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Power Rangers: Legend of Omega (prologue) . Fan fiction (part one) . Dragon Zord I know I know, text mocs aren't mocs. That's why I've included an exclusive new preview as the thumbnail which is intended to represent an early version of the "dragon zord" for the story below. I'll add other Omega Ranger inspired images as I complete them. The story has been one of my most popular creations on deviantart so I thought I'd share it here to see what people thought. Comments, suggestions and critiques welcome. ----- Power Rangers: Legend of Omega (prologue) Rogart Tryst grabbed Dr Kinarai's arm. "Look Mr!" he snapped "You hired me to act as security, and that's what I'm doing." Kintai Kinarai looked into Rogart's face, his expression a combination of rage and humour. In his eyes it was clear to see that he felt Tryst's warning carried little threat. "I paid you to get us here safely," he replied "and I am very grateful you have done this. But this is the find of a life time. I'm not going to let you stop me from exploring it.” With that he shrugged off Rogart's placating hand and stalked into the chamber. His team followed in his wake (all except Rogart). "Fine" snapped Tryst, "you know we're only 300 light years from Earth, but you go right ahead and do what you think best. I'll just wait here for the screaming to start.” There was a pause of several seconds before Tryst realised he was being stupid. With a heavy sigh he followed the others inside. *** The chamber was as big as a cathedral. A huge cavernous space, reaching up to a ceiling almost high enough for clouds to form. Wide enough for the sound of footsteps to echo several times, making you think someone was following. Light pooled on the floor from glass covered holes in the ceiling where day light filtered in. Between the light sources there was almost total darkness. The team of scientists were several feet ahead when Rogart entered. He would have to practically sprint to keep up. Which he did, arriving just as Dr Kinarai raised his hand to signal everyone to be still. "Look" he said with awe. Before them was a collection of statues, larger than a 3 storey house. Each statue was of a different mythical beast, set in a circle. The five statues circled a mosaic on the floor. A sun burst pattern, with each ray of light from the sun ending at a short pillar, each pillar came to roughly chest height. "There seems to be some writing doctor" announced Lorta, his strange alien assistant. "Do you wish me to attempt a translation?” "Don't be coy Lorta," scoffed Tryst "we all know that's why he brought you.” With only a slight glance at Rogart she began to read the inscription aloud. "...and in the dark day they stood, five in all, at the monolith and they brought forth the vortex to take the evil down. Thus ending the threat of darkness and sparing the galaxy.” "Five?" asked Alexander, one of the historians brought on the expedition by Kintai. "There are five of us and five pedestals. Perhaps we are meant to 'end the darkness'?". "Been reading too many comics brother?" retorted his sister Diana. "There is only one way to find out," replied Kintai. Rogart was about to object when Dr Kinarai started ushering the team to stand before each pillar. Rogart found on top of his a large flat circle of what appeared to be stone. It was polished smooth but there was a shape at its centre roughly the same size and shape as the palm of his hand. "Is there any more?" Kinarai asked Lorta, her silver coloured eyes caught his and she nodded. "As one, they closed the gate of darkness and freed us all." Tryst got that sinking feeling as Kinarai asked them all to place their hand on the marks on top of each pillar. Looking round the circle Tryst saw the others do this. With a heavy sigh he did the same. Suddenly there was an explosion of light, the ground seemed to erupt. A swirling column rose in the centre of the circle. Within it Tryst could make out a tall, humanoid shadow forming. The roaring of air rushing past combined with a screaming sound, which could have been his imagination, or it could have been coming from within the glowing beam of light. Suddenly the shadow surged through the light stream. It hovered over each of them like a bird of prey and finally, with a last violent scream of pain and fury, it rose up through the roof of the building. Literally passing through the stone as if it were smoke, and vanishing beyond. "What the hell was that!" snapped Diana Collins angrily. "I don't know," said Kinarai in a small voice "but I hope we don't find out." *** As one the group rushed back towards the huge archway that had