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Esh and Aivren, A SelfMOC . A selfMOC? As in one? O.o . Si signore and signorinas. I have made my selfMOC, or more or less finished. There is quite a story behind these two and why there are two so I hope you are ready for some reading. Back before I joined MOCpages it took a while for me to figure out what a selfMOC was, when I did I began to think about what I would like for a selfMOC. A solution came the next day when I noticed for the twentieth time of the week that I had randomly and strangely switched personalities. I have noticed that I have bipolar tendencies, as I'm quite sure at least one of you have. So my answer was quite simple. At the time I was working on both of these guys and I decided to make them my selfMOC. Which brings me to an explanation. These guys are both my first selfMOC and I simply will not have a secondary selfMOC. While it may sound stupid to you, I think it fits my strange and contradictory personality. (I also may want to mention they are brothers, just for the sake of clarity.) I also want to say that these two have been built for quite sometime and have gone through several "phases". I have scapped them and rebuilt them too many times to count. But they still have the torso's I started them with, I am very proud of Esh's by the by, and masks. With all that out of the way, would you like to carry on? Here they are together. I like how their colors contradict each other. Hey bro, mind if I go first? Sure. Have at it. Well, here I am! Oh, and be prepared to read, there is a lot to our stories. Name: Aivren, (av-ren) Gender: Male, (I should hope, otherwise I have a few questions for.... myself I guess...) Species: Toa of Air (Formally), Unknown Element: Air, Fire (Limited), Light Kanohi: Kanohi Maziku, Great Kanohi of Storms Powers: Normal Air Toa Abilities, Limited Fire Control, Normal Light Toa Abilities, Unknown Personality: Chipper, Happy, Jokester, Always Sees the Bright Side of Things, Always Ready for an Adventure, Loves Life Weapons: Throwing Stars Bio: Aivren awoke in the shade of a large tree. He was lying in a strangely lush green place. A forest of sorts. The Garden. I'm in the Garden. He was unsure how he knew that, but he felt certain this place was called the Garden. He looked over to his right. His brother stood next to him. He looked at his older brother confused. Didn't he look different the last time he saw him? Aivren couldn't remember. Actually, Aivren couldn't remember anything. How he got here, why he couldn't remember, or how it was that he apparently fell asleep. Esh could see the confusion on Aivren's face and told him what was going on. Esh said that they had been brought to this place to protect something very important. Two trees were in this place. They are very important and a growing threat is coming to destroy the trees. Esh also told Aivren that they both had been changed. They both still held their natural elements, but there was more. They also had changed shape. Esh then said that Aivren's memory had been wiped. It was for his own benefit, but there was still some memories in there. They may take time to show themselves, but they are there. Esh also said not to worry about it as all but three people they had ever known no longer remembered them. Aivren asked who it was that had done all this and brought them here to protect two measly trees. Esh laughed and told Aivren that they were brought here by one called Elohm. He had done all these things to protect Esh and Aivren. So they could carry on with their jobs. Esh then began to explain a little more about the Garden. That it was part of a world that existed before time. And is still hidden in the space between time. The Garden was only a small part of this world, and there were four gates that lead out of the Garden to the rest of the world. They were currently by the North Gate and that it lead out to what looked like an endless field where perpetual storm clouds hung overhead. Past the field was a dark forest but beyond that Esh was unsure. Aivren asked if Esh's memory had been erased like his had. Esh said no. He along with the three others alone remembered their past. Aivren wondered who it could be that remembered their past, and Esh could see the question in his eyes. Esh said that eventually Aivren would remember who it was because they were not wiped from his memory. Eventually Aivren grew to appreciate that he could no longer remember most of his past because from what little Esh had told him it was not the nicest past to have. When he would ask to know something from his past Esh would ask him the same question every time. "Are you happy with your life right now?" Esh would ask. Aivren was happy with life now, and would always answer yes. "Then why is it you wish to know of a time when life was not happy? It can never effect you again, so why know?" Esh would ask. Aivren never could come up with an answer to that. A few thousand years past with naught but a little thought to Aivren as time in the Garden had very little meaning. He told Elohm that he was a little lonely