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The Real Life Adventures of SigOcean Figgy -- At BrickCon08!
Double the Shannons means twice the Shan-anigans!
About this creation

Thursday, October 2nd was the day I was taking all my stuff up to BrickCon. I just had to wait around for the mail to show up to see if Mini-Ocean was going to make it in time. And there he was, right on schedule.

He didn't look so good when I dumped him out of the envelope, though. He just lay there, moaning.

"You all right?"
"Ooooh, my head... the last thing I remember is dancing on top of the bar at a strip club in Vegas."

"Sounds like Keith really showed you a good time."
"Who? Oh, him... are you kidding? I had to ditch that old man, he was cramping my style. I'd have never met those Playboy Bunnies with him hanging around."

We had a Lego convention to get to, so I looked around for something to get his mind off his hangover. The junk mail he came with was right there...
"Oh wouldn't you know, it's at the same time as BrickCon! Too bad we're already registered for that."
"Yeah, too bad..."

The slutty Halloween costume section in the Party City catalog perked him right up.
(*dialogue censored due to excessive perversion of an extremely graphic and offensive nature*)

After I tore them away from that and reminded them about BrickCon, Little Ocean was raring to go.
"All right, let's get a move on! I'll help pack!"

"Thanks, but we're already packed. We've just been waiting for you to show. And we don't really need that crate you're wheeling around."
"Thanks for telling me after I lugged it all the way out here!"

And we're off! Next stop BrickCon!
"Big Shannon, Little Shannon's making faces at me!"
"Nuh-uh, Big Shannon, Other Little Shannon started it!"
You two better knock it off or I'm taking you to that Bible seminar and leaving you there! And where are your seatbelts?

One of the things we were most looking forward to was meeting the great Nannan Z. He wasn't hard to find, you just had to follow the horde of Cyclopean Virtues.
"I don't know about you Youngy, but these things are freaking me out. Too much like giant spiders."

"The way to overcome your fears is to face them head on. Nannan needs help building a hundred of these. We'll make a few, then go wandering. How you doing, Ocean?"
"Goddam mother#*%&ing rubber band, won't %$!@ing loop the way I &^#@ing want it!"

"Ten-HUT! Who shall we invade, General Ocean?"
"With this force? Anyone we damn well please, General Young."
"Canada it is! All right, forward... MARCH!"

"What is it with you and rabbits?"
"Read Watership Down and maybe you'll understand."

"Top of the world, Ma!"
"Wow, so original... didn't we agree that the first one to shout that would get pushed off?"

"Hey, how are you doing that?"
"Doing what?"
"Walking on the water like that."
"It's Shannonia. Anyone named Shannon can do it. Give it a try."

"Um, it doesn't appear to be working."
"Strange... Maybe you have to be named Shannon YOUNG. Never had another Shannon visit, so I guess I just assumed... Well, now we know."
"I hate you."

"Hey Youngy, they say walking through here is like getting a peek inside Nannan's mind! Let's go!"
"I don't think you want to do that, Smeagol..."
"Ooooh, I'm real scared!"

Minutes later...
"Oh god! It's just too horrible! Make it stop, make it stop!"
"I told you, man. Luckily I've read a lot of Lovecraft so I'm fairly immune."

"I'd like to be... under the sea... in an octopus's garden... in the shade... take it, Youngy!"
"You just sang the only part I remember."

"This hoverscooter design looks strangely familiar..."
"Yeah, but where's the random unrelated commentary? Without that, it's nothing."

"So in this new Battlestar Galactica, Cylons look like humans? I don't know... to me, a Cylon will always be a big, shiny, cheesy-looking robot. You know what I'm saying, Youngy?"
"I hate remakes. I just watched the original series from the beginning and was deeply in lust with a young Jane Seymour... then they killed her off. Bastards. She was the best part of the show."

"I dare you to take the 3vil thing out for a joyride..."

"And in the new one, they made Starbuck a woman."
"WHAT?! Is nothing sacred?"

In unison:
"It was him."

"Oooh, I just read about this machine in National Geographic. Bombarding negatrons with charged positrons reverses the tachyon flow, thus slowing time and allowing an obsolete style like Classic Space to remain in vogue forever! May I suggest taking down the meson flux a notch, my good man?"
"Um... this is a sewage treatment plant, sir."
"Heh heh... nice one, Smeagol."

