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Adolvis of the Apocalypse . "There are things worse than death. I have experienced more pain than you could possibly endure, but let's see how close we can get, shall we?" --Adolvis . Name: Adolvis Species: Toa (Mutated/Fused) Element: Fire Titles: Toa (formerly), Brother (formerly), Apocalypse Member Mask: Kanohi Miru, Mask of Levitation Weapons: Flame sword, short sword Theme song: Nazgul Theme Songs (Lord of the Rings Soundtrack) Adolvis Adolvis was a young guard who lived at a base just south of New Ta-Koro. He worked for a mask making company owned by a wealthy old Matoran. He did not particularly enjoy his work, but it paid well, and he was good at it. At night, he would patrol the small warehouse that held finished masks, Kanoka disks, and raw protodermis, protosteel, and other metals. One evening, Adolvis caught one of the owners of a rival company attempting to break into the warehouse, and got into a brawl with him. When police arrived, they found Adolvis with a few bruises and scratches and the competitor tied to the clerk’s chair. Adolvis’ employer was overjoyed, and bragged about his brave guard to his friends in high places. Shortly after, Adolvis was contacted by the Order of Mata Nui, and was taken to a training camp to become a Toa. Training was easy for Adolvis, and he soon became a Toa and a master at controlling his element. Shortly after completing his training, Adolvis was assigned to the Toa guard of New Ta-Koro. Essentially a police force, the Toa guard not only defended the city from any potential enemies, but they managed crime and other disturbances within the city. Adolvis found this dull, and requested to be transferred to a mission-based Toa team multiple times, but was denied. Spiteful of the other Toa, who quite enjoyed their work, Adolvis sought solitude when on duty. His resistance towards working as a unit rarely hindered him, until some careless Le-Matoran entered the city. It was a fairly routine zoological check, done by the Matoran police force of New Ta-Koro. A small group of Le-Matoran had captured a Tahtorak, who was to be sold to a biologist that specialized in large Rahi. The cart that carried the beast hit a pothole, and the jolt surprised it. The creature burst through its cage, despite the thick bars and other precautions, and ran down the street in a panic. Adolvis was patrolling in the area, and was quickly on the job of subduing the Tahtorak. However, the beast was massive, and Adolvis’ fiery attacks were minor annoyances to the creature. Sprinting along next to it, Adolvis leaped onto its back. This caught the creature’s attention, and it reared back and crashed through a wall in an attempt to break free from the Toa’s grasp. Adolvis, however, held firm. The building they broke through was a factory that manufactured power cells. Adolvis jumped off the rearing Tahtorak, and landed in its path. The beast stopped, glared at the Toa, and charged. Adolvis sent a burst of fire at the creature, which it simply ran straight through, and Adolvis jumped up a flight of stairs. The Tahtorak tried to climb the stairs, but was too big. Instead, it smashed the stairs, and part of the walkway that Adolvis had been standing on. The Toa ran away as the Tahtorak continued to destroy segments of the walkway, until the large creature caught up with him. Leaping from the falling piece of wood and metal, Adovis drew his fire sword and landed a few strides from the Tahtorak. The creature roared, lunged, and snapped its jaws mere inches from Adolvis’ head, as the Toa ducked and slashed at the beast’s underbelly. The thick hide of the Tahtorak slowed the blow, but it still left a large cut on the Rahi’s chest. The wound only angered the Tahtorak more, and it charged once again towards Adolvis. He was knocked backwards and crashed into a rack of metalworking tools. Adolvis picked up a tool, charged the beast, and hurled the tool at it like a spear. The Tahtorak caught it with its mouth and snapped it like a twig, but the distraction bought Adolvis all the time he needed. He closed in on the Rahi, and, in a diving lunge, stabbed the creature in the neck. The Tahtorak screeched and reared back, but Adolvis was caught on one of its spines, and could not let go of his sword. The beast thrashed about and tried to remove Adolvis by biting his arm. Pain shot up the Toa’s wrist as the Tahtorak clamped down and attempted to wrench Adolvis free. The two enemies continued like this until the Tahtorak stumbled and fell, sending them both into a large tank of energized protodermis. The creature’s spines punctured the tank, and its contents spilled over the two combatants. A searing pain shot through Adolvis’ body, and he could feel his limbs