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Mars Mission Chapter 1
Part 1 of my Novel based on Mars Mission.
About this creation

In 2050 we had used up all of earth Coal recourses, and were running out of Oil. Our Electric plane’s, Car’s, boat’s and Ship’s were working well. But not well enough.

After the Agamemnon Martian probe landed on the Surface of Mars in 2046 it has been sending data back, Temperature, Photos, Soil samples, Rock scans and so thought. But, one day we got a message back, a strange message that at first we didn’t fully understand.


We had no idea what this meant. Energy in rock, a type of Energy Crystal, or Energy ore. After many months of research, Earths Government’s decided to send a team to mars. With the Best Technology, and the Best people to go to mars, Collect and Mine these’s Energy Crystals. And bring them back to earth.

It was called ‘Mars Mission’, and this was our best hope for the future, Energy from an Alien planet. Free energy. No catches. No problems. And so, on the 5th of May 2053 we launched for mars…

Chapter 1: Arrival to Mars

The ship was cold. Dim and empty. The Bridge was lifeless, other than one control panel glowing. In bright red letters the words ‘Program 1’ shone. Lights flickered on. And the Bridge came alive. Control panels lit up, Air was vented in. One light shone over a plaque. Eagle shuttle 1 And underneath in small print Solar Explorer 2.
The Solar Explorer was meant to travel to Mars in 2060, with a 5 men crew. Her Program was called ’Life on Mars’ a team to look for life. But it was overruled and her staff ordered to create the Eagle. And now of the Solar Explorer Crew would be the first to mars.
That was our job now.
With all the lights on the Hull was White and Orange. Red warning stickers all around. Black chairs covered the room, each with a consol in front of them. Navigation, Engineering, Life support, Helm, Damage response, Communications and Weapons. All seven stations alive with light. 3 on each side and Helm at the front.
Then at the back, a White door slid open, Air vented into both rooms.
The second room was long, about 25 meters. Slowly its lights flickered on. Revelling tubes, tubes with a glass front facing the middle. 20 on each side. An meter each . 40 in all. The best Miners, Geologists, Pilots, Engineers, and personal from other fields. When the room was full with Oxygen. Gas leaked out of 7 pods. The gas was white, and freezing. The monitor at the side showing a human heartbeat, growing stronger and faster each time. Then a red dot appeared on the screen. The glass slid across, turning until it was at the side of the pod. More gas flowed out. Freezing the air. And slowly. A white boot stepped out. The entire leg was a white EVA suit. A space suit. Only a few millimetres of the skin. The chest had an orange and grey consol. Control’s on each side of the stomach. Straps across the shoulder and around the chest. As the other boot and leg left the tube. An oxygen tack was strapped to there back. The Straps from the Front connecting to the tank. Tubes from the Oxygen tank connected to a helmet. It was white. With a gold visor. Standard model 24 Carat gold. It covered the glass, and behind that. A face.

Moments latter all 7 pods opened and peopled clambered out. Some stretched. Others fell to the floor and lied down. One just stood facing the Bridge. His hand moved towards one of the consoles hanging from his stomach. And pressed a button. “Can every one hear me?” The man ask with his deep voice. The other 6 people pressed the button.