with just his brother and him. Elohm then answered that every ten years he would bring one sole from another time and place to here for company. Esh and Aivren agreed to this and later that day they found someone in the Garden walking around confused. He said his name was Shiol. He was a Toa of stone and became friends with Aivren and Esh rather quickly. After another thousand years they had many people there, matoran, Toa and others alike. It was a joyful time. Until Shiol decided he was to be the guardian of the tree that Esh protected. When Shiol asked, Esh said that if Elohm agreed he could protect the tree. Shiol asked that night but Elohm replied that it was Esh's job to protect the tree. Shiol had another destiny that did not lie with the trees. Shiol became sad. He began to think that he was not welcome in the Garden and began to think about leaving. Finally one night he stood and walked away. He walked past all the people he thought no longer wished for him to be there. He made it to the North Gate and stopped. He took one last look back and walked out to the field. As he walked he was stopped by a voice. A voice with evil intent behind it. It told him that if he truly wanted to be guardian of the tree that he should kill the other being that did guard it. The idea sounded awful to Shiol who still valued and respected Esh. But the voice began telling him lies. Saying to him that Esh looks down on Shiol because he does not guard anything. Because he is unimportant. Shiol got angry at the voice and tried to make it go away but it would not. Shiol curled up in a ball yelling for the voice to stop. But finally the voice said something that stopped Shiol cold. He said he was unimportant and that everyone knew so. Shiol yelled at the voice that he was not unimportant and that he too had a purpose. The voice agreed that he had a purpose. The voice said it was to kill Esh and burn the tree he guarded. Shiol stopped and the words sunk in. Shiol then began to believe the vioces lies. The next day Shiol walked up to Esh and Aivren and attacked them. The others from the Garden came to help them but when they saw who was battling they became confused. "Are these not the first called?" "Are they not friends, and brothers?" Still they battled. As they battled the evil voice took its opportunity and spoke to those watching. He told them that Esh and Aivren wanted to destroy the Garden and that Shiol was trying to stop them. Some believe the voice's words and others did not. A war broke out between them. A matoran who fought for Shiol having believed the vioce's words found an opening in a the matoran who he was fighting's defense he stuck killing the matoran. As soon as he did this a storm broke out above the Garden. A loud voice screamed out in pain and agony. The voice seemed as if it was the thunder itself. "Why have you forsaken me?" the voice screamed. "Why did you believe your enemy's lies?" it cried. Suddenly all those who fought for Shiol turned black and their armor fell away revealing deformed and ragged forms. Shiol remained unchanged save for his armor turning black. All of the black beasts became scared and ran from the Garden through the North Gate. They all found their way to the black forest and did not come out for several thousand years. Shiol had left with them to the black forest but rumors have been told of him returning to finish the job he began. Since this, which Esh has called The Changing, the black beasts have made return trips to destroy the Garden. Esh named the beasts that were once his friends the Shadow Beings. With all of their pureness and light dispersed from their soul they have become shadowed hollow shells of themselves. Esh warns of the evil voice that did this to them because it still hunts for those with doubts to turn them into Shadow Beings. Now Aivren and Esh still protect the Garden from these beings. They try to help guide the new comers who appear every ten years to stay with the light and not to listen to the lies of the enemy. Despite their best attempts it all comes down to the person themselves and their own choice. Aivren has regained most of the memory left to him of his past and remembers one name specifically. This one person was his childhood friend and he knows that they must be one of the three who remember them. He tries to ask Elohm about them but Elohm will not answer. In the meantime of all this Aivren still guards the tree and now protects it from the Shadow Beings for they still hunt to destroy it. OK. That was REALLY long. Sorry about that, but this has been forming in my head for a long time now and it isn't done yet either. With that said I'll let you return to the pictures, yes? Aivren just standing. Legs. I am REALLY happy with these. I think they give him a bulky look. Arms. Trying to continue the bulky look. Torso. I love this and the heartlight is nice. Both he and Esh have one. And he has wings! I like those a lot. Kneeling. Standing at the ready. Hey brother, think I can take over now? All yours. Just standing. Good luck. Here comes my story. Name: Esh Gender: Male Species: Toa of Fire (formally), Toa Hordika of Fire (formally), Unknown (Calls himself an Oracle of Fire) Element: Fire, Shadow, Unknown Kanohi: Noble Kanohi Huna, Mask of Invisibility Powers: Normal Toa of Fire Abilities, Control Over Shadow, Other Yet Unknown Powers Personality: Calm, Quiet, Wise, Protective, Sometimes Cold and Calculating, Rarely Shows Emotion Yet is Somewhat Content With Life Weapons: Devil's Bane (Sword) Bio: With the memory of having just been stabbed and bleeding out on the floor of a prison cell, Esh was surprised when he awoke on the lush green ground of a place that looked to be a forest. He stood up and walked around a little. A task he found slightly difficult because his body had changed shape. After a while he walked over to a lake. The lake was beautiful and shone with little sprinkling stars all over. As he walked towards it the surface seemed to change and morph images. When he came to the edge ripples flew out across the lake from the spot where he stood. Esh watched as the ripples left clear unmoving water in it's wake. After the entire lake was free of ripples the lake's surface changed again. Instead of the reflection of the world he stood Esh could see another. One that flashed by like a movie. He watched as events of his own life passed by the "screen" in the lake. Finally they ended with his own death. After this Esh looked up and standing in the center of the lake was a being. It did not look like anything he had ever seen. This being stood before him in a pure white. Esh looked awed at the being as it walked over the water towards him. when it came within twenty feet it stopped. "Welcome Esh." it said in a strangely calming voice. Esh could not find his voice and could only stare at the being. "Very Talkative I see." the being said with a laugh. "Where... Where am I?" Esh asked. "You are in a place I have named the Garden." the being said. Esh could not quite understand. "This is a place that none know of. Very few have ever been here, and even fewer remember it. It is a world unlike any other. It is a pure world. All things can be seen here. But because of the darkness of other worlds I have hidden this place in a gap in time before time existed." the being said with an unbelievably stoic voice. "Am... Am I being punked?" Esh asked. The being only looked at Esh with a mixed look of "What the heck is he talking about" and something else Esh could not identify. "I'll take that as a no... Why am I here then?" Esh said. "You are here to protect something. You above all others are capable to guard this prized possession. I need you to protect two trees." the being said. Esh just looked at the being with a look that read that he thought he was being punked. After a while he got the feeling this being didn't know what being punked was and it set in that the being wasn't kidding. "Trees. I'm here to protect trees..." he said. "Yes. You are. Do you have a problem with that?" the being asked. "No. I guess not. So what is so special about these trees?" Esh asked. "There are trees that can either give a person life, or kill him and send him to an eternal death." the being said. "Ok then. What else do I need to know?" Esh asked finally believe what was happening. "Well There is a long list..." said the being. After The Changing Esh has been wary. He trusts fewer people and now is more secretive of the past. He is often found at The Lake staring into the water, though no one is sure why. With the threat of the Shadow Beings Esh has placed a guardian at each of the four gates out of the Garden. He additional goes to the North Gate to help keep watch as it is the closest to the black forest and the closest to the village where everyone in the Garden lives. It worries Esh that Shadow Beings have been seen more often lately and the ones they have captured tell of a plan that is brewing in the dark forests. He suspects that Shiol is still alive and behind these plans as Shiol was the best tactician in the Garden... That is all of the story for now. It may change as time proceeds, but this is all for now. Just standing again. Wings spread. Attack position! Surrendering his sword. Sword design belongs to Dragonmaster. I hope he doesn't mind my using it until I can make something for myself, I forgot to ask to use it lol. Pose without his sword. Pose! Pose! Back. Custom head! I am actually proud of that as it is my first. The two of them together. Can you handle this much epicness? Oh get over yourself! I don't talk that way! Why are you? Because frankly he can. Fair enough. Both: Bye! Creators Comments: Ok, so it seems I have some serious explaining to do lol. I have chosen to do two of them because I did not feel able to truly show myself as but one person. Now I wish to say that they are not the same person, they just represent the different sides of myself. They are two different people in the story, I'm just using them for, (my nefarious purposes) my selfMOC. Bye! Thanks for viewing! I also would really like for this to be my most popular if it wouldn't be to hard to manage. *big cheesy grin*

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