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Take a view into the extended Lego Castle world Legonia, where my upcoming boxes will set.
About this creation
Lego Castle Extended – Introduction into a fantasy world
Keep in mind, that some factions stand under the rights of the Lego company, so all sets you'll see are faked inofficial ones.
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The Northern Kingdom and its allies

Far in the North, between high snow-covered mountains, misty valleys and deep green forests, this strong medieval kingdom is set.
In former centuries, it was the land of uncountable races of dragons, and the first humans, who were able to leash and ride them founded the old Dragon Empire, which was one of the strongest military forces in history. The old legends are telling about blue mages and their brave dragon riders in eternal battles. Today, most of the dragons are died out, but the old culture is still alive and the citizen of the Northern Kingdom are remembering their origin proudly. So, the green dragon is still the main symbol on flags and armors, green, yellow and red the traditional colours.
Military/ Economy:
Most people are craftmen, warriors or miners, so they are the main supplies of the southern states. More than the economy, the strong military of the Northern Kingdom is famous. Although the old dragon riders doesn’t exist anymore, the high axemen and the light-armored but fast cavalry belong to the most serious enemies of the continent. A typical northern warrior is a brave and fearless man with wild brown or black hair and beard. But not only the offensive power is feared, the strong mountain fortresses are seen as undestroyable because since the old Dragon Empire noone succeded to conquer one of these.
The current king Udalrich is living in the north on the biggest grew mountain bastion, hided in stone walls. He is a young but wise king and always wants the best for his people, so he engages much in holding peace, but you should never underdestimate him. If necessary, he can be a brave warlord and will use all potentials of his powerful army to save his old culture, he is very proud of like all people in the Northern Kingdom. Additionally, he is training his axe and sword skills everyday.
In an ancient time, the dwarves had a giant civilisation in these northern lands, but this race is one of the oldest and nearly died out. Most dwarven tribes left this continent a long time ago, but one small colony in the dwarven mountains still exists. The underground caverns were discovered just a few years ago, caused of the dwarven shyness. Since then, they have an intensive trading relationship to King Udalrich. Most important goods are their minerals, they’re mining in the mountains and of course, their popular weapons and armors. The dwarven culture consists of high knowlegde of architecture, smithing and celebration.
Although the north-western mountains officially belong to the Northern Kingdom, the dwarven homes keep a self-controlled kingdom with endless caverns, mines and natural tunnels. So, they still have an own king. King Bragi is some kind of a crazy little man, loving parties, beer and thrilling stories. He seems not be very interested in high politics or gaining power, but if the dwarven world is in danger, these little peaceful halfmen will definetely able to defend themselves with the sharpest axes and strongest shields of the current world.
To the East, the deep woods end in a coast of long fjords and high cliffs. The cold Viking Sea is an unloved environment with hard winters and deadly winds. Many tales warn about giant watersnakes, dragons and other monsters living in the sea. Nevertheless, it’s the homeland of one of the most feared cultures. In former times, the Northmen thought of the Vikings as a wild barbarian group and didn’t want living next to them, so, these factions fought each other many times, but King Udalrich was recently able to create a peaceful relation. In fact, the Vikings aren’t barbarians, but used to live a life of freedom and war. There is no Viking not loving a fair combat or dangerous adventure. Their culture is always connected to the sea travel and heroic battles, many bardes singing about. Their ships count to the quickest, and you can realize them at their big sails and the dragon skulls at their frontside. Vikings mainly fight with axe, big round shields, sometimes also with two-hand swords. Nearly every viking warrior carries a two-horned helm and a chainmail armor. Officially, there are no Viking Kingdom and they haven’t any own realms. Their king and main captain of the fleet, Sir Olaaf isn’t much worried about, because most time the viking lives on the sea. Only while the hard winters, when big parts of the ocean are frozen, they live in their typical longhouses made of wood at the coast. Actually, there is a military contract between Northern Kingdom and the Viking Fleet. King Udalrich promises to defend the viking home villages against enemies from the inner lands and accepts their settlements, while the Vikings explore the oceans. The citizen of King Udalrich’s land are allowed to settle up to the viking coast safely, but not many people want to. Far in the East, the Vikings just discovered a new, second continent. From there, a new menace is coming to the West.
The Orcs, a brutal and selfish war race are living there and the purpour coloured sails of their giant warchips are feared on all coasts. Since the first contacts, orcish pirates appears on all coasts from time to time. This was the begin of a more intensive military alliance between the Northern Kingdom and the Vikings, who were enemies for a long time in the past.

