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Cossy, Bane of the Apocalypse . "I feel the power of the Makuta within me. It wants me to do terrible things, and it gives me the ability to. But it does not rule over me, for, despite my origins, I am a Toa!" --Cossy . (Note: Due to Pure Epicness' comment, I have re-edited the main photo to portray a golden Ignika. The original photo can be seen below.) Name: Cossy Species: Unknown (Makuta's Creation) Element: Fire, Lightning (limited) Titles: Toa, Brother, Son of Makuta, Bane of the Apocalypse Mask: Kanohi Velox, Mask of Supersonic Flight Weapons: Dual arm machine guns, shoulder-mounted Gatling gun, dual-sided black fire sword Theme Song: Uprising by Muse Cossy Cossy saw as his enemy rocketed past him and onto the deck of the Toa’s Citadel. Surprised, Cossy had no time to react as Zethlin slew the Toa on the nearby ship. As Zethlin turned his attention towards the bridge, however, Cossy snapped out of his confusion and flew desperately towards Zethlin. He pushed the limits of his Kanohi mask, crossing the distance in a fraction of a second, but that was all it took. There was a flash of red from the bridge, and then a brighter flash of yellow. Cossy dove through a window, sending shards of glass scattering across the smaller Citadel’s bridge. He rose, dazed from the impact, to see Zethlin, with Rahksanne’s sword in one hand, and Rahksanne herself in the other. She struggled to free herself from Zethlin’s grasp, but his grip around her throat was that of a machine, fuelled by rage and driven by insanity. Cossy screamed, and Zethlin smiled. He drove Rahksanne’s sword through her thick armor and into the protective chamber that held her Kraata. Rahksanne cried out, and her voice rang out from the broken armor, a tiny shriek of a Kraata without her suit’s amplifiers. Then, there was silence. Cossy’s blood ran cold as the shock of his ‘sister’s’ death consumed him. Zethlin dropped the body and, still wielding Rahksanne’s sword, faced Cossy. The icy pit in Cossy’s stomach began to melt, and then boil, as his inner fire burned. Zethlin hesitated as Cossy looked up, for he could see darkness in the Toa’s eyes. Cossy’s rage overcame him and, roaring in a blind rage, filled the bridge of the Citadel with an intense, white-hot yet pitch black flame. Zethlin was pushed back by the explosion and crashed through a window and fell from the Citadel as he struggled to maintain consciousness. He looked up, and saw a fiery blue comet streaking towards him with a thick, black smoke trail billowing behind it. A hand reached out from the ball of fire, snatched up Zethlin, and pushed him towards the hull of the flagship. The comet gained speed, and Zethlin collided with the thick metal armor. Blinding pain shot through Zethlin as he was forced through the hull and onto one of the lower decks. His armor cracked, and long shards of metal slashed at his entire body. A large gash in the ship’s hull formed and twisted bolts and beams fell to the ground. The comet halted, and Zethlin continued on his path until he struck a wall with a thud. Zethlin gasped for breath and rolled over to see the comet’s fire subside, and Cossy step forth. Cossy’s face was cold and emotionless, except for his eyes, which burned with an intense darkness and hatred that could only belong to a servant of Makuta Teridax. As Cossy approached Zethlin’s broken body, the leader of the Apocalypse laughed. “For years I have wanted to destroy the Toa and exact my revenge,” Zethlin mustered between ragged coughs. “But it seems that their greatest threat is one of their own! Truly, you are destined to destroy the Toa, Son of Makuta. Even in death, my revenge is complete.” Cossy lifted Zethlin by his throat and readied his blade. Looking into Zethlin’s visor, he could see a pair of eyes, crazed by the dark power of evil. They were not Zethlin’s eyes, however, but the reflection of his own. Cossy dropped Zethlin to the ground and sheathed his weapon. The fire in Cossy’s eyes did not fade, but the darkness faded. “Evil is within me,” said Cossy, “but it will not rule over me.” With those words, Cossy turned and leapt out of the hole in the flagship and glided towards the battle below. Within seconds, the Toa was dodging high-powered shells from the walking Citadels upon the mountain