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The Insurgency S2E20: Black Hole (FB)
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Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium) and part one of season finale.
About this creation

December 11, 2098

Reporter: "Behind me is the wreckage of an Imperial dreadnought, the GIS Defender, that was damaged during the battle. Rescue teams are currently attempting to find survivors. Reports are saying that the body of William Nantucket was found outside of the ship."


New York City
Administrative Building

Percival stood in a secret room within his office, staring at a holographic map of System 55. Frequently he would come here to plan out his ideas for galactic domination.

William then came in and stood next to him.

Percival: "Soon our flag will reign across these planets. And then on systems beyond. To think, nearly five years ago we were alone in the Milky Way. We had nothing to conquer."

William: "I feel we still face a major problem in this System. Aurelia still maintains a strong presence here. Shouldn't we deal with them first before moving on?"
Percival: "Aurelia will be eradicated very soon. The end of the war is near."
William: "Everyone's been saying that for a while, haven't they?"

Percival: "Yes, but now Aurelia has made a fatal mistake."

Percival brought up a hologram of the moon of Rerador.

Percival: "They have dedicated nearly their entire army towards Rerador's pathetic independence movement. General Convo himself is on the moon. This is the moment we use the Orbital. In one swift stroke we can destroy him and Aurelia once and for all."

William: "I can't believe it's finally happening."
Percival: "Victory is within reach, William."
William: "But are you sure the Orbital is ready? What about tests?"
Percival: "This will be the test. I have faith that our weapon will work. Now it is up to you. Take the Orbital, silence Rerador. We will be that much closer to peace."

William nodded, eager to please the Governor. Was it really possible that he could finally bring an end to this war?

Siberian Tundra

Arthur Savile worked in his small office in an Imperial outpost in the Siberia region. He was now the commander in charge of the base. It was a boring position, not nearly as glamorous as his last job. He turned his head when the door slid open.

In walked Dino Modena. Arthur stood up with a grin on his face.

Arthur: "Dino! It has been too long, my friend," he said giving Dino a brief hug.
Dino: "Yes. How have you been, Arthur?"
Arthur: "Siberia is a cold hell but it's where I am now. Can't do anything about it. What about you, what have you been up to?"
Dino: "I went back home. I'm working at my family's restaurant."
Arthur: "Ah," he said pleasantly as they both sat down.
Dino: "It's nice. A simple life."

Dino had left the IIA shortly after Claire's death and William's disappearance. His faith in the agency had been diminishing for some time and the death of a friend was the last push he needed to decide it was time to leave.

Arthur: "Do you ever miss the agency?"
Dino: "I... Miss the way things used to be."
Arthur: "As do I," said Arthur with a sigh.
Dino: "Do you talk to Will?"
Arthur: "He didn't stay in touch. And then he went missing but it appears he's back now. He's all over the news again."

Dino: "I couldn't believe it at first when I heard those terrible things he's done. He burned an entire village to the ground and went on some killing spree. Claire's death really changed him."
Arthur: "And it seems our new Governor used his anger and grief to make him his personal assassin."
Dino: "I take it you're not a fan of Thane."

Arthur paused for a moment. He always tried to maintain a positive and upbeat attitude. But Percival Thane was one man that brought out his anger.

Arthur: "Every so often a man like Thane comes into a position of power. He's a tyrant," he spat the word.

Dino raised his eyebrows as he noticed the change in Arthur's tone.

Arthur: "I have incidentally learned of some of his plans. Being the former Director of Intelligence, I still have a few sources."
Dino: "What is he planning?"
Arthur: "Percy doesn't want to end the war. He wants to continue it across the galaxy in a quest to take over other planets. He'll use the Orbital station to do it..." he trailed off, his eyes becoming unfocused. Then he looked back up at Dino.

Arthur: "Dino, was I a good boss back at the IIA?"

Dino was slightly caught off guard by the question.

Dino: "Of-Of course. You were great."

Arthur smiled and looked down.

Arthur: "I feel sometimes I didn't stop and take the time to think if what I was doing was right. I was too caught up in... I don't know, trying to impress everyone I suppose. Governor Sterling, the Council. They all wanted Qoter's mysterious weapon and I wanted to deliver it to them. I never stopped to think if it was something we should have. And now Thane's going to use it. And innocent people will die."

Dino: "Then let's do something. Let's stop him."
Arthur: "Well that would be treason," he chuckled.
Dino: "Maybe. But it's the right thing to do."
Arthur: "We can't touch Thane. But perhaps we can get to William. He's important to Percy, he's the key to his plans. You need to talk some sense into him. Convince him that Percy must be stopped."
Dino: "Me? Will hates me. He blames me for Claire, he'd never listen to me."

Arthur: "You're the only one, Dino."
Dino: "What about you? You were like a father to him."
Arthur: "It's a dangerous job. I am at an age where I can conveniently say that I'm "getting too old for that sort of thing"."

Dino chuckled and shook his head.

