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The Insurgency S2E21: Fall of the Heroes (FB)
Freebuild for The Insurgency (Galactic Imperium) and part two of the season finale.
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December 11, 2098
The Orbital

The black hole continued to grow and the pull it had on the Orbital station grew stronger. A few starfighters had already been sucked in but the rest had made the decision to back away.

Inside William looked at Dr. Klaus and then around the bridge. The panic had died down and people were beginning to accept their fate.

William: "How long do we have?"
Helmsman: "We gave everything to the thrusters but it's not enough. I'd say we have minutes."
William: "The Orbital's lost. We have to evacuate. Everyone get to the escape pods! Contact our forces, have someone pick us up."
Crewman: "The GIS Defender is already on its way."

Meanwhile Dino ran through a corridor that was in shambles. He saw a few soldiers and decided to stop one of them.

Dino: "What's going on?"
Soldier: "A black hole went wrong, it's pulling us in. We've been ordered to evacuate. We're headed to the pods."

Dino hesitated before following them. If William was going to live he would be in an escape pod. Dino would find him.

Several escape pods shot out of the Orbital. Just as they were a safe distance away, the void engulfed the station and then exploded.

With the black hole gone, the GIS Defender had no problem moving in to recover the pods. A few CX-22 fighters flew out of the hangars to provide assistance.

All the pods were soon brought into the ship's hangars. William was among the survivors that were stepping out.

William: "I must speak with the captain," he said pulling aside a trooper.
Trooper: "You'll find him on the bridge."

Captain Tyden Gallius turned around when he heard William coming onto the bridge.

Tyden: "I remember you. The IIA agent. You and that boy stopped my men from committing mutiny."
William: "Captain Gallius. Thank you for the rescue."
Tyden: "So much for your secret weapon, then."
William: "Everything I helped bring about, gone just like that," he said remembering everything around the salvation prophecy.

Tyden: "The destruction of Tempest dealt a massive blow to the Aurelians yet they refuse to surrender."
William: "This war must end."

Governor Thane was counting on him to end the conflict. He had to find a way without the Orbital. William couldn't go back with a failure.

Tyden: "There's nothing we can do now. First we have to get away from this lightning storm and then we must regroup with the rest of the fleet."
William: "No," he said sternly taking the Captain by surprise.
Tyden: "I'm sorry?"
William: "We have to destroy their headquarters and take out General Convo."

Tyden: "You do not give orders aboard my ship."

William took in a deep breath and tried to calm down.

William: "My apologies, Captain."
Tyden: "I know the destruction of the battle station has you in a whirl but we can't rush into anything. We must think through our next course of action."

Suddenly a warning light began flashing.

Elias: "Aurelian fighters inbound!" yelled Gallius's lieutenant.
Tyden: "They don't know when to quit! Reverse thrusters, get us out of here!"

And then lightning struck again. The dreadnought shuddered and the lights and various other systems began shutting off.

Tyden: "What was that?"
Jalpa: "We were struck by lightning. We've lost all power!"
Tyden: "What about the auxiliary system?"
Jalpa: "It took a hit too. Right now, everything we have is keeping the life support going."

The bridge shook violently when an Aurelian starfighter did a flyby and unleashed a laser barrage.

Tyden: "Launch all fighters and find a way to get our power back!"

William stood there silently. Lightning had struck twice now. There was no sign of any evil being that suddenly emerged. If anything he would've expected something to come out of one of the black holes but nothing did and they were both gone. He remembered the prophecy as the android on Iapra had told him all those months ago. Something would come out of the depths of space to destroy everything in its path. This "Scourge" would break a thousand hearts to heal its own.

Why did the android tell him this? And then on Soateria, Nula Bocca had said the Scourge would be his greatest challenge.

William thought about the destruction he had caused. He had obliterated an entire city, burned down a village, and took countless lives over the course of his own. The Shift brought him to System 54 from the depths of space and there was no denying that indeed his heart was broken. So he was the Scourge. If the prophecy was legitimate then it had to be him. So many strange things had happened to him and there was no doubt he was special in some way. The universe had chosen him. There was no escaping his fate so why try?

Tyden: "Are you alright, my boy?" the captain asked William when he noticed him frozen.

William remembered the current situation and looked at Captain Gallius.

William: "I want to help out."
Tyden: "We can use all the help we can get. There might be something in the hangar you can fly."

