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TSC Archives: October & November
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Missed out on some news? Looking back for the sake of nostalgia? This is your page then!
About this creation
Confederation Day 1. Oct. 19, 2008: Here is how it is going to work. We will have a ranking system similar to that of The Army of Trinity: The first 3 people to join will be named "Founder", then the next 2 will be "Royalty", the next 3 "Duke", then 5 "Noble" then the next 7 "Homeland Defence" then everyone else is "Knight". I welcome you all.
update: Our first member has joined. He is Alex Ruiz and is a veteran of the BotC. Please note to anyone who joins that their name should be changed to accomodate their rank.
update: Our second member has joined. Andrew Colunga
update: Our third member and final founder has joined. He is BotC veteran Sean Moran
update: Concerning Fed: There has been a slight bump in the road. I got into a slight "scuffle" if you will, and I was wrong. I would like to publically appologise to Fed. To everyone who I have been communicating with recently, Erik, Tom and Fed himself, let's start over. I want to use this new alliance to fix all the problems with the BotC.
update: Our fourth member and first royal has joined. Taylor Davis.
update: Our fifth member and second royal has joined. Defender Elite Phazonix Aran 2010 from The Army of Trinity

Confederation Day 2. Oct. 20, 2008: Our sixth member and first Duke has joined. My little brother Jackson (anonymous)
update: We have allied with the Clan of Equal Men. If you are a member, and you wish to ally, that will not be neccisary: Our alliannces are already allied. "Sister Alliances" as we called such a relation in the BotC.
update: We have now also allied with the Army of Trinity. They are our second Sister Alliance.

Confederation Day 3. Oct. 21, 2008: Laying Down the Law: Alright, it is about time we make some rules. If we are going to have a successful system of government in this alliance, we need to have some regulations. Here is a list:
1. Everyone is allowed to voice their oppinion.
2. Treat members of our Sister Alliances with the same respect as you treat each other. We do not want a war.
3. You SHALL NOT spam another Confederate's page. This also falls under respect.
4. If someone is suspected of breaking any of these rules, a jury of neutral members to help me asess the problem will be brought up. Witnesses may also comment. For instance: If someone was suspected of spamming on another member's page, I will select 2 people for a sort of trial if you will. Anyone who may have seen this happening or not can comment to help.
5. You SHALL NOT discriminate other alliances or builders.
6. Now that we have a female MOCer in our Confederation, you SHALL NOT be sexist.
7. You are only allowed to be here if you have creations.This rule is for those who are not yet in the Confederation, this is why it is written in yellow.
Once our group grows more, more rules will be added to fit.
update: Our seventh member and first "she-MOCer" has joined. Nicole Rodriguez.

Confederation Day 4. Oct. 22, 2008: Our eighth member and final Duke has joined. He is BotC veteran Googoo the Great.

Confederation Day 5. Oct. 23, 2008: Our ninth member and first Noble has joined. He is BotC verteran Sergent Dan.

Confederation Day 6. Oct. 24, 2008: Our Third Sister Alliance has joined. The Phazon Warriors.
update: Our fourth Sister Alliance has joined. BIO MOX.
update: Our tenth member has joined. He is "rejoin"-ing BotC veteran Alejandro Ivan.

Confederation Day 7. Oct 25, 2008: As you can see people, we are reaching a Full Week of Confederation. (It will not have been a full week untill this evening, and that is too late for all of you for me to post anything.) So tommorrow, to celebrate, I will be posting a MOC-off for Confederate's only. It will be a sort of tournament that I am hoping will last for our next full week. This will really put your buiding skills to the test. Remember that we NEED 8 PEOPLE to enter in order for this to work. Here are the rules for the build-off:
1. Steps of the tournament: Eight people must be entered. These 8 people will be pared up at random to face each other in MOC-offs. Confederates who are not in that particular MOC-off must comment on the page of whom ever they want to win that MOC-off. Whomever wins will go on to the next round. Who ever wins all of the MOC-offs that they have to beat will be crowned champion, we will be using standard tournament system. (i.e. 4 pairs, 2 pairs, 1 pair)
2. Rating system/ How you win a MOC-off: Rating will be based on the following: 1. Size of MOC (5 points) 2. Quality of MOC [colour coordination, and, if you are replicating something real, the likeness to the real thing] (10 points) 3. # of smileys accumulated from Confederate reviews (1 point per smiley) 4. # of positive confederate reviews (2 points per review) 5. My personal oppinion (5 points)
3. Rules for cheering: 1. You can not jeer people you do not want to win. 2. Those people need your reviews, so get out there once the MOCs start being posted.
4. Setting up the page: The Title must have "TSC MOC-off:" at the beginning, to distinguish it from other MOCs. This is pretty standard people.
5. Other: 1. There is no theme requiered. 2. Once a pair has been called, and you are in it, you have all day of that day to post a creation. If you fail to do so, you forfeit. update: Also, there is no theme.

