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Malgothiel, The Nightmare Queen - Somniferrian Ancient . When turning one's eyes upon the glittering expanse of the Somniferrian night, one wide sector of sky forever remains a starless disc, devoid of the bright pinpoints that carpet the dome of their heavens... If your sharp gaze locates it, then you, dear Researcher have located Phobos, Somniferria's third moon. There's a planet like it in every civilized System: a rogue-world, a dark horse... a black sheep. For the right price, ANYTHING could be bought, seen, experienced: all manner of diversions that are less welcome in the bright light of civilized Society find their way to a home like Phobos. The Shadow Moon. Delve into deep enough shadow, and you can find unimaginable mysteries, and secrets both wonderful and terrible. But take care... ...sometimes, when you look into the Abyss... the Abyss looks into YOU. . WELCOME BACK, visitor, to the Somniferrian Archive Initiative! We apologize for unfortunate level of fragmentation in our previous attempt to transmit this new, and thrilling (if troubling) Discovery: a FOURTH Somniferrian ANCIENT! PLEASE enjoy the video below in beautiful, GLORIOUS 720P!! =) Now, on the matter of its Name: transcription here has been a delicate matter - our labs here at the S.A.I. have experienced a series of unsettling... errors?... look, we frankly have no idea what to call this. Every we time w- *off-mic muffled thumping*wait - isn't this classified? What, just use the cypher? But we have no idea whether or not using that word-glyph really started all this or wh- you know what, Nigel?- FINE. Just keep rolling, and knock off the mime-stuff. I know what I'm doing. 'MOM'. ~Ahem.~ As I was saying... Every time we attempted to use the de-crypted glyph representing this Ancient's NAME, our systems went through so many crashes we came very close to shutting down the facility entirely until the event could be isolated. Fortunately, one of our cryptologists identified the events as coinciding with use of the primer, and suggested substituting the ...infected? word with a cypher for the basic concept in High Imperial, instead. The result of this (rather ingenious) cyphering, results in the marginally safer: "Malgothiel" Possibly more disturbing than the cypher-substitution's apparent success is the question its discovery posed: What kind of Being is so malevolent that even using its NAME is dangerous? Ignoring this phenomenon momentarily, let us move on, to the significance of this Ancient, and her possible place in the great WAR... As with all her predecessors, existence of this being is a matter of theoretical discussion, rather than FACT. (Thank Heaven. May it always remain so, for the sake of us all.) But - if the latest decryption is to be considered as Historical Fact, then this "Malgothiel" likely ENDED the War of Ancients. But not in a manner one may suspect; it is likely that all participants in the ongoing Somniferrian Apocalypse united, as highly improbable as this seems, to counter the new quantum increase in Threat she presented. In essence, they stopped fighting, so they could stop Her. The mere possibility she could be powerful enough to effect an alliance against such violent enemies bodes ill, indeed. To trace this terror all the way back to its origin, mention must be here made of the Ihmiset Varjo. On paper, they were a Separatist Religion, formed to break free from Third Empire dogma, located on the Phobian colony Jantung Bayangan. In truth, however, they were a CULT. Utterly amoral, remorseless, and malign. To their planetary neighbors, the Lurien religion Illumina Prima, the Ihmiset Varjo were Anathema. They worshiped an ancient, faceless god of neverending hunger, destruction and darkness... ...guess what Her name was? Completely heedless of the inherent insanity of doing so (or perhaps, even, in service to it); the Varjo were determined to create a perfect vessel for their matron of madness: a direct blasphemy aimed at the avatar of light that Valkyriel represented to the Illumina Prima. A hateful shadow lingering at the edge of their beacon of Hope. In the Inverse Cathedral, miles below the Phobian lunar surface, Ihmiset Varjo began to build. They bent to their task with all their twisted will, and wrought terrible Wonders in the sunless underworld. Dark humours and vile ichors pumped into miles of cabling, at once crystalline, metallic and organic, and these 'arteries' began to pump an awful sort of animation into the biosteel