been the entrance to the chamber. Alexander realised with horror that a large door was coming down to block the entrance. "We must have triggered some kind of booby trap!" he heard the security expert, Tryst, barking at the doctor. "'Let's just press this button and see what it does!'" he said in a sarcastic impression of Kintai's accent "Idiot." he roared. "In light of events, I'm inclined to agree we may have been..." he seemed lost for the right term, or just too focused on getting out before the door closed to think straight "premature in our assessment of the inscriptions meaning." "You think!" Alexander's sister Diana barked back. "Just shut up and run!" ordered Tryst, putting his head down and sprinting ahead of the group. Perhaps he hoped to reach it in time and hold it open? Perhaps he was just saving his own skin, but he would get there seconds before anyone else. "Come on sis'" said Alexander, taking her arm, "no time to dawdle." She gave him a knowing smile and nodded, before picking up the pace slightly. The door looked like it was solid marble, at least a tonne in weight. Once in place there was little chance they could move it again. Tryst, Diana and Alexander where the first to reach it, but it was already almost closed. Together Alex and Rogart put all their weight against it, in a desperate attempt to slow its descent so the others could reach it and squeeze underneath. But after a couple of seconds trying the overwhelming weight of it got too much and it slammed shut with a resonating thud. It rang around the domed chamber for several seconds before there was absolute silence. The silence was punctured by the sound of footsteps approaching from behind. Another door must have opened on the opposite side of the chamber, because someone else was in here - and they were heading their way. *** Rogart moved in front of the scientists. Drawing his staser pistol he tried to make himself look as imposing as he could. The figure approaching was clearly humanoid. But from the whining, wheezing sound it was making, there was some doubt in his mind that it was alive. Those sounds reminded him of a battery operated toy robot he'd had as a child. "Stop and be recognized" he demanded "who are you?" The machine moved out of the shadows and came to a stop directly in front of him. It was humanoid, in fact its physical appearance was that of a slightly blue tinted chrome armoured boy, possibly in his late teens. The only parts that broke up the solid blue lines of his shiny outer casing were his glowing yellow eyes and the slightly more silver finish on his arms and face. "Up loading relevant language files" it announced in a young but gruff voice. "I am authorised to inform you that you are in no danger. You will be permitted to leave once the immediate danger has passed." "Danger!" gasped Lorta, "The black shape?" "Correct." replied the android, taking another step forward, before gesturing them to follow it. Then turning back in the direction it had come. "Guess we are supposed to follow." suggested Alexander, but he was cut off by Rogart shaking his head. "Not till I am sure of your safety." he demanded. "You asked me to identify myself, did you not?" said the robot, still facing away, but no longer walking. "I am Servitor, mechanic, engineer, builder and security guard for this place. I was alerted as you entered, but I was too late to prevent your - accident. I have reviewed the records of the events and I am satisfied you did nothing deliberately wrong. " "What did we...?” Kinarai looked around the group for back up and inspiration "what did we do? What was that thing?" "One million years ago, this planet was the centre of a great army of light. You may know them as the Power Rangers..." "I told you!" exclaimed Alexander to his sister "I knew they were real..." but he fell silent when the others shushed him. "...they were led from here, the Secret Sanctuary, by my creators - the Custodians. They were the scholars and leaders, heroes and poets, knights and artists of this world. They were magnificent. They united the forces of good into a single force which swept away the darkness for over a thousand years. "Then he came, the creature you released. We knew him as Darkon, it was his ambition to unite all evil that existed and destroy this place and the Custodians. It took all their powers combined to contain him within that..." he gestured to the podiums beneath the giant statues "...the Vortex gate. It took five of them to seal it, but they were beings of great power - fortunately the small power you five possess was only enough to reopen the gate a little and then close it again. "Only a small part of