north-western mountains/ northern mountains/ dragon woods/ viking coast

The Middle Kingdom and the Wild West

Behind the southern mountains of the Northern Kingdom, the oldest and biggest human kingdom holds its area from the snowy mountains of "Nordkamm" in the North to the Big River in the South, from the western forests to the long coasts of the Azure Ocean in the East. The Middle Kingdom is a typical medieval feudalistic land with an old military tradition of knights.
To became a knight is something completely different than beeing a wild warrior from the Northern Kingdom. The knights of the Middle Kingdom are known for their perfect training in all weapon categories and their dicipline. Most infantry soldiers of the army use sword and shield, crossbow and spear, the heavy armored cavalry polearm and longsword. Heavy armors in shiny grew metal are typical. The colours of the uniforms are grew, blue and white. The main symbol of the Middle Kingdom were always the lion. And this symbol is used in different variantes since centuries, with one exception: The personal guard of the newest king use a crown on their shields and blue-golden flags.
King Leo III is a very popular old man ful of wisdom. His highest interest is peace, so he will never provocate a war from his side. He seems to be an intelligent man and also thinks of improvements for the economy of his people. If he would be attacked, he is able to use a well-trained and modern army, which also use different warmachines, but he isn’t that brave and strong warrior like King Udalrich. With the Northern Kingdom, this land lives in peace for about 60 years. And this is important because of same enemies. The Orcs threat the Kingdom from the east while in the north-west an evil blackmage creates his black army in Deadwood. The Black Army is a giant force consists of different demons, skelettons, undead and other evil guys, who serve demon gods. Their plan is to conquer the green valleys and fields of the Middle Kingdom. These produce many sorts of corn, fruits and vegetables. Its called the “Corn Chamber” of the continent and King Leo exports most goods, his people don’t need.

Shires of Middle Kingdom
The Kingdom consists of 9 shires, 8 have a count, 1 is leaded by the King. Most are named after their capital city.

Totenfelde (Deathfields)
Between woods and mountains, people of Totenfelde live as lumbermen, pumpkin farmers and miners. The city Totenfelde is a hicksville and since undead of Deathwood often attack, the population is decreasing. Count Averoy de Decadence is a coward and hides in his villa.
At the slope of the Nordkamm Bergfingen has untypical many villagers for a boring mountain region. Since iron, copper and gold was found, the royal mines fill the cost for the orcish war.
Nordmark (Northmarch)
The treeless pasture at the border to the northern kingdom has low population. Only speciality is, that there are some small villages but no official residential city for the count.
The coast region in the east is filled with everglades and misty woods. Only some fishervillages and Moorflüt itself can be found. Because many rare herbs can be found, alchemists, sorcerors and witches settled there.
Royal shire
“The best corn, the best beer, the most beautiful women, the fastest horses, taht’s all from the king.”, people says. The shire of King Leo III. is a fruitful region and lives from farming, horse breeding and military stations. The King lives in his crown castle and the emblem of the shire and its soldiers is a golden crown on light blue. There’s no capital city.
There was an everglade in former time, but today Torffingen is a farmland and the corn chamber of North Legonia. The people are traditionalists, god followers and use the old standing lion as symbol. The culture is a classic feudalism. Torffingen is a very old city.
Adlersmark (Eaglemarch)
To remember the old Eagle Kingdom at the Big River, the South-west is called Adlersmark. Capital city is Greifenheim. You can find many castles and abbeys.
Long time anettended, the small port Blueheaven increased ist poverty. Today it’s becoming an important trade place and lives from fishing, trading with elven tribes and over-sea transports.
The area of biggest population in whole Legonia, in Azuran you’ll find anything. Manufactures, big farms, industry, trading guilds, crime, scientists. The people are liberal and there aren’t many bondsmen. In Azuran you’ll find the royal fleet, royal warmachine facillities, different magic academies and much more. The count controls the city with a modern council together. He’s the head of royal fleet, master of the royal treasure and of course major. Under the people, Azuran is called as inofficial capital city of the Kingdom.

The woods and mountains in the east are filled with rogues, creatures and of course undead followers of the dark mage. Further, the Outlaw Hills is an area, which doesn’t belong to the Middle Kingdom. Here many wild villages and archaic tribes without any governments are settled. Most people are living as farmers or hunters here, but the different settlements are fighting each other continousily. A mercenary culture has developed, in which nobody believes in any laws. While the old Lion Kingdom, farmers from here united to the Dark Forest group, some green archers, and robbed the king’s people. For some longer periods the Wolfpack- and later the Bulls-tribe were able to control the whole big valley, threating the Lion Kingdom. Today it’s a wild land again, where everybody has to find his own way to survive. Further in the south, the mystic druids get more and more influence at the people.