burning and contorting. He struggled to escape the energized protodermis, but when he moved, he felt something pulling him back. Thick, white-hot claws wrapped around him, and pulled him deeper into the protodermis. His vision faded, and all he felt was intense pain, and a sense of falling. He reached up a hand in a desperate attempt to catch something that would slow his fall, and to his surprise, found that his hand met the cold iron of the factory’s pipe system. He pulled himself up and out of the energized protodermis, and onto safe ground. He looked back towards the pool of energized protodermis that had formed around the tank, and was surprised to see that the Tahtorak was gone. He looked down to inspect himself, and his heart skipped a beat. He was no longer a Toa, but a shining, red, reptilian beast. He was still awestruck when three of his Toa Guard companions entered through the hole that the Tahtorak had created in the factory wall. One shouted at the sight of Adolvis, and drew his sword. Realizing that they might mistake him for the Tahtorak and try to kill him, he broke through the adjacent wall and escaped through the back alleys of the city. He managed not to encounter anyone until he got over the inner wall and into a somewhat run-down neighborhood. There, he came across a strange Toa donning purple armor, waiting by a large cargo vehicle. Adolvis stopped, puzzled that the Toa did not seem to feel threatened by Adolvis’ dragon-like shape. Instead, the Toa opened the cargo container, which was empty, and bade Adolvis inside. The Toa explained that this way of travel would attract far less attention on their way out of the city. Adolvis, seeing no other means of escaping the city, hesitantly stepped in the large crate and looked around. The space was cramped for him, but he fit. Adolvis then heard the Toa behind him apologize, explaining that he can’t know the boss’ location until he is for certain with them. Confused, Adolvis began to ask for clarification, but instead felt a club hit the back of his head. Everything went dark. Adolvis awoke to find himself still in the back of the vehicle, but the doors were open, and facing a large, stone room, supported by many columns. Adolvis, head still throbbing, climbed out of the vehicle, and stepped into the room. It was lit only by natural light, filtering through holes in the highest spots in the wall. Adolvis looked forward, and was able to make out a figure sitting on a throne, near the back of the room. The figure, now identifiable as a Makuta, spoke, apologizing for the harsh means of transportation, and introducing itself as Shakahv. Shakahv went on to explain that Adolvis’ condition was not reversible, and that the Toa would not understand nor accept Adolvis back due to his appearance. This did not disappoint Adolvis much, as he did not enjoy guard duty anyway. Shakahv smirked, and then explained to Adolvis that the place where they were was a home, of sorts, for Toa just like Adolvis. Shunned or feared by the Order of Mata Nui and abandoned by friends and allies, the Toa found their way into Shakahv’s open arms, and were accepted, despite their appearance or past deeds. All they had to do was swear loyalty to Shakahv and to each other, as brothers. That and give a small piece of elemental power to the cause, of course. Intrigued by the offer, Adolvis accepted. Adolvis was one of Shakahv’s favorite Dark Toa, and he single-handedly destroyed many caravans that wandered through Shakahv’s desert, and pillaged small encampments. His frightening appearance led many to fear the desert, and stories of the mysterious dragon of the desert spread far and wide. A young Toa of Ice named Korrin even ventured into the desert to challenge Adolvis, but instead met Shakahv and became a Dark Toa as well. The Toa eventually met and befriended Adolvis, and the two of them became a most fearsome team. When Shakahv’s fortress was discovered by Toa, a Dark Toa named Zethlin approached Adolvis and proposed that they abandon the Makuta. With some persuasion, Adolvis was assured that Toa who served a Makuta were doomed to fail. Instead, Dark Toa should be led by their own kind if they wanted to overthrow the Order of Mata Nui. Adolvis then joined the Apocalypse, and convinced his friend Korrin to join as well. Under the command of Zethlin, they escaped the Toa who attacked the base, and fled into the desert. After months of nomadic living and raiding small villages for food and supplies, Adolvis and the rest of the Apocalypse came across the island of Dirru Nui. There, they recruited the species known as the Dirvum to their cause, and together they built the Citadels; large, mobile fortresses that had the capability to amplify the power of a Kanohi Tryna so much that