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Brik Wars Mission Battle
A Brik Wars battle featuring large armies, a random mission, and plenty of plastic carnage.
About this creation
This battle was played about a year ago. I took the pics, did this write up in a word proccessor, then forgot about it. It's too good to keep to myself though, so I've gotta post it. I've been reading this forum for awhile, and I've been playing brikwars even longer. But It's taken me this long to get around to doing any posting.

There are a number of house rules that have developed that are used in this battle. This is because for several months I was cut off from computer access and had only my Lego collection for company. With no way to check on the rules we made a few things up as we went along, hoping it wasn't too far removed from the 'official' rules. First of all there is a different hierarchy of units. Soldiers, Officers, and Commanders. Soldiers have an armor of 4 and a skill of d6, A limited number of soldiers (1 or 2) in each battle can be appointed medix. If they die, an Officer or Commander can appoint a new medic. Officers also get a health of 5 instead of the default 4. Commanders get a health of 6, a stupendous feat, and are allowed to not only appoint new medix, but also promote new Officers and Commandos. Units can only be promoted if they are nearby, or if both units have access to a communication device. Commandos are special forces units who get a health of 5 and a skill of d6+1. Each player is limited to 6 commandos. Clones, because they have heavy armor, get a health of 6. Any star wars unit also is considered to have a blaster which does a damage of d6+2. Clones and Commandos are the most powerful field units. Smg, assault rifle, and Machinegun weapons are allowed to shoot full auto at three targets on one turn. SMG's/Assault rifles have to then spend one turn reloading, heavy machinegunners don't.

At the time of this battle we had 114 minifigs in all, roughly 106 of which are featured as armed combatants in this battle. I happen to prefer large battles with lots and lots of grunt trooper units slaughtering each other, over battles with fewer, more unique and exotic units. Therefore our house rules cater to basic infantry combat.

This particular battle was fought between my little sister and myself. I play a country called Morfair, and she plays Brinstar. We left out all of the tanks and mech units, and played infantry only. We used a random mission system to give each player an objective. There are five missions each with a number. Each of us rolls a dice and then matches our roll with the mission chart. Then we write down the number on a piece of paper and hide it. Whoever first completes the mission they rolled, wins.

The missions are

1. Capture or Kill enemy commander. - Nuff said

2. Capture or kill all enemy commandos. - Obvious

3. Capture enemy fort. - Involves killing all enemys in the fort and then keeping them out for two turns.

4. Rescue prisoner. - Each of us traded one unarmed minifig who then became the enemy's prisoner. To win this mission simply rescue the prisoner from jail and bring him back to your own fort.

5. Steal treasure. - Each fort has a treasure chest, to win this mission two minifigs or a vehicle must carry the treasure chest back to their own fort.

6. Destroy all vehicles (including your own). - We only had two jeeps so we decided if anyone rolled this one they would just re-roll.

I must appologize for the small pictures, there's so many of them I had to do them small or it would take years to upload them all...
Without further ado:

Division 145. of the Morfair Grand army. I got all 14 clones. Note how I arranged all my men in neat orginised formations. Morfair's discipline is very strict. That, and I really like military orginization...

Not so with Brinstar....

Closeups of my troops... Here you see a platoon of Morfair regulars in the middle. Wearing their blue and white uniforms and led by a dashing officer with a hook hand, a fancy hat, and a revolver. Plus a platoon of clone troops to their right, and a couple squads of irregulars to their left along with a strike force of clones and my morter cannon.

On the left a platoon of rangers with black uniforms led by a smartly dressed officer, followed by three of my six Commandos, and then three more irregulars, one of whom has lost his weapon and is in disgrace. They handed him a pickax and a hand grenade and ordered him to kamakazi. Two more commandos are visible in the background.

Brinstar's army is clearly much less orginised.

At least those battle droids are in a nice formation. Battle droids are essentially normal soldiers with a health of 4, but they still get the d6+2 blasters. Super battle droids have the same stats as clones. I guess my sister figured 14 battle droids and 3 supers would be equal to 14 clones.