tissues growing in their awful subterranean Cradle. In the hollow darkness, a sacrifice-fueled heart began beat its warsong; and with each knell, to SUBTRACT moments from the seconds remaining to Somniferria. Created perfectly broken, their dark marionette jerked in its restraints as something new plucked at its strings. And then, true to the tradition of all Somniferrian Ancients... ...she took their plans, and crushed them mercilessly in her new hands, just for the joy of hearing them SCREAM... Like Magmael... Like Dominael... Like Valkyriel... before Her, the Chosen of Somniferrian minds built Idols to their Ambition; ...and the monuments of their folly long outlived the fools that wrought it. They used technology they didn't understand. They set in motion events they couldn't anticipate. They unleashed WEAPONS they could not control. The Ihmiset Varjo tempted Evil. And Evil responded, gleefully reducing the Inverse Cathedral to a charnal pit, slick with their remains; a fitting cradle for an Abattoir Queen. And, newly born, like Dominael, she immediately began to re-write her building blocks, blossoming from the Cult's limited concept of perfection to show Somniferria her real potential. She added them to herself. Bodies, Metals, Energies; she drank them all in, and grew in a dark garden of her own making, flowering in awful patterns in the deep, awash in alarm claxons and the lights of dying security networks as she ate them all. But she was still HUNGRY. And above her, there was so much rich, raw, resource, out there, crawling on the skin of Phobos, and beyond her dark crown, the other moons... and Somniferria Prime. 01:52:06:58 That's the Timestamp. Of the very, very last transmission recorded from the City Mainframe in Jantung Bayangan. The rest of Phobos put up a surprisingly good fight ('turns out all those supposedly 'non-existent' Military bases (gotta love corrupt Phobian governments) had a few tricks of their own to attempt staving off their own demise; a valiant effort): ...they lasted almost Fifty-Eight minutes. ...and the rest of the Transmission?: "...we didn't kn:w...we di:n't know...w: :idn't know...My God... H:lp us...:elp us...Help...H:lp...Hel... Hel... Hell... .. . . . ...Hell... . . . ...Hell... . . ...Hell... . Somniferria Prime telemetry had too little time to track events as they erupted onto the Phobian lunar surface. All Phobian satellites inexplicably decayed from orbit and burned only moments after Malgothiel got her first taste of the vacuum of space, as the Bayangan AtmoDome shattered upon her emergence. It appears the last stand for the Phobians came in the launch of Bandar Utama's covert military weapon; the DarkSpire. Without over-elaborating - Somniferria tracked the launch of a projectile of semi-sentient living metal, that made impact moments after the monster breached the Phobian atmosphere. It was apparent the planetary Capital had hoped this 'smart-missile' would pierce, contain, and render inert, the threat. To their horror, Somniferrian military recorded as Malgothiel calmly plucked the DarkSpire from the air at the last moment, drew the seized metals through her dark clawed fingers, and kissed something awful and new into existence, wrought from the same darkness as its 'mother'... Thus, Elegy was born. The Ancient corrupted the metals in an instant, breathed her fell will into it, and then tucked her new varia-scythe to her side as if it had ALWAYS been there, launching into the night...Ironically, all the last-ditch Phobian Defenses did was provide Malgothiel with the convenient raw material to forge the perfect weapon due a murderous ebony-souled Saint... ...Mirroring her ill intent, Elegy takes on whatever shape the moment requires with murderous speed and grace. She cast her long, black-winged shadow out before her like a freezing mantle. Having silenced Phobos, she selected new targets: Unis. Lurien. And finally, the Somniferrian surface below, already pocked with the fiery-domed mushroom clouds - where the other Ancients were busy perfecting their favorite Game: ...Global Genocide. As you likely already know, if you've been here for the other Archive transmissions, records of the events that transpired once the Ancients made Planetfall are fragmented, and (possibly relatedly-so) corrupted. Without relying on the Archives, logic and archeological evidence must take over: Somniferria fell. When the 'Angels' themselves make War, what chance have the mortals beneath their remorseless tread? If we allow ourselves to entertain speculation, however; some of the Archive fragments are undeniably interesting. You are encouraged to decide for yourself, but, consider the following: SOME evidence, (incompletely de-crypted, of course) points to a form of loose union between the 'First Three'. And if this line of logic is followed, it can only be presumed ONE reason exists strong enough to ally those with such evident Enmity: ... 