Dino: "I don't know where he is."
Arthur: "He's on the Orbital, headed to Rerador. I've kept tabs on him."
Dino: "How am I supposed to get on the Orbital? Security will be insane."
Arthur: "There's a supply ship flying out of Germany that's supposed to dock at the station. Get on board that and maybe you can sneak inside the Orbital."
Dino: "It sounds risky... But it's worth it."
Arthur: "I'm glad you think so. I've got some gear you can use. It's now or never, mate."

The Orbital


On the bridge of the Imperium's Orbital Defense Platform, William Nantucket stood in the center, surrounded by essential crewmen as well as Dr. Peter Klaus, a lead designer of the battle station.

Helmsman: "We're approaching Rerador, sir," spoke one of the pilots as he and the others maneuvered the station to the war zone.

Dr. Klaus: "Mr. Nantucket, I-"
William: "Are you expressing your opinion once again, Dr. Klaus?"
Dr. Klaus: "As I tried to tell the Governor, this is too early. The Orbital isn't even complete yet!"
William: "The weapons system is complete. We don't need the other frills."
Dr. Klaus: "But it hasn't been tested!"
William: "I'm confident in your engineering, Doctor. Why aren't you?"

Peter groaned and shook his head.

William continued looking out the viewscreen and watched the distant stars fly past as they traveled through warpspace. And then suddenly a giant orb of red appeared.

Helmsman: "We have arrived."

Rerador Surface

On the moon's surface, the battle between Aurelia and the Imperium raged on. Squadrons of Imperial Slag Troopers held off their relentless foes on Rerador's lava fields.

From the safety of Aurelian headquarters, General Convo observed many of the battles on a holotable. A female officer then entered the command center.

Harris: "General Convo."
Convo: "Captain Harris. What is it?"
Harris: "A massive object has just come out of warp above us."

The General was silent for a moment before walking to the command center's front viewscreen. Captain Harris followed.

Convo: "So they finished it," he said looking up at the sky.
Harris: "What is that thing?"
Convo: "It's our worst nightmare."

Helmsman: "Transmission from Aurelian command."
William: "On screen."

William gave a slight but smug smile when he saw the face of General Convo on the viewscreen.

William: "General Convo. It's an honor."
Convo: "So the Imperium has completed their monstrosity... It looks like a rushed job."

William didn't look away from the screen when he heard Dr. Klaus groaning and pacing on the floor.

William: "General, I don't think you want to witness the true power of this battle station. I kindly ask for your surrender or you will face my wrath. The choice is yours."

General Convo thought it over for a moment.

Convo: "We will not submit to tyranny. There will be no surrender."

Convo then ended the transmission. William stared at the black screen for a few moments. He had expected Aurelia to immediately stand down. They knew what the Orbital was capable of. But now it seemed William would be able to show them firsthand.

William: "Target Tempest City. Open a portal in the lower atmosphere."

A crewman nodded and contacted the Void Cannon operators.

The engineers on the lower deck began the firing sequence by pressing several buttons and pulling some levers.

Engineer: "Preparing the Qurium."

Helmsman: "Cannon is ready."
William: "Moment of truth," he said looking at an anxious Dr. Klaus. "Fire!"

On his command, the operators fired the Void Cannon. A large black sphere shot out from under the station and flew towards the planet.

The Aurelian soldiers in Tempest City looked up in bewilderment when the sky suddenly appeared as if it were being torn apart.

Soldier: "What the he-"

Everyone screamed as they were sucked into the black hole that had opened above them. The pull had destroyed all the protective domes that covered the city and was now stripping away buildings and terrain. Once everything was gone, the black hole exploded and all trace of it disappeared.

In the Aurelian headquarters, Captain Harris stared at the holotable, anguish on her face.

Harris: "Sir... Tempest is... Gone. I mean everything. T-there's just a crater."

General Convo knew about the weapon and what it could do in theory but now that it was actually done, he was somewhat awestruck. An entire city gone just like that.

Lieutenant: "General, we must surrender," spoke another lieutenant coming over to Convo. "We stand no chance against that thing."
Convo: "We surrender and it's over for everyone. No. We keep fighting."
Captain Harris: "I think you're making a mistake-"

Convo: "The battle station is incomplete, it is weak. It will take time for their weapon to be ready again. If we attack now, we might be able to destroy them. Scramble all fighters. I want everything we have devoted to taking out that station. Do it!" he yelled when no one began moving.

William: "Congratulations, Dr. Klaus. It looks like your weapon works."

He then contacted General Convo once again.

William: "That was only a taste of what we can do. At the push of a button I can wipe you out of existence. So I ask again, do I have your surrender?"
General Convo: "I think you overestimate yourself. As I said before, there will be no surrender."

William was surprised again. He shook his head.

William: "Someone oughta punch you in the face, General."

When the transmission ended, a crewman turned to William.

Crewman: "Several enemy fighters incoming, sir!"
Dr. Klaus: "We have no short range offensive capabilities. They'll tear us apart. This was a disaster!"
William: "Shut up, Doctor! Raise shields and ready the weapon."

