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Orto Plutonia
Happy Star Wars Day, here's a treat to celebrate ;)
About this creation
Well it's May the 4th in Australia at least ;)

So funny story about this MOC. I started this something like 6-7 years ago, not sure on an exact starting date, all I know is I started building it before the Clone Wars was cancelled

It's somewhere around 2012-2014 I started it, I remember building this during Clone Wars Season 4 when Maul was brought back

So that 6-7 year building period, wasn't solid building. There were easily a few years that this puppy sat untouched for a bit, or times when I needed to steal pieces off of it for another MOC I was making etc.

I think it's very fitting that I finish it after Clone War is revived though, it's ends where it began one might say haha

Oh by the way I should clarify. NOT HOTH. This is Orto Plutonia, a planet seen in Season 1 episode 15 of the Clone Wars. That episode is called 'Trepass'

Basically my intent was to build a Republic base on Orto Plutonia towards the end of the Clone Wars after peace between the Republic and the Talz was established

I also loved how the Clone Wars (towards season 5 and 6) started to take aesthetic notions from Imperial design and apply them to buildings and characters. So I liked the idea of basing certain aspects of the base off of Original Trilogy stuff. So yes there are obvious nods to Hoth, but it's not Hoth.

I also have a bunch of Snowtroopers walking around because ... well LEGO never made any Cold Assault Clone troopers, and I didn't want to order like 30 custom ones. So I figured since it's set during the end of the war, it's likely the cold assault armour just becomes more Imperial in design.

That said I always tend to do my best to stay fairly cannon when MOCing Star Wars Stuff... But I'm aware of the continuity errors in this haha :P

Stuff like Maul having a Double bladed Saber (I put that into the MOC in 2014 expecting him to fix his lightsaber in the next season haha :P) And I'm pretty sure Savage died before Phase 2 armour was a thing... not sure

That and it's not the smartest move for them to attack a Republic Base... but eh, the MOC looks pretty, no big deal if it isn't 100% canon :P

I do have a few custom figures in this. The Wolfpack Troopers and Commander Wolffe are Clone Army Customs, and there's another custom Clone fixing the generator... I can't recall where I bought him sadly.

Sadly I didn't make this modular, so transporting it will be a fun challenge ;P

But yeah it's safe to say this is my biggest MOC ever. Not the tallest though...

I think the tallest would be Volsung Hall

Oh and yes I have seen Avengers Endgame, and no I will not be spoiling it.

But let it be known I thought it was absolutely awesome and I look forward to round 3 of watching it.

Such a long wait for Spider-Man Far From Home though haha

I just came back from Free Comic Book Day by the way, good fun. I was there fairly early and got the comics I was after. Good times.

If you're reading this soon after I posted the MOC, stop reading and head to your local comic shop for free comics, it's probably not too late ;)

I recently made a lot of fun castle minifigures, just for some fun Fig Barfs. I'll be posting them on Flickr soon, some awesome Purist customs in there.

Otherwise I actually have a DC MOC on the way, another Bionicle and another Star Wars MOC coming soon. Hype

So the Republic Gunship in this MOC is one of few times I've used a set in a MOC, I put it in early in the design and didn't feel the need to replace it with a custom one.

Man I sure went ham on the pictures in the post haha, it's big MOC though, wanted to cover all the details

I have no idea why it's taken me so long, but I finally started watching Game of Thrones recently. I'm loving it! I've finished Season 1 and am slowly working my way to catching up. Don't spoil anything please.

It totally slipped my mind that Ned Stark was played by Sean Bean. I was watching a clip from LOTR yesterday and I was like... OH RIGHT! Ned is Boromir. SICK!

I've actually managed to stay fairly spoiler free from GOTs spoilers. There's a few things that got ruined sadly, but not too much.

Oh and friendly reminder, Don't Spoiler Endgame, sure it's been a few weeks, but it's still too early

That said some of the really recent advertising Marvel is using is straight up spoiling it... Odd right? hahaha :P

I've been fairly swamped with Uni work at the moment, but more Behind The Build and WIP workshop videos are coming.

I've been writing scripts in my down time throughout the week, so more is on the way

Would you want to see a Behind The Build Episode on this MOC? I don't have many behind the scenes images of this, but if you have something you wanna see or learn about from it, lemme know and I can make a video about it.

So does anyone actively celebrate May the 4th? If so what do you do?

Honestly, posting this is my celebration for it haha :P I've got a busier schedule today, might not be able to watch any Star Wars content

Oh speaking of Star War Content, how about that Rise of Skywalker trailer. OHHH baby!