William nodded and left the bridge.

William's mind raced while he jogged through the ship to get to the hangar. He realized that it had always been his destiny to be a monster, a villain. All the times he had the desire to help people, all the times he had been hailed as a hero... It was all wrong. This made him loathe himself more than ever before. But all he could do now was embrace the fact. He was a destroyer with a bloodlust. Now he needed to attempt to satisfy it.

William then came to a stop when out the corner of his eye he saw a lone soldier standing still in a corridor. Slowly he turned his head with suspicion. When he recognized the soldier's face, William's face twisted with anger.

William: "Dino. What are you doing here?" he snarled.

All the thoughts about his terrible destiny were suddenly replaced by hatred towards his former friend and memories of the death of his beloved.
Dino took off his helmet and walked towards William.

Dino: "I came to save you."
William: "Save me?"
Dino: "From yourself. Will, Thane is using you. He wants to take over the galaxy and will do so through any means. You're nothing more than his errand boy."

William: "He's not using me. He promised me power. He promised me an empire."
Dino: "That's what you want?"
William: "I only wanted one thing and YOU TOOK IT FROM ME! She is dead because of YOU! Because you didn't protect her when I told you to!"
Dino: "You should have protected her."

William looked at Dino, completely enraged.

William: "I should have killed you on Soateria."

Dino was taken back by the fact that his once best friend was now ready to end his life. It saddened him.

Dino: "I know you're hurting, Will. But the Governor saw your vulnerability and thought he could use it to turn you into a weapon. The things you're doing in the name of the Imperium, it's not you. You're a good person."
William: "Spare me the lecture, Dino. I know you lost faith in the Imperium a long time ago. I should have known that you would betray me too. You're with Aurelia."
Dino: "I'm not with them."

William: "Well you're not with me!"

Dino paused for a moment, realizing there was no reasoning with William.

Dino: "I can't let you continue down this path of destruction."
William: "What are you going to do?"
Dino: "Whatever I have to."

William scoffed and then grabbed his sword. But something was wrong. All of a sudden it hurt to hold the blade. William dropped the sword and looked at his hand, burned by the hilt.

Dino: "You've changed."
William: "I don't need that to kill you!"

William pulled out a pistol but Dino was faster. Using his own gun Dino shot William's out of his hand.

William rolled under Dino's gunfire and kicked at his hand, making him drop the pistol. The two began fighting hand to hand. William unleashed a fury of punches, not all of which Dino was able to block. Both had the same training and were equally matched but seeing Dino again had triggered a rage inside William that made him fight harder.

Dino: "I don't want to fight!"
William: "That makes one of us."

William took another swing which Dino dodged. Dino then kicked William back and they both stared at each other for a brief moment.

Dino looked at William's eyes and saw they were filled with hate and rage. The man he once knew was gone. In order to save the galaxy from his wrath, he had to beat him. So he started to fight back.

The vessel then shook violently from the Aurelian fighters bombarding it. This caused William to lose his balance, an opportunity Dino used to push William onto the floor. He then ran away from him.

William groaned and picked himself up. He retrieved his gun and chased after Dino.

Once he caught up, William began firing. Just in time, Dino dived behind some crates to miss the bullets.

Soldier: "What's going on here?" asked an Imperial soldier walking over to them.

Without even thinking or looking William moved his arm back and shot the GI in the leg. While he was distracted with the soldier, Dino lifted the lid off of one of the crates and hurled it at William.

The lid hit him right in the jaw. When William fell back against the wall, Dino leaped towards him and delivered a few blows.

William quickly grabbed the lid and used it to block Dino's attacks. He then stood up and smashed the lid into Dino's face, spinning him around. Dino walked away slowly, trying to put some distance between him and William to recover from the blow.

After coming to stand in front of Dino, William then unleashed some devastating combo punches to Dino's face and abdomen, making him keel over in pain.

Before either could attack again, the wall next to them exploded, throwing them both to the ground.

Meanwhile on the bridge, the Defender's crew struggled to deal with their many problems.

Elias: "Captain, Aurelians are in th-"

Before he could finish, the doors to the bridge opened and in walked a few Aurelian soldiers. One knocked out the lieutenant but before the rest could begin firing, Captain Gallius pulled out his pistol and took them all out with precise shots. He then looked at Officer Jalpa.

Tyden: "Put us on red alert. Inform the troops we are being boarded and call for reinforcements!"

