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MGS3 Character Minifigs
The bizarre characters of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in minifig form
About this creation
For all of my LEGO customs and any instructions I have made, please visit my website (after reviewing my custom here, of course):

The characters of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, now in LEGO minifig form!

Enlarge image
   "Drift away... My place is with them now." - The Boss
Boy, we saw this fight scene enough in the trailers! Here we have Sokolov following Snake across a bridge when he runs into the Boss and Volgin. The Boss, who has turned traitor, proceeds to totally own Snake's butt, and break his arm. Is this really a boss fight? No. You can't fight back.

Enlarge image
   "Twelve shots... This time, I've got twelve shots." - Ocelot
Here's the first boss fight. And who do you fight? You guessed it... Ocelot. And this time, he's got two revolvers: twelve shots. Watch out though... it looks really corny when he reloads his guns for the first time in battle. Good thing you get to show this cocky kid how a real man fights.

Enlarge image
   "A female spy?" - Ocelot
In this scene, Eva pops her bike's front wheel into the air and "kicks" Ocelot with it. It would seem that the Twin Snakes, the MGS1 re-make with its crazy, far-fetched cutscenes in which characters perform moves that are almost, if not completely, impossible, has left its mark on the Metal Gear Solid series.

Enlarge image
   "You're going to nuke your fellow Russians? They may be our enemies, but they are still our countrymen! COLONEL!" - Ocelot
This is just a scene from the game where Ocelot tries to stop Volgin from firing his nuke with the "Davy Crockett" launching system. But he doesn't succeed. Volgin's too crazy to let his side-kick stop him.
"Remember the Alamo..." - Volgin

Enlarge image
   "The one who survives... will inherit the title of Boss." - The Boss
The last fight in the game, the fight against the Boss, takes place in a field of flowers. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any white flowers. Oh well, a white LEGO plate will have to do. For some strange reason, the Boss leaves her vest open, exposing bare skin underneath, through the entire fight. This didn't really make sense to me, and it really took away from the ending of the game, in my opinion. It just seemed out of character and tacky. Oh well.

Enlarge image
   "What's the matter? ... I'm over here." - The End
Ah yes, this is the fight with the End. It's one of the toughest boss fights in the game... not really because it's that hard to survive, but because it takes forever. The End snipes you from the bushes, completely hidden, and when you do find him, he throws a flash grenade at you so that you are temporarily blinded while he runs away to a new hiding spot. Expect to get shot a lot in this fight, but you can restore your stamina by eating, since the End is just using tranquilizer darts, which take down your stamina instead of your health. You're lucky in this respect. You'd never be able to survive this fight if the End was using real bullets.

Enlarge image
   The Fear jumps around in trees when you fight him... like a monkey. Watch out for his traps. He's really not that hard though, once you figure out how to fight him.

Enlarge image
   "Boss... This is the end of the Cobras. I go now, to join the Sorrow..." - The Fury
For all his coolness, the Fury is a bit of a pushover when you actually fight him. He has trouble finding you, so you can hide and shoot at him from a distance. His fight is a lot like the second fight with Vulcan Raven in Metal Gear Solid 1. It's also just about the only indoor boss fight in MGS3.

Enlarge image
   The second boss you have to face is the Pain. You fight him in an underground cave while swimming around in the water to get away from his bees. He reminds me of that bee farmer guy in Vigilante 8. What, you've never played V8? Nevermind then.

Enlarge image
   "You will be killed by your own sons..." - The Sorrow
He's right about that, you know. I don't know if you can really call this a boss fight. In a world of your dreams, you wade along a river. The Sorrow floats in front of you, firing strange ghostly blasts, as all of the characters that you've killed rise up to attack you. The trick to beating the fight is a strange one, but I won't spoil it for you. You might be able to figure it out yourself.

