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Techno S2 episode 10 THE ULTIMATE POWER
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About this creation

It appears as though we have reached an End the grand finale of Techno the series is here.

Will my stories continue I'm not sure I know I've been hinting at a possible new series but I'm thinking about a soft reboot if I continue my stories on mocpages

But enough talk

Welcome to the Finale

Why would you work for someone like him! Techno said.

I will protect the Allspark no matter what I don't expect you to understand. Said Solar wind.

Are we ready? SPECULOS asked.

Ready when you are. Solar wind replied.

What are you talking about ready for what? Techno Asked.

Phase 1 of my plan.

Click click click

As SPECULOS Walked twords Techno 6 small Pillers came out of the ground.

The spark of Unicron it's not really his spark as in life force but it's a fragment of the Destruction matrix which granted him the power of Destruction, the other half is housed inside of the Matrix of Leadership.
The Spark of Primus givings Primus the power of creation and the other half of it is stored inside of the Allspark.
And the staff of Quentessa it was charged with the power of the Allspark and is used to create Transformers.
Kryptonite these two peices of kryptonite not only could weaken Superman but also contain green plasma that absorbs energy these are here to keep the Sparks in a stable condition to experimented on.
And Last and certainly the least the mask of MEGATRONUS. SPECULOS explained.

Why do you need that. Techno asked.

I keep it as more of a trophy there's nothing else I really need it for. SPECULOS answered.

Why do you need all this stuff? Asked Techno.

When you used that portal on MEGATRONUS you sent him back through time and space so when I arrived in this demintion unfortunately are minds were joined together and he's been stuck inside my head for years but now that I have this all of it is about to end.
You see Techno he's been collecting this stuff one my one because when these things are conbined the power of Primus and Unicron the link between the two worlds I can finally destroy him and all I need now is the Matrix of Leadership and it's coming here. SPECULOS said.

Prime isn't just going to hand it over to you. Techno said.

We'll see about that.
Solarwind start phase 1 restore all of the Allsparks power. Commanded SPECULOS.

Then Solar wind used the allspark to absorb the energy from the staff.

We just need a little more the Allspark won't be at it's full capacity but it'll still be enough. Said Solar wind.

Techno as much as I would like to continue are conversation in appears as though you've reached the finish line.
The Allsparks energy is what gave you life and draining it is what's going to end it.

What!? But you said you would never kill anyone! Said Techno.

I'm not going to kill you I'm just going to prevent you from having to see this world at it's knees because of your failure, in reality I'm doing you a favor.

Then a blue beam of energy shot out from the allspark twords Techno.

Noooooo! Techno said as his power was drained from him.

Then sound of the energy beam stopped and the room was completely quiet.

Suddenly breaking through the silence was the clanking sound of Techno hitting the ground in his ultimate defeat.

Yesss! As I suspected my full power has returned.
If two of the same people exists in the same demintion then they are severely weakend but now I could destroy the entire Autobot army in a matter of seconds.

Um somethings happening the energy it's to much I can't take all of it! Said Solarwind.


Solarwind? He's dead that's impossible it shouldn't have been to much energy unless. Then SPECULOS was interrupted by a the sound of foot steps coming from his left.

No it couldn't be it that's impossible!

I ordered this pizza yesterday and you've just now got hear!
I'm not paying you. SPECULOS said.

SPECULOS! Said Techno as he picked himself up off the ground.

Techno. Then SPECULOS picked up the core of Primus and crushed it in his fists.
A fake. No wonder Jase was so afraid of you becoming evil, you hold the power of the spark of Primus inside of you. Said SPECULOS.

Well I'll just have to rip it out of you!

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Shadow knight what do you want I told you not to call me unless it's important!
Oh the Auto bots are here.
Well tell the osoricons to attack and tell Judgement day to do his thing.
What yes the pizza guy is here.
Actually he's still here for some reason.
I don't know why he's still here!
Ok ok fine.
No we've talked about this before when we win we are not getting you a guinea pig.
Yes I have the picture I Know it looks cute waring the cowboy hat from toy story!

I'm in the middle of a battle here.
We'll talk about this later!

Sorry about that where were we? SPECULOS said.

SPECULOS today you pay for your crimes against this demintion and yours.
One shall stand one shall fall. Said Techno.

It appears you are ready to fight for the last time. SPECULOS said.