This inside of the Brinstar fort, there's princess Liader herself (my sister's sig fig) gaurding the treasure chest with a sword and submachinegun. Then a prison cell in which stands the prisoner, a cook. Next to him is the ex head cook of the Brinstar royal family. Liader got sick (literally) of his food and demoted him to kamakazi. He's got a hand grenade in each hand and is ordered to sacrifice himself to blow up anyone who gets too close.

I put all my eggs in one basket, the prisoner and the treasure are both behind bars, gaurded by Commander Roland (my sig fig) with his katana and machine pistol. For security I will refer to my sister and myself as Liader and Roland respectively.

Time to blow stuff up! What you see is my room, it's roughly 10x10 feet, they don't give a bod much space here in europe. I rolled mission number 2, kill all enemy commandos. I wasn't pleased since once you knock off a few of them the other guy is bound to catch on and hide the rest. I of course have no idea what Liader rolled.

Liader wins the initiative and moves her troops to occupy the nearest walls and buildings.

Take note of that little house on the right, interesting things happen there.

Roland decides to take a leaf out of Liader's book, and also occupies the nearest structures. The regular troops move up behind a protective wall of clone armor. A jeep towing a cannon speeds by on their left.

First blood! A commando sniper in the Brinstar fort scores a critical hit on my dashing officer with an opportunity shot.

Way in the back of this picture you can see I opted to hold most of my commandos back. My plan being that I would move them to stop whatever force Liader sent to do her mission. Note the rack of tools at the bottom left of the pic, waiting to be used as melee weapons. End round 1.

Liader moves her middle squads up nearer the central hill. The three super battle droids mount the hill and prepare to fire as soon as my men come in range. Other than that Liader leaves most of her troops where they are.

Contact! On my turn I move to take control of the center hill, a brief exchange of blaster fire leaves two super battle droids and one clone dead. With all the powerful blaster shots spent the rangers then move up to secure the area, taking up positions on either side of the hill. The ranger medic can be seen failing to heal the dead clone in the foreground.

I had the clever idea of using the cannon to blast a hole in the wall of that house, but the two enemies poking out of the windows are armed with a grenade launcher and hand grenade. So instead my troops wait just out of range for something to happen.

Overview end round 2. Notice the smaller rock on the left of the battlefield, and more importantly the two guys nearest to it, I forgot to get a closeup of that.

The Brinstar scout moves up and attempts to lob his grenade into the little house you can see at the bottom of the last picture. His throw fails miserably and the grenade even turns out to be a dud, robbing us of a spectacular explosion that should have engulfed both the scout and the pickaxe wielding dude.

Pickaxe is robbed of his kill by the two soldiers in the house, who shoot the scout quite dead.

But a swift Brinstar jeep quickly robs pickaxe of his life with its machinegun turret, the minifig is still pondering which robbery is more criminal, to rob him of his kill? Or his life?

The Commando squad takes up strategic positions in the fort. With all the missions inside my fort I figure all I have to do to keep Liader from winning is keep her away from the fort. The commando sniper in the tower at the top left of the pic, shoots a distant enemy machinegunner.

The Brinstar mechanic attempts to repair the two dead super battle droids, but he only succeeds in breaking them in half. Liader is known for her temper, and she's in fits over the mechanic, who is now in iminent danger of losing his job and his life. (Seriosly, two critical failures in a row on a d10 is pathetic)

Two medix use their stretcher to heal the machinegunner I sniped. Oh look it's,, Han Solo?

Han returns to his squad, feeling A-OK despite the sniper bullet in his brain.

Deciding that the cannon is a great threat, both grenediers lob their explosives at it, failing miserably to destroy it.

Their commanding officer is so humiliated by them that he retreats from the house and takes cover behind it. In the foreground you can see one of the miserable grenade damage rolls.

Overview at the end of Round 3. I think those last few photos were a bit mixed up, but whatever.

Liader retreats her forces from the center hill, leaving it firmly in my possession.

My clone strike force takes advantage of the situation with the pathetic grenadiers, one clone enters the building and takes both of them prisoner, while three others fire at nearby targets, killing the cowardly officer in the process. I must warn you that Liader is sentimental and softhearted, she tends to surrender troops rather than allowing a bloody struggle to the death. I end up with a large amount of prisoners at the end, considering we started with some 54 units each.