"Hey, how come you get the cool throne?"
"I'm the Mayor of Shannonia."
"So? This isn't Shannonia."
"I'm also the High Bishop of Coleoidea."
"This isn't Basementonia, either."
"Well, how many titles do you have? That's what I thought! Silence, lackey! I get the throne!"

It's MOCpages' favorite Lego Girl! Heather evidently cares nothing for impressive titles, because she just couldn't wait to get her hands on SigOcean Figgy, completely ignoring poor Mini-Young. Must be the Australian accent, it drives all the Lego Girls wild.

"Oh, SigOcean Figgy, I don't know if it's your bald bumpy head, those cool shades, or that sleeveless Batman T, but I just can't resist your overpowering animal magnetism. Take me, right here, right now!"
"Uh, okay... would you mind putting down that rifle though, it kinda makes me nervous."

"This giant baby is giving me the creeps! Let me out, man!"
"No! You stay in there til naptime's over! Bad Ocean Figgy! Bad boy!"

"I thought Lego conventions were sausage fests... this seems like a pretty good ratio right here."
"Somehow I don't think we'd have too much luck with these girls."

"Mmmmm... roadside pizza..."
"I don't know... something doesn't seem right about this."

"What do you think -- should we try our luck?"
"Uh, let's wait. I don't like the looks of that dealer."

"Hey, no fair, they didn't have machine guns back then!"
"Records from that era are spotty at best."

"This BrickCon thing's been fun, Youngy, but it's a pirate's life for me! I'm off to see exotic lands and plunder fabulous riches!"
"I'd better sign up too, to keep you out of trouble."
"Trouble? What could possibly happen?"

"I told you not to mess around with the captain's wife."
"Aye, but she be a lusty, busty wench. How's a salty old seadog like meself to refuse?"
"And you can stop talking like a pirate now. You've been kicked off the ship."

"And may the best Shannon win!"
"So you admit defeat already? Wise move, Smeagol."
"Oh, I am so tired of your mouth -- YOU'RE GOING DOWN, BITCH!"

"Now you're serious, that every first-time BrickCon attendee has to do a train dodge as a rite of passage?"
"For the last time, YES. And I'd keep my attention on that oncoming locomotive if I was you."

"OOOOH! That's gotta hurt!"

"The operative word in train dodge is 'dodge,' Smeagol."
"I hate you."

"Psst, Youngy. That chick on the diving board is totally checking me out."
"She probably can't look away from that enormous tattoo of a nude Debbie Gibson on your back. It's like a gruesome car wreck."
"Watch what you say about my Deb. Them's fightin words!"

"Wow, man... look at the pattern... the colors..."
"Would you come on? You've been staring into that thing for twenty minutes!"

"Woohoo! We're running across the field during a baseball game! This is the proudest moment of my life!"
"I can't believe I let you talk me into this!"

"This is all your fault, Ocean!"
"Hey, they were going to let us off with a warning until you started screaming 'SOO-EEEEEEEE, PIGGY PIGGY PIGGY!"

"Well, I think we lost the cops... but it looks like we ended up in a bad part of town."
"What are you talking about? I wish Melbourne was half this nice."

"This bears all the signs of a major zombie outbreak. We better be careful."
"Bring em on! In Australia we wrestle 10-meter crocodiles before we can walk! Zombies don't scare me."

"Whatever. If anything happens we'd be safest up on the roof there. Those guys look prepared."
"God, you pussy... I don't think I want to be seen around town with you."
"They have a cooler full of beer up there."
"Lead the way, friend!"

"Now this is how you ride out a zombie outbreak!"
"Toss me another beer, mate!"

"Rogers, did you drink the last beer?"
"Hey Sarge, I think I see some zombies coming this way!"
"Don't change the subject."

"Hear that, Youngy? Zombies coming! Let's get em!"
"Oh, all right... We better get out of here anyway, before Sarge finds out it was you who drank all his beer."