'The Fourth'. Or, as some of the collection names her, 'The Tattered Queen', 'The Final Hush', 'The Mistress of the Void Eternal', 'Bride of the Endless Gulfs' ...the list goes on. Most often appears the designation: "The Nightmare Queen". It is said that she weeps behind her obsidian mask... ...because she knows that someday, there will be nothing left to KILL. And a passage from the Itzalak Liburua (the Ihmiset Varjo's foul book of prophecy): "And on the last day She shall remove her blackmirror mask and SCREAM, Her true voice released to unfetter the chains of HIS Creation, hearkened unto Form with 'Let There Be Light' re-writ unto perfect Emptiness, by 'Let There Be Night'*offmic-thumping* Oh, stop WHINING, Nigel. It's just a book, for Heaven's sake! Go have some Coffee, and- wait, are you CRYING?! You can't CRY!! There's no CRYING in Xenoarcheology! *something glass breaking, retreating stomping sounds* Get AHOLD of yourself, man! Geez! I do apologize for that. Nigel's an impressionable fellow. Now, where were we? Oh, yes - the 'Union'! As mighty as the First Three were, even individually, Malgothiel's new obtenebrate powers were just too alien, and their scope unknown - the others immediately felt the War change the instant she became corporeal. Just as they'd recognized each other as the only truly worthy opponents; they felt her touch upon the multiverse the moment her first shadows spread like black frost upon its tenebrile threads... ...and they knew they must stop her. Together. Or fall, divided by her might, awash in her night-slick tides forever. They set aside the lusts of mutual enmity to assign their wroth upon Her. As she fell from orbit, like her alabaster twin before her, the First arose, to meet her in the skies. ...and that is where all records of events that followed ...SPLINTER. Very little remains... ...and the scant fragments that DO were recovered from a badly damaged Unisian satellite, found drifting in deep space. It was pure luck we ever found it at all (not that it's provided much insight). Fate, (as it has been, rather infamously, said) is not without a sense of Irony. It would appear we have Dominael to thank for sparing us a truly shadowy future. Grainy footage of a close-quarters strike from the Tenebris-side-fist is followed by a truly baffling storm of gravimetric readings near Malgothiel's torso: bear with us while we must delve into the rather UN-scientific realm of 'Best-Guess Scenarios'... ...because what we've witnessed is, of course, impossible. Dominael could NOT, COULD NOT have hit Malgothiel with a Singularity. Even if that is admittedly what it looks like. *off-mic*Oh, SPARE me the patronizing looks, Nigel - YOU go boneless over the very MENTION of Malgothian Prophecy, and one bit of NON-Scientific speculation sends you into histrionics; he PLANTED A BLACK HOLE on her, ADMIT IT!! And if you DISagree, take it up with Professor Kaplan in Interstellar Causality, its HIS theory!!! Five minutes ago you were in tears, and NOW you're the Uncrowned King of Theoretic InterstellarPhenomenon!!! NOWSHUTITANDGOGETMEACOFFEE!!!NOW,'YourMajesty',NOW!!!*crashing sounds**clears throat* *calmly* I do apologize. That was entirely uncalled for. Things have been a little... ...tense, here, since some the reports from beyond the Rim arrived this week. It's mere coincidence, of course. Has to be. *nervous laugh* It MUST be. It CAN'T be related... *long pause* ~Ahem~ But I digress. We were talking about the recording, weren't we?... From what we can theorize, Dominael's strike created a puncture in the timespace fabric, but, quite incredibly, she actually resisted it, clawing a savage grip on this reality, fiercely refusing to be retracted, compacted, by the most destructive force the 'Verse has ever seen... I still don't believe it myself; but there it is... The four Ancients struggled, at melee-range, and Magmael, Dominael, and Valkyriel hit her in unison, hard enough to stun her, and she... lost her grip?... A blastwave of unimagineable force exploded out from that epicenter, throwing the First Three wide, and finishing the job on all three moons that