Middle fields/ Nordkamm/ Deadwood/ Outlaw Hills/ Hain of Druids

The Elven Forests and the Middle of the World

At the southern border of the Middle Kingdom, the Big River devides the whole continent. In this big blue water more than 20 ships can pass each other besides. Behind this natural line, the endless deep-green forest of the Elves begins.
No human can say exactly, what kind of creatures are living here, but the legends and rumours tell about fantastic and ancient things and giant monsters. The mystic Elves control and defend these lands since centuries. The arrogant and power searching human are very suspicious for them, so they avoid most contacts to them. Old histories told about tall and long-eared humans, who were living on the continent since ancient ages. Elves are naturally able to use magic, they’re at least as old as the dwarven race and they’re the best archers of the world. The elvish skills at the bow are legendary. Most elven seen by human had black-blue shiny armor and were taller than a human, other stories tell something different. It isn’t clear if there really is only one elven kingdom. Maybe different tribes exist, maybe also with completely different looks. Most elven families are living as nomads travelling through the deep forests.Their culture seems to be a very shy one and connected directly to the nature.
No elvish king is known yet, so we can’t say anything about their governmental structures. Tribe councils are possible.
To the west, a grand mountain massive keeps the southern coast of Endsea hided. Between the high peaks the only vulcano of the continent is still active since centuries. The valleys are called Dragonia Vulcania, because most people think, that there’re the homelands of the dragon races. Some mysterious prophets say, that an ancient demon portal also exist in these areas protected by dragonian humanoids. The westside of the mountains ends into the swamps of Shuzzu, further besides the south coasts the mountains go over the whole continent. In the south the begin of the tropical forest marks the natural border of the elven world. These mountains aside Dragonia Vulcania are called Ahl'Shiara.

The Skorpion Emirates and the Exotic World

The jungle is a completely different environment with dozens of unknown creatures. Here dinosaurs and other monsters from ancient ages are still alive. Suddently, a giant stone wall can be found in the north. Behind, the countrys of the Skorpion Emirates are set.
All human settlements between northern jungle, swamps, Ark’thol desert and the Bay of Ark’tohl are controlled by the great heptarchy of the Emirates. There is no king, but seven heptarchs, mostly high priests or warlords belong to the high council. The culture of this exotic people is based on society levels, where the heparchy is on top while the farmers and slaves nearly haven’t any rights.
The slaves became the most important part of the skorpion economy and come from different races, which were hunted in the wild southern jungles. Most tribes in the south are primitive or their culture got decayed caused of old wars. There are red, green and blue skinned humanoid people for example. The people of the Emirates are always decorated with tattos, so they can be separated into society levels. People without skin symbols are slaves or outlaws. Nevertheless, you can’t say, that this government is evil, because maybe only this kind of strong organisation was able to keep a great and rich culture in that hot, dangerous and bad environment.
Revolutions always fail because the emirate’s army is extremely strong and mainly made of different exotic infantrys and war machines. Because there aren’t any horses in that part of the world, some cavalry units use other creatures like dinosaurs. The colours of the Skorpion army are red, green an black.The skorpion is just one symbol and stands for the desert, a horned biest with a thick fur is used as symbol as well and stands for the jungle. Economy is weak and consists of farming, diamond mines and slavery.
Just about 1000 people are living in the desert outside the emirate’s cities, most are nomads. They called this land Ark’thol. Ark’thol is their indigent word for heat, sand, sun, fire and hell.
Next to the Bay of Ark’tohl, the caribbean-like Fog Islands are forbidden for visitors. Here some very archaic tribes live. Their culture is based on shamanism, cannibalism and nature gods. The chiefs are high voodoo priests and extremely dangerous.
Far to the East, the biggest island is called Peng Cheng. An old and isolated culture of ninjas and samurais exists there. They’re the only human people using modern cannons. Every village or city is controlled by its own shogun. All together, they are the high shogunat, which is often the biggest alliance between them. But in fact, most shogun lords fighting each other to get more influence and space, so the shogunats often just existed for short time periods before decaying again. The people distrust foreigners, so just a few trade relations to other kingdoms exist. There are no typical colours or flags, because every shogun uses his own familiar ones. Stories told about black, grew, red, white and also green ninjas as main groups.