an army of the undead could be raised by a single individual. Adolvis was given command of a walking Citadel, and with it, he conquered dozens of cities. He was known for his ability to take a city with minimal damage to the infrastructure, while still obliterating most of the population. The stories of Adolvis grew even more elaborate, and there were none who did not fear him. When the day came where Adolvis was to take over New Ta-Koro, he relished the thought of defeating the lowly guards that he once had to respect in order to keep his job. He brought with him Korrin, his most trusted companion, and two airborne Citadels, piloted by Dirvum generals. When they were travelling, however, they were attacked by a small group of extraordinarily powerful Toa of Fire, who managed to destroy all but Adolvis’ Citadel. Adolvis watched in anguish as the Toa drove one of the airborne Citadels into Korrin’s walking Citadel, despite the heavy barrage from Adolvis’ gunners. The explosion knocked his Citadel down, but it did not suffer serious damage. Still, the Toa had killed his friend, and they would suffer his wrath. He ordered his Citadel forward towards New Ta-Koro. As the city came into view, Adolvis was attacked by two Toa, presumably survivors of the previous battle. In a rage, Adolvis exited the Citadel, and personally obliterated the two Toa with two swipes of his massive claws and a burst of flame from his fang-laden jaws. When Adolvis arrived at New Ta-Koro, the resistance was great, but the Dark Toa’s wrath was greater still. The undead army that he controlled fought with great ferocity, fuelled by Adolvis’ rage. Within hours, Adolvis and his single Citadel destroyed one of the most populous and well-defended cities on Spherus Magna, and very few were left alive. When Adolvis reported back to Zethlin, he was outraged that three of his Citadels had fallen. Still, Zethlin was pleased that New Ta-Koro was destroyed. With Ta-Wahi defeated, only Ko-Wahi remained to conquer. However, with only two walking Citadels, two airborne Citadels, and four seafaring Citadels remaining, Zethlin decided that the full force of the Apocalypse’s army was needed to take the nearly impenetrable fortress of New Ko-Koro. It was time to unleash the secret weapon. Adolvis marched upon Ko-Koro, which rested around the peak of the tallest mountain in the known world. Alongside his Citadel walked the Citadel of another Apocalypse member, Crutible. With their war machines advancing from the south, Barraki warlords closing in from the Northern Sea, and the two airborne Citadels approaching from the east and west, the city would soon be surrounded. Within a day, the battle would begin. When night came, Adolvis ordered the advance to halt. With such an important city at hand, the last stronghold under the control of the Order of Mata Nui, the Dark Toa thought it best to attack after he was well-rested. Adolvis awoke to explosions in the distance. He looked out the window of his quarters, and saw that the Barraki’s Citadels swarming with tiny spots of light, which disappeared as quickly as they formed. The Citadels’ cannons were firing, and massive explosions met the tiny, winking lights, and left a dark spot where they had once been. The lights continued forward, however, and the Citadels were soon overrun. Adolvis leaped from his bed, and charged into the bridge of his Citadel, where a skeleton crew was already assembled and awaiting orders. Adolvis instructed the Dirvum to move in. Arvach and Altairon of the Toa Lotem cheered as some nearby Toa disabled a Citadel’s main cannon. Drawing their attention to the advancing Dirvum, the two Toa then steeled their nerves, and charged into the fray. Dirvum are fast, but not as strong as Toa, and were defeated quickly once their stationary guns were disabled. Altairon and Arvach placed the charges they were given before the attack, and retreated. From a safe distance, the Toa of Stone and the Toa of Lightning watched as the four Citadels that floated in the bay exploded, sending plumes of flame upward like a dragon rearing its head. The Toa regrouped with the strike forces assigned to the other Citadels, and the company began the march back to New Ko-Koro. As Arvach reached the top of a hill, however, he saw a sight that chilled his blood: an army of undead, controlled by a massive, shining Citadel, standing between them and the city of Ice. The sun rose above an icy peak, and the armies charged. Everything seemed to move in slow motion as Arvach and Altairon fought for their lives. Their numbers were too few, and Toa were being dragged down all around them. Back to back, the Toa fought off the surrounding hordes, but the dead do not tire, and they do not feel pain or fear. A corpse whose legs were