Then SPECULOS blasted a beam of green Plasma at Techno however he was able to dodge it.

Then Techno ran at SPECULOS as fast as he possibly could and activated his lightsaber and slashed at SPECULOS but SPECULOS activated his just in time to block it.

They traded blows as the crackling sound of the sabers echoed off the walls.

But Techno was able to knock SPECULOS'S lightsaber out of his hands.


A green light blinded Techno!

What's happening? Techno shouted.

As he regained his vision he saw SPECULOS laying on the ground crawling twords the wall behind him as he nervously said.

Please have mercy.
I'm not your enemy all I want to do is bring peace, you must understand that I didn't want any of this all the chaos and destruction.
If I could bring peace without destruction I would but you have to believe me that there's no other way!

Go ahead finish him. A voice said.

But I don't want to kill him. Techno replied.

Think of all the destruction he's caused if you destroy him then all of this will end. The voice explained.

There has to be another way!
I won't do it. Techno said.

But he needs to be Judged for the crimes he's cometed.
Who are you to stand against justice.
You know it would be a lot easier if you would just give in to the darkness just this once. The voice taunted.

Fine. Techno replied.

Then he lifted SPECULOS off the ground using the force.
With SPECULOS floating in front of him Techno reared back to swing his lightsaber to deliver the final blow.

No I can't do it. Techno said as he deactivated his lightsaber.

Then he looked back down at SPECULOS but he was gone and in his place was none other than the pizza man.

Another illusion MEGATRONUS really is inside your head. Said Techno.


SPECULOS jumped from behind Techno
swinging his lightsaber however Techno was able to dodge it.

Ring ring ring

What is it not this again.
The prime beat the osoricons!
Single handedly!
What do you meanhe literally bet them single handedly.
Oh because one of his hands turns into an energon axe.
Yes I got the picture you sent.

Just find Judgement day and tell him to do his thing.
It's so hard to find good help these days.
Now where were we? SPECULOS said.

Then he shot a blast of green Plasma at Techno this time hitting him and knocking him into the wall before picking him up and throwing him to ground then kicking him across the room.

You don't need this. SPECULOS said as he picked up Techno's lightsaber and crushed it.

Please don't fight me that was MEGATRONUS talking earlier I'm not going to leave you dead forever once I get rid of him I'll bring you back. SPECULOS admitted.

Well you'll have to beat me first. Techno said kicking SPECULOS'S legs out from under him.

Urg! SPECULOS grunted as he blasted Techno backwards.

They both got back on there feet and started fighting again.
Techno throwing punches like his life depended on it well I guess because it did.

However no matter how hard Techno tried SPECULOS was to much for him and was able to get the upper hand and grabbed Techno by the neck lifting him off the ground before slamming him into the metal tiled floor.

Techno struggling to get up looked out the window to see the unthinkable.

Optimus prime bashing through Autobots making his way to SPECULOS'S lair.

It couldn't be. He said before noticing that something was different about prime his eyes were a different color they were a ghostly green.

It couldn't be SPECULOS'S doing he makes illusions.
So it must be someone who uses green Plasma to get inside people's heads.
There's no one it could be besides, Judgement Day!
He must be mind controling Optimus to bring the matrix to SPECULOS.
He's going to make it the Autobots can't stop him! Techno said to himself.

Victory is assured. SPECULOS said.

Then they heard a voice in the distance shouting Decepticons attack!

It's been a long time since are last incounter prime but now I'm ready for a rematch. Said Megatron.

No no this can't be happening those Decepticons are so annoying! SPECULOS said.


Alright I don't know who your supposed to be but we've just got here from another demintion and seeing as how your hands are glowing the same color Optimus prime's eyes are, I'm guessing you're mind controling him and you need to be stopped. Said Jase.

Nice observation and it's Judgement Day. He said.

I thought it was Monday. Eagle eyes replied.

Take this! Jacob said throwing his lightsaber at Judgement Day.

His black colored lightsaber flew through the air before coming an abrupt stop in the hand of Judgement Day.

Take this you say?
As a matter of fact I will.
On second thought. Judgement Day taunted.


That was my favorite weapon. Jacob said.


Judgement Day shot a green plasma beam that landed just below Jacob's feet where the ground broke loose and Jacob fell through a whole and Landed inside of an underground cave system.

Well I guess it's just us two vs you. Said Jase right before getting blasted off the cliff by Judgement Day.