Ark'tohl desert/ Skorpion River/ Ark'tohl Bay/ Fog Islands/ Southern jungle/ Ark'?(unexplored)/ White Rock(unexplored)/Peng Cheng

The Forgotten Kingdom and the Southern World

Deep in the south of the continent, between high mountains, dark forests and dangerous swamps a powerful kingdom existed in ancient time. Legends tell about a high tower fortress and a black bat king, who rided a black dragon. But he isolated people of magical skills, so these fought him soon. Maybe that war was the end of his kingdom, but it isn’t proved. Today only the ruins tell about it. And some old ghosts and undead, who never want to leave their home.
The Frost Razor Mountains are the highest peaks of the world, but in this cold world no human would survive for long periods. Some rumours say, that big monkeys called Yetis are living there. Next to the Forgotten Kingdom, a lost world increased up to the sea. Nobody knows exactly, what creatures and monsters you would meet in the Lost Forests. Where forest, swamps, iced sea, high mountains and jungle meet each other, the Bay of Eternity collects all magical power of nature. Most mages believe, that here magic was born by itself.
The Ocean of Death is a dangerous water and not many explorers came back alive. For those, who are brave enough to cross this sea, the travel ends at the Endless Iced Sea. Old viking legends tell about a new continent in the south, but because noone has proved this yet, it’s just called The White End. South to Peng Cheng, the Nulusha Atolls seem to be unexplored. Some old samurai stories meant them as the home of the Shazzuru demons. Other think about secret hideouts of pirates.