“Yes sir. *Cough, Cough* Navigation Officer here” A man replied
“Here. Here sir. Life support and environmental officer here. Dam its cold!” A women replied slowly.
“Shit!…. Yes sir! Helm reporting. I think” His voice was young. Properly in his 20’s.
“Damage control standing buy sir!” This mans voice bellowed. A military voice.
“Here captain. Engineering.” An other woman’s voice. Slightly older sounding than the first woman’s.
“Weapons…. Lets do it!” His voice shouted loudly.
“My head…. Communications, why am I here?” A lazy voice said. Already complaining.
“Nice to see your all awake. Captain and Weapons. Lets more it. Vicky woke us up for a reason!”
Vicky, was the Computers name. Virtual Intelligence Control Kazi Yars.
Kazi Yars being the Japanese company that developed and created her. The seven men and women walked into the bridge. Each sitting down at there stations.
“Navigation, plot a course to the Landing Zone, Engineering check all systems and storage. Damage Control check for any damage. 6 months out here something might have hit us. Environmental I want every Stasis-pod checked before landing. I don’t want any of my crew dead before they wake up.” The Captain ordered, His consol was basic. A target grid, cannon charge and amount of energy left for use. It was mostly touch screen. Other than the targeting; which was pointless. The cannons were at the front of this 180 Meter shuttle. He could only fire forward. And tilt the cannons up or down a bit.
“Right. Stasis-Pods all working, the 33 crew still in stasis are happy and healthy.” She replied in a cheery voice.
“Vicky an I have plotted a course to the LZ, Helm im sending it to you now.” He sounded pleased with him self. He was the best of the best at plotting courses any where Underwater and in the Sky, space was its new hobby.
“Damage non sir. We mist all those big flying rocks.” His military voice stood out, very strict, orthodox and respectable. Like most Military Fanatics, always sound professional looking for a promotion.
With everything on order, Helm turned the oversized shuttle. The landing would be difficult. 180 Meters and only the first 50 had wings. The rest was storage, full of metal, tires, motor’s, tracks, drills, scanners, small engines designed small light flying plains, even its hull was built to be taken apart once landed. When she would have the Eagle shuttle would separate and the rest would be used to make a base, vehicles, equipment. It is a built-it-your-self Mars. In the end the Eagle Shuttle would be refuelled and mounted on a vertical part of the base. Ready to take off back to earth, full to the brim with those strange Energy Rock/Crystals and the crew ready to go back home.
With this in mind landing her wrong could damage or even destroy the cargo, which would mean to Vertical launch pad to get home. The helm had the most important, and difficult job. And its was right at the beginning.

“Take us to our new home” The captain ordered.
“Right, Right. Here goes everything.”
He flicked a switch up. The front of the bridge split in to, sliding apart. A thick heat shielded segment of glass came into view, it was tainted orange to help shield the crews eyes from the sun. Navigation pressed down on his touch screen. Projectors placed a image on the glass, in one corner hull Temperature. In the other corner speed. The rest of the guages were scattered across the other consol’s in the bridge. At navagation he could see speed, distance, a line showing course, separation controls and thrusters firing. He changed up the rear engines, 2 large 5 meter fuel tanks on the outer side of the storage compartment started to vibrate. They connected to two big thrusters. They began to glow a deep blue.
‘Thrusters are now operational’ Vicky stated.
He pressed a buttion nest to is touch screen, two joysticks appeared at the arms of his chair. One for left and right. The other for Up and down. Acceleration was a small foot pedal at the bottom, like a car. He waited for the right moment… And floored it!

The thrusters at the back fired! The crew were all forced back in there chairs. The G-forces was crushing there ribs. The shuttle increased speed to 600 MPH as it entered the atmosphere. ‘Entering atmos….phere’ Vicky struggled to say. The bottom of the hull suddenly set on fire! The ship then started to fall. Bottom first in to the red planet.
“Fuel tanks at critical Temperature!” Damage control shouted.
With his hands on both joy sticks he struggled to remove them, and when he did the pain on his musicals was unbearable. He hit his touch screen. A green light appeared. He through his hand back and re-grabbed on to one of joysticks. And with a loud screech the two fuel tanks ripped off the hull. And moments latter exploded! For a moment the crews bodys were flung forward. And then flung back in there seats! The hull burnt at over 1000 degrees. And then the fire stopped. And the craft was in free fall. Time to use those wings at the front.

She swerved across the Martian sky, falling faster and faster.
“Lock and Load!” The pilot shouted! He slammed his fist against the touch screen, a big sigh saying Retro’s appeared. In the front of the falling Eagle two octagon shaped covers shot off the nose. And out of them came two pure red flames!
They burned the very sky in front of the Eagle as she slowed down. Then, after 2 minutes Mars Orange soil came into view.
“Hold on everyone. This could get bumpy!”
He yanked at the stick. Forcing the nose up. The back cargo hols slammed against the ground. Orange soil and of fragments of Energy crystals exploded from the ground! Now skidding across the ground the front Yellow and Orange ship came closer to Mars.
Suddenly the nose crashed onto land, the ship was just skimming forward. And then slowly she came to a stand still.

