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Zethlin, King of the Apocalypse . Hey guys! Sorry about not posting anything in ages, exams kinda limited MOCing time :/ Anyway since I'm done with them I can post something, and that something is Zethlin! Enjoy ;) Oh and big thanks to my main man Baron Von Ben for editing those pictures for me ;) Also please read the bio, I worked hard on it, and I hope you like it ;) . ĒYou cannot ignore the injuries youíve caused me! You are a coward! Therefore turn and draw!Ē Zethlin to The Toa Lotem~ (Bio) Name: Zethlin Gender: Male Species: Toa (formally) Hordika/Makuta Element: Sonics (Formally, However still has limited control ) Electricity Race: De Matoran Title(s): Toa, Brother, Hordika, Freak, Killer, Traitor, Makuta, Leader, End of Everything, King of the Apocalypse Mask: Kanohi Garai (formally) No mask power Weapon(s): Shadow Staff (Given to him by Miserix because of his high ranking in the Brotherhood), Sounds Cannon, Shoulder Turret. Story: (Takes place after the re-formation of Spherus Magna) Zethlin was a De-Matoran who worked in a mine in Onu-Koro. He was a naturally strong Matoran who whenever he wasnít working, was showing off to the Ga-Matoran who visited the mine every day. He was considered to be the strongest worker in the mine and he often helped out others. He wasnít the kindest of Matoran, he usually did whatever it took to get the job done and he never slacked off. Heíd usually yell at anyone not trying there hardest or anyone who wasnít working when they should have been. One day in the main tunnel a rookie Matoran worker caused a flood in the mine after hitting a pipe. This caused a lot of water to come gushing out of the pipe and in seconds the tunnel was a quarter of the way full. Zethlin was in the tunnel when this happened and he immediately used his strength to rip a boulder from the wall and place it in the hole of the pipe to stop the flooding. Zethlin saved thousands in the mine that day. For Zethlinís heroic act the Turaga of his village, Turaga Altus, awarded Zethlin a Toa Stone. Zethlin became a strong and wise Toa of Sonics that same day. Zethlin considered it to be the best day of his life! The next day Zethlin awoke eager to do more work in the mine with his new powers. However, Turaga Altus would not let Zethlin do mine work and instead he was forced to guard the city as a Toa. Zethlin was crushed! The one thing he loved was now taken away from him and to make matters worse, the Ga-Matoran didnít like him anymore because he become a Toa! Zethlin didnít like his new job at all! He tried to do some mining work whilst he was on guard duty, but every time he did he got scolded by Altus. So Zethlin complained to Altus and begged him to let him do something more interesting than guard duty. Altus later assigned Zethlin to become a soldier for the OOMN. He went on many missions and every one of them was a success, mostly because Zethlin had his sheer strength on his side. On Zethlinís 7th mission he was ordered to go on a mission with Twin Toa. A Toa of Radium named Navis and a Toa of Barium named Carina. The three Toa were sent to a forest North of Le-Koro to investigate disturbances that had been happening there. The Toa arrived at the forest to discover the skeletal remains of many dead Matoran and one Toa. However there was one noticeable thing about most of the skeletons. Their limbs were all mutated and in abnormal shapes. Confused and worried the Toa pressed on. Carina discovered a crack in a mountain covered with vines and hidden by trees. In this crack there appeared to be some kind of open door that lead into a strange looking base. The three Toa decided it was best to go inside. The Toa searched every corner of the base until they came across a strange room. It appeared to be a prison cell of some kind. The walls were covered with jail bars, however the cells themselves were dark and it was impossible to see into them. But the Toa knew something lived inside at least one of the cells. As the Toa were trying to determine what was inside the cells a small crazy looking old man with wild bushy hair walked into the room. Surprised to see the Toa in there he threw his papers into the air and ran away screaming. Zethlin and Navis ran after the old man, but Carina stayed behind. The Mad old Scientist lead the Toa on a wild goose chase around the base. They eventually entered a room that had a large screen filling one wall and computers and other flashing buttons filling the others. The Scientist quickly ran up to one of the computers and madly pressed a series of buttons. This immediately sounded an alarm and the words ďSelf-Destruct engaged, release the VisorakĒ verberated around the entire base. The Mad Scientist laughed manically, proud for what he had done. So Zethlin punched him in the face and knocked him