his dark soul has escaped, the rest remains sealed inside for all eternity. But now that small part is loose, it will seek to rebuild its power and return to finish the task of a million years ago." "We..." began Diana, "we didn't know." "My scanners detect that he has left Custodia, he will no doubt be fleeing to his dark sanctuary to rebuild his power and his army. It is safe for you to leave now." "But there is so much we wish to learn from this place," pleaded Dr Kinarai, "that was the reason we came here, to learn from these ancient ruins." "Ruins!" snapped Servitor, "I may have been remiss in my duties as guard, but I assure you the sanctuary is fully functional." then in a distracted tone he added almost to himself "or at least it will be, before Darkon has time to return." "But how will you stop him? All on your own?" asked Alexander, Lorta and Diana were nodding in agreement, "You can't face him all by yourself!" "I am not alone." he replied brightly, "Though the Custodians sacrificed themselves to imprison Darkon once, they left behind one of their kind to act as jailor; he is my master Omega - the last of the Custodians. He will deal with Darkon. "Now come, the doors have been unsealed you may go." "But I insist we stay to learn more from this place!" demanded Kinarai, "We have travelled a very long way, we cannot just leave empty handed." Servitor cocked his head to one side taking in the group for a second. "That would be entirely up to Omega." he replied. "Then would you ask him? On our behalf?" asked Kinarai, much to the disapproving looks from Rogart Tryst. "I will try." replied Servitor. **** Part 1 Chaos had come to the throne world of the Muria Empire. The skull faced cyborg soldiers ran backwards and forwards across the battlements, racing to reach the defences. The dark shape moved silently over the misty bogs and fens that surrounded the castle, reaching out its hand, a lightning bolt would follow, picking off a guard or exploding cannon before it could fire. "Concentrate fire, aim for its body!" screamed general Rigo Mortis, "All batteries!" Criss crossing beams of amber light peppered the ground at the dark spectre's feet, but seemed to pass through it as if it weren't truly there. With a speed that was almost impossible to keep track of, the shadowy figure launched itself onto the battlements. In a blur of motion it had its clawed hand around a guard’s throat, picked him bodily from the ground and tossed him over the edge like a toy. A scream, like a wind rising from hell, issued forth from the shadow and it waded forward to take down the next guard. "Fall back!" Rigo ordered, "We must protect the regent!" There was a squawk of static in Rigo's helmet; he could hear instructions coming from within the palace. With a note of incredulity in his voice he replied dubiously. "You are certain my lord?" When the reply came he added "Of course, as you command." then to his troops he added "Stand down! I repeat! Stand Down!" "What?!" demanded one of the skull faced guards, "We'll be slaughtered!" "My orders come directly from Mortis Locke himself!" rasped Rigo "STAND DOWN!" The guards, as one, stepped back and lowered their weapons. The fighting stopped, and in the lull everyone's eyes were locked on the spectre moving along the battlements. It surveyed each as it passed, fear wrapped around it like a cloak, and many of the soldiers were visibly shaking. It ended its gliding approach before Rigo. In a voice that felt like it was coming from a hundred miles away, a rumbling baritone issued forth from a mouth that was hidden beneath the ebony hood. The only hint of a face beneath - two glowing white eyes, narrowed to slits. "Take me to him." *** The regent, Mortis Locke, actually Regent Mortis XVI to give him his proper title, was standing beside his throne as the guards entered. They were flanking the shadow, which Mortis recognized as soon as he had heard its description. "Darkon," he exclaimed "so the prophecies were true. I am honoured by your presence." The guards made disapproving and surprised gasps as the shadow drifted past their regent, to sit on the throne. Locke seemed unfazed by this apparent insult. "A million years I have languished in the prison of my enemies..." he boomed "...but now I am returned to my seat of power." Then to Mortis Locke he added "I will need time to re-gather my strength, and rally my troops. Time that the Custodians will use to move against us. We must ensure they are kept off balance." "What are your orders?" the regent asked, silencing the babble of confused and openly objecting voices of his guards with a raise of his hand. "Send a unit of your best guards, if