Main Chronology

The forgotten 200The great something was born from the endless nothing. It was so bored that it began to create the world.
about 200 o.C.First creatures were created by the great something. Insects, birds, fishs and first reptiles started living.
about 400 o.C.First versions of elves and dwarves were born. Dwarves were fury monkeymen, while elves were tall and pale skinned creatures with sharp claws
about 500 o.C.The vulcano in Dragonia Vulcania errupted first time. The element of fire was introduced by the great something.
600-650 o.C.Civilisation was born. First dwarven settlements in the northern mountains, elves learned to build tents but keep beeing nomads.
about 700 o.C.The Element of fire became part of nature. Shortly, the first dragon-like reptiles were born. The dwarven discovered and used that element soon. The modern dwarf was finished started to use metalls.
751 o.C.First Contact between elves and dwarves
754 o.C.First Dwarven Kingdom was created. King Murlasch controlled Deadwood and parts of the northern mountains and middle fields.
778 o.C.Bloody meetings between dwarven explorers and elvish outposts at the Big River; Diplomacy failed. Begin of the First War.
782 o.C.King Murlasch died after 28 years of government by a poisones mushroom in his dinner. His son Agrulm entered the throne and sent the army to the south more offensive. Many elven villages get burned away.
788 o.C.Battle at Big River; about 200 dwarven axemen and 200 elvish warriors killed each other. After both factions realized, that the other race is same strong and the war would destroy their kingdoms, they started disscussions for peace.
789 o.C.End of First War; The elves devided the continent by increasing the Big River with magic. The dwarven kingdoms stayed in the north, the elves controlled the southern forests. Contact broke for long years.
about 800 o.C.First human races were born. Where is unclear, but elvish tales mention them.
891 o.C.Agrulm died, the first dwarven kingdom splitted into smaller ones governed by his sons
940 o.C.Dragon Rush Big dragon swarms crossed the northern continent. Most dwarven kingdoms were destroyed in fire infernals. Elvish villages near Dragonia Vulcania get lost. The modern, big green dragon were discovered.
about 1000 o.C.First human settlements on Peng Cheng and at the southern coast of Azure Ocean; The last dwarven kingdoms decreased to underground mountain cities
1007 o.C.Dwarves and elves destroyed the big dragon nests in Deadwood; big parts of the dwarven army were killed. The biggest city were build on dwarven peak.
1008 o.C.A secret sword is forged in a cave at the Bay of Eternity A Gathering
1100-1400 o.C.The humans explored the world. Barbarian ships landed at the Viking Sea; first villages at the Big River and at the Bay of Ark’thol; a first complex society of feudalism developed on Peng Cheng. Greater settlements were controlled by shogun lords and their warriors.
1360 o.C.Begin of Ice Age The northern lands covered with ice. Most dwarves decided to leave their home and sailed into the Endsea. Only one dwarven kingdom stayed at Dwarven Bay.
1470 o.C.The Lion Kingdom was created at the northern continent. King Lionell was crowned.
1475 o.C.The Eagle Kingdom was created south to the lion one with Mathias as King; The first official lion army were developed. First villages on outlaw hills and in the northern mountains.
1484 o.C.First Shogunat of Peng Cheng was founded; 12 shogunes of the island met each other for creating a peaceful alliance.
1486 o.C.The lion knights met the Black Dragon Army, an alliance of wild tribes from the northern mountains. The black dragon fortress was build to defend their lands. King Lionell developed his lion army further and build first catapults.
1490’s o.C.High taxes made western villagers poor; Bodin Rooh and his Black Foresters created an alliance and started robbing King Lionell’s knights.
1500 o.C.The Shogunat of Peng Cheng decayed. An alliance of black ninjas united to fight the other shoguns. After bloody battles the southern villages gained independence.
1505 o.C.The united villagers of Outlaw Hills stopped supporting Sir Rhoo. He was catched by insiders and hanged in the lion castle. A big army from the black dragon tribes went to the south to conquer new space.
1506 o.C.King Mathias from the Eagle Kingdom was murdered. A group called Wolfpack puplished their responsibility. They wanted to show, how powerful they could be if anybody wanted to hunt that rogue group. The wolfpack started beeing the new main group in the Outlaw Hills. Because Mathias’ daughter married King Lionell’s son, prince Leopold was crowned as new king of the Eagle Kingdom.
1507 o.C.The black dragon army arrived the Lion Kingdom. Their attack failed. Some months later, the black dragon castle was destroyed by royal troops as revenge.