out. The Two Toa ran into the room that Carina was still in, to tell her that they need to leave now. However, when they arrived, they found that a Visorak had already spun a web around the Toa consuming her entire body. Angered by the loss of his Twin sister, Navis ran forward and lashed at the Visorak trying to kill it. However the Visorak was fast and it dodged Navisís attack. The Visorak leapt forward and spat venom at the Toa; it hit Zethlin in the face and Navis in the arm. Zethlin was temporarily unable to see from the venom and was on the floor in excruciating pain from the venom. He could hear Navis fighting the Visorak, but couldnít tell what was happening. He regained his sight after he could no long hear the sounds of Navis fighting. His vision was blurred, but he could still see what had happened to his friend. Navis had suffered the same fate as his sister. He too was wrapped up in the Visorakís web and was doomed to be a Hordika! Zethlin knew that if he fought the beast, he would not win, not with his limited vision! So he ran as fast as he could! The Visorak pursued Zethlin! With one stuff up, Zethlin would been dead! He ran as fast as he could, trying to find the exit and not be killed in the process. This was not easy for Zethlin with his limited vision. When he could see the exit he heard the speakers in the base count down from five. He knew he wouldnít be able to leave in time, but he continued to run! By the time the countdown reached its end, Zethlin had just left the doorway. The explosion blasted Zethlin away from the base and onto the Jungle floor. He looked up at the base that was now a blazing fire ball. He was filled with a mix of emotions. He had just killed and witnessed his own friends die, who he could have saved from being Hordika, but he also succeeded in completing his mission. He didnít know what to feel... Zethlin awoke. He had pasted out after the explosion and was now under the care of the Toa. He was sitting on a bed made of Stone. His vision was a lot better and he felt recuperated after his mission. He looked around the room, noticing he was in some kinda workshop. He looked down at his legs and was shocked by what he saw! His legs were much larger than before and they were deformed in shape. They looked like legs that a Makuta would have. He looked around at the rest of his features; he had claws, spikes everywhere and yellow armour! Zethlin was so confused! Arvach walked into the room and greeted Zethlin. He told him that he had found him shortly after he destroyed the base. Arvach had been sent on a mission to find Zethlin and the others, after they didnít return at the given time. He then took him back to his workshop in Po-Koro and he had been healing him since. He told Zethlin that he had been asleep for a couple weeks and in that time the venom had mutated most of his body. Arvach then told Zethlin that the reason he had yellow armour was because of Arvach latest invention. It was armour that bided to the subject and this armour sucked the Hordika Venom out of there system and in turn strengthened the armour. Arvach then showed Zethlin the chains that were holding him down; Arvach had used this precaution because he had no idea if the armour would work. He gave Zethlin a mirror so that he could see his new armour without having to release him from the chains. Zethlin used it to see all his new armour and to try and understand his new look. He then saw that his face had no mask and that is was a part of the armour. It looked very robotic and he felt that this was the main reason his vision was better. Arvach left Zethlin to rest. Zethlin lay there on the rock bed pondering whether it was his fault that his friends died. As he was thinking through all this, he could feel the Hordika Venom being sucked out of him, the process was very painful, and he hated it! He screamed with pain! Then suddenly, the venom stopped being drained, and it seemed as though it was being pumped back in! Zethlin felt a surge of power... and he loved it! The venom at that moment took him over. From that moment on Zethlin was no longer a Toa, and no longer a person. Zethlin had an abundance of new strength and he used this to rip the chains off their supports, and he was free! Zethlin ran outside the workshop into a market street that had at least 30 Matoran in it. The venom that now flowed all over Zethlin controlled him, and he in turn controlled it. He was unlike any other Hordika! Zethlin went on a killing spree, killing ever Matoran he could see; he killed every one of them in that market street. As he arrived at the final stall to kill the final Matoran, a blast of rock hit Zethlin. He feel to the ground, and then got up in an instant! He realised that the blast was from Arvach. Arvach realised that his new invention had failed and he felt terrible for not being