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TROLLtag #20
The final TROLLtag installment!
About this creation
Previously on TROLLtag…

In TROLLtag #19, the penultimate episode, James LasagnaBoy set the climax for the entire TROLLtag series. The climax which I have the responsibility of shattering. Muhahahahahaha!!!! Back to the story: Anyways, Jake and the Tanmen found the Imperial Base. Something called “Jorisania” has been introduced, although what it is and what it does remains a mystery. (But not for long, if you keep reading) The episode ends with a mystery villain pulling a switch… But what does it do? Keep reading to find out!

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Trolls; I am proud to present the final installment in the TROLLtag series.

What is Jorisania? Does the Ice Planet Babe Survive? Who is the mystery villain? What the heck is the purpose of the Tanmen? The story unravels here. *sniff* This is where it ends. Unless Joris Blok starts a sequel. But now, to the story!

Well, this is where it ends. Hope you enjoy it!

The hallway was consumed by a brilliant flash of light. The mystery villain slowly removed his breathing apparatus and grinned.

“Let’s see if my life’s work has finally paid off, my son,” he intoned, as he drew twin revolvers.

[In the hallway, 30 seconds ago]

Jake and the Tanmen were walking towards Jorisania when it glowed brighter than ever.

“Oh no!” shouted Repurt.

“What?” Jake asked.


The light consumed Jake and the Tanmen. When it faded, only Jake was left. But now, he was human, and bald.

“What the heck?” exclaimed Jake.


“Move out men. Our call was intercepted. We have new orders now,” ordered Commander Delfortrie, leader of Tanmen Squad 17-C.

Back in the hallway…

“Hello, Jake,” said the Villain.

“Who are you?” asked Jake. “How do you know me? Where is the Ice Planet Babe?”

“So many questions,” chuckled the Villain. “Hasn’t Repurt already told you? Or is poor Repurt dead? I believe be missed a very important phone call.”

“Honestly dude, what the heck? Are you crazy or something?” replied Jake.

“Didn’t Repurt tell you that I…am you father?”

“Wow. Very funny joke. Honestly, what the heck?” retorted Jake.


“Jake, get on!” shouted a Tanman.

“Holy cow!” screamed the Villain as he fled.

“Give us some cover fire, were leaving!” shouted the Tanman to his comrades.

“Sir! Mission success. No losses sustained,” said the Tanman that gave Jake a ride.

“Very good, Corporal,” said the Tanman Commander. “What happened to the other Tanmen? Squad 17-A?”

“Sir, I have no idea. I thought that there were no survivors, until I met him,” responded the Tanmen, now pointing at Jake.

“Who are you?” asked the Tanman Commander.

“That’s funny, I was about to ask the same thing,” replied Jake, his voice hinted with annoyance.

“In that case, I am Commander Delfortrie, of Tanman Squad 17-C,” said the Tanman Commander. (He will now be called Commander Delfortrie)

“How am I supposed to understand that?” questioned Jake. “You only gave me a name and rank.”

“It makes perfect sense. Squad 17-A goes MIA, so 17-C is sent to find them. Get it?” Commander Delfortrie only realized that this didn’t make sense until after he spoke the words.

“Ummmmm… no. What about 17-B?” asked Jake.

At this point, the rest of the squad exchanged dark looks.

“Oh, I see,” said Jake. “More secrets. I’ll tell you everything, if you tell me everything.”


“Fine,” replied Commander Delfortrie. “Squad 17-B was not a squad. They were intelligence. Do you remember the discovery of Halo?” (Referring to Halo, as in the game and stuff. Halo is that all powerful beam thingy that will wipe out all sentiment life)

“No… What? You think I’m stupid? Of course I know it!”

“Jesus! Calm down,” said Commander Delfortrie. “Well, when the Tanmen heard about it, the immediately gave as much information as they could to 17-B and asked them to devise a counter method. As far as they could tell, no material could block it out, so 17-B reverted to genetics. They hoped to modify genes so that they could resist it. This didn’t work either, so they tried more inhumane methods. Using cells from another sentiment life form, they infected the cells of our body and brain with them. When the beam comes, the foreign cells would be recognized as sentiment, and they would be destroyed, leaving our original cells intact, and now normal. Our memory would be returned, and we could continue our lives. All of them were hesitant about this method, all but one. He was so confident in this, that he tested it not on himself, but on his own son.”

“What?!?!?!? That guy’s a psycho!” exclaimed Jake.