Crewman: "There's twenty minutes until it recharges."
Dr. Klaus: "We won't last twenty minutes."
William: "Contact our forces on the ground. Tell them we need them up here right now!"

As fast as they could, the Imperials on Rerador scrambled their own fighters to send into space to protect the Orbital.

Swordfish: "What the hell is that thing?" asked an Imperial pilot over his communicator.
Boomer: "Some sort of new battlestation I think. We gotta protect it from Aurelia."

The two pilots whizzed around, shooting at their enemies.

It was now an all out battle above the Orbital. The tiny starfighters danced around the battlestation. While most of the station was currently just exposed framework, the pilots did not need any reminder of its intimidating size.

Meanwhile a small freighter found itself headed right into the chaos.

Pilot: "Oh scrim," muttered the pilot of the Imperial supply ship.

The troopers in the cargo hold, one of which was Dino in disguise, looked at the cockpit, confused.

Soldier: "What's wrong?"
Pilot: "It's a war zone at the Orbital. Aurelians everywhere."

The pilot pressed a button on his console to contact the Orbital.

Pilot: "Orbital station this is Rocker Four requesting permission to dock."
Orbital officer: "Denied, Rocker Four. Zone is hot."
Pilot: "We can't turn around, we'll be shot to pieces!"

The officer let out a sigh.

Orbital officer: "We'll open the rear hangar. Be quick."

The pilot looked back at the others.

Pilot: "Hang on, boys, it's about to get bumpy," shouted the pilot before engaging in some evasive maneuvers.

Dino sat silently, contemplating his mission. How was he going to confront Will? What was he going to say? There was also the chance that one or both of them would be killed in this chaotic battle before they even met.

The supply ship quickly landed inside the hanger and the Imperials began rushing out.

Soldier: "Let's go, unload these crates!"

Dino then split away from the others to find William.

Soldier: "Where do you think you're going? Hey!"

But Dino simply ignored him and kept walking.

Back on the bridge...

William: "Status report."
Crewman: "Shields are holding and our fighters are keeping the Aurelians at bay."
Dr. Klaus: "The shields won't last forever. We must do something!"
William: "How much longer until the weapon is charged?"
Crewman: "Two minutes."
William: "The next target will be Aurelian headquarters. And General Convo."

Dino ran through the hallways of the Orbital trying to locate William. He couldn't believe this monstrosity had been more or less completed and that it worked. On top of that his best friend was ready to take so many lives by using it. Or perhaps he already had and he was too late to stop him. William truly had changed. Yet Dino hoped that he could make him remember who he was.

Crewman: "Thirty seconds until recharge."
Helmsman: "Sir, we have a problem!"
William: "What is it?"
Helmsman: "A lightning storm has formed right above us!"

Lightning storm. When lightning strikes twice. Was this it? Was this what the prophecy of the Scourge had been referring to all along? Norri said that the Scourge was just a myth but perhaps today was the day William would know.

Crewman: "Weapon is primed."

William opened his mouth to give the order but before he could speak, they were struck by lightning. The entire station shuddered violently and everyone on board had to work to maintain their balance.

William: "Damage report!" shouted William as several alarms began going off.
Helmsman: "Systems are going haywire!" yelled a helmsman as he raised his arms and backed away from his console that was fried from electric sparks."

Crewman: "Oh my god... Sir..."
William: "What's wrong?"
Crewman: "Report from engineering... A singularity is forming inside the void cannon!"
William: "What?!"
Dr. Klaus: "The lightning must have ignited the qurium..."

William: "Shut everything down!"
Crewman: "They have. The void is still growing!"
William: "Detach the cannon!"

The growing black hole had devoured the Void Cannon that had created it and was soon going to consume the Orbital itself.

General Convo: "What's going on up there?" asked Convo, contacting his air forces.
Aurelian pilot: "There's another black hole. Looks like the station is getting sucked into it."
General Convo: "Pull back and maintain a safe distance. This whole thing might just be over."

Helmsman: "We're getting pulled in!
William: "Give all power to the thrusters! Get us out of here!"
Helmsman: "The gravitational pull is too strong!"

William was now frantic. Was this the end for them? Death by black hole?

Dr. Klaus: "It's destroyed. All that work for nothing other than an ironic fate. My own creation about to kill me. Gott hab erbarmen."

William looked at the doctor speechless. They had lost the battle. And now they were going to die.


Look out for the next part on January 9 when it's the game's 5 year anniversary. There will be some shocking twists and a big reveal.....


 I like it 
  January 11, 2019
Gotta agree with Blast here; definitely one of your best mate! Loved the space battles and the void cannon concept. Truly awesome storytelling at work here!
 I like it 
  January 7, 2019
Another great episode! Good builds, great editing, and excellent story. I definitely enjoyed this darker interpretation of the Will and the Imperium.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2019
A great episode! Can't wait for the next one.
 I like it 
  January 6, 2019
Great stuff. One of your best for a while. It would have been nice if it was a touch longer, just to help build the tension, but still fantastic! Full points. --Blast--
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