Malgothiel started; the unidentified energy wave obliterating all planetary Tech facing the fight (hence the scarcity of archival legibility): four hemispheres of Life, Technology, and any vessel in the intervening Event Sphere, wiped out in an INSTANT. Locally, and pathetically predictably, the union of the First Three evaporated the moment they witnessed space wink closed behind where Malgothiel'd just been - they flew at each other once more, and with renewed zeal. They fought until there was nothing left but Them. And when they accepted that they couldn't destroy one another, they retreated to their subterranean citadels, to brood, and hopefully SLEEP, for all time; darkly dreaming of ways to end each other, and then possibly, themselves.What became of the Nightmare Queen? Well, we can only guess. Some say she was destroyed utterly - the first success to do so to an Ancient... and some, that she returned to the dark dream she'd come from before the Ihmiset Varjo's folly - to forever haunt our dreams from every shadow as a tale to frighten children; still others say she was flung to the far edge of the 'Verse, never to return... But this week, reports came back from perimeter planets out on the Rim, beyond which our Galaxy simply ENDS; there's nothing is out there, you see? - Nothing. Just starless,empty, illimitable Gulf. The Void. Eternity. Nothing can survive out there, because there isn't any solar energy source of any kind - except... ...we're getting Readings, you see? ...Something's COMING. ...huge, unthinkably powerful, and gaining speed... and there are pattern similarities wit-LOOK, we're all pretty strung out here. We're running round-the-clock trying to figure something out. Noone's sleeping, me included... I haven't been able for three days, because I... when I TRY, you see... ...I keep having these... ...nightmares Beginning Fourth Wall Commentary: 4thwall! Finally =)!!! WELCOME BACK, MOCpages! Thank you so much for visiting once more! WELLsoYES: The Summer of 2012 turned out to be my UNwanted, UNinvited, UNintentional summer OFF from MOCing. =( As summers go, this one hasn't been a FUN one. To give you all, KFOLs, TFOLs, AFOLs (and newcomers just browsing) a small focused window into my life. I middle-Manage a business, here in my pretty little part of the mountains. Not a job I chose. Necessary. Long story, and filled with WahWahWahBlaBlaBlah. Not my kind of Tale. =) So I've been LOOKING for a new Job for some time, trying to get back into the Work I used to do, and enjoy (or at least, Work I could grow to love). So I took on TWO jobs, and between that, Family, Interviews, and volunteering at my Church, ~POOF~ goes the Free-Time. Enjoy YOUTH, KFOLs and TFOLs: um, 'DIFFERENT' schedules likely lie in your Future. Hopefully, you can tell at a glance that this MOC was an ambitious Idea, and large, into which I dumped alot of time. Knowing, going in, that it'd be like this, I just chipped away at it all summer, getting work in when and where I could. The results? Well, YOU'll be the Judge of those. Thanks for the time YOU've taken, to do so. =) ON WITH the MOC: The Details shots are in a very loose order, ending with the Wings. So we'll jump in here, with the legs - 4thW.C.:Overall, my thematic priorities were; FeMOC, Elegant, Black, Skeletal/Lean/Insectile/Batlike... I guess that's alot of priorities. Like I said, it was a BIG plan. Essentially, I wanted an Ancient that was definitely SINISTER. Halloween-Theme got ahold of me, I guess. I had never tried a CLOTH accessory, either, but we'll get to that, later. These legs; you likely already know that I like curvy-ness to lend an Organic feel to my builds, but these legs were a lucky-first-shot. The top of the thighs were unfinished, but the 'skirt' ended up concealing them, so I lucked out. I always fight w/weight issues because of the Scale I like, so I tried striking a balance between looks and solidity. I was admittedly pleased. 