“Nearly everyone turned against him, so he ran. He found the remnants of the Empire (Star Wars) and joined them. Well, this is where you come in. I have no idea what happened afterwards. However, I was told that you just survived some light, while 17-A was killed. Judging by your outfit, you “were a troll”. Now, you are human. I don’t know Jake, but I think that you are the son. Memories should be coming back to you right now. You’ll have flashbacks for several months,” said Commander Delfortrie. “What happened to 17-A?”

“Wait, but why am I bald?” asked Jake.

“The genetic infection probably didn’t include your hair,” replied Commander Delfortrie. “Could you please tell me what happened to 17-A?”

“As you call them, 17-A and I were searching for the Ice Planet Babe. We infiltrated an Imperial Base, and we stumbled across Jorisania. I still have no idea what it is, but it began glowing. Then, there was this flash. All the Tanmen were vaporized, and I was left alone. This evil looking person came down the stairs. He gave me a load of weird info and claimed to be my father. That’s when mister Driver came picked me up,” said Jake.

“Well, it looks like that man may actually be your father. There’s nothing we can do right now, he’s probably already fleeing. Let’s leave this place, and return to command with the information we have,” suggested Commander Delfortrie.

“What? No! I have to finish what I came for. I must find the Ice Planet Babe!” shouted Jake.

“I guess you’re right. If 17-A died for it, we should honor their sacrifice. Let’s go, Jake!”

[Back in the lab]

“Gotta get away!” panted the Villain. He ran over to the blackboard and…pulled out an eraser. He got rid of his calculations as fast as possible.

Then, he ran over to the computer.

“Computer, prisoner release. Security code 184-Alpha-Alpha-Charlie.”

The Villain began purging his files. Then, he spoke again:

“Come on, Allison. Let’s get out of here.”

“How did the mission go?” asked the Ice Planet Babe, now known Allison.

“It was a semi-success,” replied the Villain. “The counter method to Jorisania is indeed, effective.” (For those of you who don’t know, I just said that Jorisania is the Halo beam)

“All right, it’s time to leave,” said Allison.

“Hurry, Allison!” panicked the Villain. “Get onto your bike before Jake comes!”

“Yeah, yeah. Wait. Jake? Your son? You did your experiments on you own son?!?!?” exclaimed Allison.

“What? No, of course not. Well, maybe. OK, fine. I had no choice!”

“You filthy little traitor! If my boyfriend is hurt in any way, I will-"

“Clam down, he’s fine!”

“He might be fine, but I’m frickin’ not!” raged Allison. “You will burn in [insert word “opposite of heaven”] for this!

“Ok, ok. So I burn. Happy?” asked the Villain. “Now can we leave?”

“NO!!!!!!!!!” Allison shouted. “I will not wait 19 years before watching you repent. You’re gonna burn RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Allison pulled out a lighter and some spray paint.

“Prepare to die, freak!”

“Look Jake! Over there! I think it’s her!” shouted Commander Delfortrie.

“Got it,” replied Jake. He gave the Mongoose an extra boost of speed.



“Yes, it’s me!”

Jake and Allison start making out, while Commander Delfortrie stands by awkwardly.

“Ummm… Sorry to interrupt, but we’re on a tight schedule. We’re airlifted outta here in 30 minutes,” said Commander Delfortrie.

“Right, let’s go,” replied Jake.

“I’m leaving this place!” shouted the Villain. “Those Imperial scumbags are of no use anymore. I will seek refuge on some other planet and complete the final phase of my plan!”

“Men, where’s our ride?” asked Commander Delfortrie.

“Sir, it’s coming in 15 minutes,” replied Leather Jacket.

“Actually, 12 minutes,” corrected Smiley.

“Who’s the chick?” asked Baklava.

(Try matching the names of the Tanmen with their faces!)

“Dude, piss off,” said Jake.

“Will you guys shut up?” asked Commander Delfortrie.

“So, what now?” asked Jake.

“Well,” replied Commander Delfortrie, “you mighta guessed that the Tanmen are not part of the UNSC. We have common goals, but we do smaller deeds. If you wish, you can join us and help us. We have to hunt down this villain. You and Allison need to recover. But remember, Jake: Earth needs our help. Fight for her.”