cut off crawled beneath Altairon’s defenses, and stabbed him in the ankle with a small dagger. The Toa cried out in pain, and Arvach wheeled around to aid his friend, ignoring his own safety. He beheaded the rusted, crawling being before it could stab Altairon again, but by then three more undead soldiers had ran their weapons through Altairon’s chest. The Toa of Lightning gasped, fell to his knees, and exhaled as his heartlight faded. Adolvis watched in mild amusement as the brave Toa of Stone threw boulders at the reanimated corpses, flattening any who came close. Surely, this Toa was the powerful Arvach, who survived the first rampage of Zethlin, despite being almost torn limb-from-limb. No opponent could kill such a powerful Toa, so Adolvis commanded his forces to retreat from Arvach. Puzzled, the Toa of stone looked up at the Citadel, directly into Adolvis’ eyes. A thundering boom sounded, and the spot where Arvach once stood was engulfed in flame. Adolvis smiled as the Citadel’s cannon swiveled about, hunting for another target. Soon, every Toa that had attacked the Barraki’s Citadels was dead. As the sun rose higher in the sky, Adolvis turned his gaze towards the sparkling pinnacle of the mountain, where New Ko-Koro stood. The real battle was close at hand. Gelidos, Toa of Ice, gazed upon the columns of smoke rising from the base of the mountain, and shuddered as he saw thousands of reanimated corpses flood out of the two Citadels below. He closed his eyes, breathed in the cold mountain air, and unleashed a powerful stream of ice down the mountainside. Dozens of Toa around him did the same, and the path to New Ko-Koro became a near-frictionless sheet of frost. Gelidos watched as the undead slipped and fell, losing all their progress towards the city. The Citadels, however, cracked through the ice underfoot, and continued to advance. Still, their army was delayed for the time being. The Toa then turned their gaze towards the heavens, where the roar of propellers signaled the approach of two airborne Citadels. In the early morning light, the glow of hundreds of Kanohi masks were visible as the rooftops of New Ko-Koro shook with the battle cries of every Toa in the city who had the ability to fly. Gelidos wished them luck under his breath as he searched the legion for his team’s leader, Cossy. As the Toa took off, Gelidos noticed a flash of bright blue, and knew that his brother-in-arms would go down in history today. Cossy had no time to think of the future as he flew through the air towards the two Citadels. Dodging incoming fire was the only thing on his mind. However, with only two flying Citadels remaining and over two hundred Toa at Cossy’s side, the odds of reaching the Citadels unscathed seemed high. Cossy’s confidence grew as he picked up speed, but just as he came within a thousand feet of the first Citadel, Cossy saw something that made his heart feel too heavy to fly. Dozens of powerful turbines rotated beneath the largest airship Cossy had ever seen. Thousands of Dirvum and undead soldiers stood on the long, narrow deck of the gigantic Citadel, aiming every gun in the direction of the advancing Toa. Cossy swerved around, using the smaller Citadel as cover, but the Toa behind him were not so lucky. Streaks of white-hot lead filled the swarm of Toa with screams of agony, and they fell by the dozens, like moths who got too close to a flame. Only a few Toa were able to follow Cossy to the relative safety of the smaller Citadel, but now the odds were against them. The Toa fought frantically through the undead guards in an attempt to secure the Citadel, but the resistance was too great for them, and they were soon overwhelmed. However, as the Citadel’s army was about to descend upon them, a flash of red lightning streaked across the deck and struck a dozen corpses, burning them to useless husks. Rahksanne, a rebelled servant of Makuta Teridax, smiled at Cossy as she sent another burst of lightning towards the reanimated corpses. With renewed vigor, the remaining Toa managed to fight off the small army and gain control of the Citadel. When the fighting ceased, Cossy turned to Rahksanne, his sister, and inquired as to her presence here. She explained, half in her own Rahkshi language and half in weak Matoran, that she had seen the Citadels approaching from the desert, and so she climbed this one’s mooring one night and stowed away until she had some sort of tactical advantage against the Dirvum. Cossy smiled, grateful to have Rahksanne at his side once again, despite the painful memories that they shared. It was time to end the war, and Cossy had a plan. Cossy broke into the Citadel’s armory and obtained long-range rifles for himself and two of the surviving Toa. Careful not to alert the other two