you are half the general your ancestor Dread Locke was, you will be more than a match for an unprepared enemy. Go to Custodia and tear down the walls of the Secret Sanctuary." with a satisfied hiss he added "Not so secret any more..." "As it was in the dark times," replied the regent with a salute "so it shall be again." then to his troops he added "Come; we have a sanctuary to destroy!" Darkon, the shadow, languished on the throne. Taking great pleasure in seeing Mortis and his troops file out. He was home, and from here his new empire of evil would begin, as would his healing after a million years of imprisonment. When all but a handful of guards remained he began to laugh, "Yessss, let the healing begin and darkness reign once more!” **** Servitor had asked the archaeologist and his team to remain outside as he entered the "chamber of Omega" as he'd called it, somewhat grandly Kintai thought. It felt like hours that they stood outside, kicking their heels and discussing what they had seen and learned since arriving. But he couldn't focus on that, this place was a wonder, and right now he was waiting for permission to study it from a being, who by this Servitor’s account, was over a million years old. A race capable of living that long must be practically gods by comparison to humans and our may fly lifespan. "A penny for them?" he heard Alexander Collins ask, he looked up and the younger man added "Your thoughts?" "Oh, they aren't worth a penny I assure you," he replied gloomily "I was rash before, playing with forced I didn't comprehend. It wouldn't surprise me if this Omega tells us to go." "To be so close," replied Alexander "to have the proof I’ve sought for years, the proof you promised to help me find doctor. It's almost too painful to think of it slipping through my fingers." "Ah yes," nodded Kintai, "your assertion that these Power Rangers are real and that they are the product of Alien Intervention in our world's development." he smiled "Till Servitor mentioned them, I still had my own doubts. But it seems my boy that you were right after all." "Omega will see you now!" announced Servitor, standing in the open archway of yet another huge chamber, with the door closed no one had been able to get a sense of its sheer scale, but as the robot ushered them inside, even the cynical Rogart Tryst found himself gasping in awe. The walls were filled with carvings; shapes seemed to move across them like living murals. Clearly something akin to holograms, they drifted over the surface, showing scenes from across this world and space. The centre of the room was dominated by a large sarcophagus like box, human shaped and blistered with electronics patterned after runes and pictograms. The door was open and pulled aside. Standing upright within was the imposing shape of a large robed figure. His head was covered with a large white hood and his body was adorned with what looked like circuits woven into the cloth of a burial shroud. The figure raised his hands to pull back the hood. Beneath was an almost featureless face, smooth and creamy grey in colour. He had no nose, no visible ears and his mouth was lipless, his eyes large mirrored orbs. Yet there was an innate kindness to his expression that Kintai found himself at peace just by looking at. "So, you are the explorers who have accidentally unleashed my prisoner and endangered my sanctuary" he said in English, much to the surprise of everyone, except Lorta judging from her expression, and Kintai himself. Servitor knew their language, why not his master too. "Dr Kintai Kinarai" he said holding out his hand to shake Omega's, when the creature made no move to take it, he turned the gesture into a slightly embarrassed flourish to introduce the others, "this is my linguist Lorta," "Of the Tra Du Thia, am I correct?" interrupted Omega. "Yes, but how?" asked Lorta. "Yours was one of the worlds I was charged to protect in the dark times, your people are well known to me, daughter of Tra Du Thia." he replied with a lipless smile. Kintai coughed and continued "These are the Collins siblings, Alexander and Diana, Alex is an expert with regards to the fictional history of the Power Rangers and a student of the factual evidence it was based on. His sister is our pilot." Omega nodded to both in turn. "And lastly we have Rogart Tryst, our security expert." Tryst gave a curt nod which Omega returned with a knowing smile. "You wish to know my history and my secrets, yes?" Omega directed the question to Kintai and Alexander, "I must ask a favour before I can agree." Alexander looked expectantly at his sister, Kintai wasn't sure where this was going, but the air of expectancy