4thW.C.:For those searching for signs: YES. There are painted parts on this MOC. I do that. Not many (this MOC), but they're in there. Won't belabor discussion on it. If you've kept up with my Work, you know where I stand on this. 4thW.C.: I really wanted a 'high-heel'ed look for the feet, to match Valkyriel, whom she was meant to darkly reflect, and the reverse-talons Spurs kinda reminded me of the Jokers from Five Star Stories (man, those machines are gorgeous - I highly recommend the Series). Additionally, putting them on a balljoint makes for GREAT stability when posing (also learned when building her Sister =P) 4thW.C.: I realize you can't see the bottoms of the feet, but a gimmick I tried out there ended up really paying off for Function. Weirdly, I was happier with the legs than most of the rest of the Build. The forearms weren't bad, overall another wacky idea that ended up working well without weighing too much: 4thW.C.: When worried about Weight, HOLLOW = GOOD. This weird arrangement was more a result of good LUCK than good Planning. This was my first MOC to use all-Custom (varying lengths of black x-pin shafts)limbs instead of relying on HF-integrated-balljoint-'bones'. I thought it might cut weight, and mostly, it did. I think I will keep using double-balljointed Wrists with my signature Hands, good pose flexion, there. Want in on a Secret Photo-Fail? I built retractable scythe-blades into the forearms, like Magmael and FrostHulke, but then I TOTALLY forgot to Deploy, then Photo them during the Shoot. /facepalm See if you can spot them, round the other shots ;) 4thW.C.: Worked out, all told. Elegant, black, gothic... CHECK =)(i.m.h.o.). And now, folks, onto those WINGS... ~deep breath~ 4thW.C.: Let me get out front of this section and say, before ANYTHING else I mutter, that I am really, REEEALLY pleased at the End Results. Much else I write here may make it sound otherwise. Final Assessment: DIFFICULTY RATING=Bloody Hard, STYLE RATING=Not Too Shabby (i.m.h.o.)=) Basically, I realized, before I started, that this Idea would require *sounds of TEETH GRINDING* ...SEWING. (dumdumdaDUMMM.) Ladies, Gentlemen, Children Of All Ages: I do NOT possess the fabled 'Sewing Gene'. Instead, I possess FOUR helpings of the 'Stick-yourself-with-the-needle-about-seven-dozen-times-can't-thread-the-EYE-to-save-my-life-finished-work-looks-like-the-Handwriting-of-a-Serial-Killer ...Gene'. 4thW.C.: For the Intrepid MOCists, I promised a 'HOW TO MAKE THESE' Section. And so: Necessary Materials: -Needle. -Black Thread. (heavier Nylon works best) -Art Scalpel/Boxcutter/Razorblade. -One yard of SHEER black cloth (obtainable @ WallyWorld for about $4.00). -Scissors, and a pencil or crayon(darker color would be best). -A safe cutting surface (I used an old piece of plywood). -One posterboard. -Wide tape of any kind. -A TRUCKLOAD of Patience. -A little INSANITY. (Here's a shot of mixed-wing-alignment, to show the design allows for it, and to give you an idea how the material gathers into folds naturally when the wings are relaxed). 4thW.C.: Construction: - Step 1) Build your 'Wingbones'. You're smart people. You can either figure out their rather logical design from these pics, or come up with structure on your own. Keen observers may note that I was selective when & where I used ratchet-joints; too many make for VERY weak wings.(I studied pics of Bat Wings; you should use whatever structure is right for your MOC). - Step 2) Stretch your bolt of fabric over your wooden board. Please keep in mind that MY instructions pertain to MY chosen SCALE. Need smaller wings? Perhaps stretch fabric around a Legal Notepad, or the like. TAPE your fabric securely stretched nice and taut around the backside of your cutting board. - Step 3) Make your Wing/Accessory Stencils. Think 'Kite', and you've got the idea; I drew one large, joined 'kite'-like shape, (distinctly batty, in Mal's case). Good luck with this. It's not nearly as simple as it sounds: you have to take into account A) Fabric STRETCHES (especially sheers) B)Bones (like the fingerlike bones in a Bat's wings)MOVE, and C) Get it right the FIRST time: you can ALWAYS make a piece of cloth SMALLER, but not larger, amIright? Pro-tip: spread your 'fingerbones' as wide as you think they'll ever go, when finished, before you use them to trace a loose Stencil. (Now you get why the Wingbones must be built BEFORE Stencils). Once you're happy with your Stencil shapes/sizes, cut them out of your Posterboard, then space them out evenly, and tape them lightly but firmly to your Cutting board. - Step 4) Use ALOT of SWEAR WORDS. I cannot stress this enough. Sanity must be retained. It is a precious, precious resource. Step 4 HELPS. ('Safe' Substitutions are allowed, if necessary. I find Hanna Barbera's 'Flinstonian Profanity System' especially helpful, here. ;D ) - Step 5) Tape over ALL your drawn lines. TRUST me on this. Try to keep the tape centered. Use enough, but try to prevent overlapping tape as much as possible; a little's okay. Repeat Steps 1 - 4 on all the cloth shapes you intend to create here. (Repeat Step 4 as many times as necessary) (For