Here is the sign up list:
1. Googoo the Great
2. Phazonix Aran
3. Alex Ruiz
4. Taylor Davis
5. Jackson (anonymous)
6. Andrew Colunga
7. Sean Moran
8. Dave

Remember, we need 8 people by tomorrow for this to work.
update: Please check this page often (ever day, say, morning & evening) for news and updates, it is too much of a pain for me to have to go out and tell everyone.
update: Our eleventh member and third noble has joined. He is Sergent Dan's cousin General Dave.
update: Remember people, with this build-off it is a first come, first serve, ASAP-or-else-we-wont-have-it kind of operation. That being said, if you have the slightest urge to join in, od it NOW. Also, I will extend the time you all have to enter, because four on the first day jus isn't good results. Having, four is enough for a scaled-down mini verion, but I do not think that is enough.

Confederation Day 8. Oct. 26, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 9. Oct. 27, 2008: Alright, I have to change a few things around with the MOC-off. Clearly, only six of you want to compete. Tournaments like this only work with some of the multiples of 8 (untill it gets into 4, 2, 1) , and six is not one of them. So, here is how it must work: UNLESS TWO OTHER PEOPLE SIGN UP, the six of you will have to make "Qualifier MOCs". (it should be stated so in the title) The first four of you to make said MOCs will get on the "Contestant List" as seen below. Remember, even if you didn't sign up in the first place, or you didn't make it to the "Contestant List", your fellow Confederates still need your help to win. Also, I am going to announce the name. This MOC-off will be called: "The Week of Confederation MOC-off" . So remember you six, get off your computer and start making qualifier MOCs. Googoo, Phazonix, Alex, Taylor, Jack, Andrew, and Sean, good luck to you.

Confederation Day 10. Oct. 28, 2008: Alright everyone, here is what is happening: Dave has joined the MOC-off. So, to everyoe who created a "Qualifier MOC", they are unneccisary now. The MOC-off has not officially opened yet, I will announce the match-ups later on.
update: WEEK OF CONFEDERATION MOC-off! Alright, it is time. Here are the match ups:

Duke Googoo the Great vs. Duke Jackson (anonymous)
Founder Sean Moran vs. Royal Phazonix Aran 2010
Founder Alex Ruiz vs. Lord Dave
Andrew Colunga vs. Royal Taylor Davis

Good luck to you all and let me know when you have added a creation. Here are some last minuet notifications: 1. Once you have posted a creation, you have twelve hours to rack up points by getting reviews and ratings, then, I will come in and give you your point numbering. I will also post the number here. Whomever gets more poins in their battle moves up the rows. If you fail to add a creation for your MOC-off within 24 hours of your pairing being posted, you automaically forfiet. Good luck.

Confederation Day 11. Oct. 29, 2008: Alright look, in order for this MOC-off to work, contestants have to participate. So come on people! Jackson! Sean! Alex! Dave! Andrew! Taylor! Get your butts in gear!
update: Alright, both Googoo and Jackson have posted MOCs for the MOC-off against each other, so go and vote for your favorite.
update: Now Sean and Phazonix have MOCs up to face each other. Go go go people! Get out there and vote!

Confederation Day 12. Oct. 30, 2008: Taylor has added a MOC for the MOC-off.
update: Our twelvth member has joined. Comander Tremblay from Canada.
update: Alright, some of you have been asking me when you have been asking me when you know when you have won. Things have been going a little slowly so the MOc-off may take longer than I predicted. Let me just say that this MOC-off is about you. If you want this thing to happen, you need to encourage people that haven't entered anything yet to do so. For instance, we have a match-up inwhich BOTH contestants have not added anything yet. This can not function without eveyone's participation. So, if you really want this to happen, then get out there and tell people to get their rears in gear.

Confederation Day 13. Oct. 31, 2008: Happy Hallowe'en!
update: Our thirteenth member and final Noble has joined. Commander Rex.

Confederation Day 14. Nov. 1, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 15. Nov. 2, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 16. Nov. 3, 2008: Okay people, Andrew has added a creation for the MOC-off. All I can say is that thus far, Alex, and Dave, I am rather disappointed in you. Come on. The fate of this whole thing is riding on you. GET BUILDING! D:<

Confederation Day 17. Nov. 4, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 18. Nov. 5, 2008: Our fourteenth member and first part of Homeland Defence has joined: (Commander) Captain Rocky Fett.