My jeep also moves up and strafes the enemy with its turret.

The overwhelming fire from the clones and machinegun only manages to kill Han for a second time.

So the second clone squad moves into action! Despite five powerful blasters, the only casualties are a demolitions guy with a rocket launcher, and a puny battle droid.

A brave ranger from squad A leaps atop the hill intending to strafe the battle droids with his assault rifle.

But his is shot dead before he gets a chance.

The rest of Ranger squad A opens fire also.

Managing to knock off another battle droid and Liader's second machinegunner.

I decide to press the attack home on all fronts, and move the slightly depleted first Clone squad up against overwhelming fire power.

A sharp exchange of ammunition kills one of my clones, in exchange for a battledroid, and two grunt troopers.

My green trooper uses his radio to call for fire support from the morter cannon.

The cannon crew aims, and fires...

And boom! The driver of the jeep is killed, but the other two troopers survive and take cover behind the wreckage.

The regulars move up and adjust formation to cover their flank.

Ranger squad B moves up around the left flank, to engage the battle droids on the other side of the hill.

The squad leader is gunned down in moments.

Finally noticing that she has an unfired cannon, Liader takes an opportunity shot...

Removing a clone so completely from existance that only his helmet remains.

The rangers take the high ground, but they all have a bad case of stormtrooper syndrome, no hits....

The medic attempts to revive the fallen ranger to help them, but he once again fails.

The squad of irregulars I left to gaurd the house finally realise that the frontline is moving ahead without them, they're missing out on all the mayhem!

I've lost track of what round it is now, but this is an overview. Round 5 I think...

Two sneaky troopers come up to the window and shoot the clone that was guarding the prisoners, in the back.

A medic revives the dead white trooper.

More successes for Liader's medics, they revive the brown officer, but his puny submachinegun is unable to defeat the tough clone armor.

To my horror Liader moves her battle droids up. Liader's mechanic saves his job and his life by repairing the two dead battle droids. Three clones fall to the overwhelming firepower of the robotic soldiers.

Liader's red squad finally grows bored of waiting on the sidelines and also moves up.

It seems to be Brinstar's lucky turn. Ranger squad B is completely wiped out by the hail of lead from the red soldiers.

Three extra red soldiers go a different direction and finish off yet another of my clones.

Overview at that point.

Liader sends her commandos around my left flank, they collect help from the survivors of the wrecked jeep. "What luck!" I think, she's sending my mission to me, how nice. I was planning to let the commandos get very close to my fort, then suddenly surround them and massacre them. But now they they'd been reinforced I realised that I didn't have enough troops nearby to be sure of them. So I decided to thin their ranks a bit, the green trooper once again calls for the morter to fire, it scores a hit which kills two of the commandos.

Revenge time, one of the rangers tosses a well aimed grenade, putting a permenant end to three of red group and knocking down the mechanic.

Then a squad of regulars moves up to engage the remaining reds at point blank range. These are the tactics that Brinstar and Morfair are renowned for. Despite their modern rifles, tanks, and aircraft, the basic tactic for infantry seems to be to get troops as close as possible and unload insane amounts of ammunition into each other. When they run out of ammunition they then go hand to hand, battering each other using their rifles as clubs. This is called, fun... For us at least. :)

The irregulars catch up to the battle, a hail of lead and blaster fire virtually destroys the battle droids, and suddenly a dashingly white dressed officer finds a pair of assault rifles in his face.

He chooses to surrender, meanwhile the regulars have essentially wiped out red group, as seen to the left of the pic.

The clones have used their shots to shoot the battle droids. So some obliging troopers cover the door to keep the former prisoners from jumping the clones from behind.

Overview at the end of that round, I lost track of which one it is....

The escapee's have other plans, they jump through a back window and begin to regroup along with their rescuers. The lousy mechanic, eager to help, has picked up a pickaxe.

Liader notices that she's lost a medic and appoints the white trooper to replace him. He successfully revives one commando, and partially revives the other. House ker medic table says that if a roll is one point too low, then the unit is partially revived. He must be carried to a structure under friendly control and nursed back to health for two turns. After which he is completely revived. The partially revived commando is placed in the remains of the jeep untill a medivac can reach him and evacuate him to the fort. At this point things are looking pretty dismal for Brinstar so the commandos aren't too hopefull for a medivac.