city of New Ko-Koro. The rounds streaked past Cossy and collided with Zethlin’s flagship, with Zethlin still inside. The blasts thumped in Cossy’s chest as he flew away from the vessel, and the massive Citadel plummeted to the ground. Cossy watched from the air as the flagship collided with the mountainside, and a handful of Toa of Ice used the dislodged snow to create an avalanche, which buried both the walking Citadels and the city of New Ko-Koro. When the avalanche ceased, Cossy raced towards the city in a desperate search for survivors. After days of searching, Cossy and those who were rescued that could help managed to uncover fifty or so Matoran and twelve Toa. No Apocalypse members or Dirvum survived. Weak though the Toa were, the threat of the Apocalypse was over. After the survivors were all rescued and the wounded tended to, Cossy and the other Toa gathered to decide what their roles would be in rebuilding Spherus Magna after the devastating war. For Cossy’s bravery, many of the Toa wanted to make him the head of a new order of Toa, but Cossy declined. Instead, Cossy decided to go on a journey, to find any Toa that may have escaped the wrath of the Apocalypse, and aid them in rebuilding Spherus Magna. For the next three thousand years, Cossy searched for Toa and Toa Stones. The work was treacherous and the reward small. The presence of the Skrall, Vorox and Bone Hunters was far more noticeable without the Toa’s previous numbers. Still, Cossy discovered Toa hermits, pilgrims, and outcasts who had escaped Zethlin’s rage. Cossy listened to every rumor, followed every lead, and persuaded dozens of Toa to take up the mantle of duty. The Toa heeded Cossy’s call, and the threats that plagued the Matoran lessened. The Matoran were able to build Spherus Magna to its former glory. By the time the Toa’s numbers climbed to the hundreds, the Matoran had reached an impressive technological age. The Matoran had expanded to all the corners of Spherus Magna, and the Toa’s protection was needed less and less. Major cities had one or two Toa guardians, but there were few threats that the Matoran could not handle by themselves. Cossy’s mission to seek out lost Toa became less imperative, so he traveled south to oversee Matoran colonization of the island continent of Ahsi Nui. He lived there quite happily for a few years, but when a fairly large settlement was established, Cossy decided to return to Ta-Wahi. When Cossy traveled through Ba-Wahi, he was surprised to see so many Av-Matoran. When he asked, Cossy was told that the reason behind the Matoran’s presence was that their homeland was struck by an intense drought. The Av-Matoran left their homeland in search of sanctuary in other lands. Cossy decided to put his journey to Ta-Wahi on hold in order to see the devastation of the drought for himself. A Matoran warned him to avoid Muerta-Nui, for dark tales have come from that ghost town. Naturally, Cossy made that his first destination. As he stepped through the gate of the small town, Cossy felt a cold breeze across his face. The ground was dry and bare, and the paint on the buildings was peeling. In the distance, Cossy saw what remained of a wind farm, the turbines slowly rotating in the wind. There was nothing living there, not even a patch of grass or a desert insect. Still, Cossy noticed that, at the base of a windmill, there was a pile of freshly turned earth: a grave. The wind changed direction, and Cossy drew his blade. Something wasn’t right. As Cossy looked around warily, the wind stopped. The Toa froze and listened, but heard nothing. Suddenly, a flash of light erupted from the ground, and a tall, glowing figure appeared, sword drawn. The figure lunged forward, and passed directly through Cossy’s sword, as if the blade wasn’t even there. With one hand, the figure grabbed Cossy by the throat, and with the other it held its sword, ready to strike Cossy at the slightest notion of resistance. The blue Toa stood perfectly still, helpless against an adversary that could pass through solid protosteel. Surely this being was from beyond the world of the living. The glowing figure stared, with unblinking blue eyes, directly into Cossy’s. But to Cossy, it seemed like the figure was looking beyond, at his very soul. Cossy shivered as he wondered as to what fate his soul would