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Toa Curatos, the Guardian v.2 . The Guardian, Self Moc of Crazy Awesome, has returned for some damn nice upgrades! . Ah, good to be back on the pages again. Hey all of my fans, I've returned! After a long hiatus, at least.I hope all of you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and also got a chance to throw yourself into the Black Friday madness! :D The main reason for my prolonged would have to be schoolwork, which has plagued my fall months as a sophomore, preventing me from hitting the bricks. Since it's been Thanksgiving break for almost the week now, I was glad to get back to work on my prized Guardian and have the chance to make him more epic than ever before. Another reason I haven't been doing much Lego is because I've pretty much given up on LDD. It was a promising program with many pluses, but it's just been impossible for me to work on it now that I'm doing giant projects like my Halo Elephant and my comic (which has been postponed indefinitely, btw for all of my character sign ups). If I ever find the heart to get back into it, maybe for new Halo 4 stuff I could build, I'd be able to churn out stuff more rapidly, but I may end up never using LDD again. Sorry for that inconvenience, to everyone who was hoping I'd build more Halo or get creations out weekly: I just can't do it like I used to. I guess a rather unfortunate thing is that, with schoolwork and soccer season, I won't be able to stay any more active than today or tomorrow. I could do some stuff during Christmas break, but I'm out of town (and away from my Legos) for a majority of the recess. So PLEASE rate and comment over that span, even if I'm rather inactive, I want Guardian to become my most popular creation! Toa Curatos has been revamped! Here's some stats: --He's about two inches taller than his first version, a pretty big jump for a bionicle --He has gold pieces, both old and pearl gold, that come from sets like Toa Lhikan, Zaktan, Reidak, Jaller Inika, and some Batman sets --He's got a completely custom torso, and custom thighs, upper arms, customly armored lower arms and shins, and custom headgear --He's got greebles! --He's STILL HERO FACTORY FREE! I can remember back in August, before school, when I released my first version shortly after the crash, and I was genuinely hoping that he would get something around 20 likes. Well, I am VERY proud to say that he has ended up with twice that and more, and the comments so far haven't stopped coming in. Now, with my second Guardian version, I'm gonna set my bar high and aim for 50 likes. After all, I am REALLY proud of him, and I hope you are too. Drop a comment and a like if you can, and help me to get to my goal! Text can be found at the bottom of the corresponding picture. Now, enjoy the fun... :D NAME: Curatos, or Crazy Awesome GENDER: Male SPECIES: Mutated Toa TITLES: The Guardian, Dark Guardian, Crazy Awesome Toa, Toa, Mutant, Protector OCCUPATION: Leader of the League of Guardians, and a Guardian of Spherus Magna ELEMENTS: Shadow, also some lightning powers given from armor MASK: Shadowproof stylized Hau, Mask of Shielding WEAPONS: Dagger/Flamethrower Gauntlets, Dark energy Spike Blade, Dark Energy Gatling Turret, Lightning Broadsword MOC STATUS: Assembled and CRAZY AWESOME STORY: (If you're too lazy, skip through this part) Curatos was once a Ko-Matoran in an alternate M.U., and in this universe the Makuta had taken over all of the islands, save a few southern ones, and turned the Matoran and Toa into beings of Shadow to do their will. The Makuta were led by the merciless Miserix after the previous second-in-command, Teridax, was killed for trying to conjure up a different Plan to take over the universe. After Teridax and his allies were killed, Miserix assembled the rest of the Makuta and used Mutran's and Tridax's shadow leeches to infect all of the Matoran and Toa around. Curatos, now a shadow matoran like the rest of his friends, worked as a slave under the Makuta, this time to build some kind of power siphon that would drain Karda Nui's energy, killing the Great Spirit while harvesting all of this energy for themselves. However, before it was finished, Curatos and a few others were taken into custody by the Makuta for experimenting. Curatos and the other captives were immersed in all kinds of Makuta viruses and unknown substances, but only Curatos and one other matoran, Detrimax, survived the experiments. Detrimax was supposedly the success of the Makuta, and so he was taken away while Curatos was left as a failure. As a result of the experiments, Curatos' shadow powers started to go wild, and he would often find himself talking to beings of pure shadow emerging out of his heart. Now a radioactive shadow lunatic stuck in captivity, Curatos thought he would surely go mad, until a being named Vezon came into his dimension and pulled him into the normal Matoran Universe, where Spherus Magna was whole again. The new ruling party of Spherus Magna, named Councilus Magna, was consisted of Helryx, Takanuva, and some other warriors from Metru Nui and from Bara Magna. Curatos was taken