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Korrin of the Apocalypse . "Love is foolish. The only emotion that lasts is fear. And you would do well to fear me." --Korrin . Name: Korrin Species: Matoran (Mutated) Element: Ice Titles: Toa (formerly), Brother (formerly), Beast, Apocalypse Member Mask: Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding Weapons: Longsword, shield Theme song: Cold as Ice by Foreigner Korrin Korrin Korrin was a Ko-Matoran detective for a small city located atop a mountain pass. The road through the city was frequently travelled, and many trading caravans passed through. Not all traders were legitimate, however, and smuggling was a large problem. One particular company of drug runners was particularly skilled and dangerous, but Korrin, after many months of under-cover work, managed to locate a major cache of contraband. He called for reinforcements, but decided to engage the smugglers directly, and was found fending off five armed thugs by the time a squad of Matoran police officers and two Toa showed up. The smugglers were arrested, and Korrin was commended for his bravery and cleverness. Shortly after, the Order of Mata Nui recruited Korrin and made him a Toa. When training, Korrin worked very hard, but his mentors did not see his full potential. Instead, they took to a young Toa of Stone who had a tendency to show off. Korrin resented the other Toa, but he respected his teachers and did not cause trouble. That is, until a beautiful Toa of Air was assigned to their team. Korrin fell in love with her at first sight, but the Toa of Stone was first to act, and won her affections. Korrin became bitter, and kept to himself. He couldn't compete with the star of Toa training. One day, he heard tell of a dangerous beast that dwelled in the desert. Determined to outshine the Toa of Stone, Korrin snuck out of the training camp with the intent of defeating the mysterious creature and winning the heart of the Toa of Air. As he arrived at what seemed to be the beast's lair, however, Korrin came across something he did not prepare for. Carved into a canyon in the middle of nowhere was a fortress of stone, apparently deserted. However, as he entered the mouth of a cavernous hall, he spied a figure sitting on a throne. The figure rose, and greeted Korrin by name. Puzzled, Korrin approached the figure, who was shrouded in the darkness of the hall. The figure stepped from the shadows, and revealed himself. Korrin was shocked to find himself looking at a Makuta, a monster that only existed in the stories of old. Regaining his wits, Korrin drew his sword, and charged the Makuta. The Makuta raised his hand, and his Kanohi Komau glowed with a faint aura. Mid-stride, Korrin was overcome with an unstoppable urge to fall to his knees. The Makuta, named Shakahv, smiled as Korrin dropped his weapon, and then he began to speak. He spoke of Korrin's difficulty with Toa training, and sympathized with his inability to woo the Toa of Air that was enamored by his rival's power. Surprised by the Shakahv's knowledge of him, Korrin did not know what to say. The Makuta then proposed a deal. In exchange for Korrin's loyalty, and a small amount of his elemental power, Shakahv would give Korrin the power to out-perform the Toa of Stone. Blinded by the chance to win the love of the Toa of Air, Korrin accepted. Shakahv led Korrin into a dungeon where a massive sarcophagus stood. Shakahv opened an ancient-looking ceramic jar, and revealed a vial of a strange fluid. He explained to Korrin that the vial was filled with the venom of an extinct relative of the Visorak, and that with the help of the sarcophagus, the venom would transform Korrin into something as powerful as a Hordika, while retaining the ability to wield a Kanohi mask and control his element. Korrin climbed into the sarcophagus and Shakahv closed it over him. He heard a click behind him, and felt a cool liquid running down his back. The liquid began to surround him, even though there was not enough to fill the bottom of the stone chamber. It clung to his armor, and began to glow. The pain was intense, and Korrin let out a loud scream of agony. Runes on the inside of the sarcophagus danced across Korrin's vision, and then everything went dark. Korrin awoke to shackles chaining him to a stone table. Two Toa, presumably servants of Shakahv, were looking over him. Angered at his situation, Korrin growled and pulled at the chains. The metal groaned under the tension, and the two Toa backed away in fear. Shakahv entered the room then and Korrin stemmed his aggravation. Pleased with Korrin's new strength, Shakahv greeted him with open arms, and released Korrin from his bonds. Korrin rose, and asked Korrin when he would be able to return to the training camp. Shakahv assured Korrin that the time would soon come, but there were first some tests of loyalty that he must go through. Korrin became angry again, and demanded to leave at once. Shakahv hesitated, and