1512 o.C.The old king Lionell died. His only son, King Leopold inherited all parts of his kingdom. The Eagle and Lion Kindom were united, the lion became the traditional symbol. Leopold ordered to build a new castle.
1520 o.C.Ark’kala was crowned as first highest warlord of the Ark’thol Empire.
1520’s o.C.A blue mage, Merlin, started to build the big dragon cove fortress, where he prisoned a green dragon for studying. Later there the first dragon riders will be trained. The wolfpack became a criminal problem, so King Leopold hunted them. At end of the 20’s nearly all wolfs were prisoned.
The Ark’tohl Empire grew but faced to big hungry.
The military of Peng Cheng was revolutionized and first well-trained samurai and complex catapults, firebreathers and other war machines were used.
1532 o.C.King Leopold were killed by a mercenary of the Outlaw Hills; new king became his 18 year old son, King Leo I.
1556 o.C.The new Dragon Empire was created. King Torkash made Merlin to his highest advisor, his goal was to use dragon riders in his army and increase his Kingdom to the fresh green fields in the south.
1563 o.C.Ark’kala’s sons enslaved over 10 tribes in the southern jungles. Opponents of their regime left the Ark’thol Empire and settled south of the desert
1569 o.C.Shogun Xio Xoi conquered the Ninja Fortress Ho’Pui on Peng Cheng. About 250 samurai died. Even farmers got killed. Some months later the first Shazzuru demons were viewed near the southern villages.
1570’s o.C.The Dragon Empire grew quickly. Merlin succeded training dragon riders for the military. After the border reached the Lion Kingdom again, the Dragon War started.
At Peng Cheng, the Shazzuru demons destroyed many villages, so the Second Shogunat united with 7 shoguns as a military alliance.
Far in the south, a new Kingdom grew, but it will need some years untill the settlements united.
1582 o.C.Battle at Nulusha Bay 200 samurais and 340 ninjas of the shogunat’s alliance fought the main army of undead Shazzuru demons in the south of Peng Cheng.
1587 o.C.Battle at Deadwood The biggest northern army in history, consisted of over 40 dragon riders, 300 archers, 100 horse cavalry and 550 axemen attacked the Lion’s army of 250 horse cavalry, 350 crossbow men ,500 swordsmen and some warmachines. After one week of fighting there wasn’t a winner. The Lion Kingdom gave their villages in Deadwood up and build new cities at the azure coast. The Dragon Empire concentrated exploring the cold north-east. The Deadwood area left as a neutral zone, so it became a loved place for dark mages, druids and other outlaws. After these decissions, the Dragon War ended quickly.
1591 o.C.The Dragon Empire met the viking settlements at the east forests and coasts. The Vikings didn’t tolerate their new noughbours because the dragon was a symbol for evil in viking mythology. So, their robbing crusades started.
1595 o.C.The Second Shogunat ended. The red ninjas controlled more than a third of space of Peng Cheng after their crusade. From the 7 shoguns only 2 survived.
1598 o.C.Lord Batman united the people between the Frost Razor mountains and the Ark’thol desert. He created his Bat Kingdom by building his giant Tower Fortress. He crowned himself and isolated the magical people from his land, who he faired.
1599 o.C.The people of the Outlaw Hills were united again by a powerful barbarian army. Cedric the Bull became an evil warlord of the Bulls Tribe, which developed different war machines.
1600’s o.C.The Dragon Empire lost its power. Caused by environment changings most dragons died, after Merlin’s death nobody was able to teach the old skill of dragon riding, so the dragon army wasn’t that powerful anymore, viking hordes attacked unguarded villages more often. When King Torkash died 1600, the dragons just controlled the northern mountains. Torkash devided his kingdom for his three sons, Fenrich, Atork and Mulrich. Mulrich lost his lands against the viking menace and got killed soon while Atork and Fenrich planned to reunite their father’s kingdom one day.
The Lion Kingdom developed under good exports, but had to defend the western castles against the Bulls Tribe.
1606 o.C.Leo I. died 92 years aged. Leo III. became king and renamed the lionkingdom to Middle Kingdom.
1611 o.C.Siege of Castle “Knight’s Kingdom” The Bulls attacked the western Lion Castle “Knight’s Kingdom” with a big group of different war machines. Cedric’s ambitions failed and the Bulls influence on the Outlaw Hills decayed.
1613 o.C.The magical outsiders of the Bat Kingdom didn’t want to live besides the desert anymore, so they intruded Lord Batman’s Kingdom. He kept his fortress with help of his black dragon, but the Witcher Wars started.