out of his universe because of a new program initiated by the council--the League of Guardians program--and Curatos was to be the leader of this elite warrior defense team. Despite protesting against more experiments, Curatos was eventually taken by the council and fitted with new armor from Artahka, dubbed the Shadowproof armor, which was designed to repel Shadow energy from both inside the armor and outside of it. So, Curatos' reactive shadow energy was completely locked in the armor save his right hand, where he could channel shadow energy. The armor itself, because of its protection against shadow, also provided some light-based energy to use. Curatos also gained added strength, speed, agility, and endurance due to both sets of experiments on him. A few years after the first armor prototype, things were starting to go a bit haywire. The light based powers of the first suit were nullifying Curatos' darkness powers, and he grew especially weak to his own powers that he used. He commissioned Artahka to make him a second suit of armor, one that had lighting based powers instead of light. That way, Curatos' darkness was supercharged with electricity, like the Toa Inika were, and he wasn't weakened by his own suit of armor. Curatos now stands killing pests around the planet and showing off his epic crazy awesomeness to everyone around to see. Feet. Yeah, I guess I'm sorta regretful about taking away those perfectly colored Reidak feet, but they made the Guardian look too primal. The method i used for the shoulders in v.1 has made its way down to the feet in v.2: pretty neat huh? Legs. I absolutely loved experimenting with the zamor sphere bodies for leg armor, and I say it came out pretty nicely. Using some slightly different pieces, I also brought back the upper leg armor, but with some 1x2 pearl gold grilles to add more gold. That gold Metru shoulder and hordika foot made a pretty nice combination to ultimately beef up the side of the leg, too. All new waist--and guess what, it's poseable! I was sorta na´ve in not including a poseable waist in v.1, since a lot of self mocs pretty much had it, so I decided to add it to my v.2. It looks pretty good, I must say, especially because it's tilted like that. Adds a level of complexity to the build :D Torso! It's basically the only thing that I didn't massively revamp. The skeleton of the torso is still the same, keeping the hordika torso there, but It's been made larger from all sides, the waist adds height to it, and it's been beefed up with those gold Metru feet. More tubes are coming through it too: gives a nice intricate pattern to the whole of it! I guess I really can use this Ben Cossy "greeble the $#!+ out of it until it looks good" method. Thanks Cossy! The head has basically stayed the same, save a few minor details and some neck strengthening. Those 1x2 gold grilles have also been added, for more gold. The arm has almost been completely redone: the upper arm has been redone to include more armor on the bicep and tricep while keeping the same outward bulk, plus its got the golden wheel at the top of the shoulder and more spikes coming out. The lower arm now has a rahkshi leg skeleton instead of a piraka leg, with more armor and the gauntlet slapped on there to give that awesome bulky armor feel. While I don't think it's as big of a success as Curatos' new legs, I'm still very proud of those arms. Hands are, of course, Gringat's design, but not entirely: I used a robot hand instead of a tap for the thumb connection. Allows for more thumb positioning. Front shot. Isn't he epic? Side shot. Still the better shot in real life, for both v.1 and v.2. Back shot, sporting more armor! I felt like the back of Curatos was sorta neglected in the first version, so i made it a goal to armor it up as much as possible. There's tons more gold too! :D Upper back. Those hands at the top of the piraka torso are the ends of Curatos' new shoulder design, one that is much more stable and allows a broader range of poseability. Tubes run across the top, and an Inika shoulder and Mantax claws polish off the latissimus dorsi area (lower back, for the yung'uns). You might notice that rubber band there too: that is my own ingenious engineering addition, in order to stabilize the back and waist and prevent Curatos from flopping over and drooping all the time. It's been a totally awesome addition. The backs of the legs have been packed with lots of greebles and plates to bulk up the bionicle armor and stuff. The Inika shoulders down there are also flexible, which means that the foot can have more range of movement from the back. You might also notice his gluteus maximus area is rather gold--a little joke played on myself :D A Whoah-wtf-was-that pose! Running pose! And no he's not suspended on the backdrop--he's actually balancing on one leg. Now that's pretty cool! Under the hood! Here we see the Toa metru waist peace upside down, in which the ball joints hold the two bohrok feet that become the shoulders. See? It's not that complicated :D The Guardian stands about 28 centimeters in height (about 11 inches), which is pretty much the same height as