soon suffer. The glowing specter cocked its head, and slowly loosed its grip on Cossy’s throat. Puzzled, he remained vigilant. The figure stepped back, raised a hand to the sky, and a bright light surrounded Cossy. An image formed before the Toa’s eyes, of an island. The place was once a great city, but the famine that had struck Muerta Nui had also reduced the city to crime and poverty. Cossy then saw himself desperately pounding at a heavy steel door, as if someone were trapped inside. Suddenly the image changed, and he saw a Toa, clad in red, falling into a fiery abyss. Then the image vanished, and Cossy was alone in Muerta Nui once again. Cossy looked around, and then dashed to a run-down shop in search of a map. After searching through piles of dust and old junk, the Toa unearthed a cheap map of Spherus Magna. It wasn’t long before Cossy found the island in his vision: Ghetta Nui. He folded up the map, stepped outside, and activated his Kanohi. Cossy shot up into the air then looked down at Muerta Nui to see if he could catch a glimpse of the mysterious figure. There was no sign of the phantom; only the slow turning of the windmills over dozens of unmarked graves. When Cossy reached Ghetta Nui, he saw that things were much worse than he had seen in his vision. What was once an urban paradise was now a slum. Buildings were defaced or partially destroyed, the streets were bare except for the occasional beat-up Matoran sitting on the sidewalk, and a haze of pollution swirled around the tops of the taller skyscrapers, blocking out the sun. Cossy spotted a large courthouse near the east side of the city, and made his descent. Hopefully there would be a Turaga or some other official who would be able to explain the extreme condition of the city. As he landed, a dozen Matoran, each manning a heavy machine gun, trained their sights on the Toa. One of the gunners shouted for the Cossy to state his business. Cossy stated that he was investigating the local famine, and that he wished to see whoever was in charge. After being instructed to lay down his arms, Cossy was searched then escorted into the building. He was led down a labyrinth of hallways to a small courtroom. He was seated at a witness chair, and the Matoran exited the chamber. A door opened at the front of the room, and two massive, hound-like Rahi lumbered through. Cossy gripped the arms of the witness chair nervously as he watched the Rahi move to sit on either side of the judge’s podium. Then a Toa emerged from the door, clad in red armor that was ornately decorated with what appeared to be pure gold. The Toa eyed Cossy as he climbed the stairs to the podium, and then sat down. Cordially, the Toa greeted Cossy and inquired as to the purpose of his venture into Ghetta Nui. Cossy informed the Toa of his recent adventures, omitting the part concerning the phantom of Muerta Nui. The Toa sympathized with Cossy’s experience of the famine, and explained that he has had the same problem in Ghetta Nui. In fact, many of the Av-Matoran had migrated to Ghetta Nui when their lands became dry. Unfortunately, the famine followed them, and the population surge combined with the harsh conditions reduced the once great Ghetta Nui to its current state. Cossy thought for a moment, and proposed that he could travel to Ahsi Nui and seek aid from the Matoran there. The Toa asked Cossy if he had informed anybody of his journey to Ghetta Nui. When Cossy said that he hadn’t, the Toa leaped onto the podium, shot a massive blast of fire at Cossy, and set his dog-like Rahi loose after Cossy. Laughing maniacally, the Toa shouted, “Good, then there will be nobody to save you!” Unprepared for the sudden attack, Cossy barely managed to dodge the full force of the fireball. The hounds were fast and strong, and were upon him in an instant. Unarmed and unprepared, the first Rahi was able to sink its jaws into Cossy’s arm. Cossy let out a roar of pain, and punched the hound in the neck, sending it sprawling. He shot a burst of blue flame at the second hound, pushing it to the ground. Cossy then shot a column of fire into the ceiling to create a hole, and activated his mask. The red Toa shouted in despair, and sent a volley of fire in Cossy’s direction. Cossy leaped into the air, heading for the hole in the ceiling, but one of the fireballs struck