Enlarge image
   "They say the first spy in history was the snake in the bible... This time it was I who seduced the Snake." - EVA
EVA is the spy that you have to work with in Operation Snake Eater. She's really... free-spirited? Anyway, she keeps her jacket open at all times, and she isn't wearing much under it. Awfully revealing for a LEGO toy, you say? Ha! Have you seen the Jabba's Palace Slave Leia minifig? Anyway, Eva loves motorcycles too. But you can't trust her. She is a spy, after all.

Enlarge image
   "You're not a Snake, and I'm not an Ocelot. We're men, with names." - Ocelot
Long before he was a cool and reserved back-stabbing traitor in MGS1 and 2, Ocelot was a very cocky yet relatively unskilled young brat, but still as double-crossing as ever. Sorry for using a pirate rag as a beret, but LEGO doesn't make berets, you know. Thanks to James Boyd for the idea.

Enlarge image
   "You're a ghost, Snake, in every sense of the word." - Major Tom
This is Snake. No, not Solid Snake. This is Jack, also known as John, codenamed Naked Snake, but later known and feared as... Big Boss. I made a face decal for the minifig so that I could add camouflage paint to the face (in this case, Splitter) and make the headband a bit less brightly blue. At first I was going to make his headband green, but my brother Ryan, who is more of an MGS expert than me, said it was still more blue than green in the game.

Enlarge image
   "The Cold War will end... and the world will be consumed in the fires of war!" - Sokolov
Sokolov is the guy that the whole game revolves around, or so it seems at first. You're there to rescue him, you fail, and you go off to rescue him again. All of the countries are fighting over him. So it comes as a big surprise how he comes to a bad end. Sorry about the cheap face; I thought it looked funny. The black jacket looks nice though, doesn't it?

Enlarge image
   "The Boss? The mother of your special forces?" - Russian president
This is the Boss, leader of the Freaks... I mean, leader of the Cobras. She trained Snake on how to fight, and she can kick his butt anytime she wants to. One can only wonder why the government didn't clone her instead of him... Strange, isn't it? She is seen here in her white outfit. No open-vest decal version available, sorry. Somehow I just didn't think that would be appropriate.

Enlarge image
   "Snake! I am the End... and I will send you to your ultimate fate." - The End
For some reason, I thought the End was a pretty cool character. Somehow I like the idea of a really old man being able to kick your cocky young butt because of his elite skills in camouflage and sniping. Unfortunately, he only uses tranquilizer darts when he fights you, but it can still take hours to kill him. If he had been using real bullets you never would have survived. Honestly. By the way, the beard I used here isn't an official LEGO piece, nor did I make it myself... I bought it from Red Bean Studio.

Enlarge image
   This is the Fear, another one of the Cobras. He uses a crossbow and likes to set traps and jump around in trees. He's not really all that fearsome for someone called the Fear. If you don't like his face; sorry. I didn't know what head to use, and I didn't try to make him perfect, since he's one of my least favorite characters.

Enlarge image
   "I can see it!... I see earth!" - The Fury
The Fury was a Russian Cosmonaut, and he still wears his spacesuit. I don't know what the text on his helmet means; but it must be kind of annoying trying to fight with it in front of your vision all the time. The Fury is cool; he uses fire... a jetpack and a flamethrower, to be precise, to fight you. And fire is always cool. Unfortunately, just like Ignus in Planescape: Torment and all other cool, fire-using characters, you end up killing him. I think this minifig turned out nice, with the jetpack and the flamethrower, as well as the tube feeding it, working out perfectly. If I had been able to find a fishbowl-shaped helmet that was trans-black, it would have been better, but this was the best I could do.

Enlarge image
   "We are the sons of the Boss! ... I am the Pain!" - The Pain
This is the Pain, one of the Boss's Cobras. He can control bees, using them as weapons against you, and his face is one giant swollen bee sting. His suit is actually more yellow than orange, but I didn't want it to be the same color as his skin, and besides, I need to use my hordes of orange Rebel Pilot torsos for something!