William picked up a pipe that had broken off from inside the wall and swung it at Dino who used the armor on his forearms to block the blows.

Both of them were surprised when the doors behind them slid open, revealing a squadron of Aurelians.

Ignoring each other for a moment, William and Dino focused on taking out the Aurelians. William made use of his pipe while Dino took a harpoon gun from one of the troopers.

Once they had defeated their enemies, William and Dino resumed their battle. Dino continued leading William through the ship, perhaps because he was so reluctant to fight.

Dino: "Why are you doing this, Will?! What do you gain from all the devastation you've caused?!"
William: "It's not about what I gain. This is my destiny. My actions have been prophesied."
Dino: "You can change your destiny!"
William: "No one can escape fate."

Dino raised his harpoon to block William's pipe. The two dueled relentlessly with their unconventional weapons.

In another part of the ship, the effects of Aurelia's assault were clear. Imperials fought their foes inside a burning corridor, paying no attention to the two men engaged in a fierce brawl.

With the ship's interior crumbling around them, William and Dino continued fighting. Both had dropped their weapons and went back to hand to hand combat. Dino fought so he might prevent William from hurting more people. William fought to get revenge against yet another traitor in his life.

Dino then picked up the harpoon and pushed it upwards into William's chin. Then he thrust it into the side of his head making him stumble back.

On the bridge, things were only getting worse.

Jalpa: "Our shields are gone. The ship's not gonna hold out for much longer."
Tyden: "Where are those reinforcements?!"

The two found themselves next to a row of escape pods. Dino continued pushing William back with attacks with the harpoon.

Giving William a strong kick to the abdomen, Dino was able to push him into an empty escape pod.

William stood up and they both stared each other down.

Dino: "It's over," he said aiming the harpoon gun at William. "Let's end this. We don't have to fight, we can get out of here."

A part of Dino questioned why he was still holding out hope that he could reason with William.

William: "This ends only one way. Both of us aren't gonna walk out of here. So who's it gonna be?"
Dino: "I'm the one with the gun."
William: "I know you, you can't do it," he scoffed.

Dino then brought his aim lower and shot the harpoon.

William let out a painful cry as the harpoon went into his leg, just above his knee, and pierced the panels of the escape pod. He couldn't move.

Dino: "You'll go down with the ship."

William attempted to pull the harpoon out but could not and the more movement he made sent jolts of pain throughout his leg.

Dino: "I remember when you were a good man. I remember when you were my best friend. Then you lost your way."
William: "Just kill me!" he said wanting to be put out of his misery.
Dino: " I can't," said Dino shaking his head.

Dino sadly walked into the escape pod next to William.

William: "You're a traitor!"
Dino: "You were a brother."

Dino pressed a few buttons on the console. The pod door closed and he was jettisoned into space.

William strained to reach the console but eventually he did. His survival instinct was too strong for him to die there. Completing the launch sequence, he slammed his fist on a button that fired the escape pod.

Captain Gallius, stood in the center of the bridge in shambles along with Elias and Officer Jalpa.

Jalpa: "Without the engines, Rerador's gravitational pull's got us. We're going down."
Elias: "I think the Defender's dead, captain."
Tyden: "So it seems," spoke Gallius with sadness in his voice. "Order the evacuation."
Elias: "What about you?"

Tyden: "What sort of captain would I be if I didn't go down with my ship? Go on you, you two."
Elias: "I'm not going anywhere," said Elias putting his hand on Tyden's shoulder.
Jalpa: "We're at your side, captain."
Tyden: "Well then gentlemen. It has been my honor to be your captain."

William had launched his pod too late. Instead of escaping into space, he crashed down on the surface of Rerador. The impact had caused him to pass out.

William then found himself in a strange place. He looked around but there was nothing in sight. Then he saw a woman and he realized he recognized her.

William: "Mom?"
Elizabeth: "Sweetheart," she said softly, putting her hand on William's cheek.
William: "I've missed you so much."

William then shifted his gaze when he saw someone else beside his mother.

William: "Claire..."

Claire said nothing but gave William a warm smile.

Elizabeth: "It's time to rest, Will," spoke William's mother also smiling.

William desperately wished to stay there with them and the pull to do so was certainly strong. But his anger was stronger.

William: "No. It's not."

He then looked back at Claire. She had been his entire world and she was taken from him.

William: "I will avenge you, Claire."