there when it malfunctioned. It was his fault that the Matoran were dead and he knew he had to avenge them! Arvach leapt forward and swung at Zethlin with his Katana! Zethlin dodged the attack and grabbed Arvach by the top of his neck and forced him into the ground. He extended his arm and a blast of Lightning electrified Arvach! Zethlin had no idea where this electric power came from, but he was overjoyed that he could now control it. Arvach got up and swung at Zethlinís legs, knocking him to the ground. Arvach slashed at Zethlin with a flurry of attacks! Zethlin dodges a few but many hit him. Battered but Arvachís strong attack, Zethlin grabbed Arvachís blade spit it in two and punched Arvach with an uppercut knocking him out. Zethlin didnít kill Arvach. Itís not known why he didnít... but he just left him there. Zethlin hated the Toa. He suffered greatly everyday from the venom, even though it controlled him and made him evil, the armour caused him a great deal of pain whenever he was asleep. Because of this he hated EVERY Toa and later joined the Makuta to became the leader of one of their most powerful task forces known as ďThe ApocalypseĒ ĒI looked into his eyes while he was killing those Matoran... And I saw thought.... it was not like anything Iíd seen before! And you know how many Makuta weíve fought Nuxen! He was like none of them! He was not a Toa, he was not human! He was pure evil...Ē Arvach to Nuxen~ after Zethlin went on a Killing Spree and spared Arvach. Here he is! You guys like him? Lower legs, Really happy with these :D Close up on the lower leg :) The feet. The back, I wanted these to look like boots that have like claws growing out of them, too add to the mutation :) Back of the legs :D Upper legs :) Waist, simple but I like it. Back of the upper legs, really happy with that Stringer claw greeble :D Waist and head. Waist and Heartlight :D The custom head, SO proud of this baby :) Upper half with turret. Closer look at the turret :D The upper arms :D Another look. Lower arms and hand :) His sound gun. Yes he can hold it out with ease :D His scarf/cape thingy. His back, happy with this too :D Back of the turret. Hero Core greeble :) How his tail is connected. His tail :D Another look at him :) Oh and did I mention he had a staff :] Zethlin: Goodbye friends! Fourth Wall Commentary: First off Iíd like to apologies to everyone on MOCpages. My MOCís were becoming... repetitive. I was using the same designs all the time, and never coming up with my own ones, and not using my own ideas. With Zethlin all of him, other than the legs and arms (Which are still my design is inspired by Awesomness257ís stuff) is my own designs/ideas, I copied no one, the designs are mine (Unlike any of some of my other MOCís. Another thing is that his staff is heavily base off Shadowgearís MOC, Bonechillís old staff. Zethlin now begins an age where I will no longer copy others and will come up with my own ideas :) The main inspiration for Zethlin would have to be a Faun Satyr, this guy Yes itís Mr. Tumnus :P So as you can see a Faun is half goat and half human, and the way I interrupted this on Zethlin was he is half Demon and half Bionicle. I believe Iíve done the best I could with it, and I hope you like it ;) Other things that inspired me would be Megatron from DOTM, He inspired the cloak and Soundwave (Gen 1) who inspired the custom head and the Sound Cannon. Also the Pokťmon Genesect inspired the shoulder turret :) As for the theme song, there is a reason I picked this song. The lyrics all relate to Zethlin (Other than the YES OH MY GOSH, everything relates) anyway Iíll explain: ďLook at this, Iím a coward too, you donít need to hide my friends, for I am just like you.Ē This is relating to how Zethlin is just like the Toa, since he once was one. It also relates to how deep down inside, Zethlin, if the venom didnít infect him, he would be a coward because the death of his friends made him one. However he would only be this without the venom, with it he is the complete opposite. (Remember the venom now controls him) So yeah, thatís how it relates :D On the topic of Skrillex, I normally donít listen to this kind of music, being as I hate Dubstep, Heavy Metal, and basically anything that has dying animals in it (if you didnít get the joke thatís what they sound like in those kinda songs) Skrillex is about the only exception to this kinda music that I like. Other than them, I like none of that other kinda stuff, other than kinda music I do like though is modern pop/rock and some old stuff like Queen, Michel Jackson and U2 (But U2 isnít that old :P) Now Iím just rambling, Iíll shut up now :P Also big thanks to my friends on Skype for helping me with Zethlin ;) Please donīt hesitate with any comments, questions or criticism ;) Till next time ;)

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