seemed almost tangible. "Servitor has been remiss in his duties as mechanic, the sanctuary is currently unable to defend itself against a large determined enemy." he stepped down and walked between them as he spoke, drifting over to the shifting images on the wall. As he continued, he traced the path of one of the stars moving across a night sky with his out stretch hand. "In the dark times I would have had other resources to draw upon, but alas, like my kind, they are long gone." "The rangers," blurted out Alexander Collins "Servitor told us you are the ones who first created them." With a smile Omega nodded "And if the sanctuary is to survive the retaliation of Darkon, it will need new Rangers to protect it." placing a hand on Alexander's shoulder and looking into his expectant face he added "My price for the freedom to study my sanctuary, is that you and your friends accept my invitation..." and with an expansive gesture to the entire room he announced " become my NEW POWER RANGERS!" Behind him the images shifted to scenes of dozens of armoured warriors in brightly coloured armour, surging into battle against dark clad creatures and monsters from nightmares. "What say you?" he added looking into Kintai's eyes. *** The five of them had persuaded Omega that they needed time to think. It was a massive commitment and none of them had had chance to really consider the alternatives or consequences properly. Tryst was of course the first to say something once they were alone. "I don't need to point out, that as your security adviser, I am against anything that endangers your lives unnecessarily." he said gloomily. "If I had my way we would be off this planet and back on New Europa as soon as I get the shuttle prepped.” "I can't just walk away from a million years of history." replied Dr Kinarai darkly, "If being a ranger is the price for having free access to the knowledge of this place, my answer is a resounding, YES!” "What about the rest of you?" asked Tryst. "This is the dream of a lifetime for me," replied Collins, "being a Power Ranger, fighting evil, saving the universe. I can't say no." "Where my brother goes, I go," added his sister "someone has to watch his back." she added with a grin. "Lorta?" asked Kinarai, "what's your answer?" Lorta seemed to be lost in private thoughts, her voice when she finally spoke seemed distant and distracted. "My people are nomads, our home lost long ago. We were not warriors or heroes, we did not fight in great battles." her silver eyes seemed to focus in from hundreds of miles away as she added "I have learned in my time on Earth, that sometimes you have to stand up for what you think is right. That heroes are not always those who win, but those who dare to try." "Are you sure Lorta..." asked Tryst, jumping to the conclusion he knew where she was going with this. "My place is by the doctor's side, I will accept the offer of Omega if he will." she answered. "Then it's just you Mr Tryst." noted Alexander Collins, his expression one of eager excitement. "I can't say that the idea is appealing," replied Tryst honestly, "but it wouldn't look very good on my CV if I just let you lot go off and get yourselves killed." "Then that is a yes?" asked Dr Kinarai. "Yes, it's a yes." replied Rogart. "Then let's give Omega the good news." said Alexander with a beaming smile, but he was the only one who seemed to be excited at the prospect. *** A shadow fell over the forests surrounding the sanctuary. Cast by the huge flagship of the Muria fleet. On its bridge Mortis Locke sat in the captain's chair, monitoring their approach on the main screen. He turned to Rigo, "Gather your troops general," he said, "we will be in teleport range in less than 2 standard minutes." "Yes regent!" replied the cyborg, snapping off a sharp salute. The image on the screen became dominated by a view of the sanctuary from directly above. "Would it not be wiser to simply bombard the target from orbit?" he asked. Shaking his head Mortis Locke replied "According to Darkon, the structure is designed to reflect any massive energy based attack back on the attacker. We would be signing our own death warrants to give such an order. "A ground based assault is the only way to get beneath the ray shields." he added "Assuming the ground based defences are not on line." *** Omega and Servitor were standing beneath 5 more of the giant statues that had dominated the Vortex Gate chamber. They seemed cut from 5 different coloured stones and were highly polished. Similar to the Vortex Gate controls, beneath each was a short pedestal. Instinctively the 5 moved to stand behind each pillar, Omega and Servitor standing opposite, as if