1614 o.C.The Skorpion Emirates were created 7 of the highest priests and warlords of the Ark’thol Empire and naughboured independent cities defeated their enemies and started a union between the emirates against the people’s will. The new heptarchy controlled the land by using a strong military force. The society levels were created. After the slaved races, now also the farmers lost most of their rights.
1623 o.C.The kings Atork and Fenrich reunited their father’s Kingdom. Those villages from their dead brother, who didn’t want beeing part of the new kingdom, were conquered. Atork died, when the Reunion was completed, so his younger brother Fenrich was crowned to the first King of the Northern Kingdom, how it was called from now on.
1627 o.C.In Deadwood, the forgotten souls of the fallen armies from the Dragon War were summoned back to live by an evil dark mage. His army of undead build up a new dark kingdom in the forests. The Black Army were created and prepared to conquer the southern and eastern lands of King Leo III.
1629 o.C.The Shogun Chong Wan Tan used the first modern cannon in a battle on Peng Cheng. The fortress of the red ninjas was completely destroyed.
1630’s o.C.The Bat Kingdom decayed after Lord Batman died. In the legends of Ark’thol it got the name Forgotten Kingdom. Noone knows, if some people still live there or left the country, but it was definetely the end of the Witch Wars.
The Vikings explored the Azure Ocean and met the Orcish War Fleet first time. The Northern Kingdom grew again becoming more rich. Also the Middle Kingdom gained his greatest realm ever.
1640 o.C.King Fenrich died. King Udalrich was crowned in the Northern Kingdom.
1641 o.C.The Vikings discovered a new continent in the East. In the Orclands the brutal orcish race became interested in the western continent, so they started to sent pirate ships to explore it.
In same year, northern knights of King Udalrich discovered the last dwarven colony in dwarven peak. The dwarven chief King Bragi began trading relations.
1642 o.C.King Udalrich succeded in making an official peace contract between Northern Kingdom and Middle Kingdom. They both faced the new menace of the Black army, which became very strong in the last years. Additionally, the orcish pirates attacked their ports continously.
1643 o.CThe Northern Alliance was created. In this military contract, the dwarves supported the Northern Kingdom and the vikings guarded the eastern coasts, while King Udalrich promised to save their home villagers.
1645 o.C.The dark mage of Deadwood started his Siege of the Lion Fortress and kidnapped King Leo III’s daughter for a short time. After his attacks failed, he travelled with his black army to the mountain fortress of King Udalrich. Both seemed to be fakes, while his main army went to the south with the quest to find the legendary demon portal of Dragonia Vulcania.
1646 o.C.Battle at Mountain Fortress The siege of King Udalrich’s fortress ended in a big battle. Over 400 axemen, 250 archers, 120 northern horse riders and about 150 voluntary warriors faced an army made of 400skelletons, 90 shadow riders, 400 black warriors, 20 war waggons and 20 Shazzuru demons. A delegation of 100 elvish warriors came to help. After the win, Udalrich’s left army united with the army of King Leo III to follow the main black army to the south.
1647 o.C.The Big Sea Battle After many attacks King Olaaf ordered his viking army to the east. At the end of the Viking Sea his fleet of 50 dragon war ships, his main ship and about 80 longboats met the orcish war fleet. It’s unclear if the orcish invasion were connected to the undead crusade of the black army, but the viking fleet won the hard combat.
1648 o.C.
/ 0 n.C.
Battle at the Demon Portal The united army of dwarves, elves, Northern Kingdom and Middle Kingdom met the black army and their dark mage in Dragonia Vulcania. The dark mage was able to interrupt the holy spell around the mystic demon portal, but was defeated before he was able to open it. After that giant battle, the vulcano errupted caused by all the magic used in that epic combat. A legend told, that if the holy spell would be interrupted once, the demon portal will became active all 3000 years to became a great menace for the world. So the Kings of the northern continent decided to start a New Chronology, the Year 0 began.
3000 n.C.The world has changed. The humans became the controlling race and live in modern cities. Orcs are prisoned in small reservates, but some wild living tribes kidnapp tourists from time to time. The Shogunat of Peng Cheng wants to get more power, but because nobody wants to give it to them, they plan to design the first nucular weapons. The dwarves are still living under the human society while the elves are poor outsiders. The Ark’thol States fighting each other about the worthful oil places in the desert.Magic and legends are forgotten. And somewhere in the Dragonia Vulcania National Park an old forgotten menace is reborn.