then granted Korrin permission to return to the training camp to win the Toa of Air's heart, and humiliate his rival, if he could. In the darkest hour of night, Korrin infiltrated the training camp where he recently lived. Easily avoiding the guards despite his size, Korrin crept into his love’s chambers. The Toa of Air awoke, and, frightened by Korrin’s appearance, let out a shriek of fear. Within seconds, four Toa entered the room. Angered by their intrusion, Korrin kicked all four of them through the wall and onto the muddy alley outside. More Toa from other barracks gathered to see what the commotion was, including the Toa of Stone that Korrin so despised. At the sight of Korrin, the Toa of Stone stepped forward to singlehandedly take on the Dark Toa. Despite Korrin’s increased size and strength, the Toa of Stone was a formidable opponent. Korrin was knocked to his feet, and the Toa’s blade was at his throat. He looked over, and saw the Toa of Air watching him. Korrin told her who he was, and that he changed for her to win her heart. However, she looked at his new form with disgust, and turned her face away. Korrin was dismayed, but his sadness quickly turned to anger. He knocked away the blade at his throat, and froze the Toa of Stone’s feet to the ground. Korrin coated his sword in a thick layer of ice, and used the massive bludgeon to smash the Toa of Stone’s armor and send him through an entire building. A nearby Toa noticed that the broken body that was once the Toa of Stone had no glow in his heart light. The rest of the Toa descended upon Korrin in a vengeful rage, but Korrin’s anger was greater than theirs. He shattered the ice on his blade over one Toa’s head, and rammed three more with a powerful shoulder strike. The fighting continued, and Korrin killed many more Toa. When the small crowd was dead save the Toa of Air, Korrin stopped. She looked at him with eyes of horror, and recoiled when he reached towards her. Out of the corner of his eye, Korrin saw that the rest of the Toa in the camp camp, including the experienced teachers, were running in his direction. He snarled, and leaped over the wall and ran into the night. Korrin continued to serve Shakahv until the Makuta was destroyed. While under Shakahv’s command, Korrin met a Dark Toa of Fire named Adolvis who was mutated like he was. The two Dark Toa became friends, and it was Adolvis who convinced Korrin to join the Apocalypse when Shakahv was killed. With Zethlin, Adolvis, and the rest of the Apocalypse, Korrin helped form an alliance with the technologically-advanced Dirvum, and was given command of a gigantic Citadel. He commanded this walking fortress through many battles, and destroyed over a hundred towns and cities in the Campaign for Spherus Magna. Korrin was known to be heartless enemy, and he often went down to a gunning platform to personally bombard a defeated city after a battle, regardless of Zethlin’s orders to leave Matoran survivors alive to become slaves. When it became known that Korrin’s army was marching on New Ta-Koro, the city was struck with fear. Many Toa were preparing for battle, but most had not encountered a Citadel before. The Turaga of New Ta-Koro ordered all Toa to take cover within the walls of the city. Toa Cossy, however, did not agree with trying to weather the storm. He went to the elders to reason with them, but they ordered Cossy to remain in the city. Cossy stormed off, and shared the news with a small group of Fire Toa. The Toa agreed with Cossy. Furvens, a member of the Toa Lotem with Cossy, had been in battle against a Citadel before, and he told them that the walls of New Ta-Koro were no match for these machines. The only advantage that the Toa could gain is the element of surprise. With that, the Toa assembled a small strike force of their best warriors and set out in the direction that the Citadel was thought to be coming from. Cossy, Furvens, and five other Toa of Fire sped towards the horizon on a small, unarmed transport, the only vehicle they could commandeer without drawing the attention of the Turaga. However, as they neared their foe, they saw that there were not one, but four citadels approaching: two by land, two by air. Cossy hesitated, but pressed on, determined to destroy at least one of the machines. The Toa gained a surprising amount of distance before the Citadels began to fire on them. Cossy guessed that they did not expect the fight to happen so far outside the city, and did not have their defenses prepared. Pulling up towards one of the flying Citadels, the Toa spotted some damage on one of the propellers keeping the Citadel in the air. With the combined elemental power of seven Toa, the heroes sent a massive jet of flame towards the damaged turbine. The fire found its way to cracks and dents in the armor, and quickly melted the propeller into a twisted ball of metal. With a terrible groan, the Citadel began to fall to the ground, trailing smoke behind it. Cossy did not wait for