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The Anthological Museum of the K.N.A. and Reaper Forces
The complete collection of the armed forces of the Reaper Guard and K.N.A. (Give or take a few weapons/creations...Sorry!)
About this creation
Our first stop is the beautifully black Tarantula APC. This APC is a prototype hover-craft and can transport troops into the densest of fighting and still be able to get back out in one piece. The missiles on top of the cockpit are used for either clearing terrain or destroying nearby targets.

Even though there are two small missiles, they pack quite a big punch! Used wisely and carefully, these suckers can be even more deadly if shot at a critical target! In desperate cases, an extra missile is stowed away on the deck for easy and quick access.

Kids, do NOT try this at home!!! This Reaper is a trained professional and is an expert at what he is doi...Wait, what IS he doing?!?! They are specifically told not to sit on the railing!! Someone get him down from there now!

Go! Go! Go! Move it, men! I said MOVE IT!!!!

The pilot is safely put behind bullet-proof glass and sealed off from the outside world. He gets his meals when we teleport them into the cockpit. He may look happy, but, (don't tell anyone I told you this...) we actually gve him botox for this anthology to make him look happy...Usually he's the saddest life form on Earth...

This is the Tech-Engineer. He is a battle-hardened veteran and is basically superior to any normal Reaper Trooper. After Reapers are promoted, some become Techies and are trained to work with mechanics. This way, normal soldiers will also know advanced mechanics! How helpful and thoughtful of us!

The T-E carries a tool case with the necassary tools for any kind of job. He also wields a Rotary Blaster, an extremely powerful handgun that utilizes the same kind of engineering as a mini-gun. At a high rate of fire but a low accuracy, this gun spews about 3.75 rounds a second. However, being a handgun, it's clips only hold 45 rounds.

Techies are currently the only ones in the army to wear trench coats...We're not really sure why, though. Maybe it is because they take after Dr. Breen Monroe, the executive weapons and programming designer...

These are the new Dark Trooper MK-II models. They use advanced armor programming that allows them to be the hardest-fighting troops on the battlefield. They can take a hit and keep on going, that much is guarenteed!

The armor is moddeled after a race of evil knights from long ago. We believe the founder of these knights was a man named Vladek, but with what evidence we have found we cannot be so sure yet...Still, it strikes fear into the hearts of the enemies, and that's what counts the most!

These soldiers are the only ones in the K.N.A. to use the Granford Caseless SMG. This new weapon is basically a smaller version of the Jerak Assault Rifle, but it fires faster and has advanced aiming systems that only the Darks may use.

The Darks are on patrol. Say "Hi!"

Dark Trooper - "One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four!"

This is the new version of the Reaper Trooper. He is now more lightweight and faster that ever! He still lugs around the heavy Jolt Caster, though. That is their weapon of choice, anyway! Besides, we gave them a new toy, the Mazer Rifle. This rifle fires super-heated iron rounds into the enemy, melting them from the inside. A fun weapom to use, no doubt!

The Reaper's Bolter pistol has been modified to be smaller and more compact. It now is more accurate but has lost its ability to fire a three-round burst.

Here we enter the Anthological Museum of the K.N.A. and Reaper Forces. (Who came up with this ridiculous name?!) We shall continue on to view the weapons currently in use by the K.N.A. and Elite Reaper Guard.

To the left: Heavy Weapons, Precision Weapons, and Assault Rifles.

To the right: SMGs, Misc. weapons, and lasers.

First we stop at the SMGs. From top to bottom, then the top on the right of the two: MP5 Suppressed, MP5 Suppressed w/ laser, Mac 10, Mac 10 modded, PUNK Gun, Lg. Uzi, Caseless 17-Suppressed, Granford Caseless SMG, and the Caseless M-21.

Here is Mr. Kultz, the bodyguard of Commander Robert Weneger (pronounced Veneger; it is German...), to tell us about these assault rifles.

Kultz - "Da, iz good to zee you. Let uz begin, shall ve?"

"Zame as last time, going vrom top to bottom zen to ze top right, da? Ok. Virst ve ave ze M-16 Carbine. Zis ancient veapon have proved invauable to our cauze zince it vas created. Zen ve ave ze Drudge Rivle, ze Combine Rivle, I believe du are already vamiliar vith ze Jolt Caster, zen ze Pump-Algren Rivle, ze Jerak Azzault Rivle, und vinally ze TG-57 Shogun Azzault Rivle."

Thanks, Mr. Kultz! Moving on...

"And so I said, well, DEAL with it!!" "Hahahaha!! You are sooooo funny!!!" "Hey guys, look! Were on the camera! Say cheese!!"

Here we have the heavy weapons. Same as always, there is the Splazer, .50cal machine gun, Grenade Launcher, Jolt Missile Launcher, Stalgrenalden machine gun, version 84.C time bomb, Jackson Missile Launcher, TG-60 Flamethrower, and the Lead-Dragon. Uh-oh, it looks like the Pyro-Soldier got carried away with the flamethrower! Turn it off before you burn down the museum!! Idiot...

Here we have the EagleEye .50caliber Sniper Rifle and the Beam Rifle. It looks like a Reaper Trooper being chased be some Darks. I wonder why? Maybe he was the one who switched the ladies' and mens' bathroom signs...That would explain a lot...

Here come some Techies. What needs fixing, guys?

