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Global Conflict-Minifigures
I was bored
About this creation

DISCLAIMER: ANY SHARPIED LEGO PARTS YOU SEE WAS THE PRODUCT OF MY STUPIDITY AS A CHILD. (In other words, the sharpied parts are from 2005, when I was a nooblet.) No sharpies were used in the making of this MOC Set.

Holy crap, Joe's back!

Well, after another 6 months of absence, here I am again, with some new (and very generic) MOCs.

So everything starts off with Global Conflict blah..blah..blah.. The Russian Union... The German Empire... People's Republic of China... Imperial Japan, United States of America... and yes, Private Military Companies.

I'm not going to go on a whole spiel on the story.

Private Military Companies

Just group shot. Generic isn't it?

So to start off, we have the Private Military Company, AKA Mercenaries. Basically, these soldiers of fortune are former civilians, and soldiers who have abandoned their country in search of better pay.

Just 2 riflemen, with their... rifles

I wanted to go for a unique, and complex building style. As you can see, these rifles are brick-built weapons made from the least expected of parts.

Some of the more larger weapons, which includes a light gattling-style machine-gun, and a laser-guided missile launcher.

Here you can see a generic mercenary, wielding the generic machine-gun you saw above.

And the missile launcher....

Here is what we weapon experts call a recoilless rifle. Recoilless rifles, are simply rifled rocket launchers, that use small caliber tank-shells, instead of rockets, and are used as artillery, or light anti-tank support. AKA, a cannon wielded by a soldier. These rifles varry in the 75mm-120mm caliber. (Note that broken Lego pieces from old times can always be reused)

Lastly for the PMCs, is just another random mercenary, wielding the above Recoilless Rifle.

Thats it basically for these guys, onto the next batch.

The Russian Union

Lets just say after the fall of the Russian Federation in 2089, Neo-Bolsheviks assumed power, and spread the word of Marxism across the tattered ruins of Russia after a long war against an invading China.

Here are 2 very simple soldiers, one officer, and one rifleman. Both are wielding very simple firearms.

Lets just say these firearms are based off of the AK107. (You want to know what that looks like? Google it.)

It's the future, but... just an improved version of the already commonly made RPG7. Haven't seen a design like this yet. If you have, please inform me.

And here is a soldier, who is obviously lopsided, wielding the RPG7.

And last up for the list of Commie weaponry is the 75mm Auto-Cannon. Yes I said 75mm. If you know Auto-Cannons, this is pretty big for one. Although the real Russians we know and love today already have a 130mm Auto-Cannon mounted on warships. Whew, that would be one tough cookie to break through.

You can call this the ZSU-440.

GIF Demonstration Image. If it doesn't seem to be moving, click on it.
Here, better link.

Yes, it's aiming directly at you. You got a problem with that?

Just aiming up into the air to show it's flexibility

Oh my god! It can aim down too?

Just looking down the barrel...

And the last picture showing the 75mm Cannon detached from the electronically controlled mount, with the 4000 round drum magazine still attached.

And thats it for the Bolsheviks. Go Russia...

Imperial Japan

Yes, Imperial Japan. So basically it goes like this:

The Western World falls after a global disaster, not caused by global warming, but caused by a meteor, that struck Europe. Without international aid, Japan is left alone with North Korea ready to strike. Blah.. blah... blah, they are invaded by the Koreans, and nearly wiped out, until America comes in.. blah... blah... blah. Japanese Nationalists rebuild Japan into the former Empire, and restore Japan to it's rightful place.

The End... (Until now)

As you can see, Imperial Japan inherited the technology created by the previous Japanese. These technologies included ICWS (Infantry Combat Weapon Systems) Rifles, and a state-of-the-art tactical warfare helmet, which includes thermal imaging, GPS, and some other practical military uses.

Just a rifleman, and Officer in the picture.

The ICWS (Infantry Combat Weapon System) Rifle is an offshoot of the defunct HK XM29 Rifle (Google it). It's large computerized system provides everything a soldier needs, without the need for picany rail attachments. Though large and bulky, it is efficient at its role in the Imperial Army. I call this design bland.

This Laser Guided Missile Launcher is simple at best. If you are one of the older generation of MOC Goers, you may remember I had a Nazi Theme, using a missile launcher of similar design.

This is from 2005, very old. (Yes I am recycling some old designs)

And lastly, here is the soldier that is supposed to hold every heavy weapon while I take pictures.

This wraps up the Empire of Japan.

People's Republic of China

Communist China was one of the few countries changed radically by a war or natural disaster. Yes, they're still Communists, and yes, they still make cheap products like rubber dog-poop, and yes, they still have that super population that keeps going up. Their army has gone from 2 million soldiers in 2008 to 4 million soldiers in 2078. Ok, enough story.

Just a rifleman, and an officer minding their own business. I plan to switch the bodies to the sand-green officer's uniform from the Star Wars sets as soon as I get money to buy parts.

The Chinese Rifle is based off of another real life weapon, the QBZ-95. (Google is your friend)

Another cheap ripoff of the easy to make Lego RPG7, with the main body, and 2 warheads. Generic designs are key here.

Here is the officer using the Generic RPG.