“Can I fly or what!? Give it up for the Pilot of this beast!” His hands off the joysticks now and towering across his head.
The Captain just looked back at him. “Damage control?” He asked.
“Were Ok, the paints a bit damaged sir but other than that.” He replied pressing his touch screen. The captain got up from his chair. Now with all the safety straps off.
“Lets wake up out crew.”
‘Yes sir.’ Vicky replied in a brisk voice. With that order the remaining 33 Stasis pods opened, and all the men and women slowly stepped out. The captain opened the door separating the rooms, the rest of the command staff followed.
“Were are we?” “Why is there gravity?” “I feel sick” “Ow..” Were just some the rest of the crew were saying.
The captain looked back, with his visor still down. The rest of the command crew just stood easy.
“Well.” He said. “Were the first Humans on mars.”

Within in a hour they left the Eagle’s air lock and has separated the cargo hold. With the Welders and high powered nail guns out they started to construct MB-01 Eagle Command Base And others started to make small drilling trucks. All around odd pockets of green energy crystals lit up the Martian ground.

But in the distance, unknown to the team. On other species began to make slowly….

(Chapter 2 is comming soon. Then in Chapter 3 the Aliens apear!)


 I like it 
  June 4, 2017
4/5 The story was great, but the grammar and wording leaves a little to be desired. Great work though!
 I like it 
  May 22, 2010
Awesome! 5/5 :)
 I like it 
  May 22, 2010
Awesome! 5/5 :)
 I like it 
  May 22, 2010
Awesome! 5/5 :)
 I like it 
  May 22, 2010
Awesome! 5/5 :)
 I like it 
  May 22, 2010
Awesome! 5/5 :)
 I like it 
  October 9, 2009
Coincidently, I began writing a story verý similar to this one, but the astronauts use firstly the LOM vehicles, which are destroyed by the aliens. And the name of the Rocket which comes with the MB-01 Eagle Command Base is Ginger Wizard, not just Eagle, and the name of the mission commander is Capt. 'Kid' Thorogood.
 I made it 
  July 7, 2009
Hi, you have permission to do whatever you want to do (Just dont post the ACUALT novel on any of your one sites, the youtube add says 'ONLY AT MOCPAGES' so yeh) Sorry i actualt didnt understand what you ment, other that you hace corected the Gramer. Could you tell me again (Sorry)
  March 1, 2009
i love the lego dropship! its so so coooool!
 I like it 
  February 13, 2009
I like it a lot. Pity about the spelling and grammar,I rate it 100%.You described it in so much detail. Pure AWSOMENESS!!!!
 I like it 
  November 25, 2008
I added yout to my friends list and my favorite builders list!
 I like it 
  November 25, 2008
Hey its me okey26! i love this i'm surprised that it wasn't on the most popular more than the picture at the top from that video on Youtube or did you find it/make it for this?
 I like it 
  November 24, 2008
This story is great! The only thing is, you have many misspelled words and sentences that may want to be re-worded. But other than that it's great and I can't wait for the second chapter!
 I like it 
  November 24, 2008
perhaps take some pictures and make the story captions. you provided a great backstory though. please check out my superman comics.
 I like it 
  November 24, 2008
Coincedentally, I began work on a novel based on the Blacktron series. Look forward to the next chapter. Though try and take your time when typing. Good day
 I made it 
  November 24, 2008
Thank you all! Im on the Popular New Mocs list for the first time! And im Number 1! (24.11.2008)
 I like it 
  November 24, 2008
Odd! This is NOT a MOC!!!!!! there is NO Lego CREATION on this page!!!! and you passed me on the MOCpages homepage!!! There will be revenge!!!!!!!!!
 I like it 
  November 24, 2008
sweet. check out my mocs
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