"First off, we'll need weapons. We better get in line..."
"What? You built this store, just cut the line! Call executive privilege or something!"
"No no, we must respect the line. Without the line, there's chaos. Just because Australia was settled by criminals, there's no excuse to bring that kind of anarchy here."
"Unbelievable... and here I never thought I'd miss Kelso's place!"

"You guys are lucky we still have anything. All we've got left is a ping-pong paddle, two AR-15's, and a butterfly net."
"We'll take it all."
"Oh yeah! You got it, right Youngy? I'll pay you back later, I swear... Now let's find some ACTION!"

"Aaaaah! Wait, how'd I end up with the ping-pong paddle and butterfly net? This isn't right! Ocean, gimme a gun! OCEAN!"
"Yeah, come and get it, you zombie cunts! Haha! Oh, you want some too, do you? Take that! And that!"

Mini-Young is heartened by the appearance of the Zucker twins.
"Hey there Shannon! Looks like you guys could use some help!"
"Zelda! Hell yes, I sure could, but Zombiephile Dundee over there seems to be doing all right."

"Here, take my chainsaw. Or do you only use that on Jehovah's Witnesses and such?"
"Beggars can't be choosers! Gimme gimme gimme!"

"Oooh, a chainsaw! I want, I want! Trade ya, Youngy!"
"Oh, so now you're willing to give me a gun..."

"Thanks guys, you two showed up in the nick of time."
"Man, you are such a whiner! I had it completely under control."
"See ya around, Shannons! We gotta go find more zombies. I know this is all fun and games for you, but it's our job!"

"Where to now?"
"We might as well check out the mecha."
"Lead the way..."
"After you."
"No, after you..."

"This sucks, they're never gonna let us out of here. Why did you take us into the quarantine compound?"
"Me? I was following you!"