A trooper attempts to slow the Brinstar commandos down. When his rifle fails at that, he instead surrenders. I had hoped that the commandos would send one of their guys to gaurd the prisoner, thus weakening their numbers. The green troop in the doorway just hunkers down and waits for help.

But Laider thinks she is smarter than that, she places my prisoner in the middle of her formation, so if I hit them with an explosive my guy will be the first to go. I decide to humor her and pretend I actually care about him. Really, I would have delighted in splattering another minifig, but she's just too tenderhearted to understand.

Most of the few survivors of Liader's army retreat. A couple remain on the cannon nearby, but so far they've done no damage other than vaporising that one clone.

The ranger medic finally succeeds in reviving a couple troops.

One of the irregulars is marching the captured officer to the rear.

The ragtag Brinstar squad of prisoner escapee's and lousy mechanix, suddenly finds itself surrounded.

They all surrender. Looks like all that's left is for my army is to mop up the scattered remains of Liader's army and finish off the commandos.

Appearences can be decieving. One of the captured troops throws a handgrenade, which blows away one of my clones.

The lousy backstabber is quickly filled full of lead and blaster fire.

The regulars once again confront their enemy at point blank.

An exchange of fire leaves only one surviving red group trooper.

The cannon operators had chosen to remain behind in the hopes of slowing my troops. But they are flanked and outnumbered. One has already been sniped...

The recently revived rangers quickly finish off the other.

What's this? Two battle droids have escaped the fighting! They head over to join the commando's. The baseplate in the backround is our measuring plate. Most everything is measured by plates and half plates, which is a nice quick system, simpler than using inches.

The Brinstar commandos are approaching the fort. I quickly divert what few troops I have nearby. A demolitions expert, a squad of regulars, and a lone commando, named Rex.

My sniper scores another critical success!

Another overview. The battlefield looks wonderfully chaotic. But this is really nothing compared to some past battles that I lack pictures for. You can see the commandos approaching my troops in the foreground.

The two regular troopers move up first, using the house for cover.

One of them throws a grenade which explodes the demolitions expert and his assistant. The other one exchanges fire with Rex.

The commando grenadier flanks the regulars and fires his under barrel grenade launcher. Unfortunately for him it is a dud.

The battledroids join the commandos, further bolstering their numbers.

The Brinstar demolitions expert moves up and blows away a regular on the far right of the formation. The regulars opt to retreat and regroup.

But I think this guy might be dumber. The captured dashing white officer siezes a pickaxe and attacks his gaurd.

His attack fails and the gaurd shoots him deader than dead.

This picture gives a nice overview of the mess that is the center hill area. This usually happens in our brikwars. One little insignifigant patch of floor becomes a killing ground, each side pouring their troops into a small area where they butcher each other at close range till one side runs out of troops and retreats. Cival war era tactics... My men are regrouping in preperation for an attack on Liader's fort. Now we know I don't need to do that since my mission is her commandos and they're way behind my front lines. But I'm still trying to pretend that my mission is in her fort so her commando's won't retreat and make things difficult.

The regulars split up and prepare to fire.

The unlucky commando grenadier is the first to go...

My green troop has made a wide circle to avoid the commandos, he jumps them from behind! He manages to down the tough super battle droid with his puny smg, very lucky critical success! The visible die with the 1 on it is not his roll. We have so many dice they often find their way all over the battlefield and into pictures.

My sniper strikes again!

Seeing that Liader's commandos are pinned down at the house, I form a rag tag squad from the center hill survivors, to go reinforce my troops there.

Another overview. Way in the top right corner you can see my group of prisoners being marched to the rear.

Good bye green troop. I think this guy made the most kills, if you count the kills made by the morters he called. Otherwise I'd say my sniper had more.

The Brinstar commandos move up and fry the regulars standing in their way.

With the house now under their control and medivac unavailible, two troopers carry the wounded commando to the building to revive him completely.

More fire from the commandos kills the regular's squad leader.