the smoldering wreckage to collide with the earth, but instead he activated his Mask of Supersonic Flight, and screamed towards the next flying Citadel. With a burst of lightning, Cossy killed one of the gunners and landed safely on the deck. The rest of the Toa landed shortly after, but as they were boarding, their vehicle was destroyed by an artillery shell. One Toa took control of the vacant gunner’s seat, and the rest fought their way through Dirvum guards and undead warriors to the second main cannon. After defeating a group of gunners, another Toa used the turret to fire upon the land Citadels. Cossy, Furvens, and the remaining Toa then worked their way to the Citadel’s bridge. Despite heavy resistance, the Fire powers of the five Toa proved to be most effective in the cramped halls and rooms within the Citadel, and before long, the bridge was under their control. Furvens brought the Citadel around to a more optimal firing position, while Cossy and the other Toa stood guard or helped Furvens to navigate. When Korrin saw that the ship was moving into attack position, he could not wait any longer. The Toa had completely taken over the Dirvum’s Citadel, there was no doubt. Korrin ordered all guns to fire on the airborne fortress, and the two walking behemoths quickly disabled the cannons and engines of the Toa’s Citadel. Korrin smiled at his victory, and watched as the Citadel began to plummet towards the ground. Furvens was knocked to his feet by the impact of the explosives hitting the Citadel. Regaining his feet, he struggled to keep the massive war ship in the air. The Citadel was losing altitude, and there wasn’t much time left. Furvens thought for a moment, then spun the Citadel around, and headed straight for Korrin and his walking death machine. He yelled to the other surviving Toa to find a way off the Citadel before it was too late. Cossy protested, but Furvens was adamant. Cossy grabbed the other Toa, and smashed through one of the bridge’s windows. Activating his Kanohi, Cossy managed to carry himself and three other Toa to relative safety. From a rocky ledge, the four Toa watched in morbid interest and deep respect as Furvens piloted the Citadel towards his target. Korrin ordered every last gunner to fire upon the airborne Citadel, but despite the holes and tears in the plummeting mass, Furvens kept his projectile on course. Explosions seemed silent in Furvens’ ears, but the pulsing of his heartlight was like a hammer pounding on his mask. He took a deep breath, and steeled himself for his impending death. Korrin’s eyes grew wide as the two machines collided. He felt a massive surge of heat, and then nothing more. The explosion was massive, and sent the remaining land Citadel stumbling to remain upright. Cossy covered his ears and closed his eyes to protect them from the light and sound that followed the explosion. The shockwave was still deafening, and the four Toa were knocked backwards. Cossy’s head struck stone, and he was knocked unconscious. When he awoke, the wreckage was still burning, but the still-operational walking Citadel was nowhere to be found. One other Toa was still at his side, but the other two were gone. The remaining Toa explained to Cossy that the others left in pursuit of the final Citadel, but they have not returned for some time. Cossy got to his feet, and the two of them limped back towards New Ta-Koro. When they arrived, however, all they found was a smoldering pile of rubble and a few broken weapons. The Citadel was nowhere to be found, and Cossy could see no survivors. Struggling to keep his emotions in check, Cossy fell to his knees and held his head in his hands. Three Citadels were destroyed, but New Ta-Koro had fallen. Well, here he is! Sorry about the wait, I've been working on finishing the final few bios for the Apocalypse members, and it's a lot of work. As you can see, the Campaign for Spherus Magna is almost over, and the stakes are getting higher for both sides. Despite Korrin's element, he seldom had a cool head. Passion and anger constantly caused him to act, which is why many believe he was able to so successfully befriend Adolvis, a Toa of Fire. Torso shot. As you can see, I tried to deviate from the typical Ice color scheme by tainting it a bit with dark grey and gunmetal. I still think he looks icy, but with dark, sinister undertones. The lower arms are a variation of Solstice's. While I wish I had more Metru shoulder armor, this turned out well enough. The big forearms remind me of a winter coat. The legs, which I'm very happy with. They're just the right thickness (thanks to Pho's Mata foot-Hero Factory Armor design), and the feet are custom (out of necessity, because I was out of ball joints). Back view. Do you like his little cape/scarf thing? Fencing pose. Battle cry! Thanks for viewing, up next is Adolvis, although I haven't finished his story yet. Wish me luck, and let me know what you think!

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