they were at 12 o'clock in the circle and the others were at the 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 o'clock positions of a clock face. "You have made your decision?" Omega asked. "We have," replied Kinarai acting as spokesman, "We agree to your terms." "Then place your hand upon the pillar." instructed Omega. Each of them placed a hand on the flattened round surface of the pillar. For a moment nothing seemed to happen, then suddenly a light wound its way around their fingers and wrist. It was like tiny snakes made of light were slithering over their hands. The light built until the energy seemed to engulf their hands and the pillar, so that it was impossible to see either. For each of the 5 the shade and colour of light altered, becoming less intense as it did so, ebbing away to nothing it left behind a linked metal bracelet on each of their wrists, the same colour as the light. Dr Kinarai's band was a polished green metal, Rogart Tryst's band was blood red, Alexander's was yellow, Diana's was navy blue and Lorta's was whitish silver. One of the links on each band contained a small crystal in a darker shade of the same colour, for a few seconds the crystals continued to glow before finally fading. "These are your power bands, they will act as your communications links to this place and your link to the universal morphing grid." announced Servitor, "Through them I will be able to send you weapons to fight Darkon's forces, and upload data to your vehicles, the Zords, should you need them. "The universal Morphing Grid, will also enable your Zords to change shape so that they can combine to form an even greater weapon, should you need it." "Within the sanctuary there are other weapons," noted Omega, "your studies of the writings of my people, and our allies, will enable you to locate and use these weapons. "But for now we must use the tools we have." Servitor pointed over to the holograms on the walls about them, it was just as it had been in the "Chamber of Omega". One of the images was dominated by a large dark coloured star ship, at least a mile across and shaped like a bird of prey. "Darkon's allies are here already, they are unable to attack directly without risking their own ship," His metal face twitched into a satisfied smile which quickly fell as he related the rest of his instructions "however I have been unable to restore our secondary and ground based defence systems. So it will be necessary for you to engage Darkon's forces directly, using your new ranger powers." "And how do we do that?" asked Tryst bluntly. "To activate the power band morpher, just evoke the name of Omega and you will transform. The Morphing Grid is designed to upload instincts and techniques for defending yourself - it will be as if you have known how to fight all your life." he replied. "As you adapt to each level of power and experience, I will be able to increase your abilities and provide appropriate weapons. But we must go slowly, too much power too quickly and you could burn out." "And that would be bad." replied Alexander. "Indeed," replied Servitor in a deadpan "very very bad.". "Ok people!" said Rogart, "let's get out there!" "Its Morphing time!" said Alexander, eliciting puzzled looks from the others. "In the Name of Omega!" Immediately he became engulfed in light, expanding outwards from the band on his wrist, as the light faded his clothes had been replaced by a skin tight yellow uniform, complete with a helmet which covered his face. The helmet was styled to look like an eagle, with two short wings on either side of his head, like the helm of a Viking warrior. At his belt was a short sword with a gun like section built along one edge and a handle that could be positioned as a gun grip or sword hilt. The costume was almost entirely yellow, but for a large white diamond shape emblazoned on his chest. Having seen what had happened the others gave the same oath and each was engulfed in a different coloured light. When it was over they were each changed as he had been, but with a uniform to match the colour of their respective wrist bands. Their helms were slightly different from each other. Rogart's was more like a lion, but with the same wings on either side, Kinarai's was like a dragon, with bat wings on the sides of the helmet, Diana's was more like the nose of a horse, with a crest over the top and two small bird wings on either side. Lorta was different still, her helm looked horse like, but with no wings. Instead she had a short horn sticking straight forward from her forehead. "Now my Rangers," said Omega, "Go get them!". ***** to be continued

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