When he regained consciousness, William found that the harpoon still had him stuck. Knowing what he had to do, he put both hands on his leg and pulled it forward, off of the harpoon. The pain was excruciating but finally he had freed himself. He then collapsed onto the console, unable to stand up. Just then an alarm went off on the pod's computer.

Computer: "Warning. Explosion imminent.

He needed to get out of there. But there was another problem. Rerador's atmosphere was toxic. Surely he wouldn't be able to survive out there for long. But staying inside meant he would be killed in the pod's explosion. Fueled by anger, hate, and instinct, William dragged himself to the pod's hatch, knowing in the back of his mind he had no chance. But it didn't stop him.

Once he had climbed out, he fell off of the pod and onto the rocky terrain. He looked up at the smoky sky. His eyes burned from the toxins and his lungs seared as he breathed the unbreathable air.

William: "I will avenge you!" William said before the flames from the escape pod reached him.

And then the pod exploded behind him.

New York City
Administrative Building

Percival Thane looked out of the window of his office with Admiral Grenetch Hartway standing next to him.

Grenetch: "The destruction of Tempest and the GIS Defender crashing into Aurelian command was enough for them. They are surrendering the moon. However... The war will not be ending."
Percival: "It is still a victory. What of General Convo?"
Grenetch: We aren't sure. He may have escaped."
Percival: "Hmm."
Grenetch: "If you'll excuse me, Governor, I must be on my way."

Soon after the admiral left, Percival's predecessor, Christopher Sterling, entered the office.

Christopher: "You finally made time for me."
Percival: "Well you were ever so insistent on meeting."
Christopher: "I heard that the Orbital was lost."
Percival: "Yes, it is a shame."
Christopher: "Oh, I don't think you realize how much of a shame it truly is..."

Christopher longingly looked around the office that once belonged to him.

Christopher: "I wish you hadn't replaced me as Governor."
Percival: "It's what the people wanted."
Christopher: "Perhaps after you manipulated them."

Percival chuckled.

Percival: "Let's face it, Chris. You were never much of a leader."

Christopher was silent for a moment, hesitating to speak his mind.

Christopher: "I must tell you something, Percy. Something I believe the council hasn't told you."

Percival raised his eyebrow.

Christopher: "Several years ago I authorized a group of Imperial scientists to conduct a secret project. They were experimenting with black holes. Eventually they were successful in creating one. But then things went wrong. The black hole wouldn't stop growing. The scientists were all killed and the Earth was consumed. But then somehow we wound up here, in this galaxy. We thought we were stuck until we discovered that the planet Qoter had developed their own black hole technology centuries ago. The Orbital was never meant to be a weapon, Percy. It was our way back home. That is why you must build another one."

Christopher was expecting a much different reaction from Percival than the one he got. He was surprised when the governor began laughing.

Percival: "Thank you for sharing that story, Chris. But I've known all of that. In fact, your intentions for the Orbital were the reason I couldn't allow you to remain the governor."

Christopher: "What... What are you talking about?"
Percival: "Why would we go back? There's nothing there. We were alone. And now we've found a whole galaxy teeming with life and resources. Yet you want to go back?"
Christopher: "Because it's not natural. It upsets the balance."

Percival chuckled once again.

Percival: "I am not building another Orbital. At least not to take us back."
Christopher: "Then perhaps it's time that the public knows the truth about the Shift. I doubt everyone will agree with your decision to strand us here."

Percival looked at the floor for a moment and pressed his thumb on his lips.

Percival: "I believe besides myself and the council, you are the only other person that remains who knows the truth."
Christopher: "What does that have to do with anything?"
Percival: "I'm terribly sorry, Christopher."

Before Christopher could react, Percival pulled out a gun from the drawer of his desk and shot his predecessor.

Percival's guards immediately came in.

Percival: "Clean this up," he said, handing one of them the gun.

He then watched Christopher's body being taken way.

Percival: "Oh Christopher, you fool. Didn't you realize? We are home."

The Milky Way Galaxy

Far far away, seven planets were in orbit around a burning star. And then something appeared near Saturn. The Orbital, while heavily damaged, had survived its journey into the black hole.


William Nantucket was alive even when he should not have been. He had been placed into the cybernetic suit that was part of the IIA's Project Bedford. And now the last component, his helmet, was being placed over William's scorched face. Not entirely aware of what was happening, he only watched in horror as his entire body was about to be engulfed by the armor. He attempted to speak even with his damaged vocal chords.