o.C. stands for old Chronology while n.C. means new Chronology

Races of Legonia

There are plenty of intelligent creatures and races but here you'll see the most important humanoids. Only Elves, Goblins, Vladeks (magical name for vampires)and Jinns are born as magicans, other races can learn it partly. The humans dominate the continent while Troggs and Hill giants are very rare. Orcs and Agami live at the eastern continent.

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  June 23, 2016
You've got a wonderful rich world here! Well done!! And congrats on MOTD!
  November 12, 2013
I positively love things like this! I would like to join your group IF I can start an island/continent in the West. It shall be very similar to what you have here and shall have strong historic ties to the main part of Legonia.
 I like it 
  October 4, 2011
Wow this is BIG. Dedication. And I love that the sets have their own boxes!
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  September 23, 2011
Amazing, this is going to get 10.000 views soon! I confess I still have some reading to do to catch up. By the way, I've answered about village name, check in out here:
 I made it 
  November 18, 2010
Quoting Sebastian Schnathmann Gibt es von der Bevölkerung Legonias auch ein paar schärfere Fotos?
ja, auf der wikiseite gibts noch viel mehr
  November 17, 2010
Gibt es von der Bevölkerung Legonias auch ein paar schärfere Fotos?
 I made it 
  July 4, 2010
Quoting Yuri Fassio I have been reading your wiki. Nice, consistent world you created! (I used to do that all the time for my D&D campaigns)
Thanks, there's so much to add but so less time. BTW, i didn't play D&D for years, the german Pen'N'Paper "The Dark Eye" has a far more developed background world in my eyes and was my main inspiration for creating Legonia. It has a wiki, too. Wiki-aventurica
 I like it 
  July 3, 2010
I have been reading your wiki. Nice, consistent world you created! (I used to do that all the time for my D&D campaigns)
 I made it 
  July 2, 2010
Quoting Jøsh ! Wirklich toll, dass man das alles mal in einem Post finden kann. Wunderbar ausgedachte Hintergrundgeschichte und schön, dass du dir mit Legonia soviel Mühe gibts.
Na so ganz durchdacht war sie doch nicht. Ich schreib grad die Königsbiographien und merke, meine Zeitlinie stimmt nicht überall. Ist nun korregiert, Sorgen macht mir aber das recht junge Zeitalter und die Glaubwürdigkeit. Aber vielen Dank, Legonia wird weiterhin ausgebaut werden.
 I like it 
  June 16, 2010
Wirklich toll, dass man das alles mal in einem Post finden kann. Wunderbar ausgedachte Hintergrundgeschichte und schön, dass du dir mit Legonia soviel Mühe gibts.
 I made it 
  June 5, 2010
Quoting Don Tuter Great Job!Love the story as well...
Thanks. This is just an old smash-up of the most important. The official Wiki is still growing:
 I like it 
  June 5, 2010
Great Job!Love the story as well...
 I like it 
  May 24, 2010
May I byest a noble knight of thy kingdom, oh mighty king?
 I like it 
  December 10, 2009
dude, you created a world so rich and wonderful, and yet so detailed it almost matches the epicness of Tolkien, incredible work around the world of Legonia, you have quite alot of imagination! keep it up!
 I made it 
  September 17, 2009
Quoting Sebeus I I'm making a moc located in the forgotten kingdom, which tribe lives the closest to that kingdom ? (an expedition of knights going to the forgotten kingdom is what I'm building on and I don't know what knights to use)
The south is completely unknown (forgotten). I didn't develop much about. Only facts are fright knights lived there, today many undead and vampires. Aside, it's free to use for you. As expedition, crownies, lion knights or skorpion people are possible. Another moc of mine mentioned an expedition to the south but ends in the desert.
 I like it 
  September 17, 2009
I'm making a moc located in the forgotten kingdom, which tribe lives the closest to that kingdom ? (an expedition of knights going to the forgotten kingdom is what I'm building on and I don't know what knights to use)
 I made it 
  September 10, 2009
Quoting Stewart Inferno Lord Fulton i forgot to mention in my first comment,i will make a complete history abot the race of elves if u let me make the race.:)
Of course you can as long as it's fit in the existing world. Join my group, watch my elven sets and thanks. P.S.: I sent you a mail with the actual map of the whole World.
 I like it 
  September 10, 2009
i forgot to mention in my first comment,i will make a complete history abot the race of elves if u let me make the race.:)
 I like it 
  September 10, 2009
i love it!its awsome! i have a question:can i make a new race called the fire elfs or inferno elfs and can i be like there king or something?(sense my name is inferno lord)please send me an email with youre answer as soon as email is p.s.i love youre ideas,you rock!
Christian Schlichting
 I like it 
Stuff Plutark
  August 23, 2009
I like this map a lot. I really like how you spent lot of time coming up with backround details for each one of the Kingdoms. The map is very detailed and I love it. Keep up the great work!
 I like it 
  August 11, 2009
Did you draw the map yourself, becuase that's fantastic! Please reply on a comment on one of my MOCs!
 I like it 
  August 11, 2009
I'm sorry, but I have to be honest. I only read the bigger words, looked at the pictures, and read the first three or so peices of the chronology. However, from what I understand, this is absolutely fantastic. It seemed you covered most of Legos castle and related themes and mixed it into one big universe. Exccelent job man. About my map, can you give me your email address so I can send my version to you when its done? You can then make it look A LOT better. Thanks.
 I like it 
  April 14, 2009
Tyler it is just a piece of fiction. It doesnt have to be accurate! By the way nice charector ideas.
  February 14, 2009
This is good, but I couldn't help but point out that your Samurai information was a little off. I realize this isn't an actual representation of the world, but you are obviously writing background for LEGO factions, which are all based on out world. All I wanted to note was that there would only be 1 Shogun, and what you are describing is more akin to the role of Daimyo. The Shogunate was the whole military government system. If you are going to use actual terms, use them correctly, don't just make up your own definitions or assumptions about them.
 I like it 
  February 11, 2009
This is awesome! Awesome backstory!
 I like it 
  November 15, 2008
I 100% agree with dwarves being in the northern areas.that is a great example of a lego creation,Kiddos
 I like it 
  October 27, 2008
Wow this is so awesome i like how you incorperated all the classic legos (like samurai,castles,vikings stuff like that)
 I like it 
  October 14, 2008
wow. its.. very.. very.. much. cool story, well drawn map and a lot of castle themes coverd. great ^^
 I like it 
  October 13, 2008
WOW, you covered all of history of Lego castle! You also have a great colection...Well done!
 I like it 
  October 5, 2008
Umm, could you repeat that? He He, Very good. Nathan.
 I like it 
  October 4, 2008
To be honest I didn't read any of what you wrote. I have an irrational fear of large walls of text. But I really like how you did your factions, and the way you can make a small scene look very large.
 I like it 
  October 3, 2008
HOLY SH**! Long intro, but nice theme!
 I like it 
  October 3, 2008
(snore) uh, sorry... very nice intro! I will watch for installations... this is just a little long. otherwise great!
 I like it 
  October 3, 2008
Great job for both the MOCs, and the staggering amount of information! It must have taken you ages to get this all written out! Anyhow, geat job, and Im looking forward to your new theme.
By Christian Schlichting
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