Confederation Day 19. Nov. 6, 2008: Well, I must say that I am dissapointed in Alex and Dave. So, here is how we are going to get past the bump in the road that is this MOC-off: When I get the time, I will go to the MOCs that people have entered for Round 1 and mark them for points. The four people who have achieved the most points will move on to Round 2. After that, we will return to the old system. Good Luck.
update: Alright, here are the point totals for round 1:

Googoo the Great: 43
Jackson (anonymous): 33
Sean Moran: 33
Phazonix Aran 2010: 43
Andrew Colunga: 32
Taylor Davis: 31

Well, it looks like Googoo, Jack, Sean, and Phazonix are moving on to Round 2. Well, here are the new match-ups:

Founder Sean Moran vs. Duke Googoo the Great
Royal Phazonix Aran 2010 vs. Duke Jackson (anonymous)

Good luck, and this time, HURRY IT UP!
update: Our fifteenth member and second part of "Homeland Defence" has joined. BotC veteran Glorius Shadow.
update: Googoo has added his Round 2 creation.

Confederation Day 20. Nov. 7, 2008: Our sixteenth member and third part of "Homeland Defence" has joined. BotC verteran Awaros the Mighty.

Confederation Day 21. Nov. 8, 2008: Phazonix has added his Round 2 entry.
update: Alright, names are being decided for the alliance between Ourselves, CEM & AoT. To has a voting page up here and you must go there to vote, before November 10th, when votes are tallied.
update: My little brother Jackson has uploaded his Round 2 entry. That being said, the contest between him and Phazonix has begun. I will tally points in 24 hours. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!

Confederation Day 22. Nov. 9, 2008: The Name has been decided for out 3-way alliance with CEM & AoT: We are known as The Republic of Piece. Coming tonight: the results for Round 3 of the Week of Confederation MOC-off.
update: Alright, here are the results for Round 2:

Googoo the Great: 28
Phazonix Aran 2010: 31
Jackson (anonymous): 28

Alright, it looks like your finalists are...

Duke Googoo the Great and Royal Phazonix Aran 2010!

Congratulations to the both of you. Round 3, The Finals begin... NOW!

Confederation Day 23. Nov. 10, 2008: Alright, for Phazonix's conveinience, I will extend the judging of The Finals until Sunday evening. Besides, this will make things a little more interesting: More time means more votes & reviews. On Sunday, your champion for Our first MOC-off will be crowned!
update: Googoo has added his Finals creation.

Confederation Day 24. Nov. 11, 2008: Starting today, in coherence with Rememberence Day, or Veteran's Day, or whatever day to remember the fallen in your country, Veterans of the BotC will be recognised on the Members List. Name changing is far less than neccisary, and not even advised. I just thought that this would be a really nice touch.

Confederation Day 25. Nov. 12, 2008: Phazonix has added his finals creation. I can not stress this enought people, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!
update: Alex Ruiz has added a Clone Wars Contest. You should check it out.

Confederation Day 26. Nov. 13, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 27. Nov. 14, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 28. Nov. 15, 2008: No News.

Confederation Day 29. Nov. 16, 2008: Alright, Sunday evening has arrived. Now, the results. The Winner of the first MOC-off in TSC history, champion of The Week of Confederation MOC-off, in a 32 - 30 point lead, without any further hesitation, procrastination or adue is.........

Royal Phazonix Aran 2010!

Congratulations to Phazonix. He has been awarded the title of "Champion." From now on, when we have a MOC-off, the current champion will not compete untill after the finals, inwhich the finalist will face the previous winner in an attempt to take the title of Champion. Congrats again to Phazonix.

Confederation Day 30. Nov. 17, 2008: Well, wasn't that MOC-off interesting? We start after a week of Confederation, and now, we have reached a full month. To celebrate, I want you all to work on a little expansion project. Please, if you have other allies (prefferably not from our sister alliances [we are already allies with them]) them invite them to join the TSC.
update: Alright. It is time for us to help make a change in the world. I heard a story today about a terrible acident that happened to a girl in Texas. I want you to go to think below and do a little research about this story and think about how we as a society, can help people like the girl mentioned.