Techie - "Grumble..."

Here are the laser weapons. They are the Spear Gun, the Distortion Blaster, the Mazer Rifle, and the Tazer Rifle.

These are the odd-ones-out kind of weapons. They aren't included in any of the other categories. They include the Daze Pistol w/ bayonett, Compressed Magnum, a portable Gamma Turret, the new Bolter Pistol, a Rotary Gun, a Grenade, a Feul pack, and a G-135 Tactical Shotgun.

Bio-Suit - "Soooo, I had to clear out an area the other day."

Medic - "Oh yeah?"

Bio Suit - "Yeah. It was full of that new poison gas crap that the Droknoid forces have discovered..."

Medic - "Ah..."

Uh-oh. It looks like another cyborg has malfunctioned and gone off on a rampage. Good thing this is a Techie Cyborg. That means he's not really strong. But it looks like he's causing quite a ruckus over at the Tarantula.

Darks - "Come out with your hands up! We have you surrounded!"

Cyborg - "Mwahahahaha! You'll never catch me!!!!"

Here are our dear General Gralks and Commander Robert, shaking hands. Thank god we have this alliance or they would be at eachothers' necks now...

Meet the 21st Special Ops. Brigade. These men specialize in many weapons and tactics. They are mainly used for covert and demolition operations.

Seargent Foxx Gnarland leads their force. He is a great leader and has shown it thru his war-tones years in the Spec. Ops. Brigade.

"Move, move, move! Hurry up, lads! We haven't got time to spare!"

A Reaper at the controls of a .50cal machine gun.

These new additions to the K.N.A. force are the Medic and the Bio-Trooper. The Medic's only weapon is a portable Gamma Turret, which may be set up and used as a normal turret. It fires a small laser that does no damage yet disables certian things for a limited time. The Bio-Trooper is used to clear toxins, radiation, poison, and etc. from areas for safety reasons. He is almost never in battle so he only carries a Compressed Magnum.

Commander Robert Weneger, Mr. Kultz, and General Gralks McCoy.

This is the almighty Flame-Trooper. He wields a Flamethrower and an extra fuel tank for extra ammo. A magnifient counter to infantry of all kinds. His fire proof suit protects him from both fire and bullets, but only enough to still enable him to move switly and deadly.

A Techie Cyborg. These are extra machines created to aid the works of Tech-Engineers and other mechanical workers. Occasionally they will malfuntion and go AWOL, but it is never anything we cannot handle...

It's dinner time at the Museum! Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Grilled Chicken, rice, zuchinni, and sauteed mushrooms for dinner! Looks like a Dark wants some now!

Teamwork. That is what we strive to teach every one of our soldiers! Help eachother and be helped in return!

Bio-Trooper - "Nom, nom, nom. This is good food! Line up, everyone!"

Techie - "What's going on here, sir?"

Comm. Robert - "Well, it appears to be dinner time."

Techie - "Mind if we join you?"

Comm. Robert - "Not at all!"

This next set of soldiers is a bit different from the rest. Instead of recruiting humans as always, we have decided to try out mechanized soldiers, instead. These select few are our best Mercenary group: the Shadow-borgs.

This is Alpha 01, an assasin droid with dominant permutations such as limited invisibility, radar jammer, and Advanced Visionary Sensors. He is a lone wolf and prefers to work alone, but we have assembled a team for him to lead.

This is Delta 02. He is an Omega Battle Droid series V who has been upgraded with a fusion claw and given a Distortion Blaster. He is the fiercest of the Shadowborgs and shows no mercy what so ever.

The fusion claw is used for slicing through even the thickest of metals with ease. We haven't tried it on diamond materials, however...

Gamma 03 is also an Omega Battle Droid series V varient. Imstead of arms, however, he spawns dual Melta-Rays which can heat up anything in a matter of seconds. Great for either weapons or tools, they have proved invaluable time and time again.

Finally, we get to Meta 00 (zero). This robot is a curious invention. We have no idea how it happened, but this robot somehow inherited the memories of Dr. Breen Monroe. Even though Dr. Breen worked on him, it is impossible to share memories with another sentient being, let alone mechanism. The robot is extremely smart and "adapts" to its surroundings, using them to its advantge. This sort of behavior has never been seen in any previous kind of machine. It make us wonder what Dr. Monroe is really capable of achieving...


Enigmatic Knightmare
 I like it 
harry bridgewater
  July 24, 2009
this is my second favourite creation i am soooooadding you to my favourite builders please could you check me out and my creations.
 I like it 
  June 5, 2009
its called a 50 cal machin gun were u get it
 I like it 
  June 5, 2009
hey i saw that turret were did u get it from army lego i have that tureet it went to my helicopter and 8 us men so let me know were u got it please 5/5
 I made it 
  May 24, 2009
Unfortunately, MOCPages has disabled further input of other webpage modules. I was hoping I could make MOCPages more fun with it, but instead they tossed it into the garbage :( I'm sorry. I used to have a tutorial but it was deleted by the staff. It no longer works.
 I like it 
  April 7, 2009
how did you get your playlist on there, i want to know so i can put mine on too
 I like it 
  July 18, 2008
some of that has really cool designs. Very good job.
By Enigmatic Knightmare
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LEGO models my own creation MOCpages toys shop The Anthological Museum of the K.N.A. and Reaper ForcesSpace and science fiction

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