I very much enjoyed watching that panel live, so rewarding doing so. I couldn't make the other panels live, it was a tad too late for me and I had to get up early kinda thing.

I did have plans for the interior of the base to be like double the size and have multiple ships in it... but money... and space for that matter.

I also considered having a big landing platform on top of the rock above the door. But decided against it since the LAAT was already landing on the snow.

Oh and a parts count for the MOC? Excellent question, but one you'll have to do the maths on yourself ;)

It's gotta be at least 4 though

At a push 15

I may very well commit to bringing this to Bricktober in Perth this year. So if you're there, get hyped.

I'd love to take it to other cons outside of Perth, but with it not being modular that's just too tough.

Also if you follow my Flickr, you may feel like you've seen this MOC before... I've actually used it as the backdrop to many many photos I've taken, so that's why haha

Also I don't think I've said my thoughts on Shazam yet... Loved it!

Lots of fun and a great exploration of the character. I was hoping to see a big battle with Shazam going ham and using all of his powers. We did and didn't really get that though.

Sure there were fights, but they were short and split up. Not that that was an issue, I just wanted to see him really using his powers.

I've not ever read Shazam stuff, and so I was hoping to see all of his powers in action in an all out brawl. Sure it's a bit of a shame we didn't see that, but didn't really ruin the movie for me.

I still give it a solid 8/10

I loved the post credit scene though, looking forward to hopefully a Shazam 2

I bought the Hall of Armour Iron Man set. Love it a lot. Really wanna make a MOC with all the awesome armours in it now.

I've debated about making my own hall of armour/Tony's workshop. But if I did I'd want to make my own design for it. So not a comic accurate or movie accurate version.

Just need to plan that out, but would love to do that.

That said I'm currently working on another large MOC, that's maybe half the size of this MOC.

It's actually a revamp of an older diorama, so that's exciting!

The door to the base does actually open by the way. I never got any pictures of it though

Not motors or anything, it just slides open

Also for those eagle eyed viewers, have you noticed any Tal warriors in this MOC? There's a few of them scouting around the base

I've deliberately made them a bit harder to see, you'll have to look hard

I don't mean the ones in the cave eating by the way, like around the diorama itself ;)

Anyway yeah happy with the interior of the base

Obi-Wans Starfighter isn't my design, it belongs to legorevolution

If you wanna make it yourself he has instructions on his page on MOCpages

I've also been buying a few Transformers recently, been really enjoying the new Seige wave

But yeah, happy that I've finally finished this diorama

Proud of how it turned out :)

That's all folks!


Couple final things:

I have a Flickr, take a look if you wish:

Also check out my Youtube for weekly videos:

And I post pretty much daily on Instagram, so check that out:

Please don´t hesitate with any comments, questions or criticisms...
Till Next Time
See Ya~