I launch my attack against the Brinstar fort! My real intention is to disable their morter. Liader didn't use it much and it never made any kills, but I didn't want her commandos to be able to call down fire support on the kill squad I had headed their way. Much to my disgust the morter operators surrender.

The rest of my troops move up, still trying to maintain the illusion that her commandos are not my mission.

My surviving defenders retreat to the fort while they wait for the reinforcements to arrive.

My sniper finally moves out of the tower where he'd camped the whole battle.

His accurate shooting once again scores. You can also see a couple of Liader's more unlucky rolls in the foreground. ;)

While all that was going on I marched the squad I'd captured to the little building way behind the fronline, and having lined them all up against the wall just a few troopers are sufficent to prevent any foolish escape attempts. It was tempting to execute them, but Liader was all sentimental about them so I was nice to her.

The reinforcements finally arrive and suddenly the commandos are outnumbered and outgunned. At this point I reveal that my mission is to capture or kill all of Liader's commandos. She'd pretty much guessed anyway.

They surrender peacefully, and in a twist of fate their former prisoner has taken the commando leader's shotgun and is covering them with it.

The two troopers have their wounded charge in the house with them and they're covering the doors....

But they quickly surrender themselves when they see the firepower they're up against. That one battle droid on the far left of the battlefield self destructs, and the battle is over.

End of battle. At this point Liader reveals to the hilarity of all that she also rolled mission 2. We were both trying to accomplish the same thing! :) Much fun was had, though I was somewhat dissatisfied with the level of carnage. Lots of battles have ended with a scant two or three survivors out of more than 100 minifigs. This time I ended up with more than a fifth of Liader's army captive, and a half dozen more still hiding out in their fort. Although tactics played some small role in this battle, I think the primary cause of my victory was that Liader kept surrendering troops that seemed to be in imminent danger. Chances are I would have rolled lousy rolls and they would have survived and been able to continue to fight. But instead they wound up disarmed and lined up against walls.

Since this I've done several other battles. Including one really spectacular battle with my friend Damian which had a huge close range butcher fest with loads of melee attacks and full automatic sprays. We estimated that over half of each of our forces, that's nearly 60 minifigs, were killed in an area about 1 and a half feet square. The bodies were piled up on each other, and the living had to be propped up on top of the dead. I also sniped my own medic, after he failed six revival attempts.
More recently I played a much smaller brikwar with my two cousins at their house, which included a battle for the dove of peace, which lies in the lake of crocodiles on the field of mayhem. That battle ended with a three way Good the Bad and Ugly shootout. Each of us wrote down who our guy was shooting at on a secret ballot, then made our hit and damage rolls. Too bad I couldn't get any pics of those battles. :P


 I like it 
  October 7, 2010
This is why I joined the Brikwars forums
 I like it 
  June 23, 2009
I haven't seen one this nice since the Sibling Rivalry.
 I like it 
  May 31, 2009
you have a LOT of time on your hands. Summer break in 2 weeks.
 I like it 
  May 20, 2009
I had a Brik War with my friend once, but we had no idea what a Brik War was. :-( Anyway, I'm going to have this weekend with my cousin. If this were at my house and everyone brought thier own Lego... You'd be DOOMED. No kidding.
Jonathan Glass
 I like it 
Milan CMadge
  March 9, 2009
Hey, I wouldn't mind playing that myself! It looks great fun - When I have a Lego battle with my little sister I use one of my Lego guns, and she always manages to get hurt. Even if I shoot her feet the bullet/rubber band always manages to bounce up and hit her exactly in the eye. Every time!!! - Great job, I also agree with Lt. Ghostman, very good job at making it so long, I know it's hard to get all the photos and writing in the right order that way!
 I like it 
  February 17, 2009
Looks quite fun. Very big looking. Also good job at making this presenation so long.
 I like it 
  October 28, 2008
Amazing. Large scale battles, especially ones involving mostly infantry, are difficult to stage, yet you managed to fight one that was highly entertaining. I may use your mission system in the future.
 I like it 
  October 27, 2008
Even with the somewhat cluttered and confusing layout, the play by play was quite good and a very fun read, hope to see more of these from from you, made my day, really makes me wish I had people to play this with :)
By Jonathan Glass
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