Ok, before you criticize, I just want to let you know a few things:

Firstly, there are pretty much two ways that TROLLtag can be looked at. Some people will create a vignette and continue the story. These tend to have a beautiful appearance, but a shorter story. Others have a longer story, but a lesser background detail. Some people can do both, and they are amazing. I pretty much did a story. I felt that the grand finale should have an epic storyline. The backgrounds are really nothing special, I spent too much time on the storyline. (without the pictures, it’s seven pages on Microsoft Word) So, when you judge this, it’s really the story that counts.

Secondly, I had a lot of trouble with the minifigs. I was lacking several torsos and heads, and I did the best that I could. I was also missing Jake’s hair and the Ice Planet Babe’s visor. I had the Villain’s headpiece, but not in the right color, so I ditched it.

Thirdly, I did put effort into this. I put together a pretty neat ship for this thing. My pictures are pretty decent, and only one or two of them have a tiny corner showing.

So in a nutshell, I used "sets" instead of "vigs".

The forest set.

The lab set.

The hallway set.

The vehicles used.

The ship that I built for this TROLLtag.

The characters.

A Note from the Concluder:

Well, I hope that you enjoyed the ending. I admit, the build could have been better, but I spent too much time on the storyline. Some of you probably hate me for putting in that final twist, but I really wanted to do something unique. I mean, it starts out as futuristic castle, then becomes Star Wars-y, so why can’t I throw in some Halo?

There’s also a few things I’d like to say about the story. The Villain still doesn’t have a name, so there’s still some mystery left in case there’s a second series. The Villain also gets away, and says some other stuff about a final plan. I had the Villain remove his headpiece because I only have it in dark gray. Jake also went bald because I didn’t have the proper piece. But I do have trolls!

I would also like to thank James LasagnaBoy, for all his help. Thanks James!

And finally, I would like to thank Joris Blok, for starting this whole series.

By the way, I really think that Jorisania is a tribute to Joris Blok. It might also be questioning his sanity. ;) Just kidding. Well, I hope you enjoyed this final installment!

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This page was created on December 26, 2008.

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 I like it 
  January 21, 2009
Hey Smifery, come see my new Drawing! ~ James :D
 I like it 
  January 12, 2009
WOAW ! How I could missed this wonderful ending ? A looong and very good story, nice pics, great builds... Excellent !
 I like it 
  January 8, 2009
Hey Smifery, have you chosen anyone for trolltag number 1? (series II)
 I like it 
  January 3, 2009
Smifery, I've got a new MOC posted! Please come see! ~ James :D
 I like it 
  January 1, 2009
Happy new year, Smifery! ~ James :D
Smifery Vektor
 I like it 
Daniel Smith
  December 31, 2008
Good story! I just discovered trolltag.. and I followed the last 3 episodes. Here's an idea: why not create a trolltag group? that way all the tags would be in one place, and each time one was added, all the group members would know.
 I like it 
  December 28, 2008
I've got an Idea!!! How about, we do one series of Trolltag each year, and start a new one the next year? Ya, I know with it being December 28, that's kinda gonna happen automatically, but how about it? ~ James :)
 I like it 
  December 27, 2008
Best ever :i start crying loudly in an internet cafe:
Smifery Vektor
 I like it 
Lord Patrick Leon
  December 26, 2008
Nice ending! It was confusing and I didn't get it, in a good way.
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
nice job :)
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
Don't worry Joris! THIS ISN'T THE END!!! It's only the end of series one! Oh, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas, Smifery! ~ James :D
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
Wow! Trolltag #20 is even better with images! (y'know the word "<image>" is somewhat less awesome than real images) I really like all the cool vehicles! And the ship! (that reminds me of an X-Wing) It's actually kinda hard to believe the Tanmen aren't part of UNSC, because with those awesome helmets, they look like Marines! (only tan) It's great to see Jake and Allison are finally back together. Great job Smifery! P.S. Sorry I couldn't get those decals to you in time. ~ James :)
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
Nice work! I like it... but... I WANT ANOTHER TROLLtag episode. This isn't the end! Choose another one to continue it! Let's see some action! This can't be the end!
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
Very cool, you did son...JUST KIDDING! Still this is another great TrollTAG, Nice job!
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
Nice work! I like it... but... I WANT ANOTHER TROLLtag episode. This isn't the end! Choose another one to continue it! Let's see some action! This can't be the end!
 I like it 
  December 26, 2008
yup, i did fall for it. hehe, nice continuation of TROLLtag, i would have preferred it if it went on longer, but hey, what goes up must come down. Nice MOC. Martin
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