my HOOD: I used a very elongated DIAMOND shape (about 10" at the sharpest points), folded over once, to the length-wise tips. My shoulder PAULDRONS: two isosceles triangles, longest edge about 5". The SKIRT: a big teardrop shape.) - Step 6) Cut your Wing panels free. Carefully. Right through your tape layer, then set them aside. Cut your 'kite' neatly down the middle to make 2 identical Wing Panels. Don't take the tape off yet. (See: Step 4) Repeat Step 5 for all the cloth accessories you intend to make. THEN, compare your taped cloth bits with the areas they're meant to go one last time. Carefully remove all the tape OR!!! WAIT, and do this==> OPTIONAL: for that 'slashed' look, I carefully spread each piece, thought about the spaces between the wingbones, then kinda artfully hacked for awhile. Don't overdo it. Finally, I shredded and tattered the outer edges of all the bits EXCEPT the Wings.(I wanted a defined edge for those, more-or-less) It's your MOC, do your own thing, with my blessing. - Step 7) SEW your panels to the wingbone frame. I can't teach you how to Sew, so I won't try. I threaded the needle, tied a knot at the far ends to keep it from slipping free of the eye, and went for it. Pro-Tip: Use a loop of thread at EVERY SINGLE JOINT and at the TERMINAL TIP OF ANY 'BONE'. TRUST ME. This part matters. Securely anchor all corners to the fixed parts of the MOC you choose. Choose your anchors carefully, sew your knots tightly. Twice, if necessary. - Step 8) See Step 4. - Step 9) Cleanup. Either burn or snip all your thread pennants to keep them from drawing the eye. This may take awhile. See Step 4. Check all your edges, if you've chosen the 'Tattered' finish, and add more shredding to edges, or shape the outlines with scissors until you're satisfied. If you've slashed the WINGS: don't make any of the 'tears' too large - they WILL rip further as you spread the wings fully. If you've made any particular slash too large, SEW them closed by overlapping the outer edge of the hole, then stitch a single thread through to hold it closed. See Step 4. Sorry if you were hoping for step-by-step Shots. I decided seeing me in varying stages of RAGE would distract from the point of the demonstration. IF YOU STILL HAVE QUESTIONS:::ASK!!!!!!!! I have no trouble at all providing help if you're stuck. GOOD LUCK, if you are determined to try this. Sewing's NOT for the Squeamish. =)4thW.C.:If I have any other grumpy memories of this Build, it's one you might not have expected: THE BACKDROP CLOTH for the Photoshoot. I wanted BLUE, vellour if I could find it, something Royal-blue-range. Struck out. I bought a cheap bedsheet for $4.00 (WalMart again), and neglected to wash run it through the dryer before using it as a background. BIG mistake. Know what it looked like?: A CHEAP $4.00 BEDSHEET from WALMART. =( (With regular 4X6" Rectangular Pattern ALL OVER it, from being folded so tightly in its package.) Boooooo! I spent soooo many hours using PS to blur them out so they weren't hopelessly distracting. Learn from MY mistakes, gang, Launder FIRST. 4thW.C.:Here's a closer look at the torso and hood. To hold the hood in place, I made small perforations on both sides of the skull, and inserted the 'horn' pins directly through the Hood cloth. 4thW.C.:Tapered the waist as much as possible, used long, lean arms, and the same, um... 'pectoral technique'... as with Valkyriel to keep a feminine look. 4thW.C.:To keep distinct similarities to her 'twin', I carried over some of the looks that worked well on Valkyriel. The plated-skirt completed that samurai-maiden look fairly well in Val, so I repeated it here, sewing the tattered cloth skirt directly to the frame underneath it. It glides when you position the thighs or twist the hips fairly naturally. I trimmed back the original length about a centimeter to keep it from tangling with the tail armor segments.4thW.C.: Here's one of the rarer opportunities to see those retracted arm-scythes. (Wish I could show you them deployed, but I am, in fact, an ACTUAL Moron. =P) This is also one of the clearer looks at the elbow mechanics; I've been adding that extra (shortest) HF balljoint, to allow for near-180-degree flexion. Try it out. Helpfully, it works out both directions during Build, either w/socket FACING the elbow, or OPPOSING it.4thW.C.:Simple tail articulation that you've seen from me before, and for all the aforementioned Pros in using one. Graduating lengths, corresponding armor segments, tapering to a tip very close to Emberhawke or Umbravore's design. Simple. But hey - simple's GOOD.4thW.C.: Here are those tapered metal 'dreads' or braids. These required a third perforation in the Hood fabric. I carefully poked one, then widened it until they could be inserted into the back technic bracket. They were more for Style than anything else, but I liked the look alot. I regret that they don't appear in many of my Shots, but they look cool in Profile. 