Citadels as to their ship’s situation, they piloted the Citadel on a subtle path, so that they were above the second Citadel, and positioned so that the second Citadel was between their Citadel and the larger enemy airship. Cossy and the other two Toa climbed to the top of their Citadel, and dove off the edge to the second Citadel, which did not expect or notice the attack from above. The Toa found cover, and then gave the signal. The Toa that were still on the first Citadel had taken positions on the airship’s main guns, and opened fire on the second Citadel, carefully avoiding Cossy’s position. Confused as to the surprise attack, the Dirvum-controlled Citadel returned fire on the Toa. However, the giant airship did not fire upon nor move to attack either Citadel, indicating that they did not know which Citadel was their enemy and which was their ally. That is, until two bullets zipped across the sky and into the chests of two Dirvum gunners, coming directly from the second Citadel. Without realizing that they were firing upon the friendly ship, the massive airship released a crippling volley and the Citadel began to plummet to the ground. Cossy and the other Toa dropped their rifles and sprinted towards the edge of the Citadel, jumping off the falling wreckage and activating their Kanohi masks and escaping, undetected by the gigantic airship, to their commandeered Citadel. The Toa’s commandeered Citadel was in bad shape. After taking fire from the Dirvum-controlled Citadel, they were in need of repairs. Rahksanne activated the Citadel’s distress flare, and the gigantic airship approached to come to the Citadel’s aid. When the airship was close enough, the Citadel attacked. Cossy activated his mask and boarded the massive airship, destroying turrets with bursts of blue fire. Rahksanne and the other Toa used the Citadel’s guns to destroy more turrets on the massive airship. Cossy advanced through the turret positions to the bridge, where Zethlin watched as his flagship was slowly being overrun. When Zethlin was sure that Cossy would succeed in defeating the Dirvum security and gunners, fear grew in his heart. The one Toa who had ever managed to defeat him was on his doorstep, and he was not alone. Zethlin thought fast, and resolved to kill the weaker Toa onboard the Citadel first rather than face Cossy. He took up a skyboard and flew off the flagship towards the smaller Citadel. Cossy saw as his enemy rocketed past him and onto the deck of the Toa’s Citadel. Surprised, Cossy had no time to react as Zethlin slew the Toa on the nearby ship. As Zethlin turned his attention towards the bridge, however, Cossy snapped out of his confusion and flew desperately towards Zethlin. He pushed the limits of his Kanohi mask, crossing the distance in a fraction of a second, but that was all it took. There was a flash of red from the bridge, and then a brighter flash of yellow. Cossy dove through a window, sending shards of glass scattering across the smaller Citadel’s bridge. He rose, dazed from the impact, to see Zethlin, with Rahksanne’s sword in one hand, and Rahksanne herself in the other. She struggled to free herself from Zethlin’s grasp, but his grip around her throat was that of a machine, fuelled by rage and driven by insanity. Cossy screamed, and Zethlin smiled. He drove Rahksanne’s sword through her thick armor and into the protective chamber that held her Kraata. Rahksanne cried out, and her voice rang out from the broken armor, a tiny shriek of a Kraata without her suit’s amplifiers. Then, there was silence. Cossy’s blood ran cold as the shock of his ‘sister’s’ death consumed him. Zethlin dropped the body and, still wielding Rahksanne’s sword, faced Cossy. The icy pit in Cossy’s stomach began to melt, and then boil, as his inner fire burned. Zethlin hesitated as Cossy looked up, for he could see darkness in the Toa’s eyes. Adolvis was pleased that his Citadel was almost upon the city of New Ko-Koro, and with very little damage. Soon, he would be past the icy slopes and he would be able to re-deploy his army of undead. Many Toa had already been killed, and the few who remained were afraid. Victory was close at hand. Still, he kept a close eye on the events that occurred in the air. Should the Toa succeed in taking over Zethlin’s flagship, they might have a chance at winning this fight. Still, Adolvis had to focus on the task that was appointed to him. Since the Toa had temporarily prevented the flagship’s advance, New Ko-Koro would have to be taken by land. Slowly but surely, the armies of reanimated corpses overran New Ko-Koro. There were many levels to the city, and each had its own defensive wall, but the guns of the walking Citadels were powerful, and reduced the city to rubble. Soon, only a handful of Toa