Two I only see 1 ha ha ha.
Oh well I better not wast my time you don't pose any Threat to me. Judgement Day bragged.

Then he looked down over the battlefield and saw Optimus prime being attacked by Megatron.

Let's eliminate this minor setback. Judgement Day said as he released a green bean of light just before the Decepticons all of them fell to the ground unconscious.


What is this place.
This must have been made by the ancient master builders. Jacob said looking at writing on the cave walls.

Then he happened across a sword with writing on the walls above it that said

Only a true master builder can pull the sword from the cave rock.

A true master builder must have and be

Building skills

Then Jacob gripped the handle of the sword paused for dramatic effect and pulled the sword out of the rock.

Alright new favorite weapon. He said.


Sorry Techno it's been fun but nothing can last forever. SPECULOS said as he pulled out some strange device that one again drained the power source from Techno.

Then he threw the device containing the power at the allspark and the two power sources conbined to form the power core of creation.

Have way there. SPECULOS said.


I fell of a cliff why didn't that hurt me?
Wait Shadow Knight! Jase said as he looked up.

Leave me alone! Shadow Knight said as he ran off.

Ok that was weird. Jase said.

Meanwhile as Jacob was leaving the cave a familiar face spotted him.

Moon Raider!
I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. said Sulfur.

Then Jacob's sword shot a lightning blast that sent Sulfur to the other side of the mountain.

Was it worth the wait? Jacob asked.

Meanwhile Optimus prime had made it SPECULOS's lair and gave SPECULOS the matrix.

Finally. SPECULOS said.

Meanwhile again

Hay Judgement Day does this pose a threat to you!? Asked Eagle eyes.

Then Judgement Day turned around to see a giant pile of dynamite.


The explosion knocked Judgement Day clean of the mountain.
When he landed his suit was no longer functional.

Meanwhile sense Judgement Days suit was destroyed Optimus prime was no longer under mind control.

SPECULOS! Optimus prime said.

You are no longer needed. SPECULOS said as he shot another blast of green Plasma sending prime tumbling down the mountain.

Then SPECULOS conbined the power core belonging to Unicron and the Matrix of Leadership creating the power core of Destruction.

Now I shall destroy MEGATRONUS and bring peace to this universe. SPECULOS said then using the force he conbined the power core of creation and the power core of Destruction to create


SPECULOS don't! Said Jase as he ran into the room with Jacob and Eagle eyes behind him.

You will never stop me. SPECULOS said as he grabbed the CUBE.

Ugh what's happening? SPECULOS said.

Then an ominous voice filled the room.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Speculos said. Right before the CUBE turned him to dust.

To CUBE it's unstable. Jase said.

It's going to explode and take out the entire universe with it! Said Jacob.

For once I don't want to see an explosion. Said Eagle eyes.

Wait what's that. Jacob said.

A loud shockwave rang through out country.

Hay wait I'm not dead at least I don't think I am. Said Eagle eyes.

Um guys! Said Jase pointing twords something.

What is it? Jacob said picking himself off the ground unable to get a good look at it.


TECHNO you did it you've saved the entire universe. Said Jase.

IM NOT DONE YET. TECHNO said. Before he shot a blast of blue plasma at the destroyed city and in an instant the city was restored.

Wait when we walked in why were you laying on the ground? Eagle eyes asked.

Because speculos had drained my energy. TECHNO said.

Then who brought you back? Asked Jacob.

I did.

I didn't really like speculos anyway.
I'm still the most wanted criminal in new Cybertron city are you still going to arrest me.
Asked Shadow Knight.

How about a head start. Said Jase.

Your on. Said Shadow Knight.

Are we really going to chase him? Asked Techno.

No he helped save the universe I think he's earned it. Said Jase.

Written by


Photography by JGcomics

Special thanks to Jacob Moon's

Months later

Well all the missing heroes have been returned to are demintion.
I hate to see you leave Shadow Knight. Said Techno.

Well as I said before there's still things to take care of in Speculos's demintion.
So Techno I'm afraid this is good bye. Said Shadow Knight.


Jase I understand you wanted to build me a new lightsaber because the other broke but isn't this a little overkill. Jacob said.

The end


 I like it 
  May 8, 2019
great work this was an awesome conclusion i cant wait to see what you make next thanks so much for putting me in and idk what else to say but just thank you and "I'll see you guys next time"
By JG Comics
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