4thW.C.:A fully effaced reverse shot. I always imagined Mal's wings as these gauze-y, semi-transparent tatters, draped loosely along her wingbones like a funereal Shroud. In my Fiction, they are made of a NanoMesh Weave, crawling and alive like webbing on a winter-bare treebranch. Aerodynamically, they shouldn't work at all: too damaged, too tattered - and yet some dark part of Malgothiel's power keeps them knitting sloppily back together. As if some part of her knows they've become more for LOOKS than Function; and can't be bothered to fully repair them - she just likes the Effect. Graveyard-Couture, Perhaps ;)? 4thW.C.:First of two simple shots showing the simple Scythe-mechanics for Elegy, from 'Axe'-mode, to: 4thW.C.:...'Scythe'-mode, flowing from one form to another. I always thought of the switchblade-style 'pop-out' that the Soul Collector from The Frighteners used (good flick, take it in sometime=P). You can make more weapons from her, like reversing the balljoint for a 'Naginata'-mode for example, but I never got around to it during the Photoshoot. Perhaps next time. =) 4thW.C.:I loved the lighting for this shot, It was a contender for Title Picture for awhile. Skeletal-Angel was the over-arching Theme, and while some of my crazier notions stayed on the cutting-room floor, the important bits made it into the final version, and in the end, I was very happy with her. 4thW.C.: Another lighting shot that was fun to play around with. 4thW.C.: Keeping with Tradition, a clean shot of the Main Pic, minus Titles. 4thW.C.: Also keeping with Tradition, a pair of Group Shots, comparing the 'Twins'. One Demonic, one Angelic. Both serving as Inspiration to their followers. And Diametrically Opposed. 4thW.C.: Another shot meant to emphasize this parallel. That would be SOME fight. =) 4thW.C.:~~~'Happy Halloween, Ladies'~~~ ~Ahem~ Sorryaboutthat. A little October Charm, courtesy of the Kurgon. 4thW.C.:One last 4thWall, leaning on Elegy, preparing to walk down the emptying streets swept by wind and screams and wind-tossed debris, back-lit by flames as your city burns behind her back, ...and I imagine, that behind that Mask... ...she SMILES through coal-black lips, ...dreaming of pipe-organ funeral-dirges as the fires burn higher, ...and she draws closer and closer, to the door of YOUR room... ...Knock ...Knock. Sirens and screams down the street. Did it get ...darker, just now? It's probably nothing. Probably my imagination... just nerves... ...just...had trouble ...sleeping ...keep hearing sirens, the sirens never stop now... ...keep imagining things, the most terrible things, hearing things, just outside my door, closer now, ...closer? ...darker ...smell smoke and iron ...rotting meat and ozone... ...I know there's nothing there... but I can't shake the feeling that... ...can you hear it? canyoucanyoucanyouhearthat!?! Can you hear ...breathing??? I wish we could be more encouraging. I truly do. But planets are going silent, out there. ...The stars are going out. ...And the Dark is drawing nearer. We thought they'd finished Her, but all they did was drive her away, I think... and I think she's coming back. ...I think she's almost here... "No Place so Sacred from brazen Fools is barr'd, Nor the Sanctuary one whit safer than the graveyard: Nay, fly to Altars; there they'll talk you dead; For Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread."-Alexander Pope, 1709, para. "That is not DEAD that can ETERNAL lie and with strange aeons even death may die"... - H.P.Lovecraft, 1890-1937 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Congratulations!, you've made it to the End! THANK YOU ALL so much for visiting the S.A.I. one more time, I hope your visit was enlightening, or enDARKening, I suppose, considering the Subject Matter. I appreciate each and every Feedback I receive, and always try to reply to my contributors in a timely fashion. My next work will likely be a break from Ancients for some time, want to work a little on other paths for awhile. Hope you've enjoyed it, and stay tuned for more! Thanks again!!! ~The Birdie

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