William: "Help me, Claire..."


So happy 5 year anniversary to The Insurgency! The cause of The Shift has officially been revealed. R.K. shared the details with me because my black hole storyline was able to be tied into it. Hopefully it was dramatic/climactic. I'm afraid maybe I didn't do the reveal the justice it deserved but I tried..... I'm still a little honored to have had the opportunity lol

This also marks the end of season 2. Now from here the future is uncertain... I have a ton of plans for future stories that even include continuations to this stuff about the Shift but the thing is I don't really enjoy building as much anymore... For one my stories many times have scenes that are hard to actually build with my limited collection and also there's like no one left on mocpages now so with so few people following the series, I don't have a lot of motivation to continue doing it. I do really want to at least put my ideas out there somehow though. Writing is a little easier and remains enjoyable so perhaps I will still do episodes but just with less pictures.

Also yeah William's totally Vader now. This was always planned from the beginning of the series. Sorry it's unoriginal but I think like 90% of my series is unoriginal........ I like to think of it as a reimagining of Star Wars lol.. But to be honest, I will say I'm not super proud of my series. I've made some regrettable decisions, rushed some things, and have had overall bad writing... But I guess I've had a couple good moments. I definitely have a lot of room for improvement in storytelling but I enjoy it and I'm glad to learn from mistakes. By now this may be feeling like it's my last Insurgency post... I'll say that I honestly don't know. We'll see. I'll probably be back eventually but maybe it'll be a little different. Big thank you to the few that still follow. Sorry if it's not the best stuff. And thanks to RK to maintaining the game because it's fun.


 I like it 
  January 11, 2019
Wow my friend, that was just some top-notch writing on all fronts. Fantastic work, and I (for one) rather liked how you tied in the Shift. As for your speech at the end, I've got to say that you've echoed a lot of my feelings as well. The Pages' are basically dead and it's definitely a lot harder to tell a story to a limited audience. I do apologise for being rather behind on reading and commenting on your works, but I honestly feel like you're story is one of the best this group has, and I would welcome more episodes down the line. Perhaps LCV's MOCshare will be the platform we need to reignite the passion of the Insurgency! Fantastic work all round mate; really well done :D
 I like it 
  January 10, 2019
I need to get into the insurgency... but I have no time! AGH!
 I like it 
  January 10, 2019
Darth William! Oh, I mean, fantastic new chapter! I really like the Mustafar confrontation feel to this episode.You're really good at setting the scene for this RP.Keep up the good work!
 I like it 
  January 10, 2019
...Oh. Great stuff, as always! I didn't really expect that with the whole Shift and everything.
 I like it 
  January 10, 2019
It would make sense since both can be used to displace objects in space. Anwho, onto my actual thoughts on the episode. It reminded me of a Greek Tradgedy. Will has been hurt, and is trying what to do what he thinks is right, but has blinded by sense of purpose, causing him to push the people he cares about away. In the end, he's the one that causes his own miserable fate.
 I made it 
  January 10, 2019
Quoting Traykar Pawfoot So wait, are the black holes here the same kind the collective can create?
Well I suppose they could be as Qoter developed their tech from Collective science and then the Imperium basically copied that
  January 10, 2019
So wait, are the black holes here the same kind the collective can create?
 I like it 
  January 10, 2019
Great stuff. It's good to finally have the cause of the Shift out in public! It was a good climax and I'm intrigued about the direction that Will is going in. I thought this episode might see him come back to the light, but clearly not! If this is your last episode, then that's a heck of a cliff hanger! And if not, I look forward to seeing what becomes of Will. As for your speech at the end, I'm in completely the same boat. Sometimes my imagination stretches beyond by building capabilities, but that's when I see it as a challenge. I do some research, look at inspiration and use the opportunity to better myself as a builder. In terms of nobody reading, again, I completely get it. BUT, whenever I feel that it's a lot of effort to go through for little gain and I feel like stopping I think 'Is this a story that I want to tell?' and the answer is always yes. Even if nobody reads it, I want to tell it. So I carry on. And even though not many people read it, there are still a few that do. So if YOU want to continue telling Will's story do so. There might not be many readers, but I for one would follow it. Anyway, great episode and here's to the next half a decade! Full points plus a bonus! --Blast--
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