Confederation Day 31. Nov. 18, 2008: Alright, I made a slight blunder. Nobody is perfect though. I did not do the research on that sight. Anyway, in a nutshel, here is the story of Jaqui:
I am not sure what year this was, but a girl named Jaqui came up from South America to Texas for better schooling (I am not sure what subject, but it was for college) and to learn english. One evening, Jaui and some of her friends went out to a bar and at one point in the evening, Jaqui decided she had had one drink too many -she was not drunk, she was using her own discretions- at that point only some of her friends were drunk. She looked aroud some more and found their desegnated driver -who, thankfully was also not drunk- so, they left and drove make to the college. Then there was an accident. Their desegnated driver was not drunk, but the person who hit thm was. Jagui's three friends in the back seat were killed, the driver was killed, but Jaqui was only pinned with her legs broken under the dash. As if that was not enough, a fire had started in front of Jaqui, who ofcourse was screaming in agony. An ambulance was called and they inspected the damage -at this point, the drunk guy who hit them had wandered off, but was found and arrested with 5 years in jail- and went to get the jaws of life and a fire extinguisher. They took no more than ten steps, and the heard a wooshind noise, and the flames grew, almost entirely engulfing Jaqui. One of the medics had actually sort of wished Jagui would just die -he could not stand he horrifying sound of her screaming. So, eventually the took Jaqui to hospital and they treated her in their burns ward, but she would never be the same again -you can see photos on the site. There is one other thing you must concider in this: If something like this were to happen in Madison, Wisconsin, Jaqui -or someone like her- would not have gotten treatment and would have died be cause the burn wards in Wisconsin are packed with people who got burned in Meth labs that exploaded in their faces.
If you want to help Jaqui, the site can help (so I am told). I want you to spread the word about Jaqui, and perhapse as an online community of MOCpage, we can make a difference. MOCpages is highly international, ad that is a good first step.

Confederation Day 32. Nov. 19, 2008: Googoo has added a contest and he asked me to put up a link here. So... here...

Confederation Day 33. Nov. 20, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 34. Nov. 21, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 35. Nov. 22, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 36. Nov. 23, 2008: The first Council: Alright, attention to the Founders: You are being placed into the first council of TSC. For those of you who were in the BotC, you may remember Crow's Elite. This council will be similar to that, however the only burden to fall on your shoulders is to assist me with running TSC. When a council meeting is called, the four of us will be on equil terms with each other, because when a meeting is called, it is probably of a dire importance. I will be creating a page for this council. Once it is finished, the first meeting is offically broguht to order. Alex, Andrew, Sean, I will see you there.
update: We have another sister alliance. The Premier Elites.

Confederation Day 37. Nov. 24, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 38. Nov. 25, 2008: Our newest member and newest sister alliance have joined. Redal Lewis and his alliance: Algos and Allies.

Confederation Day 39. Nov. 26, 2008: Just so that you all now, once December 1st rolls around, I am going to archive each monh of confederation into it's own page. I have to scroll down this page too, and it's getting rediculus. Don't worry, TSC news will continue on as regularly.
update: Our newest member and newest sister alliance have joined. Commander Jacob and his alliance Republic Alpha Force.

Confederation Day 40. Nov. 27, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 41. Nov. 28, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 42. Nov. 29, 2008: No news.

Confederation Day 43. Nov. 30, 2008: For reasons that I can not tell you, my little brother Jackson will no longer be using his MOCpages account, so I removed his name from this list and am leaving his account to rust/ rot/ whatever. So, that means... PROMOTION TIME! General Dan, Captain Rocky, you both have been promoted. Please change your names to match your new ranks. Also, tomorrow is the beginning of The TSC Christmas MOC-off! So, get ready to report in and sign up.


 I like it 
  December 18, 2008
Did Tom leave MOCpages?
 I like it 
  December 6, 2008
I have changed my name! P.S. My name is Peala. I have a alliance, The Galactic Republic, check it out! Could we be Brother alliances?
 I like it 
  December 6, 2008
 I like it 
  December 6, 2008
I am welcome? Me? Sorry, I have not seen your comment until now! Ok, I will change my name!
 I like it 
  December 2, 2008
Ah-Ha! I see now. Now I know why I am a Lord! Thanx!
 I like it 
  December 1, 2008
Hey crow my comment on the Founders council didn't go through so heres what i wrote "I think we need to nip this bad grammar in the butt! we ought to remind our members to always just take like 10 seconds to go over what they wrote.I know people might forget this so we need to have some way to keep people from using bad grammar all the time.Maybe we could introduce a system of Demerites,like if they use bad grammar once we give them a warning and then if they do it again we'll give them another demerite and so on and so on".
 I like it 
  December 1, 2008
Can I join?
 I like it 
  December 1, 2008
Fed's right, that is a lot of updates. And BTW I do not hold a grudge anymore, I just wish to be friends.
 I like it 
  December 1, 2008
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