remained, and they were retreating to the center of the city, where a towering observatory was located. Adolvis smiled as he ordered his gunners to take aim and bring down the entire structure. As he gave the order, however, he heard a massive explosion. Looking up into the air, he saw the smaller airborne Citadel’s bridge explode in a massive plume of inky black fire. A small, yellow speck fell from a window, followed by a brilliant, blue comet, trailing dark smoke behind it. The comet dove after the yellow figure, caught it, and hurled it into the side of the flagship. Again, the comet went after the yellow figure, which had apparently gone clean through the flagship’s hull. The smaller Citadel, still burning, suffered another explosion as one of its fuel tanks ignited, and began to fall to the earth in a smoky fireball. Shocked, Adolvis hesitated to destroy the observatory, and instead looked towards his ally’s Citadel to see what action Crutible would take. As he watched, an orange emergency flare and a red attack flare fired simultaneously from the Citadel’s deck, indicating that Crutible believed that Zethlin was dead, and that the flagship had been compromised. Frantically, Adolvis gave the order to switch targets. The guns of both walking Citadels swiveled emotionlessly towards the sky, and a deafening volley erupted from their barrels. The projectiles streaked across the sky, and then collided with the flagship with a series of explosions. Smoke billowed from the flagship’s propellers, and it began to tilt, like a stampeding Rahi that was being pulled down by a predator. Another salvo struck the massive flying machine as it fell, and Adolvis flashed his evil-looking fangs in a smile as the flagship collided with the mountain. Turning his attention back to the Toa, he ordered his Citadel to fire at will. Toa Gelidos sat, hunched in the basement of the New Ko-Koro observatory, eyes closed, listening. He heard the impact of the airship above him, and he heard the stomping of walking Citadels below him. More importantly, Gelidos heard the mountain. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open, and he jumped up. Perhaps the Toa were doomed, but Gelidos could not let the Apocalypse win this war. He went to the other Toa of Ice, who agreed that Gelidos’ plan was the only way. The group of Toa climbed out of the basement, and formed a protective shell of ice over the remaining Toa of other elements. Then, they exited the building, and turned towards the mountain peak, where the flagship burned. Summoning every inch of elemental power they possessed, the Toa put cracks in the glaciers and snow banks above them. The cracks became fissures, and the entire side of the mountain, weakened by the flagship’s crash, cascaded down the slope in a massive avalanche. Gelidos smiled, and welcomed the cool wall of ice as an alternative to the hot bullets of the Citadels. He closed his eyes as the avalanche struck him, and Gelidos felt no more. Adolvis stood in awe for a moment as he watched half the mountain overcome New Ko-Koro like a raging river, unable to believe what the Toa had done. Then, his survival instincts kicked in, and he scrambled towards the door of his Citadel. He squeezed out of the small hatch, but before he could take off, the avalanche had struck. The Citadel lurched from the impact, and Adolvis was thrown off the side. Struggling to right himself, Adolvis crashed into one of the Citadel’s failing legs, and fell into the wave of ice and snow. Fire burst from his jaws as he tried to melt the ice, but one Dark Toa against an entire mountain was folly. The ice covered Adolvis, and took him down the mountainside. The threat of the Apocalypse was over. Adolvis was Zethlin's second in command, although his authority did not supersede the other Apocalypse members in most situations. Build-wise, I'm fairly pleased with how he turned out, especially for the part inventory I had for building him at the time. I was forced to get creative with some of the pieces, and I think it turned out well. Arms. The jets on the forearms can be used to channel elemental power. I'm quite happy with the lower legs. The knee guards kind of foreshadow Adolvis' more grisly form as a Toa/Tahtorak hybrid. Back view. I'm not really sure why I decided to use the Mata foot there, but it's custom. Action pose! Adolvis' flame sword, like many other Toa of Fire, was an excellent way to utilize elemental powers during combat. Adolvis' short sword was less for wielding fire and more as a backup blade. He would sometimes use the two blades in tandem with each other. Well, that's that. Only one more Apocalypse member to go! Thanks for viewing, and let me know what you think!

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