Enlarge image
   "Sad... so sad..." - The Sorrow
Another one of my least favorite characters. This guy's weird. In life, he could communicate with Ghosts, until the Boss killed him... now he IS a ghost. He'll pop up in the strangest of places if you try going into first-person view during the cutscenes. His head that I used here is a Peter Parker (you know, Spider-Man?) head with no eyebrows. I think it works fine.

Enlarge image
   "I'm sorry to have to do this, Boss, but, given the circumstances, I'm going to need some proof that you and he were not in collusion... Cut out his eyes!" - Volgin
Colonel Volgin is a sadistic Russian who enjoys torturing people and nuking his countrymen. He has scars running all over his face and electricity running through his body. Luckily, he's a bit of a maniac, and everyone who works with him is constantly betraying him, heh. I think this is one of my better minifigs. The face turned out nice, I think, and the coat with its coattails turned out pretty good, I think. The flash reacted kind of funny to the tape in this image, so go look in the Boss Fights for some other photos.

Enlarge image
   Look, a The End desktop image! Feel free to use it, even if it is really too "busy" to be a good desktop wallpaper.

Enlarge image
   Same as above... The End and the Fury are my two favorite bosses, in case you couldn't tell.


 I like it 
  December 4, 2012
Awesome work! I love MGS3 and your customs are so cool.
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
Alex Cahill
  May 16, 2010
dude ilove the minifigs i know these have been on here for quite some time now ive visited ur website ur really good at making things out of lego. plus mgs3 is just an awesome game. my favorite people in this one are the fury and the pain but the rest are still awesome
 I like it 
  November 12, 2009
  June 18, 2009
They are awsome, the best thing on the internet. Please send me the instructions as im trying to make a MGS3 minifig collection.
 I like it 
  May 14, 2009
this is my best game ever,and my fovorit person is snake,ho is yours? thats for you to ansew.
  April 13, 2009
hi please could you tell me how to make these people because i would really like to have a go at making them please
  March 21, 2009
CRAZY AWSOME!!! just gotta say though, minifigs are great, but the weapons could probably have been a little better...more specificaly the ends riffle.
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
ben siekierski
  March 19, 2009
dude sweet i just finished the game the other day you should really make a minifig of johnny the really cool guard when you are in the cell level
 I like it 
  February 8, 2009
 I like it 
  December 28, 2008
on the fury i think it says "ned" but its written backwards kike 6EN if you read it backwards
 I like it 
  August 1, 2008
I love the fury mainly coz of the flamethrower and jetpack but he is to easy when you get to fight him.
 I like it 
  November 5, 2007
awesome you know i heard somewere {don't know if it was a reliably source or not} that The sorrow is ocelots father
Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
 I like it 
Jackson F.
  August 27, 2007
These guys are cool...but what is Metal Gear Solid? I've never heard of it before.
 I like it 
  June 25, 2006
I never eviewed this? I tought I did, oh well. These, coming from one of your most critical reviweres, is still awsome even if it's from like, 1 and a half years ago (already?, time flies). I don't know if i will be able to do such a good job when I do mine, besides, you camera played a big part in making these look very good too, wish i had a camera like that, i have to focus lighting with a portable light and a tripod, and it's sill grainy, but I won't buy a new one unless this one explodes or something. Oh I went off topic, but anyway, other than sokolov(the monacle alone makes him your worst fig) the figs are very accurate with lego simplicity maintained, 5/5, you should tryed to make a better face for Big boss (and solid snake), tough.
 I like it 
  March 17, 2006
Sweet! Thats a cool game, try building Splinter Cell!
 I like it 
  February 1, 2006
mgs+lego=insanly cool stuff
 I like it 
  January 1, 2006
I like the FURY.
 I like it 
  March 28, 2005
All perfect, naturally, but is that a Paper monocle on Sokolov?
 I like it 
  February 4, 2005
Ha Ha Ha!!! Tightly done story telling my friend... Tres Coolio! I dig your mini-vignette's and your humour is fantabulous! Great job! Cheers! ~ Paul.
By Justin Saber-Scorpion Stebbins
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