The last weapon for the PLA is the traditional mortar. Still in use since World War 1. The tube with the firing pin.

As you can see, operating a mortar can be quite difficult. This soldier is struggling to insert the shell into the barrel. Keep trying little guy.

This concludes the PLA's basic infantry unit.

German Empire

The Kaiser is at it again? Well, if you remember, a meteorite struck Europe, and left the sub-continent in ashes. German Nationalists assume control, and rebuild Germany (Obviously), with Poland, and Austria under the Fatherland's wing. (Again)

More infantry. Try to pick out which one is the officer, and the rifleman. (If you guessed the Rifleman is on the right, and the officer is on the left, you are correct)

The German Rifle, and Pistol. I swear I could have seen that rifle design before from Nannan Z. If he has one similar to mine, please inform me. However, these 2 firearms were the first 2 things that popped up in my head, and I had no intention of copying other builder's designs.

One of the more unique heavy weapons in this set. The remote turret. The entire system comes with 3 basic components: The fire-control station, radar scanner set, and the turret base, along with 3 basic attachments.

Conversion 1: TOW Missile

Operation of the TOW Missile Variant.

Conversion 2: Universal weapon system.

Universal indeed.

Conversion 3: Defensive Turret System with 2 12.7mm machine-guns (.50 caliber), and 4 rapid-fire grenade launcher tubes.

The turret's main guns can pivot to engage elevated targets.

Recommended style of use...

That wraps up Imperial Germany (again)

United States Remnant Forces

Lets face it, America undergoes desertification after a long string of natural disasters caused by global warming, hence the use of desert camouflage. The country breaks up, and goes through the 2nd Civil War, which was fought over food, and water. The mid-west is wiped out by war, and the US reforms into the Remnant States of America, consisting of 26 of the original 52. (Puerto Rico, and The Virgin Islands became states in 2045) These states include New York, California, Florida, Nevada, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Here we have the basic riflemen. (The USRA can't afford officers in these times)

Something I just wanted to try with rubber bands.

Lessons learned from the War on terror concluded that the 5.56mm caliber used for the M4 was too weak for urban combat. As the world became modernized, urban combat became a mainstay of US Army Doctrines until it's dissolve during the 2nd Civil War. This generic, yet uniquely designed 7.62mm (.30 caliber) rifle brought back the toughness of American Soldiers. (I think this is a new design, yay for me)

The American Remnant Anti-Tank weapon is an offshoot of the AT4 used in 2008. (I dare you to use google)

Finally, the last picture of this entire set. The USRF Soldier wields the generic, AT4-based, rocket launcher in a demonstration.

The End... (For now)

Misc Items

Obsolete Anti-Aircraft Gun

The End... (Ok for reals this time)

Well, this has been one generic time, talking about generic minifigure soldiers, in a generic war, in a generic Post-Apocalypse setting. I hope you have not enjoyed this page, and I hope I have wasted your time.

Have a very nice day.

Reply to Poster:
America Writes:

nice work but America would never fall apart like that, we have nesured dominance,i.e. the good guys don't lose.and a 7.62 cal is less efective that 5.56 so you don't know much about guns...

I Reply:

1) This is fiction. I don't have to play the blind patriotism game here.

2) The ballistic properties of the 7.62mm round is much more effective in urban combat situations. Also, the 7.62mm carries much more kinetic energy, and transfers it much better than a small 5.56 AKA .223, which would just break into the fragments, rather than create a gaping hole. Where did you hear that the 5.56 is better than the 7.62 in an urban environment? Wikipedia?

2) Soldiers to not need such accurate fire in Urban Combat, with room to room fighting. There is no time to be a designated marksman.

3) The 7.62mm is a proven round, with a lot of history behind it. My grandfather used an American Springfield, and killed a man with the 7.62mm. The soldier he had killed was said to have his entire arm fly off.

4) The 5.56mm was chosen for it's light weight, lower recoil, and the fact that when it came in contact with flesh, it whipped around like a knife.

5) Now, have you fired a real firearm?


 I like it 
  March 22, 2014
I love the guns, the theme, the story, basically everything about the moc.
 I like it 
  December 20, 2012
I Like all of it... especially the russians... I love how you do the 75mm autocannon, the mortar, and the guns... :-)
 I like it 
  July 14, 2009
I like it. Also how did you make the morter?
 I like it 
  January 12, 2009
The americans are my favorite and I would like to mention that some of the sharpy work is okay. But the chinstrap on that one guy was a mistake.
 I made it 
  January 5, 2009
Quoting Commander Fox Where did you get thaose cool brown helmets you used for the Americans and Chinese?
Old Rockraiders sets
 I like it 
  January 5, 2009
Amazing, Where did you get thaose cool brown helmets you used for the Americans and Chinese?
 I like it 
  June 29, 2008
guy to under me u said good guys dont lose but it really depends on whose side ur on though. P.S. im american and u kno we lost Vietnam and to the north vietmise the NVA wer good although to us they were the enemy
 I like it 
  June 11, 2008
I didn't read I am rating on the stuff...nice job...
 I like it 
  June 10, 2008
Radical man, love the figs.
 I like it 
  June 10, 2008
Pretty cool, when ya gonna post them on SSLF?
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