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The Sibling Rivalry (2): Battle of the Weird Lands
The BrikWar of the Weird Lands. Warning: 4.2 mb of images
About this creation
Warning: 4.2 mb

The Sibling Rivalry:
Battle of the Weird Lands

Welcome one and all. Today we will witness the course of events that occoured when the battles of two siblings clashed here in the Weird Lands. The Weird Lands is currently being occupied by the army of Doahh, though they appear to be wandering out in the middle of nowhere at the moment. They must be attempting to convince the giant cat to fight on their side.

The army has been located, and is occupying the northern portion of the field, and... is that an MKVIII missle?!? Clearly they are not as underarmed this time and... wait... do I see more than one Harry Potter on the field? This will be an interesting battle.
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The Weird Lands live up to it's name, with it's weird... stuff...

The weirdness of the Weird Lands appears to include a giant mushroom-shaped platform, a castle, somekind of boat-structure, and a seird platform with Harry Potter's portrait. Oh, and a ramp that ends in a drop, and a few lumpy things.
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The army still seems to be as random as last time. There's a space-man armed with a pizza, a cowboy with a goblet-bomb, and what appears to be an ordinary horse.

As if the MKVIII wasn't enough, there's also a small outpost behind the castle with an MKVI and many MKIII missles. And some guy with a head-powered deathray.

The monorail never did seem to serve any purpose other than just to be there.

"I couldn't find my lightsaber, so I have to use this light spear instead."

Maybe they're trying to hide in plain sight.

And the Boogite army finaly arrives. 11 foot troopers, 1 regular medic, 2 mechanics, 3 cycle troopers, 1 Hover-Bike of Doom, 1 AssaultBubble, 2 mini-tanks, 1 two-person tank, a mech, a black dragon and a lazer-weilding dragon rider, 2 mysterious people on small flying vehicles, the bike bomb, and 1 champion and three heroes: a lightsaber-weilding Jedi, a doctor named Dr. Bob who is armed with a pistol, Qui-Gon-John, and some person with a gun. Oh, and there's also two robots in there, too.

The army of Doahh, apparently unimpressed, currently lays on the field completely asleep.

The Boogite army is ready for action, as Qui-Gon John gets atop a platform to leap into action.

The tank and the mech place bets on who would run over the most people. The dragon eyes up the mechanic on the motor cycle. If this battle doesn't start soon, we're going to be short one mechanic.

The motorcycle troopers line up and rev up their engines.

It is required in epic battles to have at least one panoramic side-shot of the waiting army.
(Click this image for a larger version)

A minifig-eye view of the mech is also required. Shots from above just don't look as cool.

Round 1

The tension of coming the battle rises. The cowboy armed with the explosive goblet akes his move, which is in he direction of the MKVIII.

The missle missed the bulk of the army, but it blows up the bikebomb, kills a cycle trooper, and destroys the bridge to the platform ontop of the boat structure.

Fortunatly the missle is the only thing that could reach the Boogite army, so the rest of the Doahh army spends their time moving in, hoping for an easy kill.

The assault bubble moves in for a clean shot at the helicopter, but even though the cleanliness of his shot was superb, it was still too dirty to hit the chopper.

The tank moves in, but a shot from the enemy fries the circutry and it goes out of control! One of the pilots attempts to fire, but the weapon overloads and explodes!

One of the pilots attempts to jump out of the damaged vehicle. Unfortunaly he jumped in front of one of the wheels of the moving vehicle and is promptly run over.

The dragon moves in, and with a single breath, destroys the enemies missle supply! In your face! Literally.

The enemy base has a skylight. I wonder what they're doing in there?

Qui-Gon John is so enraged that a pair of pants is currently driving a motorcycle, grabs an MK1 Gernade, and with a stupendous amount of strength...

...blows up Ron Weasley.

The medics arrive to help the fallen cycleist. Their attempts fail miserably and result in the wounded driver loosing his head.

With a sudden stroke of stupendous luck, the Boogite champion leaps into the Doahh base, spins around with his lightsaber, felling four foes at once, and leaps back out onto the roof of the base!