Galaxus, the self moc of my idol Instant Noodles. This is a big height upgrade from the first version, and he towers over many of my other builds. The reason why he's so tall is because his arms and legs are about the same size as an Inika's--but its the torso that's much taller, because that makes it more proportionate. A random "don't look at me like that" pose :P Well, he still can't really cross his arms, though he's doing better than last year. Right now it looks like he's hugging an invisible panda bear. But he's still got some damn good hamstring flexibility! :D WEAPONS! The first one is his trusty buzzsaw-drill that attaches to his arm. I know, it's just Reidak's weapon, but it's just another excuse to add MOAR GOLD! :D Pretty epic pose here. "Eat my drill!" Oh wait that sounds sorta weird... Now here's the gauntlet. Now, you may be thinking, "well hmm, that looks like a regular piece of forearm armor to me!" BUT WAIT! It actually turns out to be... ...*Shink!* A hidden dagger blade! WHOAH! Curatos stands in awe at his new weapon. Yes, this dagger blade, for all ye Assassin's Creed fans, is basically a mock up of Alta´r's and Ezio's hidden blades in the game. I think Ezio is one of the most bad@$$ video game characters out there, because of his awesome moves and, of course, the blades. I couldn't help but modeling my self moc after him, and that's why he has the blades. No, the blades aren't actually hidden inside the armor; I have to attach them. Those Kopaka Blizzard blades are pretty good, but they're too long: can anyone tell me if there are any NON-HF substitutions for a good hidden blade that's not too long? I know the new HF 3.0 sets have the daggers that are the perfect length, but im not succumbing to the temptations yet... Epic blade pose! Ezio pose! Search up "Ezio de auditore" on google, and the first image should mirror this one I took of Curatos. He sorta looks a bit weird though...the pose looks better with a robe and a cape. STAB! And Takanuva gets a dagger to the chest! Oooh! And did you know the gauntlet also doubles as a flamethrower? ZOMGSOEPIC #crazyawesome Hiyah! Kill it with fiyaaaa! According to my knowledge, Curatos is a rather well-trained firebender. :D You guys might remember this baby, the Dark Energy Spike Blade, now with more spikes! And some added trans-orange details. Sword chest defense pose! Sword two handed attack pose! I like to think of him as using a lightsaber...covered in blades :D Here's Curatos' new sword, the Lightning Broadsword! This sword takes energy not from Curatos' shadow energy like the other weapons, but from the armor itself, with its lightning capabilities. Man if only I had that golden Gahlok Kal shield...and Brutaka, for that matter... Sword-at-the-back pose! It's like the pose I had of Curatos with the spike blade, but with a different, new sword. DIE RAHKSHI SCUM! One has to wonder "WTF?!? How did he get the blade to flash red?!?!" Nope, it's not a photoshop feat. I actually took out the battery pack of one of my Hewkii axes (I have two) and swapped it with Jaller's green battery pack. So now it flashes red, to match that trans-orange color on all of Curatos' weapons! A pretty neat addition, I must say. Because the lightning broadsword takes energy from the armor, that means it can be wielded in the left hand. Because the sword can be wielded in the left hand, the right hand is open. Because the right hand is open, we can put the spiked blade there. And when each hand has a have a double-wield of awesomeness. PROFIT! The final weapon in the Guardian's array (yep, got rid of that staff...poor thing) is the newly reinvented Gatling Turret! Complete, much more complex, and with a pearl gold body shield. RATATATATATATATAT! And the Rahkshi heads go flying! Here we see the Guardian attacking feverishly with his steady left hand as a guide. And just when you thought we hit max epicness, the Guardian carries his gatling gun with one hand. Is that even possible? Of course not, but anything is possible with the Guardian! :D Front of the gatling gun. It's certainly not as simple as the v.1, so unfortunately I'm not taking it apart. You'll just have to feast your eyes upon it for as long as possible. Back. Those tubes make it look pretty steampunkish, no? I like it; adds a rugged feel. Those two trans-orange Bohrok eyes are the "ammo reserves" because the ammo isn't physical; it's just energy from the Guardian himself. pose? A MESSAGE TO ALL YE PHOTOSHOPPE ARTISANS (Galaxus, Fortrux, Kyle Peckham, anyone...): Do you think you could make a poster for this picture? I'd greatly appreciate it if you did! Height comparison, again with my three lone intact Bionicles! The Guardian's height is much more similar now to Takanuva's than it is to the Rahkshi's. BROFIST! The final, epic pose for you to look at. Feast your eyes upon the epic. And Whew! That was a gigantic load of text right there. Next time I'll let Curatos do the talking :D Bye, and thanks for sticking around! Please drop a rating and a comment if you wouldn't mind. It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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