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Rebels: The Phantom
That awesome ship from Rebels, and also kind of a recreation of the episode Out of Darkness from Rebels
About this creation

So Rebels is pretty great.

I just bought a Black Series Rex figure online the other day... Half relates to Rebels, but the figure was his Clone Wars armour so, you know. Still looks like a great figure, excited to get it :)t

Also Resistance looks fantastic. I am very hyped. The trailer rocked

I'm really interested in that Gold Stormtooper, wonder what their deal is

I'm interested to see what Legends material will find it's way into Resistance. It's the perfect time period to add in lots of Legends stuff really.

So I heard a rumour (but I'm sure it's a rumour and nothing more) that Episode 9 will be a 2 part movie... I'm interested in that, I'm not against it, but I do still like the whole 3 movie trilogy thing

So this Phantom design took a lot of inspiration from various other Phantom MOC's online, such a fun ship to make!

MCLegoboy, yes you, I want you to know I'm watching The Clone Wars D-Squad arc as I write this... great episodes!

I'm looking to do more Rebels stuff soon, I'm thinking something with Speederbikes, but I'm always open to suggestions

Just got a custom minifigure in the post the other day, it's a real beauty! Now with that I can finish and photograph another Clone Wars MOC and post it soon, huzzah!

I started playing KOTOR 2 the other day, good fun, but so far I've preferred KOTOR 1... that said I'm only a few hours in.

So do you think we'll get a Season 7 Clone Wars Trailer? I don't imagine we'd see it soon, but I'm sure we would

So I bought the Cloud-Rider Swoop Bikes set the other day, yet to make it, but it looks like a really good set! Awesome figs too

Another rumour that I'm unsure of, is it confirmed that the Jon Favreau series is going to be Mando themed? Or is that just ideas of what it could be about?

I'm surprisingly hyped for the Disney Streaming Service, I wasn't really keen to pay for it at first... but it's worth it for Clone Wars :P

Man I took a lot of photos on this MOC :P Had a lot of fun building it, I may well do this ship and landing pad idea again for other MOCs.

Anyone know of any good Artists who draw Star Wars stuff? I'm keen to buy some art and Posters for my Brick Cave

You know I really want a Duchess Satine figure... that and some of the other Mando's we see in Rebels... Never can have enough Mandalorians

Oh that new Cloud City set by the way, I really want it, looks great!

I mean that Han Minifig alone is worth it!

One Minifig I'm still not a fan of though is the new Vader, the helmet isn't as cool as the old one IMO

Thinking of getting A Pre Vizsla Cosplay soon, it won't be cheap, but it'll be awesome!

And that is all folks!

Fourth Wall Commentary:
So yeah, Rebels is awesome, and Hera's ship is one of the Coolest in Star Wars... I don't think I'm really up to building a Minifig Scale Ghost, But more then happy to make The Phantom... Very happy with the end result. I did take a lot of inspiration from other Phantom MOC's out there on Flickr, so props to those guys. You can of course expect more Ship and Landing pad MOC's like this in future, it was a fun concept to do!


Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  September 1, 2018
Amazing job! It's fantastically photographed and well done as a whole, awesome build and you deserve more praise for it!
 I like it 
  August 24, 2018
Fabulous! I also like KOTOR1 more than the second, it feels like they over complicated it. The Resistance looks cool, but it looks like it will be aimed at an even younger audience than Rebels. Which, I mean it isnt bad but it's not as enjoyable to watch
 I like it 
  August 23, 2018
Wonderfull, I love all details !!!
 I like it 
  August 23, 2018
Really nice work! There is so much about this build that I love. The ship itself is awesome but the landing pad adds so much to the MOC and is packed with tons of cool details. I love the barrels made of tires and the satellite dish is great too. The whole underside of the ship looks fantastic as well!
 I made it 
  August 23, 2018
Quoting MCLegoboy !
I think it's Phasma too. Well I don't mind the Sequel era stuff, but it's for sure my least favourite era at the moment. But hey Clone Wars made the Prequel era incredible, so I can't wait to have Resistance vastly improve this time period for me. I tend to not believe most rumors I read until I see official confirmation, I just thought the idea was interesting, and I know there is a lot to cover in one film... but good point about still being able to be called Episode 9 and be a two part-er :P My bad man, didn't mean to put words in your mouth, sorry about that man. I do see your points though. Lol good point haha, I do still have to buy the IW DVD actually. Although I'm already sold in my brain about the fact we'll likely not see those characters for a long time now. Feige has said so, and they got hardcore plans in place already, so I don't imagine anything will come of it anytime soon
 I like it 
  August 22, 2018
it looks good! the phantom is really cool... much better than TLG's version. (no offense to TLG, they try hard.) I really like the landing pad as well. good job!
 I like it 
  August 22, 2018
Great work!
 I like it 
  August 22, 2018
Let's see if I can't get this in one comment...
Quoting THE MOC
I really like it. It looks screen accurate, it has functions, it's really well done being cohesive with itself. My one thing is that it might actually be a little too big, but it's still very solid.
Oh boy do I not look that forward to watching it. I'll give it a shot, but it is not as enticing as other things have been. I'm still not that into the Sequel Era, so that's one thing, the main character seems like too much of a goof and I know that he'll have character growth but eh, and the visuals don't work for me. Mostly, its the visuals I don't like. Anime inspired... I mean, I'm seeing it, but it's not enough and this flat 3D videogame stuff doesn't look good. The whole show looks like when they input CGI models in a 2D show, and I hate that, except now I can't escape it if I want to watch because that's all there is. Either go more 2D and actually be anime inspired like Avatar and Teen Titans (or at least make it look like the Marvel shows that although are serviceable shows, at least look decent.), OR go further with the 3D and have another style that is similar to both Clone Wars and Rebels, but still its own. Also, who is it for? Sunday, October 7, at 10pm. At least that's what the premiere is, it wouldn't surprise me if they did that thing Rebels did and have an hour "premiere" and then wait weeks before regularly airing episodes. But if that's the norm, what? Kids can't watch at 10pm on a Sunday, school's the next day. Also, nobody wants to watch something at 10pm on Sundays because work is the next day. It's just a bad slot. But like Rebels, I'll give it a shot, I will not like it, they'll do something mindblowing, and then I'll get hooked. Oh, and that Gold Stormtrooper is most likely Phasma, but in a yellow lit environment.
Didn't hear that one about Episode IX, but I'll just say that it is really malnourished in the head for anyone to think that and you should just stop believing that rumor altogether. Now what will happen is that it will end neatly but open enough so that any future stories, film or otherwise about Rey, Finn, Poe, Rose, and any other surviving characters (I'm hoping Kylo Ren gets a redemption, but he can't live with knowing what he has done and he turns his blade on himself.) so that Lucasfilm can keep their stories going, but Episode IX cannot be two parts and still be called Episode IX. Don't believe anything you hear if it doesn't come from a very reliable source, and even then be suspicious unless it is directly from Lucasfilm and Disney.
Quoting Ben Cossy MCLegoboy, yes you, I want you to know I'm watching The Clone Wars D-Squad arc as I write this... great episodes!
Oh it's on now. I'm not sure if we can remain friends after this. I never said that the D-Squad arc was bad. It's just not the best. Sunny Day in the Void could have been chopped down, combined with Missing in Action, and nothing of value would really be lost. Would have made room for the Clovis Arc to be included like it was supposed to be for Season 5, not sure what the problem was that pushed it to the Lost Missions. Anyway, my biggest gripe is WAC-47. I really don't like that character. He's annoying, and not even in a charming way like C-3PO. C-3PO is very much about the protocol and he tries to make everything follow the protocol, while WAC is completely clueless about anything and everything. He's a pilot, and yet he even messes that up. Why does he sound like he has a cold? He's a droid. And sadly, as much as I love the rabbit droids, I don't really like the one from Point of No Return. I like the one that screams in terror in Hostage Crisis, the evil one in Blue Shadow Virus, and basically every other Rabbit Droid except for Bunny. The episodes and story aren't bad, they just have less desirable elements in them. I have no problem with sillier stories, but there are times where it goes too far with the most egregious episodes being Mercy Mission and Nomad Droids. Those are the two episodes I really don't like, so don't put words in my mouth about D-Squad. I never said the episodes were bad, but they could have been better. I'd like three episodes with extra Astromech, hold the WAC.
It's been a month since the announcement and you're already foaming at the mouth for another trailer. And you just got a trailer you liked for another new animated show. I think you need to take a breather. Go watch Infinity War or something. Wait, actually don't, Disney now owns all of Fox's properties and you'll just be trying to speculate how the next MCU movie will factor them in when it's still too early to do anything with the characters yet. #MCSavageboi
I've heard about the Mandalorian thing, but I think that will just be one aspect. Jon Favreau is no stranger to Mandalorians as he likes them and was the voice of Pre Vizsla, so I think it's possible that there will be stories that involve them, but it won't follow them completely. We still need Bounty Hunters, Smugglers, Pirates, and Syndicates for a full fledged Underworld show.
I'm not sold on streaming services because I know I will forget to check them. My family has Amazon Prime which includes shows on Amazon Video and we never use it. If there was a notification thing like YouTube, that would be helpful. Don't know if that's a thing. As for DisneyNOW, it depends on the price, how the episodes of things will be released, and how long it would take to get things on Blu-Ray. Not that I'm going to watch the Clone Wars and Underworld episodes by other means, I'm not saying that... <_<
As a playset, it's not bad, all the rooms look good, but it could still have its sections rearranged better. I actually had an idea for the MocAthalon back in 2013 to revamp Cloud City since it classified as a classic set that could be revamped, and I'd make it three levels tall and be similar to the classic set. One side would have the exterior details, and the other would be the interior. I'd include all the rooms the new set has, but they'd be much easier to access, I'd also have an elevator to access the levels, and would make a much nicer display piece while still conveying that it was Cloud City. Also, the price is way out of range. $320 at most, not $350. And you're going to be dealing with your messed up Aussie currency, so it's going to be way out of wack. Han is not worth it, even if he does look great. You're getting to baked on all the Star Wars that's been coming out lately. It's unhealthy.
Quoting Ben Cossy One Minifig I'm still not a fan of though is the new Vader, the helmet isn't as cool as the old one IMO
That's actually very sensible and I agree. Okay, we might still be able to be friends. :)
That's all folks!
 I like it 
  August 22, 2018
Awesome job Cossy! My suggestions for another Rebels moc are to make a Ghost that the Phantom fits into, or build Ezra's tower (the one he lived in) from the first few episodes of season 1.
 I like it 
  August 22, 2018
Love it! I’ll have you know that nature called in the middle of writing this, and rather rushing through the pics, I bookmarked where i left off to read through all the Cossy rambling :P As for resistance, I like the art style, story seems good, the only thing I fear is that the force will play in. If it was imperial era, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the Jedi are supposed to be either extinct or on one planet based on when this takes place. I wouldn’t mind some episodes with like Luke’s Jedi academy and stuff if it takes place early enough, but it shouldn’t be a main focus. As for clone wars, I gotta finish the main series...
By Ben Cossy
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Added August 22, 2018

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