The tank finally explodes as the driver fumbles at the fried controls, blowing up the mushroom-shaped platform and disabling the helicopter. The driver attempted to jump out at the last minute, but died in the process.

The strange rockets move in as the motorcycle troopers zoom around the corner with guns blazing. Like usual, the don't hit anything.
(Click this image for a larger version)

Round 2

One of the vihicles from the monorail makes it's move, ramming into a platform and firing on a mini-tank!

One of the Doahh army's heros attempts a stupendous feat by grabbing a bomb, jumping out of the base, and throwing the bomb back in to blow it up while the Boogite champion was still on it! Unfortunatly the hero forgot to jump out before throwing the bomb.

Alas, the Boogite champion has fallen! How will this affect the army's moralle?

Probably not much, they were too busy watching the Doahh army's monkey hero get himself run over by a monorail.

Oh, monkeypaste.

Darth Medic to the rescue! Well, sort of. He messed up and instead of healing his fallen comrade, he replaces his head with an MKII gernade.

...and so, Darth Medic gave up his practice in medicine and picked up the head-powered death ray...

...and he successfully kills the dragon, though it's rider was able to jump off in time and was able to avoid getting squished.

Oh crud, they blew up the mech.

The Doahh champion, for some reason, decided to crash his hover-flier into the ground and successfully kills off three Boogite troops and a robot while surviving the crash himself.

The army of Booga have an uneasy feeling aout the current outcome of the battle...

Oh no! The assault bubble is shot down, and crashes into the boat-structure! The enemy also manages to flip over their mini-speedboat.

Mechanic to the rescue! The mech is fixed, and the mini-tank driver abandons his vehicle and takes to the mech!

The mech-pilot quickly takes to the controls... hey, the mechanic put the feet on the wrong legs! Apparently the mech is unaffected by this mishap.

The foot problem doesn't seem to hinder the pilot's aim, as he vaporises the Doahh champion's head, whose hat flies up and lands on the end of his rifle. Wow, what are the odds of that?

The dragon rider lines up a shot to the storm trooper next to him...

I'm not sure what happened, I mean, the sorm trooper is clearly in two peices now, but where did the dragon rider go?

Qui-Gon John attempts to use the force to jump clear across the battle field. He ends up getting his head stuck in a window.

Round 3

Hey, what's this? Oh, no! The Doahh champion appears to be regenerating his head!

Oh, hey, there's that horse again. Just a normal little horse over there. Hey, what's that... what the...

Oh, my gosh!! That horse just exploded! Did you see that?!? That normal little horse just exploded!!

Oh, no! One of the Doahh army's heros has commandeered the mini-tank! It takes aim at the mech!

The shot goes wide, and hits their own Cerberus.

The Doahh champion then jumps onto the mech and attempts to break in!

The cowboy whacks the Hover-Bike of Doom with his goblet bomb. Okay, what's with this army? How many of them have blown themselves up attacking the Boogite army?

Darth Medic attempts to throw a bomb over to a group of Boogite troopers. He somehow managed to accidentally stick the bomb to his own head and throw himself over instead. How is it that whenever one of them die, they manage to take out four of my guys with them!?

one of the Boogite heros manages to disable the monorail vehicle.

Dr. Bob comes to the aid of the fallen champion, though he only succeeds in pulling his head off. Some medic he is.

Random explosion!

Qui-Gon John is still unable to get himself free of the window.

The regular, non-hero medic, successfully heals one of the troopers taken out by Darth Medic.

Four of the remaining troopers join forces to, once again, destroy the Doahh army champion.

Round 4


Dang. Stupid exploding pizzas!

Some monkey managed to blow itself up.

Argh! A Doahh hero has succesfully ripped off the canopy and taken over the mech!

A cloud car lands behind the Boogite army. Something is afoot...

Bah! Darth Tiranus has taken the abandoned mini-tank!

One of the mysterious rocket crafts circles Qui-Gon Jinn, who feebly waves his light spear.

