will probably pay off more because it is the collision of a bunch of stories that took a lot of screen time and a big focus will be on Ahsoka and Clone Wars became more and more her story, especially in Season 5. Speaking of which...
Quoting Clone Wars Season 7
Quoting Episode IX
Lando! Let's hope they don't off him! Luke! While destroying what would be an awesome ghost reveal, we now can avoid a year of speculation videos of whether or not he'd even show up after Mark having expressed some sadness that Star Wars was not going to be as fun for him because he never really got to interact with anyone from before and didn't care if he did more. Rose! She was not the best character, but I liked her, and I hope she can be used effectively and that this may redeem her in the eyes of naysayers that aren't just a bunch of racists and sexists. It was so sad to hear that bad fans forced Kelly Marie Tran, the most bubbly and extroverted person, into having to hide away. LEIA! I was right, they were going to superimpose unused footage. I'm so happy to hear that. Now let's just hope it doesn't look weird. They did a good job cleaning up 40 year old footage for Red Squadron's X-Wing pilots in Rogue One, and we've have the tech to splice takes seamlessly at the latest since 1999 (Phantom Menace BTS stuff), so they should be able to make stuff from 2015 work. Good luck getting a Teaser over a year in advance like they did for Force Awakens though. I think they'll try to save it for Star Wars Celebration in 2019.
  August 3, 2018
AH CARP! The first half of my comment went into moderation. I have a feeling I know what it is, too. I talked about bad Star Wars fans that don't like Rose simply because they don't like her skin tone or her gender, except I used the proper ist words. Or it's because I said the word that means to strongly dislike, but I have a feeling that word is fine because I've used it all the time in groups. MOCpages! Give me a break! I championed you! You know I would never try to be mean to Ben! My words are genuine, and generally kind, and not mean to anyone in specific! WHY!?
  August 3, 2018
Part 2
Quoting Future Animation in Star Wars
If you really want to know what Han, Luke, and Leia were up to between movies, that's what the Star Wars comic is all about. Also, the Empire only sticks around about a year after Episode VI before seeing defeat on Jakku. After that, Luke's wandering the galaxy learning about the Force and collecting students, Han and Leia try that whole family thing, and the Rebellion becomes the New Republic. The remaining pieces of the Empire flea off to the Unknown Regions and become the First Order and hang out there for awhile. The New Republic learns about the First order and creates the Resistance, but unofficially. Enter Star Wars Resistance and the Sequel Trilogy. BAM! You're caught up. Not that there aren't interesting stories to be told, but it's not going to be like Clone Wars or even Rebels. And a lot of the first few years after the fall of the Empire have been pretty well documented in other media and from the sounds of it, there's not much War in Star Wars for some time. You've got some episodes of Forces of Destiny though... *shrug with raised hands* One episode makes it clear Ahsoka knew about Anakin and Padmé (Hooooo maaaaan is that some intersting knowledge.) But yeah, Wampa in Echo Base, Maz was there too see Leia get her Boushh outfit before rescuing Han, Han might have considered being a cannibal for a meal when Ewoks try to cook a Stormtrooper, Luke and Leia help take down a big monster on Endor which was actually what all those traps the Ewoks used on the Empire were for, etc. And yeah Resistance, I'm not sure what's going on and why we haven't seen or heard much about it. I know something was leaked about plot, but nothing visual to get a feel for what's going to be happening. I want to see a trailer, it has to be coming out in a few months.
Quoting Ben's Random Comments!
I am not at all interested in a Jedi Starfighter if it has already been done and I own the old version. Starfighters got hard for me to love ever since Saesee Tiin's version because it was waaaaay too tall and kind of oversized even for LEGO Starfighters. The best was Plo Koon's, and the only downside is that there isn't an actual seat, but that ejector function works every time and it's awesome. The LEGO Movie 2 Does look good. Wait, in Australia, you can no longer get a customized sandwich at McDonald's? That's pretty surprising, but that was not the point when it was first invented. That was back in the days of eating whatever you were served and not talking back about it. The point was to get your food and go, and well, from my experience, McDonald's has really dropped the ball, they're always slow. All I want is a sandwich without Red Onions so I'm not plagued with burps the rest of the day, but it still takes forever. And if they were normal onions that come in ring form, that'd be fine because I could always just take them out, but McDonald's chops them up into little pieces and throws them in the sandwich. Burger King though is still pretty fast and they're whole thing is customization. Need to not be eating fast food though. I'm not going to scare you with pink goo or bad hygiene, it's just that it's not good for you. We all eat at places like them too often, but making your own food is not hard to do. (Although it does take forever sometimes.)
Quoting The Farewell
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
great work on this AT-AT and especially on the scene !!!
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
I would’ve loved to have had a scarif level in battlefront II... this only makes me more wishful xP Can’t wait for the clone wars content though! Speaking of clone wars I gotta finish the original series... oof. Been so occupied with Agents of SHIELD (finally finished season one! :D) All in all, great work on the MOC. I love the trees and the walker legs and head especially.
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
Great job man! I love how you actually made the At-Act head custom instead of using an AT-AT head.
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
Amazing, as usual. One question: Why are the stormtroopers about to walk into the water? xP
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
Great AT AT and scene.
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
That is awesome! I really like the details on the AT-ACT (I call AT-AT an @t-@t and this one an @t act). The palm trees, water, and landscaping look great too! I only wish the cargo section was bigger, as they were more of the body in the movie, but other than that no complaints. Also, I highly doubt we’re gonna get rebels season 5. The finale of season 4 lends itself to being over. Rebels characters will probably be picked back up in a different show though.
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
Excellent work!
 I like it 
  August 3, 2018
Really nice work! My only problem with it is the shape of the head. It just doesn't look quite right. Other than that though, this is fantastic. The body is brilliant and the landscape is good too. I pronounce it A.T A.T. Also, how much Lego do you have because from the looks of it you keep a lot of your MOCs built!
By Ben Cossy
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Added August 3, 2018

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