 I like it 
  May 7, 2019
Superb work! In my opinion, the clone wars era will never be beaten. (I am just sad that the prequels were so bad, thus smearing it slightly.) On a different note, free comic book day was cool. Went to the local comic shop, didn’t get any comics (not even the free ones...) but they had Magic the Gathering cards on sale so I got a good deal of those. I would love to see you do an MTG moc. Don’t see many people make those (at least on MOCpages that is)
 I like it 
  May 5, 2019
That's a big MOC. Time to vamp alongside you!
Quoting Taking forever to build MOCs
Yeah, I'm still not done with my Aqua Raiders Castle. I keep neglecting it. I'm a bad parent.
Quoting Cold ATTACK Armor
I'm not taking any chances with the official name when it comes to MOCpages. Phase II looks about just the same as Imperial Snowtroopers, we get our glimpse during Order 66 when Ki-Adi Mundi's forces turn on him. You made the right choice. But yeah, no official version in LEGO. Something close though are the AT-DP pilots from Rebels. If you have a clone face printed on a head and just used the white battle helmet, that'd be pretty good if we weren't wanting to make new molds for things. (Which I don't, although we keep getting new ones, so why not?) And actually, now that I've thought about it, the Imperial Cadet helmet is actually pretty good for Phase I cold armor, although there are some issues with the visor because it's not just printed on, there's actual embossing. Still, better than a new mold, except it's 5 years old now and it may not exist anymore.
Quoting Savage's Expiration
Season 5, well after Phase II was implemented in Season 4, and Lucasfilm has almost all of Season 4 and 5 being uninterrupted in the chronological order. It's Seasons 1-3 that bounce all over the place.
Quoting Unmodular
Seen it twice. Didn't know how to feel the first time, the second time was better. As a movie on it's own, it keeps bouncing around, in fact the plot is different almost every hour on the hour, but as a piece of the grand narrative, it's great. I never cried, but there was that one moment with Morgan and Happy that made me feel like when Chopper grips Hera's fingers in the episode DUME from Rebels. And you're ramping up for Round 3? Wow, that's some commitment. I saw it Thursday at 6PM, and then Sunday at half price because it was the first showing of the day during opening weekend, and now I'm waiting for the Blu-Ray combo pack. So many good references to the other movies in Endgame, gonna have to pause stuff. And their post opening weekend promo stuff is totally spoiling stuff! Not even the LEGO sets could spoil things because everything was made up based off concept art and things that changed! 1 week after the movie is out though, BAM! here's this character that wasn't in the trailers for a reason. Don't do that! And yeah, even though it's only a few months, Spider-Man looks great. This is what addictions are like, and Marvel has us hooked.
Quoting So many pictures
And yet, I still can't find that red speckle I know you have in here. Did you actually take my suggestions from that rockwork video?
Quoting Game of Thrones
Don't know much about it, I hear it's good, but I am also content with being blissfully unaware. There's too many things to keep up with anymore. Besides, I don't trust Clone Wars to save me from heartache of favorite characters dying, and that's all Game of Thrones is known for. I can't get invested.
Quoting May 4th
I do next to nothing. Typically I'll hit up the LEGO Store (because I have one na-nana-nana-naaa) at some point during their promotional stuff, but I tend to not do much of anything Star Wars because I'm always doing something Star Wars. I did buy two copies of Dewback Microfighter because it was 20% off, double VIP, and the parts in both it and the escape pod are good and in decent quantity, too!
Quoting The Rise of Skywalker
Trailer is good, name is still iffy. I'd like it more if it was Rise of the Skywalker. There's still a chance to change things because Revenge of the Jedi became Return of the Jedi, so you never know, but they'll probably stick to their guns because they do this whole Journey to the next movie thing on books and other content and the name's plastered everywhere.
Quoting Shazam!
I loved it! They brought in the family! That's nuts! And I really want to know what happens next with Mr. Mind. DC does need to decide on if it's having shared continuity with the movies or not though. Shazam did it perfectly by not referencing anything specific (Why does the Steppenwolf line exist in Aquaman?) and it can also be viewed as it's own thing, like Wonder Woman. Yeah, there's the photo and Bruce Wayne via E-Mail, but that's as close as these movies should get. Keep things subtle and simple. Marvel is good, but it's hard to just have standalone movies anymore. Yes, Homecoming is great, but to fully enjoy it, you need to have seen Avengers, and Civil War, which have all their leadup movies. Best standalone Spidey is still Raimi's Spidey, even if Tom Holland is the best Spidey.
Quoting Closing Thoughts
Good MOC, I love the little hound roast scene. Everything looks good. Who cares if Maul and Savage are at the base, they probably welcome the fight even though it's not a smart move on their part. And now I really need to go, so thanks for sharing your vamps, and I love you 3000.
  May 5, 2019
Une telle richesse dans la conception et les détails me rend très, très modeste... Bravo. Such richness in design and details makes me very, very modest ... Bravo.
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
This is fantastic - every time I look at it, I notice more details.
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Wow! Wonderful work! The exterior is beautiful and I wasn't expecting a full interior too! Great job! --Blast--
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Absolutely EPIC! Man, I don't know how you lift that thing. I actually just watched this episode recently, right before they took it off Netflix. Live Long and Prospe- er, I mean May The Fourth be With You! By the way, about Endgame, it's almost like I can't go anywhere without hearing spoilers unless I cover my ears! :P Fantastic creation, can't wait to see more from you!
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Epic diorama! I can't describe it another way... BTW, you'll going to enjoy the Endgame a lot!
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
This is awesome! The sheer size is impressive enough but there are so many details I love. The rocks are great and I love R2-D2's trail in the snow. I have actually been working on an imperial base recently and a lot of the interior details are reminding me of that! The door made with the spring-loaded shooter pieces especially! I can tell a lot of work has gone into this and you should be extremely pleased with it. Also, Endgame is awesome. Probably one of my favourite films ever! Also, I recognise those shock troopers that are outside as you put them on your Flickr ages ago! Anyway, happy May the fourth!
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Stunning detail.
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Just perfect in all details !!!
 I like it 
  May 4, 2019
Ben This is absolutely beautiful! I love how you made the snow look so realistic, this truly blew my mind! :D p.s. I went to the Lego store today and I found the overwatch sets!
By Ben Cossy
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