him in the face on his way through. The red Toa grinned as Cossy arced across the sky and landed hard a few blocks from the courthouse. Cossy struggled to regain his feet, and turned to see dozens of armed Ta-Matoran headed in his direction. Cossy activated his mask and sped off, but it wasn’t long before his mask power began to fail. He fell back to the ground, stumbling. Feeling his mask, he noticed that part of it was cracked from his initial impact. Cursing, he sprinted across the streets in an attempt to evade the Matoran. However, the city was difficult to navigate, and he was soon cornered. The Ta-Matoran were closing in, and Cossy desperately created a wall of blue fire between himself and the armed adversaries. Fire would not stop bullets, however, and the Matoran took aim. Before they could open fire, however, a stun grenade detonated in their midst. Windows from all angles slid open, and hidden figures gunned the Matoran down. A door opened behind Cossy, and a young Av-Matoran called to the blue Toa. Cossy ran to the door, and the Matoran gestured for him to enter. He slipped inside, and the Matoran followed. Before he closed the door though, the Matoran took a can of paint from his bag and tagged a Matoran symbol S on the wall, in a brilliant lime green color. Shutting the door behind him, the young Matoran addressed Cossy. “Well, it took you long enough,” he said. “After two years, we began to think that help would never come. It doesn’t matter now, though, you’re here. Come on, I’ll take you to see Solunus. He’ll tell you everything you want to know.” And with that, he quickly walked down a dim hallway. Cossy was confused, but had no choice but to trust the young Matoran. Cautiously, Cossy began to follow. With a little luck, all would be revealed soon. To Be Continued… Here's Cossy in all his glory! After coming to terms with his evil tendencies, Cossy has grown more powerful than ever. Upon landing on Ghetta Nui, Solunus was able to enhance Cossy's armor to become more bullet-resistant. The result is that Cossy now appears to be more of a super-soldier than a simple Toa. After fighting the Hellhounds, Cossy requested that his armor have extra reinforcement on the forearms. This also serves as a useful point to mount weaponry. Cossy's leg armor was enhanced, but minimalistic to provide a full range of motion when his mask is activated. Multiple hard points on Cossy's back add to the amount of additions the Toa can add to his arsenal. Cossy, after narrowly escaping a fight where he was left unarmed, has practiced a variety of hand-to-hand combat disciplines. Still, Cossy prefers a blade during combat. This one, made of hardened protosteel, was crafted by a member of Solunus' organization, The Free. While it does not allow Cossy to wield lightning as well has his previous sword, anyone struck by the blade will still receive a painful electric shock. To combat the gangs of Ghetta Nui, however, modern weaponry is required. Sturdily attached to Cossy's armor and modifiable to accomodate most standard ammunition sizes, Cossy's guns make this Toa a force to be reckoned with. Cossy unleashing the full force of his arsenal. These heavy machine guns were originally stationary turrets for Matoran security, but have been re-purposed to attach to Cossy's forearms. They have the capability to pierce most armor. Cossy's shoulder-mounted Gatling gun is his most devastating weapon of them all. Custom-built by Solunus himself, the gun is interfaced to aim wherever Cossy's left arm cannon is aimed, cutting back on both the difficulty of aiming a shoulder-mounted gun as well as the complexity of auto-aiming software and sensors. All of Cossy's guns are fed by an ammunition pack mounted to his back. The pack and guns are sturdy, but can be removed for field repairs with relative ease. Cossy with the legendary Mask of Life. After the events of Ghetta Nui, Cossy may have need of its great power. Well, sorry this took so long. Finding the motivation to finish such a long story is difficult. Hopefully it was worth it to all of you who took the time to read it. The other Toa of Ghetta Nui will be posted soon, and all the gaps in the story will be filled in. Until next time, thanks for viewing, and let me know what you think!

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