The second rocket comes in towards the monorail.

One of the rockets smacks into the ground and explodes on impact! Those mysterious rockets are kamikazi missles! Three die in the blast, two of which are... Ron Weasleys! It's a freakish mix of Star Wars and Harry Potter! They're clones!

Dr. Bob attempts once again to save the champion, but fails so miserably he rips off his own hand!

Dr. Bob, deciding he must avenge the death of the Boogite champion and his left hand, climbs to the ruins of the Doahh base and faces the battlefield.

He lets out an angry yell or something, jumps across the field, shoots the Doahh hero out of the mech in mid-air, and lands on the mech. Due to his missing hand, he slips and ends up on the backside of the mech.

There's where the dragon rider went! Qui-Gon Jin is taken care of now.

The Doahh fireman almost regains control of the speed boat. Almost.

The remaining Kamikazi Missle circles the area looking for a target.

Round 5

In this moment of opportunity, um... another... Ron Weasley takes the mech...

A cowled Harry Potter (isn't this like the third Harry Potter we've seen now?) attempts to take out the last motorcycle trooper, but hits one of his own team mates instead.

Dumbeldore takes aim...

...but not enough of it, apparently. (okay, there's another Harry Potter...)

One of the many Potters takes aim, but he too fails miserably. Dumbledore got what was coming to him, though.

And thus ends the dragon rider. Knowing the army's history of shots, Harry dives out of the way.

Darth Tiranus didn't escape this time.

Now that the mini-tank is back under controll of the Army of Booga, the last jedi in the cloud car has been taken out.

Ron Weasley #4 has been disposed of, but Dr. Bob's lack of a left hand caused him to fall head first into the mech.

Qui-Gon John is finally free of the window!

Round 6

Drat. The mech has been taken over. Again.

The new mech pilot takes aim at the final motorcycle trooper...

Who gets shot from behind.

Apparently it takes Malfoy and two alien people to take out Qui-Gon John.

Who knew Lego people were so destructive.

Three of the remaining troops take aim at the mech...

... and the mech is destroyed! Again.


Round 7

"Hah! You can't get me, because I'm hiding behind this chunk of metal!"

I don't remember if this guy survived or not.

One of the Harry Potters is down!

Round 8

Stop taking my weapons!

The last trooper is dead. Our only hope is in the hands of the medic.

The medic, being surrounded, attempts to play dead to fool the enemy.
(Click this image to see a larger version)

He's not playing any more.



 I like it 
  August 22, 2014
Heh, this is cool. I remember seeing it back in 2005 or so and being a little saddened when the "Doahh" won.
 I like it 
  August 1, 2013
This was probably one of the 1st things I ever saw on Mocpages.
  December 12, 2010
i am anthony lizzio and i love, it it is truly awesome
 I like it 
  January 22, 2010
 I like it 
  January 10, 2010
i like the exploding monkey, the guy who got stuck in the window, and the "stop taking my weapons!"
 I like it 
  September 2, 2008
Die harry potters, die. This is awesome, how did you upload more than 100 pictures?
 I like it 
  August 1, 2008
its qui gon jin not qui gon john
 I like it 
  October 6, 2007
This was TOO hard to follow, so please tell me: who won?!
 I like it 
  January 24, 2007
Go exploding horse!!!!!!!!!
 I like it 
  October 27, 2006
Wow, Dude that is SUPER-DE-DUPER-DE-AWSOMELY-COOL!!!!!!!!!!! I love all the Harry Potters! You have inspired me!!!!!
Markham Carroll
 I like it 
joe quirk
  June 7, 2006
uuuuuuulllllllllttttttttrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaa funny
 I like it 
  April 4, 2006
DUDE...KICK ASS!!! this is like, the best lego minifig war i have ever seen!!! i would give this a 6 if i could!!! And its hilarious!!! lots of peeps dying!keep up the good work!!!
 I like it 
  January 14, 2006
this is better then any lego war i ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't think i can make anything like this!!!!
By Markham Carroll
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