 I like it 
  June 21, 2011
Looked like fun. :D
Shannon Young
 I like it 
Espen Stålder
  October 24, 2010
Imma have to go in 2011, I totally spaced out this year. It's only a quick drive from Bellingham!
 I like it 
  July 12, 2009
thats so funny!!! zombie cunts!!!
 I like it 
  May 20, 2009
Oh my gosh, i laughed so hard when i read this. I loved the end, as you might know, im a huge fan of apocalypse. How'd you get so many bad words in there? not that I care, it made it so much funnier, but man! that was AMAZING!!! Thanks for putting this up. (although it WAS in 2008, Thats just a minor detail to me.)
 I like it 
  February 4, 2009
Thanks for sharing the cool shots from NW BrickCon. Makes me sad I just moved to Myrtle Beach. BrickFair is an 8-hr drive away in August. Dam those high-paying tech jobs!!!
 I like it 
  October 16, 2008
So continues the adventures of Ocean - too bad he couldn't have been there in person. Lee.
 I like it 
  October 13, 2008
Just FYI This comment is very rude and perverted, but I want that firefighter's hands on my hatchet.;) Told ya!
 I like it 
  October 12, 2008
Oh,no you won't attack Canada!Without us,there'd be no hockey and we'll...ummm...well we..we....we have good snipers?Anyways that whole thing was hilarious I might actually consider making a 7th sig-fig and do something like that!
Shannon Young
 I like it 
Heather LEGO Girl
  October 8, 2008
I can't believe that SigKelso isn't here yet. You'd think that he was coming from another continent or something. Did you already send SigOcean away? If not, they'll have to get together to play. :)
 I like it 
  October 8, 2008
The adventures of SigOcean continue on a downward slope. I'm not talking about your post, I'm just wondering what kind of shape that poor guy's gonna be in by the time he makes it back to me?!? Thanks for all the pics of "THE" con to be at. I'm SO jealous that he got to play in Heather's dollhouse. All you guys who have been involved have really taken SigOcean to the depths of depravity. I'm really looking forward to seeing what he gets into next... What, no clue for us as to who gets him next? Fine, be that way. ~ Chris.
Shannon Young
 I like it 
Heather LEGO Girl
  October 7, 2008
Keith- Everything I want to say will certainly get a big N-O from the moderators, so I'll just say "you rock". Now send me my dang KeithLug swag 'for I have to get rough with you. ;)
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
I gata go (I am actually late for finishing this), but i have to leave a few comments. First, love the cyclopen Virtues (I did not know they came in white...), you two do not want to attack Canada, that's where Lee lives, and he will sick his PIM Industries stuff on you, That think by Nannan is sweet, yet TOTALLY demented, love all of the castle and zombie stuff, and glad to see Heather there.
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
Yes! Awesome!! GRAAAHHH WHY CAN'T I LIVE ON THAT SIDE OF THE US!?!.... *pant, pant* why.... ah well, at least I got to see SigOcean Figgy in tons of the booths, wonder where he'll go next? :)
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
Way, WAY too funny. To use one of your lines: you did not disappoint.
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
Huh. Wind down on the coke man. Good day
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
How dare you hate on new Galactica!
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
You have fun with that Shannon. ;)
 I like it 
  October 7, 2008
It looks like you two are trying to get peek under that skirt in that main pic. This is some really funny stuff, thanks for sharing.
Shannon Young
 I like it 
Heather LEGO Girl
  October 6, 2008
Hang on while I laugh a little more....Okay, I'll compose myself long enough to comment. The Shannon Figs not only needed seatbelts, but around here we have a rule, four foot nine or boost 'em every time. Booster seats for those two. I totally wasn't dissing little Youngy, he was just too much minifig-man for me to handle. But I have to admit, the little tiny accent that SigOceanFiggy was sporting WAS awfully hot. It had SigHeatherFig up all night talking about him. Couldn't shut 'er up. If only SigKelsoFiggy could have made it in time.
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
that... that.... that.... main picture....thats... LINO... MARTINS... =D love that dude
 I made it 
  October 6, 2008
Caleb - they were on the Titanic, and a LOT of other places that you won't see here. Not all the pictures turned out well, and some didn't make the final cut because 59 pictures on one page is more than enough already. Will - I'll be posting more comprehensive views of the various creations and some pics of the people that were there, but I need time to sift through the billion and a half shots that I took and decide what is worthy of being posted.
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Nice rove about the place, but sadly those two boys left to their own devices can't help getting deeper into the... Maybe Legolord's Dunebuggy gang can find the cure and get your sorry backsides out of there. good luck. garth
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Good, Very good! Quite funny! It was great to meet the little guy at BrickCon 08! Looks like the two of them really had fun! Great job, you really got pretty much the best of This years BrickCon...But why weren't they on that GIANT Titanic?
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
What about JD? Where's the pic of him and Rory? I was LULZing the whole way through, very funny...but is this the end? Is there more? ~Will
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Man I'm jealous. Why does this guy get to have all the fun? Great compilation =)
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Well, well, what am I to say about that? Hilarious! Those two. . .I believe a swear jar is in order. You've got to control your kids, Shannon. We wouldn't want them to get into bad habits would we? On another note, I'm not so sure those two should be drinking; they seem a bit underage! Go on and give 'em a little pep talk, will ya? It seems like there were some fabulous builds at Brickcon this year; as for the build in the main pic. . .priceless!
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
That was a blast, Shannons! Thanks for a great combo of figgydom and condom...wait...that didn't sound quite right. Anyway, some fun coverage of the main event there, Shan. I'm sure SigOcean Figgy will remember all the good times for the rest of his life (which at this pace, should last about another two weeks!). Shame you had to miss the OTHER convention, though.
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
ARGH!(This would go on for several lines,but I cut it do to the moderators, the man is keeping me down) Oh how I wish I could go to Brickcon,but I'm stuck in the dagum middle of nowhere 2 days of solid driving away! That'll do pig,that'll do~Roberta
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Brickcon rox! I was there on saturday
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
oh,thats amazing.I wish I coulda been there.....okay,gimme that chainsaw!
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
Oh yeah I forgot to say...BrickCon ROCKS!!!! =)
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
what a great ideas you just showed over here!! very interesting and funny! (as funny as Kelso's) very nicely done >>> peace.. fofo
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
"This is the proudest time of my life!" I actually saw someone run across the Seattle Mariner's field once. *chuckles* It was funny...
 I like it 
  October 6, 2008
"Oh what joy, for every girl and boy. The coral that lies beneath the waves.. ah ah aaah ah ah aah ah..." i think i still have my slutty Halloween costume section from last Oct. It comforts me when i have the flu ;P And All of this was really super funny
By Shannon Young
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